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The following story is fiction about a teen Hallowe'en patrol keeping order.  The story contains scenes of strappings and restraint.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Hallowe'en Youth Patrol


It was the night that the kids all looked forward to.  It was for fun and candy, parties and even mischief.  Not all the grown ups were so eager and a few houses were dark indicating that they did not want to participate in the trick or treat rituals to give candy to the kids.  That was fine as it was all voluntary and the kids knew which houses to skip as they went around ringing doorbells.  Nor was there any reason to assume that those people were Scrooges for there were many possible reasons they weren't participating.

The only traditional thing missing were the tricks.  The petty mischief was now out of style unlike in olden times when today's grandparents were kids.  Trick or treating was now a civilized and tame event rather than the wild one of the past.  A lot of this was due to drafting the most troublesome group – mid-teen boys – to be a street patrol to keep order while watching and protecting the little ones.  Now – trusted and having responsibility complete with badges – they felt obligated to exceed expectations and prove how grown up and responsible they were.

With the older kids having "police power" the younger ones were being careful.  After all, an empowered older brother is far more likely to find an excuse to spank a younger sibling or even a friend's.  Of course, it was not all perfect for there were a few cases of errant tweens who were too lazy to go house to house for candy but used the time honored method of stealing it.

Patrol members Pat and Sam were the first to notice the problem.  They observed some little kids crying.  They quickly determined that the problem was "a couple of big kids took our candy".  A quick look at the location chart told them who they should alert with text messages.  In just a couple of minutes Kent and Eric texted back they had apprehend the 'perps' in the commission of another crime with the same MO.  They quickly met at the intersection and the first two victims id'ed the pair.  That gave them two violations.  In the young world, things are settled quite rapidly without the delays of legal protocols.

Surrounded by an ever growing crowd, Billie and Mickey found that they were not the big shots they thought they were when they were bullying the little ones.  Each of them was taken to a nearby parked vehicle where they were to receive justice.  It was an easy matter to open their belts and flies and then pull down jeans and undies.  The four victims had the pleasure of doing that.  Then the two toughs were bent over the trunk and strapped with their own belts.  The apprehending patrol members had this duty which they diligently preformed for it was such a high moral objective it was the reverse of an onerous duty.© YLeeCoyote

Each time the belts were raised and brought crashing down on the exposed tails, the crowd cheered.  By the light of many flashlights the red stripes were admired as they blurred into a uniform red.  After the perps had each received six cuts from the two patrol officers they were directed to apologize to their little victims.  Only then were they permitted to raise up their pants and run home.

It was several blocks away at 21 Saddle Drive that another drama was unfolding.  It was a regular house with a neat front yard.  Unfortunately, the resident was not a regular guy but had a very wide mean streak which lead him into some improper behavior.  It was first exhibited to four little second and third graders.  Dressed in cute costumes and carrying little bags half full of candy, they rung the bell while the accompanying parents stayed on the sidewalk.  When the door was opened instead of regular person there was an imitation of a wolf with glowing red eyes and exhibiting huge fangs as it growled at the innocent babies.  They were horrified and dropping their precious loot bags they ran screaming back to the sidewalk and the now over whelmed parents who had to calm four traumatized kids.  It took a few minutes before one parent could dash up the walk and retrieve the all-important treasure bags.  Their holiday spoiled, the kids just wanted to go home where it was safe.

It was a few minutes before they could report the incident to one of the patrol volunteers to get some action.  A different fate awaited a couple of almost twelve-year-olds who wanted just one more year of trick or treating even risking the inevitable taunting by their older siblings for being so childish.  They rang the bell and yelled the time-honored magic words: "Trick or treat!"  There were some sounds from behind the door.

This time the door did not open, but the side window did.  A hand reached out and picked up the garden hose and yelled back.  "You want a trick!" and then laughed.  "Here's one." and sprayed the two lads.

"Asshole." they yelled as they ran away from the mad man and soon felt chilled from the evaporation of the water.  They met a patrol volunteer who was already responding to the previously mentioned incident.  Something certainly needed to be done to prevent any additional horrors.  Unfortunately, they were too late.

As they approached Number 21, they saw the latest victims dash back the walkway yelling foul words.  They explained to the patrol guy what had happened.

"We went up and rang his bell.  In response to "trick or treat" there was a snarl and as he dropped balloons into our bags he punctured them spewing out filthy water and ruining our candy."

The patrol posted a member to prevent any others from encountering the evil one and suffer similar unpleasantness.  Then they decided what to do.  The consensus was he needed to be punished.  They made plans and got the necessary equipment.

Only a half hour later two patrol members, now in costumes, rang the bell and two others were hidden by the side of the door.  Then it was opened, they seized the evil one and dragged him onto his own porch.  Ignoring his yells, they quickly forced him against one of the columns and secured him so he was hugging the column supporting the roof.  Eventually, he stopped yelling and was told of his misdeeds.  He protested that the trespassers had asked for tricks.  That did not cut the mustard and he was told that if he did not want to participate, then all he had to do was to leave his porch dark.  Scaring little children, endangering the health of others and destroying things was certainly not acceptable conduct.

"You will be punished for your dastardly crimes." the patrol leader pronounced.  Quickly his pants and underpants were taken down and so that he could be properly chastised.  A couple of heavy belts were produced from patrol members and doubled.  Two patrol members alternated in swing the heavy belts to roast the evil one's tail so that it glowed like the fires of hell.  They were delighted with his screams of pain.

Others busted some balloons over him getting him dirty and stinky wet.  He was left tied until the end of trick or treating time.  When he was freed, he dashed into his house and slammed to door.  As he trampled several of his filled balloons they burst in his entrance way so he messed his own carpet.

The city fathers and mothers were delighted with how peaceful the worrisome evening had been thanks to the teen patrol.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 23, 2012

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