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The following story is fiction about youth who needs to be a little boy.  The story contains scenes of spanking and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Happiness Is a Strict Babysitter


I'm Tommie.  I'm a sixteen-year-old boy and if I'm honest I'll admit that I'm pretty immature emotionally and a late bloomer certainly in the lower third of the size distribution which guys worry about.  I'm generally average in other ways.  There I said it and I feel better being out about it all.

This year, while I'm a junior in high school I am living with my mother's sister's family so I can continue at school while my folks are on an extended trip.  The setup is fine for I have my own room with a great internet connection.  The family is my uncle, aunt and Simone, my not yet even thirteen-year-old cousin.  Every time I see her I am amazed at how grown up physically and emotionally she is.  She is tall with a great body with a super structure that makes her T-shirts really stick out.  She is even very mature based on how much freedom she has.  I am jealous of her early development (it stared almost three years ago) but that's the way life is.

A couple of times I heard her talking to her girl friends.  Yes, I should have closed my door and minded my own business but I did not.  I might use an excuse that neither did she close her door, perhaps because she was not used to have anyone else about, but that is beside the point.  It was two things that kept me listening – her talking about her babysitting experiences and about the guys in her class.

She talked of how she spanked one boy, Sandy, several times that she had babysat.  He was ten and becoming shy about losing his pants in front of a girl but she felt that it was good for him as part of the discipline that called for the spanking.  As shy as he was, he always popped an erection and he had at least ​four inches​ (​ten cm​) when she pulled him over her lap and roasted his little tail good and proper.  After the spanking, he stopped being shy and promised to be good.  She had even watched when he urinated (yes, she used that word) getting ready for bed afterwards.

There were several boys like that although mostly younger.  What really got to me was how big Sandy was at that young age since I was only about that size.  This made me feel very much like I was still just a little boy just like the guys in the locker room teased and taunted me about.© YLeeCoyote

Then there was a whole gaggle of boys in her class and even the grade above.  She felt that they were so immature especially compared to the girls.  Constant rowdiness and minor violence abounded.  She definitely thought they were all in great need of whippings to be tamed.  Again, I thought how much that described me certainly just a couple of years ago and I cringed that I even did stuff like that still albeit just occasionally.

Over the next couple of weeks, I began to think of my own experiences with babysitters which continued until I was almost fourteen because my parents said that I was too immature to be left alone.  I was like all those boys she talked of and, of course, spanked.  My sitters had not been as attractive or smart as she was and I wondered how it would have been had she been my sitter.  I certainly would have been treated like naughty Sandy was.  How would I have responded?  I certainly did not know.

Then my thoughts shifted.  What if she was my sitter NOW?  Yes, now when I am sixteen and she is only thirteen.  Of course, not only would she have to deal with a little boy but the older and more rowdy current me.  What would it be like to be like now if I was completely restricted and watched all the time?  What would she think if she knew my thoughts?  She would probably laugh at me rather than spank me like I surely should be.

I even got up the nerve to ask about how typical Sandy was.  "He is very typical, Tommie.  When a boy loses his pants and gets spanked he becomes a good little boy quite forgetting how he wrongly thought he was a big boy.  Once I had it happen with an almost thirteen-year-old boy."  She paused and then added added with a big grin: "It is said that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys so maybe it even true for men."  I thanked for her thoughts.

Based on what I told you, it would not be surprising to hear that my aunt often told me to do things and checked about my school work.  In time I started to realize that Simone was doing it also.  Stuff like: "That enough TV, Tommie.  Better get to your homework." and "Did you clean your room?" and "Time to get a haircut as you are looking very ragged."

I found myself responding to her exactly like I did with my aunt by saying: "Yes, Ma'am."  She smiled when she heard that as I went off to do as directed.  I just could not help myself for she was becoming a mother figure precisely like my aunt was to me although I certainly did not think of it that way.

I thought more and more about her being my sitter and being naughty with the resulting spanking and all.  I could not help myself as those thoughts came back to me every night in bed waiting for the sandman.  They even popped into my head whenever I saw her.

Then one evening my uncle and aunt went out and we were alone.  Something triggered her to go into that babysitter mode.  I guess that it was probably some silly misbehavior of mine.  By the time we got to my room as she pulled me by my ear, I had said: "Yes, Ma'am." to her at least five times in only three minutes and it continued that way in my room.  Surely, I was signaling my feelings to her.

When she said: "You are a very naughty, irresponsible little boy who needs a good hard spanking Tomas Lincoln Stockdale."  Things were very serious for she used my full name and I answered with the usual phrase although with my head down looking at the floor as a well-scolded child does.  I must have sensed that the big change was imminent.

"Yes, that is exactly what you need, Tomas." she said.

"Yes, Ma'am." I said feeling very strange but I could not help myself.

"Kick off your sneakers, boy." She ordered and dashed out of the room but was back in a flash.  She now had her hairbrush in her hand.  I wanted to flee but I could not move.  I was frozen on the spot.  There was not any doubt that I was about to be spanked like a little boy by my younger cousin.

"Get over here." she said pointing to the floor in front of her as she sat on my bed.  I stepped to the spot still looking down, the shamed little boy knowing he was about to get a painful but well-deserved spanking and helpless to prevent it.

She opened my belt.  She opened my jeans.  She lowered my jeans to my ankles and had me raise my feet one at a time.  In a minute my jeans were gone.  I did not want her to take down my briefs (yes, I still wear them rather than boxers) but it was her decision.  I had relinquished control and she had seized it.  Her thumbs went into the waistband and my briefs dropped to my ankles and then were gone in a twinkling.  I was half naked.  She saw my junk – not that there was much to see.

"Over my lap, boy." she ordered and I complied silently.  Then she started to spank with her hand.  I guess that was quite symbolic and even lecturing me.  When she switched to the hairbrush that was a different matter.  That delivered real spanks that I felt all over not just on my bare little boy bottom.  Over and over she swung that brush and I succumbed and started to cry.  I was kicking so she put a leg over mine to hold me in place.  I was just a little boy getting an overdue but well-deserved, bare-bottom spanking from his babysitter.

Then she parked me in the corner.  I had to keep my hands on my head.  I was not allowed to rub my burning bottom.  I was totally in her power like I had being thinking of.  I did not know if it was good or not but it definitely was.  I sensed that I would never be able to change it back.

After some time she called me out of the corner.  She lectured me a while about being a good boy and all that.  Then something I never expected.  She turned on something she had in her hand for it was buzzing.  Then she ran it through my pathetic little pubic bush first clipping it short and then with the other side removing the stubble.  (Later, I found out it was her electric shaver that she used for grooming.)  "Little boys don't have pubes." she said simply.

"Yes, Ma'am." I responded automatically once again.

She removed my shirt and socks so that I was totally naked and took me into the bathroom to brush my teeth and pee-pee before bed.  Just like Sandy had, I did it unashamed as she directed and watched.  Then she tucked me into bed and turned out the light.

I knew things would be different from now on and I went right to sleep with a red-hot bottom knowing I was safe and my babysitter was nearby.

I had happy dreams now.  Things were fantastic.  I was no longer a late bloomer laughed at but a little boy with a generous thingie that I could be proud of.  It is fine to act silly anytime.  When I'm naughty I don't have to worry about being grounded or losing my pocket money for my pants and underpants are taken down and I get a good hard, well-deserved spanking from my wonderful babysitter that turns my botty painfully red-hot so I will learn my lesson.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 28, 2017

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