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The following story is fiction about a young man who discovers that his young cousins are quite grown up.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and domination.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Hell Week


My Descent into Hell

I'm back in my own home after the most horrible week of my life.  I was required to spend an entire week with my twin cousins who I hated even before this and now more than ever.  For the last week I was required to babysit Oliver and Oscar while our parents went on a cruise.  Most of my problem is because I'm small.  Well, to be totally honest, I'm a shrimp.  I stand barely ​five foot three inches​ (​one-hundred-sixty centimeters​) and that's with shoes on.  I'm correspondingly light and weak and I have been so all my life.  Mother nature continued to be nasty for it was not until I was seventeen that I started puberty.  It hardly made much of a difference for all those wonderful changes that happened to other guys seemed to be out of stock by the time I got to the head of the queue.  Even now at twenty-five I still only need to shave every five days, my body is hairless except for small tufts of hair in my armpits and above my diminutive cock (or should I say pee-pee?).  I'm always carded and even with two photo id's, I have trouble convincing people I'm an adult.

The twins have always been big.  I guess that they struggled so much in the womb that when they got out they continued to compete for food (and then more) so they grew big.  Now at twelve they are as tall as I and both heavier and stronger.  They are both early bloomers and even a year ago boasted about how they needed to shave.  Uncle corrected their boasting to my dad by noting that it was only biweekly and even that was too often.  Although to give them their due, they do have these cute, sexy puberty mustaches.  Usually one twin is much more dominant than the other but they both have dominant personalities.  I have a theory that they snuffed out a third one who was the weak sister in the womb in accordance with Darwinian theory like baby birds push out the weakest nest mate.  More to the point, however, is that more than two years ago they discovered that they could easily overpower me especially acting in unison.

With the economy down, I'm out of work and must live with my parents.  I really tried to get a summer job, as a fill-in, but those are fewer than years ago and the competition is greater.  Employers don't want shrimps like me because they are certain that I can't deal with rambunctious teens or reach stuff as easily as full size guys.

So, I got conscripted to be a babysitter for the twins.  Dad made it a point of my giving back for all the support I got from him.  I'll spare you the disgusting details.  So a couple of Fridays ago, we took a taxi over where I was left with the Devil's spawn while the four adults went down to the sea.  There were some plans for the twins had a list of places they wanted to go to and, most of which were acceptable to me.  I decided that I could tolerate seeing a baseball game or two.  I never anticipated what other plans they had – all centered about me.© YLeeCoyote

I started to learn about their nefarious plot right after dinner that first evening.  Surprisingly, they were good about cleaning up.  Then I asked whose turn it was to take out the garbage and they answered in unison: "YOURS!"  They paused a bit and continued: "That's the job of the littlest kid which is you, Stevie."  My objection led to a physical confrontation.  I was quite helpless against both of them.  (In all honesty, I probably would have been helpless against even just one of them.)  In just a few minutes I was being held down ready to be spanked.  They were facing each other sitting with their knees and thighs alternating (like a couple of gears) to form a double lap.  I was being held down across this double lap with my jeans and briefs down about my ankles.  I was protesting loudly but it did not make any difference in the least any more than it did when Dad took me over his lap to spank me when I was a kid.

Then the spanks started.  There was not anyway that I could fall much less get away.  They each could keep a hand on my back and SPANK away with their other hand.  They were hitting me hard and it really hurt.  I was howling for them to stop.  Soon, like a little boy, I was bawling with tears running down my checks.  After a while they stopped and I agreed to take out the garbage rather then have them resume spanking me.  When I returned they said that they were in charge and that I was the little boy who was being babysat rather than the other way around.  My protestations were scoffed at and they quickly proved their power.  I was carried to the guest bedroom and stripped.  They laughed at my puny body.  I was helpless as one held me and the other used a epilator to puck out my meager growth of pubes and then my armpit hair.  I wished that I was a snail and could hide in my shell.

They stripped and with me standing between them made me look into the mirror at the three of us naked.  They forced me to admit that I looked like a nine-year-old boy with a little hairless pee-pee and that they were young men with large cocks and lots of man-fur.  They decided that I needed a haircut to have the proper look.  I was made to sit on a chair and handed the hair clipper to examine.  If I cooperated then they would give me a neat crew cut otherwise a buzz cut without the comb.  I cooperated and they kept their word being careful to give me a nice crew cut.

I was then told what the rules – THEIR RULES FOR ME – were.  I was a nine-year-old in their charge and subject to their discipline.  "You misbehave, Stevie, you will be spanked on your bare bottom." they both declared most definitively.  To ensure my unquestioned submission, they took some pictures.  Most were just of naked me but a few were with me over a lap like I was getting a little boy's spanking.

They gave me a bath, quite literally.  They made sure that I was clean everywhere for they scrubbed me everywhere just as if I was a little kid.  I had to brush my teeth and pee-pee as they watched.  By the time they put me to bed, early since I was just a nine-year-old, I was completely under their control.  They had dangerous pictures and all my stuff so I had to do as they said.

The Science Museum Is Cool

In the morning I was quickly reminded of my lowly status for we were all naked for breakfast.  They made sure to remind me of how well developed they were complete with had man-hair while I was still most obviously just a smooth little boy.  When we got dressed they maintained the difference for they were dressed like teens while I had to wear a little boy's outfit of a T-shirt emblazoned with a cartoon character and elastic-waist shorts that were tight.  "Don't worry you don't have a bulge in front since you are just a little boy." I was told.  Soon after they let me know that the shorts showed off my most spankable little boy bottom most temptingly.

It was a rainy day so they decided that we should go the science museum.  I was cautioned that I better behave well or that they would take my shorts and tighty-whities down and spank me in public.  They were well experienced with the subway system and knew exactly which trains to take.  They made me hold one of their hands so that I would not get lost.  Oliver showed the family membership card and we quickly got tickets for the planetarium as well as the museum proper.

I will confess, that the museum was fun. They knew their way around and showed me a lot of stuff.  They even introduced me to T-Rex.  "Stevie, this is Mr. T-Rex."  "T, here's lunch."  It was funny for a nine-year-old.  When we left a few hours later, I was tired not being used to running about like that.  I leaned on Oscar on the way home and he held me so I wouldn't fall.  They were the model of loving big brothers but I knew that they would instantly change should I not remain a docile little nine-year-old little brother.

Take Me Out to the Baseball Game

On Sunday, they took me to a baseball game.  I tried to get interested but could not and I got snapped at repeatedly for being disruptive.  The third time they threatened to spank me if I did not behave properly, the people sitting in the row behind us chimed in.  The man asked the two boys he was with what would happened if they were behaving as I was.

"You would spank us hard, Dad, just as we would deserve to be." said one.

"You would take our pants down and give us something to really be unhappy about, Mr. Layfield.  That boy's conduct is unacceptable especially when you are taken to a great baseball game by your kind big brothers." said the other.

The timing was most unfortunately as just then the seventh inning stretch began.  Oliver told me that I had been warned several times and willfully refused to behave properly.  Oscar added that even strangers – boys your age at that – thought that I should be spanked so that is what going to happen.

I was made to stand and Oliver pulled down my shorts and briefs and I was across Oscar's lap in just seconds albeit awkwardly.  That did not deter Oscar's hand from roasting my bare tail so that I was soon crying.  Oliver made me apologize to the man and the two boys with my pants still about my ankles, my bald little boyhood exposed and tears still running down my face.  The boys (and some others) were smiling at having gotten to see a naughty boy soundly spanked on the bare.  Mr. Layfield complimented the twins on how grown up they were and that it was so very nice that they took their badly behaved kid brother to the game.  It was difficult to sit quietly on the wooden seat after that for the rest of the game but I had to in order to avoid another spanking.

They insisted that I sit on my sore butt returning home on the subway because it was safer although I would rather have stood and held on to a pole.  I was sent to bed right after dinner sans dessert because I had been naughty during the day.

Hot and Cold at the Pool

As expected the temperature soared and they decided that it was the perfect day to go the pool.  They collected the stuff we would need – towels, swim suit, lotion – and we were off.  By ten o'clock it was already hot and we were approaching the entrance.  We registered, paid and got a locker assignment.  As we approached our locker, I was reminded that I had best be well behaved as they would not hesitate to spank me.  Just to make sure that I did not doubt that they would, they told me that they had seen a lot of naughty boys get spanked here in the locker room and even pool side.

We did not have many clothes to remove and Oliver took our towels and swim suits and led me off to the shower.  I wanted to dress but he said that showers were required before going to the pool.  Of course, I felt like a little boy since I was small and hairless and not even carrying my own towel and swim suit.  There were several others about and it was easy to tell the boys from the youths (like my cousins) and the grown men.  I expected that we would put our suits on then but I was wrong.  This was one of the days that it was males only until noon and nudity was the practice.  "You'll get your suit at noon when the women are allowed in, Stevie."

We played around and I met some of the twins' friends.  I was introduced as Stevie their nine-year-old cousin who was visiting.  I was afraid to object for I knew that nobody would believe me since I looked like a little kid especially naked.  Their friends all seemed to have hair about their cocks.  I was glad when the bell was rung to remind everyone to put on their swim suits since I was uncomfortable nude.  The twins had nice trunks that showed off their well muscled bodies and bulged front and center.  They had gotten me an undersized brief type suit which was very tight which minimized my bulge (or lack of one) and showed off my butt.  They told me that it looked very good so I knew even though I could not see it.

Things changed after the females arrived.  Generally, things were less rambunctious and there was another round of introductions, this time to their girl friends.  Several thought that I was a cute little boy with a very cute little bottom.  "You may also say 'spankable'."  Oscar remarked back at them which made me blush.

I did my best to avoid displeasing the twins letting them play and swim with their friends.  Unfortunately, I got into trouble nevertheless.  I was with a group of kid siblings trying to staying out of the way of the big ones when I lost my suit.  Actually, I did not lose it for it was pulled down and then off during some play.  I then became the star of a game of keep-away.  Since I could not get even close to where my suit was being tossed back and forth, the others quickly became bored with it and my suit was tossed on the deck that surrounded the pool.  I climbed out of the pool and ran to get it but I was spotted.  To make matters worse Peg, one of Oscar's friends picked it up before I could get to it.  "Please, Peg, give me back my suit."

First she looked at me standing with my hand over my crotch and then carefully examined the suit.  "Are you sure it is yours, Stevie?  I don't see your name in it."  She looked more closely.  "It says 'Oscar'."

"Please, it's my cousin's.  He lent it to me for the day." I pleaded.  By now my cousins and their friends were all around me.  "Please, Peggy, let me have Oscar's suit."

"Is that a respectful way to speak to a lady, Stevie?" asked Oscar.  "Put your hands to your side and address her as 'Ms.'  Don't forget to apologize for your rudeness."  His friends laughed at my obvious discomfort.

What could I do.  I gulped and put my hands to my sides but before I could say anything, a little girl sang out.  "His pee-pee is smaller than Ricky's and he only seven."  That got a good round of laughs and I turned red.

"I apologize for being rude, Ms. Peg." I said and then paused which allowed the little girl to interject:

"He does not need a suit to go in the kiddy pool with the other little boys."

When the laughter stopped, I continued:  "Please, Ms. Peg, may I have Oscar's suit back.  I lost it in the pool." I said, while praying that she would be kind and put an end to this torture.

Unfortunately, Oliver took the suit in one hand and me in his other.  "You should be ashamed of yourself, young man.  The nude period was over more than an hour and half ago."  There were chuckles as anticipation grew.  Oliver lead me to a bench and sat down on it.  Then he pulled me over his lap.

"Please.  Please don't spank me, Oliver.  I did not do it on purpose.  It just happened."  The response was a hard SPANK quickly followed by a lots of hard spanks.  I lost count and was crying.  Then Oliver led me over to a tree, pushed my nose to touch it and commanded me to stay.

Sometime later, the nasty little girl with the big mouth came over.  I had to turn around and she put the suit on me as I raised one foot at a time for her.  After that I just sat on soft chair until I was taken to shower when it was time to leave.

I got lectured on the way home about my disgraceful behavior and warned that I would be spanked each and every time I misbehaved.

Sport Gear Testing

It was another day and after breakfast, I had to dress in the boy's outfit again to go out.  The twins did not like to stay at home and I was too young to leave alone.  I had asked, even begged, but they would not consider it.  "We would be remiss if we left you alone as you are but nine, Stevie."  I was told.  This day they decided on going to the park.  I was allowed to sit in the bleachers as they played with others their size in some sort of pickup game.  I had to watch as little boys don't take books to read in the park.

After a few hours, they had enough play and we went walking in the park.  I was made to hold their hands like I was four.  It was better than being spanked.  We ate outdoors, getting dirty water dogs and sodas from a cart vendor.  We also went into a pre-teen playground for a while and I got pushed on the swings for a bit.  That was different and surprisingly fun.  It was something I had not done for more than a decade.  The slide was also fun.  The twins also played on some of the things.

On the way home, we stopped in the sport store.  The twins wanted to get a ball that was on sale and look at the exercise gear.  The latter was first.  The clerk was concerned and told the three of us not to touch some of the equipment as we did not have an adult to supervise.  How I could have forgotten that I was just a kid, I don't know but I gave a pull on one of things to see how it worked.  Then all hell broke loose or so it seems.  The clerk yelled at me because he was worried that I might get hurt.  That got Oscar to do the same.

I was immediately lectured by both of the twins for being disobedient.  The clerk then told us – again – that kids are not permitted to touch the equipment because they might get hurt.  "Just wait until we get you back home, Stevie. Then you'll get the spanking you have just earned."  I groaned but was glad that I was not going to get it right in the store in front of everyone which would be much worse.

I was not so lucky.  "Management understands that children misbehave and need correction which is most effective when given promptly." said the clerk pointing to a bench.  The twins did not need a second invitation.  In just seconds I was dragged over to the exercise bench and Oscar sat down.  Oliver, behind me, yanked down my shorts and briefs and pushed me over his brother's lap.  Of course, he spanked hard and roasted my tail.  I tried not to cry amidst all the macho guys but it is almost impossible in that position.  When he was finished, he got a brief round of applause.

I was parked in a corner to let my tail cool down.  It was then some wag called out: "Is there a special on a spanking bench?" which got a big laugh.  After the twins got the ball they wanted, they fetched me from the corner.  My pants were pulled up and we went home with tears on my face.

Lots of Dangers Lurk in the Zoo

I was delighted when the twins decided that we should go to the zoo.  I had not been there in many years and I was certain that they would not find a reason to spank me again, especially in public.  I was very careful to do exactly as they told me in the morning being sure to get ready on time.  As they had done before they again showed that they knew the subway system well and we got there without any missteps.  They were ready with the family membership card so we got in without any trouble without wasting time to buy admission tickets.

As we went in, they both admonished me:  "Stevie, be a good boy and obey the rules so that we wouldn't have spank you again.  Thousands of other little boys manage to do that so that you should be able to also.  Let's all have a good time watching the animals."

"I'll will, really I will." I said.  And I meant it for I did not want to get spanked again, especially in public.  We spent the next couple of hours watching the animals.  I made sure to stay close to the twins so that they won't find any excuse to spank me especially here in the zoo with lots of other kids to enjoy watching my misfortune.

As we left the Children Zoo we passed a line waiting to get into the Liberi Nequam exhibit, something that I had never heard of.  When I inquired, Oscar said that would be just the thing for me to see while Oliver explained that the line at the other side was always much shorter since it was for members only and that we should go there and save some time.  Just a couple of minutes later we were at the other entrance.  Oliver had been right and we got in without a wait as soon as he showed the membership card to the guy in the booth at the entrance.

We entered the exhibit building and followed the path and so were in a dark area.  "The curtain will open in a minute." Oliver explained.  That it did and the lights went up.  I heard an announcement: "This is Oliver and Oscar with their naughty little cousin, Stevie.  Stevie has been very bad this week and has already received several spankings.  Even after that, today here in the zoo he managed to break two very important rules.  First, he threw some chips at the tigers ignoring the 'DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS' sign.  Good boys and girls all know that the animals have special diets and should only get the proper foods to stay healthy.  Second, he teased the monkeys by making faces and acting like a fool."  What is this I wondered but Oliver shushed me when I tried to ask.  Then the voice asked: "Should naughty Stevie be spanked."

There was a loud cheer and yells of "YES!"  When the noise died down and loud voice yelled: "On the BARE!"

"What's this?" I asked.

"You are getting spanked, again, because you are a naughty little boy and they all agree."  He pointed and the lights came up.  We were in an auditorium of some sort and there was an audience anxiously awaiting to see me spanked.

"Should he get it by hand or with the paddle?" asked the announcer.

There were lots of cries for the paddle.  Someone handled a small rubber paddle to Oscar.  Of course, I protested but it did not do any good.  I was stood up, Oliver pulled down my pants and Oscar pulled me over his lap.  Using the rubble paddle he spanked me very hard for a long time so that I was bawling more than all the other times they had spanked me.  The paddle hurt a lot more than their hands and they did not feel it at all.

Eventually, the spanking stopped and I was put in a corner with my glowing, red-hot bottom facing the crowd.  Then the next naughty kid was brought in and I heard his spanking.  When it was over the twins took me out and he replace me in the corner.

As we went about the zoo some more, several kids made fun of me and asked how sore my red bottom was.  Several wanted to see or touch it but, thankfully, Oliver allowed me to refuse their requests.

It was only when we got home, did I learn that Liberi Nequam is Latin for "naughty children".


The morning of the day our parents were due back, the twins had a talk with me.  They explained that there were two options.  I could tell about how I was a little well-spanked boy for a week and my older, mature cousins, took good care of everything.  Or I could tell the 'rents that all went well because my cousins were well behaved and really did not require a sitter.

They had discussed this and they thought either option was just fine.  They even gave me a few pictures of me getting spanked for souvenirs.

I decided to report that all was as expected and that they were well behaved.  I certainly did not want my parents to know that my cousins had turned me into a little boy.  Our parents were happy that the week went well.

* * * * * * * * * *


It was almost the end of summer when the twins called me.  Their parents had decided that they deserved a reward for their exemplarily behavior and they were getting a four-day trip to Washington, D.C.  "That's very nice.  Enjoy." I said.  But then they explained the catch – they needed a chaperone and I was invited.

I declined so they threatened to tell the entire story of what really happened when I was supposedly in charge.  What could I do but agree to go?

It was a week later that we went.  As one would expect from parents, there were several admonitions to behave properly and to keep out of trouble along with a reminder of how well we did a few weeks earlier.  That made me not think much of the quiet comment Uncle gave me about being a good boy while mentioning how young men can often get wild.

The twins were very excited about the trip and not surprising had lots plans for things they wanted to see and to do.  They also said that they hoped I would behave properly so that they would not have waste time spanking me.  I objected that they thought they were in charge and they insisted that I was.  "Didn't you listen to what Dad [referring to my uncle] said – 'that you should be a good boy.'?  Dad knows that we were in charge and unless you behave properly, your Dad is going to hear of it."

I was trapped once again.  I sunk down in my seat as the train speed on to Washington knowing that I was growing younger by the minute and would be a nine-year-old boy by the time we got to Union Station.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 16, 2011

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