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The following story is fiction about a mystery in a school.  The story contains scenes of caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Henshaw and the Case of the Missing Blackboard Eraser


The sixth form boys were appalled when they entered classroom seventeen for their special class.  The insulting and obscene drawing was simply beyond the pale.  They were going to erase it before the Master came but the backboard eraser was missing.  Feroben commented that he saw Henshaw rushing out of the unlocked room when he was arriving early.  Several prefects volunteered that they would question him after class.  The Master was equally horrified and handed his keys to Daurice to fetch an eraser from the next room so that the special lesson could proceed.

After the class, Henshaw was summoned to the Prefect's room for questioning.  He admitted being in classroom seventeen as reported but claimed that he was looking for a book that he had misplaced earlier in the day.  His blazer and trousers had many smears of chalk.  To the Lestrade-minded Perfects it was an open and shut case for Henshaw had opportunity, was covered with incriminating evidence and had motive as his extreme dislike of members of the sixth was well-known.

Ackerley-Trulock quickly ordered Henshaw to remove his blazer and assume the proper position after dropping his trousers and pants.  Henshaw knew better than to continue to protest his innocence for there isn't any critter more stubborn than a perfect with an excuse to cane a helpless lad.  Ackerley-Trulock drew the process out as long as he could so that along with Orilmore and Sharp-Holick they all could savor the moment for as long as possible.  They made Henshaw remove his blazer, drop both his trousers and pants and lean over a chair.  Then Ackerley-Trulock carefully made sure of his own position was of maximum effectiveness and flexed the implement of justice before starting as a show of brute power.  Then he took careful aim planing to make as neat a gate as possible.  Ackerley-Trulock relied on that final flick of the wrist rather than brute force to make the painful tracks.

The unfortunate Henshaw needed all his intestinal fortitude to maintain his position and had to do the count through clenched teeth.  His knuckles were already white because of his super tight grip he had on the chair he was bent over and there were still five more vicious cuts to come.  As he received each painful cut it became harder and harder to remain silently in position.  The sixth cut was the worst as it crossed the other five.  Henshaw yelled most loudly.  He was summarily dismissed.

When he was preparing for bed, the Housemaster noticed Henshaw's abnormal movements and quickly observed the perfect gate branded on his neither regions.  A few questions by the Housemaster uncovered the full story.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

The breakfast discussion among the masters put together an entirely different story than that developed by the three prefects in their unrelenting desire to cane.

It was quite a crowd at the Headmaster's study later that day.  The initial discussion was between the three prefects, Ackerley-Trulock, Orilmore and Sharp-Holick and the Headmaster.  Henshaw was outside next to the bench since standing was preferable to sitting on his painful derriere.  The Headmaster wanted to know how carefully the three "Sherlocks" had investigated.  They had to admit to very little.

"I have investigated more diligently.  Henshaw had been at the board in class for most of the fifth period which easily explained the chalk marks.  His search after the seventh period for his book was understandable since he had a class there for the sixth period.  Master Holby had broken the eraser and had given it to the janitor for replacement.  Most important, Gerth has confessed to doing that improper drawing."  The three were astonished.  They were appalled at the sentence.  "You shall each receive six of the best and then apologize to Mr. Henshaw."  After a minute, he instructed Sharp-Holick to invite Henshaw in.

"Henshaw, these three former prefects caned you unjustly and without authorization.  You will now be a witness to their punishment in kind."

Henshaw could only whisper a vague "Thank you, Sir." as the import of that word 'former' triggered the realization of much loss of privilege, power and prestige to the three miscreants.

It was Henshaw's delight to watch the punishment of the three.  Each of them had to remove their blazers and then assume the position with their bums presented for the cane.  The Headmaster was far more experienced than Ackerley-Trulock in wielding the cane and was angry.  He swung the cane with vengeance, extremely hard and with precise technique.  Each stroke was perfect and cut deep.  Henshaw was delighted to hear each of them squeal on most every cut and howl as well on the final gate maker.

It was an extra delight that the Headmaster handed him his penknife to cut off the prefect badges from the blazers of the three failed detectives.  As he handed each blazer to its owner, they haltingly (and inadequately) apologized.  They were instructed to produce sincere written apologies within a day.

Somehow after watching the three bare ass canings and stripping the badges from their blazers, Henshaw's own caned tail did not hurt so much.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 11, 2011

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