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The following story is fiction and contains a scene of youth domination including spanking and shaving.  There is one paragraph dealing with youth sex and you get your choice of either gay or het versions.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This is part 3 of a series.  Click to go to  Part 1: A Most Embarrassing Spanking

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The Sad Tail of Jimmy – Part 3:
A Heinous Demotion


After Jimmy was under JJ's control for half a year his behavior showed definite changes.  He had become both a better student and boy.  Both he and his father realized it although they did not talk of it.  Within three weeks of the start of JJ's monitoring, Jimmy's father had stopped spanking him and setting his rules.  For some reason Jimmy accepted control from JJ with less resentment than he had from his father.  He did, however, resent that he was under the control of a younger lad.  On the other hand, he liked that he did not have conflicts with his dad.

One evening at dinner, he asked his father if they could have a talk afterwards.  Linda laughed and said: "Bet he wants to complain about JJ spanking him so hard."

Jimmy was not happy hearing such things from his little sister.  "What do you know?" he snapped.

"That you make a lot of noise when you get spanked.  I would expect that the entire world knows every time." she smirked.  She then turned to their father.  "Jimmy needs JJ's firm hand."

After dinner, in the privacy of the den, Jimmy found that his father was sympathetic but, unfortunately, agreed with his little sister.  "JJ has been very helpful for your growing up, Jimmy, so I think that the current set up should continue."© YLeeCoyote

Linda told JJ about these events on their next date.  She also made a suggestion that JJ found most interesting.  She wanted to be one of his assistants to help control her big brother.  "It would be very convenient since we live together." she pointed out.  With her hand on JJ's crotch, she talked about how exciting it would be for the both of them; JJ soon mixed his attraction for Linda with the high of controlling Jimmy.  Like JJ, Linda was a very manipulative person and JJ soon gave in.

Jimmy was horrified the next time that JJ made an audit for he brought Linda along.  Jimmy's objections were ignored as JJ showed Linda how he made the check on school work.  Then the payoff question.  "Were you are good boy?"  JJ had convinced Jimmy that he could always tell when he was lying and thus Jimmy was conditioned to be honest.

Linda delighted in stripping her wimp of a big brother.  Jimmy begged them not do to his but there was no stopping them.  JJ figured that Linda would owe him big time and Jimmy would just have to suffer.  He even rationalized things by thinking if Jimmy had half the spunk his kid sister had, he would have resisted effectively.  When Jimmy was down to just his tightie-whities, he begged again but Linda just stuck her thumbs into the waistband and forced her brother's briefs down.  Jimmy quickly moved his hands in front of his crotch but got a hard spank for his trouble.  "Never cover yourself before your betters." snapped JJ.

"The baby doesn't have any pubes to hide." said Linda with surprise.  JJ explained that Jimmy was kept shaved for a little boy does not have hair down there.  "Quite right." she agreed immediately and gave a feel.  "He needs a shave now."  Jimmy knew he was doomed.  "But first his spanking."

JJ had Linda sit on the bed and then got Jimmy over her lap.  Linda could not spank as hard as JJ and the others but she still started with her hand.  She was quickly rewarded with seeing her hand print on her big brother's little-boy bottom.  She had come prepared with the traditional mother's implement – a hairbrush.  This proved to be most effective and soon she was delighted that she had her big brother crying.  No matter what happed after this she was certain that neither of them would ever forget it.  She regretted that she did not keep a diary for she imagined the entry.  "Today I spanked my wimpy big brother to tears.  Can you imagine – he is almost fifteen and I'm not yet a teenager?  How cool is that!!!"

Under the continued guidance of JJ, she then shaved Jimmy so that he was baby smooth.  She insisted that it be a perfect shave without even a single hair to be felt.  The two left Jimmy sobbing on his bed.  JJ was extremely satisfied by her willingness to please him.

With the teary, smooth Jimmy in his room they went to Linda's room.  JJ was as always horny after spanking and planed to have Linda.  Before he could do anything, he noticed a paper sticking out of one of her school books with some red markings.  He took a close look and saw that she had failed a test.  A quick look about, disclosed another borderline test in a different subject.  Suddenly, the wheels inside his head spun and he realized that she had been deceiving everyone about her grades.  "Your grades are worse than your brother's!" he yelled.  He opened the door and called Jimmy.

"Get your butt in here, Jimmy."  Just seconds latter, Jimmy was there ready (if not eager) to obey his monitor.  "Linda has not been honest with us."  He held up the test papers.  "I would not have let her help me if I had known.  Sorry about that but you can give her most just rewards."  With that he grabbed the lass and began to undress her.  She protested but he just told her to be quiet.  "You've messed up worse than your brother and deserve the same punishment.  Jimmy just watched with a smile.  It had been a very long time since his goody-goody little sister had been spanked and even longer since he had watched.

Since Linda refused to stop fighting, JJ slapped her face and the shock caused her to stop resisting.  Soon she was naked before her big brother, now just in his briefs, and the fully dressed JJ.  Junior sat on her desk chair and pulled her over his lap.  Once her upper body was draped over his thigh, she needed her hands for support and had to yield to the inevitable.  Jimmy raised his hand and brought it down hard on her cute butt.  She yelled but Junior ignored that and gave her other cheek an equally hard spank.  In just seconds, he could see his hand prints on her ass.  He continued to spank her until the hand prints vanished into a sea of red-hot naughty girl bottom.  By now her screams had abated and she had progressed from sobbing to crying and full fledged bawling.  It was a spanking that she would never forget and not just because it was the first from her brother. "Get the clippers, Jimmy, and a fresh razor."  Jimmy was delighted.  His little nasty sister had relished shaving him and now she was going to get the same treatment.  He dared to wonder if JJ would have him do it.  Although he had decided that JJ was very strict he was also fair and he practically apologized already. «Just play it cool.» he said to himself.

By the time he returned with the shaving stuff, JJ had laid Linda on her bed, with her spread legs over the side fully exposing her pussy.  This was the first time he had seen his little sister since he was six and their mother had bathed them together.  She certainly had grown and she had more pubes than he did (would have – if they hadn't been shaved off).  He watched intently as JJ turned on the clipper and proceeded to shear her pubes as he had sheared Jimmy's months earlier.  It only took a few minutes to do the job.

Jimmy was thrilled beyond words when JJ said: "Shave her."  Jimmy immediately wet the washcloth and wet his little sister's crotch and then covered it with the shaving cream.  He took the razor and proceeded to remove the stubble left by the clipper.  He could see that JJ's jeans were tenting as they always did when he spanked.  When Jimmy finished, he dried his sister off.  Linda remained on her bed sobbing softly.  Images of statues with feet of clay came into Jimmy's head.

The next paragraphs have sexual content.  The left column is gay sex and the right column is het sex.  You may read either or neither.

JJ grabbed Jimmy's wrist and led him back to his room and closed the door.  Jimmy did not need to be told what he should do.  He quickly dropped to his knees and began to open JJ's jeans to free his hard shaft while JJ removed his shirt.  Once it was free, Jimmy engulfed it and felt JJ's hands on his head.  He knew that he was to follow his monitor's directions as he sucked.  He was soon rewarded with a generous portion of man cream which he accepted greedily.  Jimmy knew that JJ wanted more because he stayed quite hard and was not surprised when he was told to get on his bed.  JJ got the lube and condom out of the drawer and used them efficiently.  As a highly charged young stud he quickly drove his shaft deep into Jimmy's butt hole and fucked him hard.  Soon both were spent.

JJ directed Jimmy to return to his room and closed Linda's door.  He quickly stripped and extracted the condom he had in his pocket and put it on.  One feel and he knew that Linda was turned on for she was soaking wet with cunt juice.  He centered the now pliant girl on her bed and caressed her.  She cooed back at him especially when he played with her sex.  That was all the patience that a thirteen-year-old could muster and he got between her legs and guided his rock hard cock past her dripping lips and into her tight young cunt.  Positioned, he thrust forward hard and could not really recall if he had busted her maidenhead.  He fucked her hard and filled the condom twice.  Linda came at least three times.

After all had cooled down and rested, JJ reminded the siblings that they must keep up with their school work and chores.  "I'll be sending you your rules later, Linda." he concluded.

Jimmy was delighted with this turn of events.  First of all, his nasty little sister had been taken down a few pegs.  Second, JJ would now extend some of his efforts on her and not have so much time for him.

Linda was devastated when her father told her that he had given JJ authority over her just like he had over Jimmy because she was not doing as she should.  Jimmy was smiling at this and dancing for joy inside.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., May 31, 2008

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