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The following story is fiction about three naughty trick 'n' treaters getting their proper reward.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired to write this by Sorenutz007's drawing of a witch spanking a boy and collecting his tears.  See: and  (Note: both sites require free registration.)

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Harvesting a Rare Commodity


They had been tricking 'n' treating for an hour and had heavy goody bags.  The three – thirteen-year-old Jake and his year younger sister Lindsey along with their twelve and half-year-old friend Rick – were quite pleased with how much 'loot' that had collected.  Actually, it was far more candy than they wanted and after they had gleaned the best stuff the rest would go the orphanage.  They were pretty much ready to go home but they took a right rather than a left and had a couple more houses to hit.  The first was unoccupied so they moved on to the other.

They rang the bell and loudly chorused: "TRICK OR TREAT!" when the door was opened.

A mild-mannered elderly man responded and asked what kind of trick they wanted.  "We don't want a trick; we want candy."

"We pay no tribute here." he snorted and pointed to the sign next to the door: «Millions for defense but not one penny for tribute.»

"You'll be sorry, Mister." squeaked Lindsey as the three headed back to the sidewalk.  As soon as the door was closed, they dug deep into the bags and extracted some rotten eggs and a roll of toilet paper.  They tossed the eggs at the house and the TP at the bushes.  They ran off yelling that he shouldn't be such a cheap skate.© YLeeCoyote

Suddenly they were entangled in a net that had dropped from above.  Not only couldn't they run but they could not free themselves as things were drawn tight.  Like some feral beasts, they were caught in a trap.

The mild-mannered man spoke.  "OK, my young friends.  Now you are going to get the tricks you asked for."  Then reaching through the net that ensnared them and one by one he tied their arms behind their back and put short hobbles between their ankles.  After freeing them from his net, a simple collar and leash for each enable him to lead them back to his house and into the basement.  Hooking the leashes to three hooks high on the wall he effective parked them.  It was clear that they were scared.  That was very good as it would change their body chemistry for the better.

"Naughty children like you get spanked good and hard." he said and then unhooked Jake and led him to his chair where he proceeded to remove the boy's mask and slip on costume so that he could drop his pants.  With his wrists tied and ankles hobbled the lad could not resist and the man ignored all their screams as he pulled the boy over his lap.  The spanking started immediately.  Hard spank after hard spank quickly rained down on the target bottom.  The sound resonated in the small space.  Soon he was sobbing and then crying but the spanking continued as harder than ever.  However, once Jake had started to cry after every few spanks, the man slid a vial over the boy's cheeks collecting his tears.  When the vial was full, the spanking stopped although the crying continued a bit longer with Jake lying on the floor.

The process was repeated with Rick.  He desperately wanted to beg off and plead that he had learnt his lesson already but that would be shameful since his buddy had already gotten spanked and he did not was not appear like a wuss in front of his friends.  Rick went quietly to his doom as the man led him from the wall, bared his butt and got him over his lap.  After the first hard spank he knew why Jake had yelled so much.  Even though he had resolved not to yell nor cry he was immediately doing the first.  It was only a couple of minutes later that he also began to cry and the man began to fill a second vial with his tears.  When the vial was filled, the spanking stopped and he was placed on the floor next to his friend.

Lindsey was most petrified of the three.  At home she was spanked less than the boys and less hard because she was smaller, younger and (truth be told) a girl.  She was practically crying when she was bare-assed OTK and once the spanking started immediately started to howl and cry.  The man was delighted and filled two vials in less time than it took to fill one with either of the boys.

After she recovered, the man untied them all and ordered them out.  They only could pull up their pants as they fled leaving behind their costumes and masks.  They quickly rushed home although by the time they got there they no longer remembered how they lost their costumes and loot.  However, they sure remembered that they were spanked good and hard for tricking.  All their parents could do was to soothe them and put them to bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

After the delinquents had left, the mild-mannered man returned to his den with the four filled vials.  Opening his phone book he quickly found the entry for "Witches and Sorcerer Supply Co., Inc." and called.

"I have four vials of fresh grade AAA kids tears. … Yes, just collected from two boys and a girl who were most scared."  They agreed on a fair price for the valuable potent ingredient for several potions and said their broom would be there for a pickup in less than an hour.

He went outside and with a few words of a spell made the toilet paper and broken eggs disappear.  He picked up the loot bags and brought them inside for his grandkids.  This was a very good Hallowe'en as he had collected four vials of the highest quality of the rare commodity.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 29, 2013

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