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The following story is fiction.  It contains scenes of spanking and teen sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  A reality check – in this story I have taken more than the usual liberties with the motivation and logical consistency of some of the characters in the interest of having a better story.  Also, my characters don't have to worry about diseases like people in the real world must.

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With a Little Bit of Help from My Friends



Sean thought a lot of himself.  At fifteen he thought he was the Creator's gift to the planet if not the entire universe.  In reality he was not; at school he was neither a jock nor a nerd and was not really part of any friendship group.  He did, however, talk with the best of them about his sexual prowess but in reality his experiences had been nonexistent except in his dreams.  His frequent (wet) dreams were always about Pietr; literally the boy next door who was a couple of years younger.  For whatever reason, he was totally hung up on Pietr and particularly his cute tight butt.  Whenever Sean's sheets were stained you could be certain that he had been fantasizing about ramming his cock into Pietr's butt.  Unfortunately, Sean did not have the balls to even talk with Pietr much less get close enough grope him.

Sean's mother was not able to help her son.  With his father far, far away and years behind in the support payments, she had to work full time.  She was surprised when she told him to arrange to stay with a friend while she was on a business trip that he wanted to stay home.  "I'm not a baby and can take care of myself." he declared firmly.  A couple of days later she, reluctantly, agreed that he could stay home with Chuck.  Chuck was the seventeen-year-old son of a business associate and Sean's friend.  He was well thought of by all and mom thought he would be a very good influence on young Sean.  He had skipped his senior year of high school and was going to the local collage.

When Chuck was over for dinner to discuss things, such as rules, he carefully assured Mrs. Burns that all will be well – after all they are not in the wilderness.  "Besides if Sean acts like a naughty boy I'll spank him – hard like a naughty boy needs to be."

All had a good laugh at that.  That is until his mother said: "That would probably do him a lot of good, Chuck.  I use to spank him until he was twelve …"© YLeeCoyote

A very red face Sean interrupted with a whining: "Mother, plea-se."

His mother continued: "… when he got too big for me to handle.  It was always effective.  He really hated it when I would pull down his pants and Captain Hero briefs and turn his bottom bright red.  He would always cry.  But he was a good boy after that; for a while."


The first couple of days were very peaceful.  Both youths were experimenting with the new freedoms of living without an adult about and still stayed well within the rules.  The third evening (Tuesday) Sean declared that he did not have any homework and spent the evening in front of the TV.  Chuck did his own homework.

In the morning, Sean said he was sick and would stay home.  Chuck gave him a very skeptical look and went into the bathroom only to return with a thermometer which already had a glob of Vaseline on the bulb.  Sean, as might be expected, began to protest immediately but Chuck would not have any of such nonsense.  "Turn over now or else, young man." he ordered very sternly.  Sean continued to protest so Chuck just grabbed an arm and pulled hard.  Seconds later Sean was stretched across Chuck's lap with his arm twisted behind his back and his morning hard-on embarrassingly pressed between his own stomach and Chuck's thigh.  "Be still boy.  You don't want this thing to break in your stupid butt.  I had expected that you would have been man enough to do this yourself."

Sean got the message and stopped resisting.  Chuck spread his cheeks and eased the thermometer into the unwilling hole.  Sean now knew for certain that although he was too big for his mother to handle, Chuck was a different matter.  Although only a couple of inches taller, he was much heavier and stronger.  For the lack of anything else to do except lecturing his young friend, all Chuck had to do was twirl the invasive instrument.  Sean was wishing that he has just taken the horrid thing and stuck it in himself.  He was also beginning to realize that Chuck was taking his assignment very seriously.  When he pulled the thermometer out he saw that the mercury column was exactly lined up with the normal arrow.

He placed the thermometer on the night stand and twisted Sean's arm behind his back again.  "It's normal, Sean.  I don't know why you're faking things but there a price to pay."  With that he brought his hand down hard on Sean butt.  Before Sean could yell, Chuck had raised his hand and lowered it on the other check.  Chuck was really annoyed and spanked hard and fast.  Soon Sean's butt was bright red and he was crying like a little boy.  Sean realized this was not his mother's spanking.  "Shower, dress and be at the table in ten minutes or you'll get another spanking, boy.  NOW, MOVE IT!"  Sean did as he was told and was at the table with his books in just nine minutes.  He ate his breakfast standing up.  He stood on the school bus also.

He had no choice but to sit in class but he was not happy about it.  His butt still burnt from the spanking he had gotten.  Little did he know that the day would get worse.  When he went to his 3-4 period class he discovered that he did not have his gym shorts.  He put on his jockstrap and then pulled his loose fitting jeans back on.  He would have hidden in the locker room but one of the assistants was watching.  As he walked out into the gym, Mr. Kotopoulos roared:  "BURNS what the hell are you wearing."

"I forgot my shorts, Sir."

"Get those jeans off now."  Sean hesitated but the teacher was impatient.  "Now, Burns.  Here and now!"  As everyone watched Sean slowly removed his jeans, the teacher continued: "And you better have your jock on."  Then Sean started for his usual place but the teacher had noticed his glowing tail.  "No, Apple Butt, front and center."  As his classmates watched Sean during the warm up calisthenics they each realized that there was but one reason that his butt, now nicely framed by the straps of his jock, was rosy red – he had been spanked.  For all that teen boys hate to be spanked and particularly to have it known it is equally wonderful to know unequivocally that someone else still gets spanked; to know that someone else is still a little baby boy.  Throughout the entire period, Sean was the target of many slaps on his ass of encouragement and permanently acquired a new nickname thanks to the teacher's initial use of the appellation: Apple Butt.

Apple Butt was spared much teasing in the locket room and shower thanks to the schools strict policy and careful monitoring by the assistant instructors.  He did not fair as well in the lunch room as his new name and the reason for it was quickly spread through the entire student body.  He assumed that every snicker and giggle was about him although they were not.

Sean was glad when he reached the safety of his next class.  It was not as secure as he had expected for he had forgotten this was the class for which he did not do his homework for and why he tried to feign illness this morning.  Mr. Nononsense immediately gave him a detention.  Sean though that might be a good thing since it would keep him from his classmates and their horrid teasing.

The unlucky teacher assigned detention duty this day was Mr. Kotopoulos.  He just smiled at rather than erase the graffito which labeled a corner as: "Reserved for Apple Butt".  Not only was Sean the last to appear in the detention room he did it after the bell.

"Burns this sure is not your day.  You did not have your shorts, you got a detention and now you're tardy.  You need something extra for that.  A century ago, I could have paddled your already spanked butt." he paused with a sigh "Your classmates have reserved you a special place.  Just stand in YOUR corner.  You probably can't sit comfortably anyway."

"Yes, Sir."  Sean walked over to the corner and stood facing out.

"No, face the other way, Apple Butt."  Sean turned around.  "And drop your jeans so you can cool off."  This was too much for the other students and the there was general laughter which, to the surprise of the other detainees, Mr. Kotopoulos did not suppress.  Reluctantly Sean let his jeans down exposing his tightie-whities.  By now the teacher was right behind him and grabbed the brief's waist band and pulled then them down below his still red butt.  Partway through the hour Sean understood the constant giggling he had been hearing – there were some girls in detention this day.  Now he did not dare to turn around.  It was a very long hour.  Well, it was a very long hour for Sean but short for the others.

He was diligently doing his homework when Chuck got home.  It was only at supper that they got to talk.  Sean told what a miserable day he had.  Chuck was sympathetic but explained that there are consequences to things and that he was very disappointed that Sean had lied about not having homework the previous night and about being sick this morning.  "We will discuss this after you finish your homework, boy."  Sean was hurt by the diminutive noun.

"I'm very disappointed with you Sean.  You evaded your responsibilities and lied to me last night and compounded it all this morning by faking being sick.  You're not behaving like a young man but like a little boy.  I'm afraid that I'm going to have treat you like one from now on at least until you grow up a lot.  That spanking this morning was for faking.  Now you are going have to pay for last night."  With this Chuck led his naked charge to the bathtub.  There he picked up his hair trimmer and took hold of Sean cock.  "Since you don't act like a man, you don't deserve to have this manfur, boy."

A horrified Sean immediately pleaded for another chance, but Chuck was not willing to listen to his begging.  As he clipped the first growth pubes he said: "You're even begging like a boy."  After that Sean was silent as he watched his little bush disappear.  The Chuck took out the shaving cream and covered the entire area.  He then handed Sean a safety razor.  With tear filled eyes he did what Chuck directed for he correctly sensed refusal would mean more punishment.  Any hopes that he might get his hair back soon were dashed when Chuck told him that he was to shave every other day until he earned to right to have pubes.

As Sean started to shower, Chuck decided to join him.  As they washed together and even soaped each other, Sean felt even more boyish that close to his hairy friend.  Having just lost his own small bush, he was extremely enthralled by Chuck's far bigger, thick and heavy one.  The fascination of Sean and having been so dominating Chuck's Little Mate showed interest.  With Chuck's shaft fully rampant, Sean was even more attracted to his babysitter.  When Chuck pressed his shoulders down he quickly dropped to his knees and willingly gave his first blow job.  Of course, Chuck had to give him a lot of directions in exactly what to do.  Sean, no longer a total virgin, slept well that night and did not dream of Pietr.

In the morning, Chuck ordered Sean to his knees for another blow job and then ordered him to get ready for school.  This would become a regular morning ritual.

That afternoon Chuck and Pietr met, by chance, in the market and talked.  Chuck soon realized that Pietr was quite mature and definitely not naive.  He knew that Chuck was Sean's "babysitter" from hearing his mother talking with Sean's but felt that Sean should be grown up enough at fifteen to be alone.  He boasted that he had been left alone for a few days several times by his parents.  He also had noticed that Sean was always eyeing his butt but never had the balls to do anything.

"Sean is very shy and not very grown up." Chuck told him.

"I noticed that.  Are you interested in my butt like he is?"

"Nothing personal but, sorry, you're to young for me."

"Good; I like more submissive guys. Anyway, I know that I can take Sean but I'm not sure about you."  He paused a minute and added: "It would be extra fun turning the tables on him too."

By the time they walked home, Chuck had invited Pietr to dinner the next night.  Pietr accepted subject to parental approval.

Sean managed to survive gym by changing very fast and skipping showering.  He was not happy that next week he would be in swim class and there would not be any concealment there.

Sean managed to put all his cares aside at dinner.  First of all Pietr was there, second, a whole school week had passed without any problems that mom needed to be told about and, three, the house was still standing.  The guys got to know each other at dinner and then went into the family room to watch some movie.  It was not a good choice for it was about college kids running amok with sex and drink.

Sean went to the liquor cabinet and grabbed a bottle and took a big swig.  Then he came over and offered the bottle to Pietr and then to Chuck.  Both were horrified and yelled at him to return the bottle which, intimidated, he did.  "We're all too young to drink and you're betraying a trust." lectured Chuck, "My dad would whip my butt so that I couldn't sit for a month for a stunt like that."

"So would mine and you're trying to corrupt a minor too." said Pietr.  Sean was dumbfounded.  "His mommy was right that he needs a babysitter even at his age." sneered Pietr, "He does definitely needs a spanking."  With that Pietr jumped up from the coach, grabbed Sean, yanked open his jeans and pulled them down.  "He even wears tightie-whites like a little boy."  Then he pulled those down.  "And he's hairless as a boy too." he chucked seeing Sean's bald pubes.

By now he had sat back down on the couch and pulled the overwhelmed fifteen-year-old across his lap and started to spank him.  Chuck in the easy chair had leaned back, opened his fly and was enjoying the show.  As Pietr's hand prints began to merge into a crimson blush Sean realized that he was being spanked by his thirteen-year-old neighbor as if he was just a little boy with the tacit approval of Chuck and, worse, it really hurt, for he was yelling and about to cry.  Nor could he free himself from the iron like grip he was in.  As Pietr spanked the older teen, he was lecturing him about the evils of drink and how his fifteen-year old cousin got drunk and went out into traffic and was killed last year.

Soon Sean was bawling and completely out of control and Chuck told Pietr to stop.  When he was freed, Sean ran to Chuck who kept him on his knees and held him for a while.  When Sean stopped crying, he pushed him down on his erect dick and Sean suckled for sometime.  Chuck was not in any hurry to cum and kept this going for quite a while before he blasted his load down Sean's throat.

Pietr was having his own problems.  He was greatly aroused from being aggressive, spanking Sean and seeing that bright red rump stuck up in the air wiggling like that of a baboon bitch in heat.  'I need some lube.' he though and then dashed to the lavatory.  He got the soap dispenser and started to coat his rampant cock as he returned to the family room.  After Chuck had cum and Sean was just nuzzling his crotch and being stimulated by his musk, Pietr went for the tempting hole.  He was not patient but considerately put a squirt of soap on it before he rammed in his hard fuck rod.  He got a tight grip on Sean's hips and fucked hard until he quickly came.  Then, remaining hard, he continued to fuck until he came a second time.

Even though it was practically rape, Sean could not help cumming.  He was aroused by Chuck's musk, his long time dreams of Pietr, the stimulation of the spanking and, of course, the hard pounding on his prostate.

Sean was relegated to a corner and the other two began to discuss what would be the proper course of action when the phone rang.  It was Mrs. Burns to inquire that all was well, as mothers are very wont to do.  Chuck assured her that all was well.  Mother and son chatted and then she told him to get an envelope she had prepared and pick up the other phone.  The envelope contained some extra cash.  She knew that Sean needed some underwear and possibly a shirt. Since this was sale month why not get some tomorrow.  And there should be enough for something for Chuck also.  After the necessary thanks the call was terminated.

Sean returned to the family room and surprised the other two by returning to the corner.  Pietr suggested that Chuck suspend the rest of his corner time and he did.  As Pietr also needed some stuff they arranged to go together.  Pietr went home quite happy and pleased with himself.  It is not everyday a thirteen-year-old gets to spank a fifteen-year-old and take his cherry.  But it certainly could be frequent event that he fucks his compliant neighbor.  And, if necessary, even spank him into submission.

Sean's frustration at being low guy on the totem pole was not helped by Chuck's full and total support of Pietr.  He may be a couple years younger than you chronologically but he's a lot advanced than you in other ways.  He's physically more developed and stronger, much more mature and responsible, and with a hell lot more common sense.  That was really a dumb ass trick you did with that bottle.  You're lucky that he did spank you for I was about to have taken a strap to your stupid butt.  You really would be feeling it now.  I dread to think what a mess you would have made if I was not here.  You probably would be in jail or the morgue.

In the morning, the three youths rode their bikes to the Stacy*s Department store downtown.  In the young men's department they found some nice shirts, Pietr selected some socks and then on to the underwear.  They all found T-shirts and boxer shorts quickly.  Chuck gently placed Sean's selection back on the display.  "No, Sean, boxers are for young men not boys like you."

Pietr was quick to add: "Men with hairy bushes about their cocks."  He still did not know that Sean had been shaved.

Chuck could see that Sean was about to object.  "Just two words out of you and I'll take you to the fitting room and spank you."  Sean looked shocked.  "Start to make a scene and I'll do it out here, boy.  You may have boxers when you grow up some."

After the talking (lecturing!) he had the previous night Sean knew that Chuck was totally serious and meant every word.  He was definitely not like his mommy who he could sway particularly in public places.  "Yes, sir." he said dejectedly.  They moved to the briefs display but they were out of extra small.  Sean was glad figuring that he could come back without Chuck next week.  Unfortunately for him the clerk was very helpful and suggested that they try the boys' department as extra large boys is the same waist size and they have a much larger selection of briefs.

There they were able to find the right size for Sean.  Then Pietr saw large size action figure briefs on special sale as 'Manufacturer's Overstock'.  He whispered something to Chuck who added a package to their selection.  Sean immediately closed his mouth when Chuck gave him a stern 'be quiet or else' look.

Pietr was first at register.  The clerk rang up his selection and was very surprised when he presented a Stacy*s charge card.  In response to the question he always heard from incredulous clerks that the card was really his he just said to call the number on the back.  A few minutes later he signed for his stuff.  Sean was next but Chuck had the cash and paid for it making him feel like a little boy compared to Pietr.  Finally, Chuck's stuff was done.

It was only then that Sean dared to speak about the action figure briefs.  "I can not wear them – they are for babies.  Please return them."

Chuck just placed his hand on the back of Sean neck and steered him to the boys' fitting room.  There, with Pietr watching, he ordered Sean to remove his tightie whities and then put on the Captain Hero powder blue briefs.  "They fit very nicely, boy.  Nice and tight." observed Pietr feeling Sean's buns.

"Yes, they do, Pietr.  Yes, they are for babies, Sean, and big boys who act like babies.  When you act grown up you won't have to wear them.  Now put on your jeans and let's get going."

Outside the story, Chuck explained that he had to do some work in the library and if you do your homework we can go to a movie tonight and the woods tomorrow.  Pietr was invited to join in also.  With that Chuck took off and the two others headed home for Pietr accepted the invitation and had his own homework to do.

Back at home, the two separated to do their own homework.  Pietr did his math in just a half hour and then decided that he could read his book-report book while keeping Sean company.  This turned out to be short term bad and long term good for Sean.  He evidently had not learnt his lesson earlier in the week.  Rather than doing his homework, he had gone and found his collection of Captain Hero comic books in the attic and was reading them on his bed.

As soon as Pietr walked in on him, he started with excuses.  "Can it!" yelled Pietr, "What is the matter with you?  Do you need to be watched all the time?  Maybe we should have gotten you all baby briefs!"  Pietr paused a few seconds to calm down and decide what he should do.  "STRIP."  Sean hesitated.  "STRIP or I'll strip you."  Totally cowed, Sean was soon naked not even wearing his baby briefs or socks.  "Get over the end of the bed, boy." was the order as Pietr pulled Sean's own belt out of his jeans.  He doubled it over and took the first shot at the naughty boy's bottom.

Sean yelled as a red stripe appeared on his buns.  By the time the count had reached half his age Sean was crying and when he gotten the full measure of fifteen hard lashes he was a bawling wreck.  Pietr ordered him to stand in the corner and started to read his own book.  It was a quarter of an hour later that Chuck came in.  The reserve book he needed was allowed out on an overnight loan so he decided to work at home.  He gave Pietr a questioning look.  "He was reading comic books instead of working, Chuck."  Chuck just sighed and thanked him for disciplining a naughty little boy once again..

A fifteen minutes later Pietr told Sean to wash his face and start doing his homework.  Sean silently complied quietly thanking him for the pillow he was given to sit on.  He was totally quiet for two hours when he asked leave to use the toilet.  After another two hours, he announced that he was done.  Chuck looked his work over and even checked his assignment book to be sure that he had done it all.


Sean was really amazed at how fast the first two periods went this morning.  Soon he was striping in the locker room.  Chuck had allowed him to wear plain briefs rather than the Captain Hero ones.  He was still dreading the comments he would get about his hairless pubes.  He kept telling himself that he had to be strong and ignore the taunts.  Chuck had explained that if he didn't let it bother him, then they wouldn't find it much fun and stop.  But he was very concerned about Butch whose locker was near his.  Butch often was a bully and really liked teasing.

As expected Butch pounced immediately like a cat after mouse.  "Think that you going to swim faster without your pubes, little boy?"  The others all joined in to his laughter.

"No.  I did it for you.  I got tired of your complaining about hair in your teeth.  There's just no pleasing you, Butch; is there?"  Everyone got very quiet.  Squirts, like Sean, did not give Butch backtalk.

Butch laughed.  Then everyone laughed.  Butch gave Sean a hard spank and put his big hand on the back of his neck and started towards the pool.  "I'm going to have to drown you for that, Apple Butt."  Sean laughed and so did Butch.  Several classmates enjoyed watching the red hand form on Apple Butt's butt.  Chuck was right; if you don't let it bother you it's not a problem.  Then quietly as they walked to the pool, Butch said: "You're not as big a loser as I thought.  It's too bad that I'll have drown you."

"You don't have to."  They laughed some more.  Then Butch selected him as his buddy for the day.  The class went smoothly until the free swim period at the end.

"It's time to drown you, Apple Butt."

"Right, but make it fast; I have to be on-time for my next class, Butch."  At which point Butch forced Sean under the water and held him there.  Sean did not resist but instead started to jerk Butch's cock.  Butch only had two choices – get hard and be seen that way getting out of the water or letting Sean loose.  He chose the later.  Sean felt much better about himself from then on.

It was after school that Butch caught up with Sean.  Sean got a terrible feeling as he felt Butch's heavy hand on his neck.  Butch was silent but just guided Sean through the school yard and into the nearby park.  A few of guys started to follow to watch the show but when Butch growled they quickly decided that they had other things to do.  Each time Sean started to speak, Butch just tightened his grip in displeasure.  Ten minutes latter they were alone in a dense area of vegetation.  Butch found a stump and sat down having taken a firm grip on Sean's belt.  "You were pretty insolent today, Apple Butt." he said, as he opened Sean's jeans and lowered them.  "Your butt was not pink today so I guess that you did not have your spanking this morning so you have be punished now, boy."  He then pulled Sean over his lap and began to spank him.  He was not vicious but Sean's butt turned bright red very quickly and he knew he was being spanked.  It seemed like everyone spanked him.  When Butch was satisfied, he told Sean to kneel (still with his pants down) and to open his pants.  Sean could see how Butch's shaft was straining to get out of his pants.  He opened and lowered the jeans and boxers.  "You started something in the pool today now finish it, cocksucker."

'This was sure better than being beaten up.' thought Sean as he went down on his classmate's tool.  It did not take Butch very long to cum and he made sure that Sean swallowed it.  When he was allowed to get up and dress, Sean apologized for his impertinence and thanked Butch for the spanking.  They both went home.

Once home Sean started on his homework.  He was well into it when Pietr showed up with his jeans bulging.  Sean was complimented for being studious and then easily succumbed to Pietr's sexual demands although he liked the idea of being fucked in a more gentle fashion then happened three days earlier.  Chuck was very pleased that he survived the day so well and was doing his homework as he should.

Tuesday was a quiet day and he avoided Butch since PE was every other day.  However, Sean was unhappy with the low grade he got on the history test for he thought that he should have done much better.  That afternoon after a serious discussion with Chuck, Sean owned up to not having really studied as hard as he should have.  "Do you think that you should be punished?" asked Chuck at the end.

Sean reflected for a few minutes and then removed his belt and handed it to Chuck.  Then he dropped his jeans and briefs, bent over the couch and waited.  Chuck did not make him wait long.  He gave him five hard strokes and told him "That's it."

"Thank you.  I better go do my homework now."

Sean expected that Butch would leave him alone in the locker room on Wednesday but he was wrong.  Once they were striped down for swimming, Butch announced: "Sean apologized for what he said on Monday.  He misunderstood what I said.  It was: 'I was unhappy with his complaining about hair in his teeth.'"  Everyone laughed and Sean was smart enough to do so also.

That evening Sean asked Chuck if he might stop shaving his pubes.  Chuck told him that he would have to wait ten days after any spanking to stop.  Sean figured that he could be good the rest of the week and then once mom was home it would be easier.  He also found that it was great to have sex twice a day – in the morning with Chuck and the afternoon with Pietr.  It made it easier to concentrate on his school work.  Sean did manage to make it through the rest of week without getting another spanking and he also did well in school.


Mrs. Burns was surprised when Sean insisted that both Chuck and Pietr be invited for the dinner out to celebrate her return.  "I was thinking that this should just be for the two of us – family if you will – and we can go out for dinner in a few days with your friends."

"That also, mother, but they are like family to me now.  This is really important." stated Sean politely but with an unusual fervor.

She was quite surprised when the boys were all dressed up in ties and jackets rather than T-shirts and jeans.  In response to her inquisitive look all Sean would say was: "I made a real adult decision this week.  We'll talk about it after dinner.  For now tell us about your trip."  Then after a long time, over dessert, Sean started to talk.

"Mother, I learnt a lot these last two weeks when you were away.  First, you were right that I could not have stayed by myself.  It's not that I'm too young but too immature frequently acting like a little ten-year-old boy.  Second, if Chuck and Pietr were not around enforcing discipline it would have been a total disaster.  They would not me get away with stuff like you do nor let me sweet talk them out what's really right.  When I was smaller, you were much stricter with me and would even haul me across your knee for a spanking now and then.

"I spoke with the guidance councilor at school, and he said boys like me often need a strong male authority figure to help them through the difficult years of adolescence.  Both Chuck and Pietr have agreed to help me grow up by guiding and disciplining me."

"Let me be sure I understand you, Sean.  You're saying that your first adult decision is that you're not yet mature to be treated like an adult?"

Sean thought about it a minute and did not like how the raw truth hurt.  "Putting it that way sounds very strange but I guess that is correct, mother."

"And that you want Chuck and Pietr to help with your discipline."

"Yes, mother."

"Yet Pietr is two years younger than you."

"But he is much more mature.  He stays by himself and even has his own charge card at Stacy*s."

"Have they both spanked you?"

Sean stared at his dessert plate a bit before softly answering: "Yes, mother."

"Did it help you?"

"Yes, Mother."

"Very well, we'll give a try and see if it works.  But it is time to go now."

As Mrs. Burns paid the bill, Chuck told Sean that he was proud that he had said what he had.  "It was very difficult thing to say." and Pietr agreed.

Mrs. Burns drove home first dropping Chuck at his house.

"It time for you to get ready for bed and be sure to hang up your suit."  Sean went off to his room and mom to hers.  She quickly changed into a simple outfit and then went to see her son.  He was aghast that she just walked in.  "You're just my little boy." she reminded him.  She proceeded to tell him that she was proud that he want to really grow up – inside – where it really matters and asked about his getting more briefs rather than boxers like he had been asking for.

"We decided that I have to grow up before I get boxers, mother." he explained.

"And the Captain Hero briefs?"

"For when I act like a little boy."

"Your room is quite a mess, Sean."

"I'll clean it up tomorrow."

"But tomorrow the maid does your room.  You told me that you would clean it up this morning.  That's not very grown up, is it Sean?"

"No, mother."  With that she pulled her son over her lap and began to spank him.  He was too shocked to resist and was quite surprised at how tightly she was holding him.  Then she stopped.  Sean thought the spanking was over and said: "I'll clean it up right now."  But he was wrong, for his mother grabbed the waist band of his Captain Hero baby blue briefs and yanked them down.  Then she pulled the hairbrush out of her pocket and began to really redden his butt.  She gave him a score of hard whacks on each cheek making him cry like a baby.  By this time he had kicked so much that he had lost his briefs.  When she let him up he just did the spanked boy dance, just like he had when he was ten, completely oblivious to the fact that he was totally exposed to his mother for the first time in five years.  She put him the corner for fifteen minutes.

Then, with him standing naked in front of her, she told him that he could expect that he would be required to follow the rules and would be disciplined when he failed.

"Yes, mother."

"Now it time for your shower."  She watched as he showered, checked that he got behind his ears and brushed his teeth.  Then she made him go pee-pee before tucking him into bed.  A very confused Sean laid prone sobbing quietly just like the last time mommy had spanked him when he was twelve.  He wonder what he had gotten himself into for four people had spanked his bare butt in the last two weeks.

On Monday afternoon, Pietr dropped in to see how Sean was doing and for a quick fuck before his mother returned.  The latter was quickly taken care of for Sean was just as anxious for it as Pietr.  It was only then that Pietr saw what Sean was doing.  He was carefully copying last week's History's assignment.  The teacher had written "TOO MESSY" across the top in large red letters.  That was exactly what Pietr had said and Sean disagreed.  Pietr let him finish the copying and then made him strip completely.  Then downstairs in the kitchen he spanked the older boy hard for at least five minutes so that he was crying and had a hot red bottom.  He sent him to the corner to contemplate what he had and hadn't done for a half hour.  He put the new and old assignment on the table, set the timer and left.

Sean's mother returned while he was still in the corner.  She observed her red bottomed, naked son standing in the corner, the assignments and the timer.  It was evident that he was being disciplined and that he was accepting it without direct supervision.  She waited until the timer rang.  "Sean, come here and tell me what this is about."

"Yes, mother, as soon as I just getting my clothes."

"RIGHT NOW, Sean."

That tone told Sean that there was not to be any backtalk so he, totally naked as Pietr planned, stood in front of his mother and explained what had happened.  She then made him put the groceries away while she changed.  As she made a simple dinner she discussed the situation with him.  She had been thinking about her son most of the day and had developed a set of rules of conduct for him.  Sean read the rules and shuddered for they were very similar to the rules he was subjected to when he was ten.  His nudity in front of his mother was also like it was when he was ten.

His mother could sense his discomfort as he read.  "Sean, these rules are not carved in stone but merely paper so we will review them frequently and make adjustments as appropriate.  This is what you said you needed and wanted.

"Yes, mother."  Sean finished his spinach for he really wanted to have the chocolate cake for desert.  He did not think that he would ever like the stuff and it certainly did not give him muscles like Popeye, the sailor man.


The changes in Sean did not happen overnight.  Having had a taste of being grown up and lost it changed Sean a great deal.  He now really wanted to regain what he had lost and a lot more.  This time, however, he worked hard for the privileges that has previously come to easily.

He decided to keep a pair of the Captain Hero briefs in his underwear drawer as a reminder and made both Chuck and Pietr promise that they would spank him should he ever act like a naughty little boy again.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 19, 2001

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