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The following story is fiction about high school kids.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, nudity and bullying.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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High School Pranks


Roscoe Presley was dreading this day.  He knew that it was coming.  He knew that it would surely come but he did not know exactly when.  It happened to many of the guys and everyone survived although greatly embarrassed for the most part.  Of course, the sophomores loved it.  Well, they loved it now but most certainly had hated it the previous year when they were the new freshies and subject to it.  Roscoe tried to console himself with that fact and that he had spare clothes stanched in both his hall locker and his gym locker.  It could not hurt to be prepared.

There were lots of stories going about of the terrible things that the bigger, stronger more developed sophomores did to the newbies because they could.  Not everyone lost their clothes, especially where the members of the other sex could see but the less developed one was the more like it was to happen.  An academically late developed almost fifteen-year-old who was physically advanced with big bush and package rarely lost his clothes while a guy who was academically ahead and a late bloomer was pretty much guaranteed to end up nude in the busiest corridor.

Roscoe just knew that he was going to happen to him and worked out a plan.  He was inspired by what had happened to Stefan.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was told that I had to get trophy from the girls' locker room or my ass would be grass.  I was scared what they might do and I figured that the girls wouldn't be as nasty.  I was terribly wrong!© YLeeCoyote

I arrived at school very early like I was going to use the pre-classes study hall or have breakfast.  I quickly snuck out of the cafeteria and headed to the back door of the girls' locker room.  It was positively weird as the halls were empty and quiet.  I had to wait for the janitor to go into a room to get past without being seen a couple of times.  The locker room door was open so it was easy to slip right inside.  It too was quiet.  I looked down three aisles and saw nothing – not even a stray sox.  I was lucky in the next aisle – there on the bench was the perfect item – a pink bra with lace trim.  I quickly grabbed it and headed out.

"Going somewhere boy?" roared someone.  There in front of me were a half dozen big girls who did not look happy.  "What the hell are you doing in here, boy?"  All I could do was stammer as they surrounded me.  It took me a minute to realize who they were.  They were in singlets – the uniform for wrestlers that meant that they were strong.  They had lots of curves but those were muscles.  I was in deep doo-doo for I encountered them finishing an early morning practice.  They were all charged up.  I hoped that they did not realize it.

"Let us help you to change for your activity, boy."  Many pairs of hand attacked me.  There was not any way to effectively fight back for there were too many of them.  The many hands soon had me starkers.  I was scared so my equipment tried to hide so they had something to laugh at.  Perhaps I should rephrase that – they had nothing to laugh at which they did with gusto and to my great embarrassment.

"You been a very naughty boy." they told me.  "And naughty boys get SPANKED."

There was not any place to flee as I was surrounded.  I was made to bend over and hold on to a bench.  One pulled my heavy leather belt from my jeans.  She folded it double and got behind me.  Then the first torrent of leather belt spanks rained down on my naked butt.  They fucken hurt like the blazes.  I was yelling so they stuffed one of my socks into my mouth.  They passed the belt around so they each could have a go at me.  I was bawling before they stopped.

They dragged me into the hall where zillions of my schoolmates were reporting for the day.  I was laughed at.  For being a crybaby.  For being naked.  For being immature.  As soon as I could I ran for the boys' locker room.  There were only a couple of things in the lost and found barrow and they did not fit.  But better than totally naked.  I knew that this was going to be a long day.

I had a long talk with the VP about misconduct including running in the hall and disturbing the decorum of the school.  I got six pops before he gave me my clothes.  Pictures of me spread faster than a wildfire.  They were not flattering pictures at all.

This was going to be a very long day indeed.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Presley" snapped the leader using only my last name as the group of sophs surrounded me, "it is time for you to learn about girls.  Visit the girls' locker room and get some pictures to prove it."  Then after an ominous pause added: "OR ELSE."

The day I dreaded had come.  There wasn't anyway that I would be able to avoid being stripped and spanked and exposed to everyone and humiliated.  If I did not go to the girls' locker room where I surely would be caught and subjected to all those horrors then the guys would strip me and force me into it.  It definitely was a lose-lose situation for me.

I had a very quick lunch and headed for my gym locker.  There I changed into my gym clothes and left everything in my locker except the camera.  Then I went across the hall into the girls' locker room and sat on a bench in the middle.  The aroma was different.  How easy it would be if I only had to take some air back to show I was here but pictures were required and that meant girls not dressed.  I waited until the girls were finished with whatever girls do in gym and returned to shower and dress.

It only took a few seconds for the girls to surround me demanding to know what I was doing there.  I gave my prepared answer.  "I hoping to get some pictures of you young ladies so that the sophs don't rip me to shreds."

"Why aren't you hiding?"

"That would be perving and rude.  The school paper reports show that every boy that did that got caught by angry girls for the last thirteen years.  It seemed better just to ask, politely."  There were lots of surprised looks.

"Do you know what happens to boys caught here?"

"Yes.  They get stripped, spanked and ejected into the busiest corridor so everyone can laugh at them."

"And what do think going to happen to you?"

I gulped before saying what I knew would happen.  "I'll be stripped, spanked and ejected into the busiest corridor.  But, hopefully you will be kind enough that I'll get some pictures first."

They talked among themselves a bit and then I was ordered to strip.  I removed my sneakers, shorts and T-shirt and put them all in the plastic bag I had brought.  One of them took my camera.  I could feel how they were staring at my immature body.  I tried not to blush.  It was an effort to keep my hands to the side so that they wouldn't know how much I hated this.

I could see how they were deciding something.  One of them sat on the bench and patted her lap indicating what was expected of me.  I got into position and she got a good grip on my waist before starting to spank me.  Some girls are petit and some are not.  This one was not.  She was a big strong athletic young lady and my butt knew it from the first spank.  Her spanks hurt the first time and each one after that as well.  Later, I would see the pictures which showed how the hand prints formed and then burled into a uniform red.  I kept the yelling to a minimum but sobbed a little.

I was blindfolded and lead into the shower room.  They took some pictures with the girls for I could see the flash of light even through the blindfold.  I would not see them for a while but they would show I did the dare.  Then the worst part – the hall.

I was lead out into the hall.  As the mob passed and laughed, there were cries of "Another boy caught in the girls' locker room."  I was led all the way to the cafeteria where I was released.  I was closer to my hall locker and headed there.  There were lots of jeers on the way.  I opened the combination lock and got dressed.

The sophs were satisfied for everyone saw me naked with a red butt.  I got kidded about that for weeks.

They returned my camera the next day.  It contained only the pictures of my spanking, solo in the locker room and exposed in the hall.  I also got a couple of printed pictures with girls in the shower room wearing just some ink to hide their privates and faces.  Since I was exposed I had to keep them private.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 21, 2014

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