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The End of Heather's Babysitting Career


Heather was absolutely thrilled with the proposition from both set of parents.  The two boys were both eleven and she had babysat them more than a dozen times in just the last year.  The proposal from both sets of parents was irresistible – the four adults would be gone all of Saturday and not return until Sunday morning and she, fifteen-year-old Heather, would be very well paid caring for both Kevin and his sleepover friend Russell.  She was surprised that she did not immediately think of having Ty, her boyfriend, over for some fun – away from her parents and his and not in the back seat of the car – after the boys were asleep.  The plans were finalized and the big day came.

What Heather did not know was how much she was hated by the boys because of her cruel disciplinary methods.  It was not exactly that she spanked them – their parents did that and had approved – but the way she did it.  Both boys had long understood the concept of discipline and that of reward and punishment.  Like all active boys, they took chances.  Sometimes they did dangerous things; sometimes they were actively disobedient.  The punishments varied; sometimes the loss of a treat or privilege and sometimes a spanking.  In all cases the punishing parent's demeanor clearly indicated to the errant lad that it was a necessary but unpleasant duty of a loving and caring parent.  This was not the case with Heather.

Heather relished punishing the boys and they sensed this.  She cared not a bit for their dignity nor self-respect.  She lacked a sense of time and place; it did not matter if they were in the park or alone at home when she yanked down their pants and underwear.  Then before dragging them over her lap and pounding their little butts into hot red suns she would mock them for not having any pubes.  "I had lots of hair by the time I was ten." she boasted.  It had taken only a few spankings for them to learn that she would not stop until they cried.

They started to plot days before their parents' trip.  They would have lots of time to make her pay for making them suffer.  The day through dinner went very quietly for the boys were being very careful not to get spanked and Heather did have her usefulness in being an escort to the zoo and providing meals.  The boys' plan was set in motion at the end of dinner when the boys refused to clear the table and do other chores but just dashed to the basement family room.  Heather followed quickly, excited at the prospect of stripping and spanking both insolent lads.  She did not realize it but her panties were already damp with proof of her excitement.

As soon as she reached the family room, Heather began to yell at the boys and demanded that they obey her.  They laughed long and loud at her which just infuriated her.  She dashed after Russ but that was when Kevin yanked the rope up from the floor, pulled the noose tight about her ankles and quickly wrapped the end about a support column. She fell and then Russ grabbed an arm, slipped a noose about it and secured the rope to another column.  When she tried to remove the rope about her wrist, Kevin got a second one about her free wrist which was quickly secured to a third column.  Heather was now well tied up and at the mercy of the two eleven-year-old boys.  If Heather had kept her cool, she probably could have gotten free, if not preventing her capture entirely.  But she had far too high an opinion of herself to consider that two little boys could take control of her.© YLeeCoyote

"I think we should do our homework now so we can go to the park in the morning." said Kevin with a laugh.

"Let's start with an-at-o-me," replied Russ,  "female anatomy."

They knelt next to her, one on each side, and opened her belt and jeans as she yelled for them to stop.  They pealed her tube top down to her waist and her jeans to her ankles until she was just wearing her bra and panties in the proper locations.  They got another rope and tied her knees together and then to the column.  That permitted them to remove her tube top, jeans, socks and shoes without her being freed infuriating the lass.  Truth be told, she was still as dressed even more than she would be at the beach but she did not realize it.

"Pretty much the same as a boy, Russ.  We have to go further to see the differences."

That got Heather going again.  She pleaded for them not to strip her any more.

"But we must do our homework" said Kevin most seriously "or we'll be trouble."  With that he reached under her and undid the hooks of her bra.  Russ pulled it off and tossed it onto the pile of her clothes.

"They're much smaller exposed." observed Kevin starting to feel them.  (If they had inspected the bra they would have seen it was padded.)  He was soon forced to share with his friend.  "Just like in the book; this must be the nipple and the dark part the areola."  They caressed them for a bit and observed: "She must be excited for they are getting hard."  Actually, both lads were also hard but Heather never noticed the still boy-sized bulges in their jeans.

"Now for the other parts." said Russ excitedly.  They slowly pulled her wet panties down to her tied knees getting their first look at a real live female pudendum not that they called it that.  "She's very hairy there." was the first observation as they explored with their fingers and eyes as best they could with her knees tied.  But it was enough to cause the adolescent girl to breathe heavily with excitement.  "We need to spread her legs to see more."

Rather than tying and untying her, they just used a scissors to remove her panties.  Then they tied one of her ankles to the column and the other one to a second column so that they could spread her legs and investigate more deeply.  They also fetched the book with the pictures and carefully identified each and every part.  "We could see much better if this hair was not here." observed Russ.

"I heard Aunt Wilma tell my cousin that 'Nice girls always shave to be lady like.'  We should help Heather to be a 'nice girl'." responded Kevin laughing.  The boys were prepared for they had not only readied the rope but had Kevin's dad's mustache clipper also.  Soon it was buzzing like a swarm of mad bees in Kevin's hand.  Just as they planed, Kevin ran the clipper through Heather's left bush fully exposing all the parts.  Then Russ did the same on the other side.  Throughout the whole procedure, Heather was yelling but the boys ignored her.

"Much better.  We can see everything more clearly now on this hairless little girl." declared Kevin as he ran his hand over the now bare sex of their babysitter.  Russ was quick to agree.  Heather was getting excited in spite of her complaining.

What they did notice as they continued to play with her sex was that Heather had stopped yelling and was reacting to their manipulations with heavy breathing and vaginal secretions.  They had done the course work carefully so they recognized the impending orgasm.  Each had a hand on a pert boob and in a hairless cunt with which to stimulated her – until she exploded with a scream of ecstasy.

"Very interesting." and "Most educational." said Russ and Kev sounding just like Mac and Tosh, those two overly polite Looney Toons characters (Goofy Gophers).

"Heather's been a very naughty girl." said Kevin.

"Yes.  Very naughty indeed.  She needs to be spanked." replied Russ.

They shifted the ropes again so that her feet were together and her hands above her head so that she could be turned over to expose her naughty bottom.  They inspected it carefully and noted that it was just like theirs except for the broader hips.

"Heather, you have been a very naughty girl and we are going to spank you very hard." they announced together.  They got their belts and started to beat her bottom alternating cuts.  They loved how the early cuts made nice red stripes across the pale cheeks which gradually merged into a nice red glow all over.  As they strapped her, she yelled and pleaded (just as they had) but they just smiled at each other enjoying her suffering.  They had agreed that she would have to cry before they would stop.  Actually that came sooner then they expected and they strapped her for a little longer.  She was bawling like a baby for sometime.

They took several pictures of her butt both before and after the strapping.  Then they turned her over on her back and spread eagled her.  She did not notice that they took more pictures especially of her sex.  She was not able to insist that they go to bed much less release her so they watched TV with her spread and tied on the floor before them.

Just as the show was changing at 10 pm they heard a knocking at the door.  They knew that she expected her boyfriend for they had overheard her phone call before dinner: "Do come at 10 Ty when the little beasts will be in bed and we'll have some real fun."  They stuffed her panties into her mouth and a sleep mask over her eyes and went to the door.  As they expected, it was Tyson, their classmate Steve's older brother.  Steve had reported that Heather was known as a cocktease to his brother and his friends and but, nevertheless, Ty was sure he could make her put out.

Tyson was surprised when the boys let him in and insisted that they talk.  They explained that they had been playing Truth or Dare with Heather and she confessed that she fantasized being ravished by a real stud while helpless.  Few youths of sixteen would claim to be incapable of being such a man.  It was obvious that Ty was ready as well as willing after all, why else would Heather have invited him over.  He was quickly sworn to secrecy and then was pleased to hear that Heather was a "prisoner in the dungeon" below.  He really did not expect that the boys would want to watch but this was too good an opportunity to pass up for such a detail.

The boys played with Heather for a while until she was quite aroused as shown by her breathing and her dripping hole.  Ty watched waiting until the two boys indicated that it was his turn.  By then he had lowered his jeans and rolled a condom on his rampant shaft.  Not only was Heather not going to be a cocktease tonight but he was going to score high.  As soon as the boys backed away he was down on his knees aiming his previously teased piston at the dripping target.  He did not notice how Russ got a couple of pictures showing Heather being fucked by a dressed guy.  He took off, happy knowing that this had been his lucky day for the boys had explained that was part of the fantasy.

The boys removed the gag and went to bed leaving her to yell, cry and contemplate.

In the morning they saved the pictures and printed a copy of copies of one showing how Heather was fucked while bound.  When the boys gave her the picture, she agreed that she would not talk and would leave immediately.  Russ and Kev enjoyed their breakfast like it was the most sumptuous feast.  Of course, they had a story ready for their parents.

Their parents were surprised that Heather was gone when they returned but the boys insisted on talking to their fathers alone.  They explained that after they had gone to bed, they heard a noise and investigated and found that Heather had a friend – a boyfriend visiting.  (Obviously, against the rules.)  They continued their story with claiming to have heard Heather saying: "Tie me tight."  She had run off when they had showed her picture; this picture.

On Monday at school, Steve reported that his brother had been very smug on Sunday with a definite 'cat that ate the canary' look.  Heather soon lost her clientele as parent talked with parent.  Ty dropped her as his girlfriend for she was not the kind of girl he wanted as girlfriend.

Russell's and Kevin's parents then decided that they should hire boys, rather than girls, for baby sitters.  Both boys liked this a lot better.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 8, 2005

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