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The following story is fiction about a dominant youth and his Milquetoast neighbor.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping in a role reversal situation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Helping My Neighbor


We would have had to move in another year but my parents decided to make the transition the summer before I was to start high school rather than a year later.  Dad said he thought that the increase in his commuting time was a reasonable trade off for not messing up my life during the difficult years of high school and adolescence.  It was not for another year that I would realize how much harder it would have been if I had transferred in as a sophomore rather than starting my freshman year with my classmates who didn't all already know each other.  But that is really not what this tale is about.  It is about the couple who lived next door – Mr. & Mrs. Douglas K. Wallis.

It was Mother who initially meet them and then we all got to know each other.  I was not really interested in them for they were my parents' age and childless which meant no one to play with.  What fourteen-year-old (well almost) cares about old folks like that.  I wasn't rude or anything like that because I had been brought up properly, it just was that I was not interested them.

You should know about one character trait of mine – I absolutely love to be in control of other people whenever I can be.  It is even better when the people are older.  Now I do know my place in that I must follow the rules at school and home and the like and if I don't follow then I would be a trouble maker and that definitely is not me.  What I've been doing have been to get leadership positions.  The first was in school was way back in the fourth grade as class president.  Not much to control then at all.  It got better in the seventh grade when I became the student council president beating out some eighth graders in the election.  Then I could direct not only guys who were one and two years older but the whole school.  It was FANTASTIC.

The scouts were even better.  I really applied myself and got to be the patrol leader even beating out some fifteen-year-olds and a sixteen-year-old.  I got a real charge out of barking orders and having twenty guys jump in unison.  It was there that I learnt how much fun it is to spank.  I started with the younger scouts but quickly moved onto the older ones.  My favorite spankee was Terence.  He was two years older than I and even though a first class scout was still a fuckup.  It was easy to get him to accept discipline from me, his squad leader, rather than being reported for his infractions of the rules.  On the way home we would go into the bushes in the park and I would pull down his pants and spank him over my lap.  His bubble butt was most spankable and a lot more.  The national office surely would have an apoplectic fit had they known what we did beside spanking.

What I did notice was how Doug behaved.  Several times his wife would tell him to get her something, like a drink, and he would rush off to do it instantly with a "Yes, Dear."  She would essentially ignore him and most certainly never thank him.  If it was at their house, she would constantly order him to do stuff – serve or pick up – and he would always respond the same way.© YLeeCoyote

None of this made any special impression on me but one morning there was something different.  Doug was about to get into his car when she ran out.  This time her orders were far more extensive about what to get and where, even to the point of making him check his wallet to see that he had enough cash and double checking he had the shopping list secure.  It was exactly the same kind of lecture that Mom gave me when she sent me shopping when I was much younger.  His response was also like mine – "Yes, dear,  I have the list and the money."  This got me thinking.

What I thought was that he sounded just like a little boy listening to his mom.  I thought back to the other times I mentioned as well as some others and they also matched that scenario.  Certainly a normal teenager and probably even a tween would show more spunk than that.  When he got back, she told him to put out the garbage for the pickup the next morning.  Now, as the youngest (like everywhere) that is definitely one of my chores.  I usually remember to take care of it but Mom sometimes reminds me.  However, she only says only two words rather than a long lecture trusting that I know my responsibilities.

I kept my ears open and this pattern was always the case.  I even saw it happen in the supermarket when they shopped together and she made him put something back on the shelf in the same sort of way.  I didn't have any doubt who ruled their nest.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm Dougie Wallis and I live a very quiet life with my wife.  We have this small house on a quiet street in quiet neighborhood.  She is a high powered executive and I tend to our home.  Just like she is at work, she is in charge here at home and directs what has to be done.  Of course, I do it as she wishes just like I had to for my mother when I was growing up.  There is one difference and that is she does not spank like my mother did.  Sometimes I think that would be better than her on point lectures about my lapses.  We have made the decision to live in this very modest way so as to be able to save for an early retirement.

A couple of years ago we got a new neighbors – Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harpole and their son who was just starting high school.  Jake was the only youngster on the block for all the others had grown up years earlier.  We were friendly with them although the youth was not interested in us as we were older than his parents.

I found it fascinating to watch him for he was so confident and, well, mature.  Mostly it was his interactions with his parents.  Unlike with so many others, there was never any screaming or yelling when they told him something and his replies were polite.  A few times he was with other adults such as backyard gatherings he behaved better than many of the adults and was clearly the leader of the younger folks even those older than he.  He was very responsible for he got his chores done on time.  I wish that I had been that way for I would have sat more comfortably many times when I was growing up.

* * * * * * * * * *

My opportunity came when Mrs. Wallis went on a business trip for a couple of weeks and Dougie stayed home.  I heard her giving him a long list of instructions when she got into the taxi to go to the airport.  I couldn't imagine that he would be able to remember to do everything and have the drive to do it.

I was proved right a few days later for I saw that he hadn't put out the garbage cans for pickup.  I decided that I should be a good neighbor and rang his bell to tell him.  He invited me in for a drink (age appropriate, of course) as a thank you for reminding him.  As I sat in the kitchen with him I saw that the place was somewhat of a mess.  Mom had found a very simple way of making me keep my room in order – if she cleans it, it gets taken out of my allowance.  Doug certainly needed to be motivated.  I noticed that there was a chore list stuck up on the refrig like for a kid.  I took a look at it and it was apparent he was neglecting many, if not all, of them.  It was clear that Doug was a very naughty boy and most definitely in need of some discipline just like several of the others I had dealt with.

"Doug you have been neglecting your chores and this place is a mess in addition to forgetting to take out the garbage.  It is a disgrace!  It is shameful!  You're just a naughty little boy." I snapped at him sharply.

"Yes, Sir." he replied staring at the floor, "My wife makes sure I do stuff on time but she's away.  I'll get to it right away, honest."

That was sweet music to my ears.  "That's for sure, young man.  But first what happens to naughty little boys who don't do their chores."  I paused for effect making the question rhetorical and answered it myself: "They get SPANKED."

He did not move.  His eyes glazed over like he left this world.

He is planning to spank me.
That is not right for he's a only a boy.
I have not been spanked since my college days.
But I have been very naughty not doing my chores.
Mother certainly would have spanked me.
I am just a naughty little boy.
He has decided to spank me!
Naughty little boys get SPANKED!
He is so masterful and confident.
I deserve to be spanked.
He has taken charge.
He is going to spank me!

After a minute, he whispered: "Yes, Sir."

I pulled a chair out from the table and said most firmly: "Yes, they get spanked.  Come over here boy."  Doug stood and stepped over to me.  I immediately opened his belt and pants.  They dropped to the floor revealing his Y-fronts.  I guided him to my side and yanked his briefs down.  He gasped but did not object.  Nor did he resist when I pulled him over my lap.  I got a good tight grip on his waist and gave his butt a rub and a few pats.

Then I began to spank him with my hand.  I started gently and then moved up to as hard as I could stand.  Once I got to the hard spanks, his bottom was turning red and he was begging me to stop.  I also lectured him about cleaning up the place and doing his chores as I spanked.  He was whimpering a lot and even sobbed some.

When I stood him up, I lectured him some more and reminded him (after he pulled up his pants) to deal with the garbage immediately.  I said that I would be back in a couple of days to check up on his progress on the rest.  "If you don't catch up on your chores, I WILL SPANK YOU AGAIN and it will really hurt." I warned him.

I returned home and explained to Mom that I was delayed because I had reminded Mr. Wallis about taking out the trash and he had invited me in for a soda.  I accepted because I figured he was lonely with his wife away.  Mother praised me for being so thoughtful.

Later, in bed, I jerked off thinking about how I had spanked a man a few years older than my father and how great it felt.  If I kept a diary, I'm sure I would have written many pages about this and concluding about how it must happen again.

I was not surprised by the mess when I paid my neighbor a second visit.  Some messes had been cleared but others messes had replaced them.  "This is not good, Dougie." I said.  He made some non-committal noises like naughty boys do everywhere when they are about to be called to task.  "This is a disgrace!  Mrs. Wallis will not be pleased at all by this mess."  He just stared at the floor like a naughty little boy does.  "Perhaps a spanking will get you to remember to take care of things.  Mrs. Wallis works hard and deserves to return to properly kept house."

"Oh NO!  Not another spanking, please.  I'll clean things up right away." he whined exactly like a little boy does when a spanking is nigh desperately trying to avoid it.

"It's too late now, boy, to avoid this spanking.  Keep your word and you'll be OK in a couple of days." I declared as if I had real authority.  It was not surprising that he did not challenge me as I pulled him to the end of the couch.  "Give me your belt, boy, and drop your pants."  Meekly, he obeyed.  I pushed him over the end of the couch so his bare butt was in a good position and ordered him not to move.

I folded his leather belt and swung it hard at his bare ass.  It made a frightful sound as it hit which was drowned out by his howl.  A neat stripe formed on the target and my cock got real hard.  Over and over I swung that belt until he was bawling like a kid and his butt was a flaming red.  I practically came in my pants.

"OK you can get up now, Dougie." I said, "I'll be back in a couple days to check up on you.  Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." he sobbed rubbing his sore bottom.

When I returned, things were much better.  Almost everything was as it should be for Mrs. Wallis's return the next day.  I did not spank him again for some weeks – but that is another story.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 20, 2014

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