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The following story is fiction about Halloween pranks and retribution.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Hallowe'en Vigilantes Punish Prankster


The boys were absolutely thrilled.  For the four ten-years-old friends this was the first year that they would be allowed to go Trick or Treating without parents hovering over them.  They weren't quite totally free for they still had watchers but just two big brothers rather than parents.  Needless to say they would have preferred to go without their big brothers, Jess and Pete, but that was a definite improvement compared to parents especially since the youths were going to wear the awesome costumes they had for their party later and so they would appear older rather than as little kids.

They were getting close to two hours of extortion efforts through the neighborhood and their goodie bags were delightfully heavy.  As they headed down Elm street, one of the boys noticed that the isolated house at the end of a alley had its porch lights on.  "Hey, most kids probably missed this one so the pickings should be good." he declared turning the group.  It was a quick walk to the gate and up onto the porch.

They rang the bell and when the man opened his door the four chorused: "Trick or treat, mister." holding out their goody bags expectantly.

"Right." he replied, "Trick it is, boys." and yanked the cord hanging from the repurposed tank with a laugh.  In just a few seconds the boys were drenched.  He slammed the door but his evil laughs could still be heard.  The four soaked boys ran to the curb and the comfort of the older youths.  The group quickly headed back home – chilled and trying to keep their wet bags from breaking.  They even called to ask for towels and to be picked up to minimize chills.  To say that this put a damper on their evening would be the understatement of the year.

Back home they were immediately shooed into the showers to get warm and salvage was done on the collected bounty.  Four sets of parents were upset but understood that their boys were the unfortunate victims of an evil man and the police informed.  The two older brothers went off to their party very distracted by the misfortune that struck their kid brothers and friends.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

Jess and Pete had trouble enjoying the party and when they talked with their friends Scot and Todd, one reported another horror.  Scot's twelve-year-old kid brother had actually sort out that evil house because of what he heard at school from the "cool guys" clique.  I recorded his horrid story when he got home.

I went to the house that the guys told me about because "The man gives great goodies – full size candy bars."  I went early because I wanted to be there before he ran out.  It was all fucken lies!  I went up onto the porch and rang the bell.  "Trick or treat, please Sir." I said figuring that it's nice to be polite especially with generous adults.

The guy answered "Sure laddie.  Just step this way."  I saw some candy stacked on the table and stepped in.  Then the monster grabbed me and sat down.  Before I knew what was happening he had opened my belt and jeans and flipped me over his thigh.  Then he trapped my legs with one of his and pushed me over.  I yelled but he laughed as he yanked down my pants and undies.  He gave me a spank and I yelled more.  "Here's your trick, boy."  Then he whacked me over and over with short heavy leather strap that stung like hell.  I kept screaming even after he stopped whacking my tail.  He let me up and pushed me out the door.  "Come back if you want more tricks, laddie."  I heard him laughing as he slammed the door.

"And this is what his ass looked like." Scot added showing a picture of his brother's hot red tail.  Even just the image was enough to make the others flinch.  The four decided that they should teach that monster a lesson.  They had some ideas for things to do but they would have wait until they got there to work out the details.

* * * * * * * * * *

They scouted about the house of evil when they got there.  It may be a cliché but it actually was a dark and stormy night.  Well, the storm was almost there although the wind was already howling which was great.  The porch light was out probably because the police had responded to the soaking report.  Surprisingly, it was the rear of the house for the front faced another street.

They rang the bell jamming the button so it would be continuous and yelled "TRICK OR TREAT" very loudly.  The ruse worked for a light upstairs came on and then one downstairs.  They were delighted that the man came out in his nightshirt.

He started yelling as he opened the door.  Two of the youths grabbed him and yanked hard so that he fell dropping the canister he was holding.  The four teens immediately pounced on top of him so that he could not move nor see his attackers.  They took turns using the their heavy leather belts to roast his ass after ripping off his nightshirt.  He howled but that only got them to whack him harder convinced that it was effective.

"TRICKS ARE RETURNED WITH INTEREST!" they chanted repeatedly.

When they were satisfied, they picked him up and tossed him onto compost pile and soaked him with the icy water from the garden hose.  His hot ass did not keep him from feeling the chill nor stop him being total covered in the buggy mess.  While one made sure that the door was closed and latched another used the handy shovel to cover him with compose before they dashed off.  It was a good deed to prevent burglars from entering.

They returned to the party feeling much better and enjoying themselves with their friends.  They relished the thoughts that the evil man was locked out of his house – naked, wet and cold – in the storm.

The storm hit before the evil man could drag himself from the stinky buggy soaking mess he was in.  He was unable to extricate himself and just collapsed until sleep overtook him.

It was early the next morning that the paperboy saw his body and called the police.  Because he couldn't give any information about those who attacked him and the numerous complaints of the night before, the police could not take any action.  Soaking kids is not quite a crime and none of the spankees had made a report as they were too embarrassed.  Two days later he had a cold.

* * * * * * * * * *

The local weekly paper had its annual report about Halloween mischief.  They happily reported that youth-out-of-control-tricks (a.k.a. vandalism) were at a record low.  There was an unusual report about an obviously distrubed man who played nasty tricks on young, innocent trick or treaters.  The police had received at least six reports that he had soaked some with cold water and there were rumors that he had spanked others.  When question by the police in the morning after being found naked in his backyard by the paper boy he had a fanciful tale of being attacked by several youths.  He is being charged with possession of Mace for a canister was found on his porch which was covered with his fingerprints.

Many in the community were delighted at these reports especially the innocent kids who had been soaked and spanked.  The four vigilantes were smart enough to keep quiet about their deed although they made sure their young brothers and friends had the pleasure of reading the news item.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 29, 2015

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