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The following story is fiction about youth who goes hitchhiking although it is forbidden after his ride is cancelled.  The story contains scenes of a strapping and spanking.  If this subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Hitchhiking Is Dangerous


Friday, 9:00 A.M.: Peter Erlandson's bedroom at home in Marble Hill

"Sorry, dude," said Derrick, Peter's buddy coughing, "I'm sick and stuck in bed.  I can't go.  Mom won't even let me out of bed.  And she won't leave me to drive you to the cinema.  Sorry.  Bye."  Peter disconnected his phone.

Fourteen-year-old Peter was terribly disappointed.  Marble Hill, the little town he lived in was a cultural wasteland.  Homer, some ​ten miles​ (​sixteen kilometers​) north of Marble Hill was a lot better and today – and today only – there was one showing of the original 1930 "The Blue Angel" directed by Josef von Sternberg with the fantastic Marlene Dietrich that he desperately wanted to see on the silver screen at the Art Cinema.  Unfortunately the only one he knew with any interest was now a sick captive and his ride had disappeared.  Dad was on a business trip and Mom had a doctor's and beauty shop appointments and couldn't drive him either.  But there was a way – the bus.  He checked the schedule and that would work.  He dragged his butt outta bed and got moving amazingly early for a non school day.

Friday, 1:00 P.M.: A conference room in a business hotel in Royal Centre, ​80 miles​ (​120 km​) west of Homer

"So Gentlemen that concludes our business.  We really made good progress and finished a day early.  I thank you all for your great efforts.  You all can head home now for the weekend." said the company president happily.© YLeeCoyote

Both Mr. Keith Erlandson (Peter's father) and Mr. Seth Stipps were delighted.  They were friends since college and were not able to get together very often.  Keith invited Seth to come visit and it was agreed.  Keith texted his wife that they were having a guest.  They each drove their own cars to Homer on the state highway on the way to Marble Hill.

Friday, 1:00 P.M.: The Art Cinema in Homer ​ten miles​ (​sixteen kilometers​) north of Marble Hill

"I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, the show will be delayed a few minutes because of a projector problem.  We apologize for the delay but we will show the complete film as soon as the projectionist has corrected the problem.  Thank you for your patience." announced the manager.

Peter groaned in his seat and hoped that he would not miss his return bus.  After a few minutes he got up and got another soda and then the lights went down at 1:20 P.M.  Peter was absolutely thrilled with the movie.  He wished he could sit a few minutes and enjoy the memory but he had a bus to catch five blocks away.  Unfortunately, the only part of the bus he saw was its ass as it drove away from the stop while he was still a block away.  Sure there was another bus but not for four looooong hours.  Without any funds (not counting the return ticket) he could not do anything.  Rather than just sitting for all that time, he decided to walk to the county road and try his luck with his thumb.

Friday, 3:15 P.M.: Coffee Pot Café in Homer

Keith and Seth have just finished their joe.  "The great view is worth stopping for at Lookout Point" Keith reminds Seth as they head for their cars.

Friday, 3:30 P.M.: The county road, ​a half mile​ (​0.8 km​) south of Homer

Keith does a double take as he spots his son Peter with his thumb raised begging for a ride.  He slams on the brakes but then gets a better idea and drives on leaving Peter very disappointed that someone almost stopped not realizing it was his own father.  Keith quickly calls Seth. "I just pasted my kid hitchhiking.  Pick him up and stop at the lookout.  Let's give him a good scare.  I'll 'save' him from you as you try to force him into sex.  Then he'll get the spanking he deserves."

"Roger!  Objective spotted.  Out." replied Seth in his imitation of an operative and hitting the off button on his cell phone.  One of Seth most vivid memories is the whipping he got when he was caught hitchhiking a quarter century ago.

"Wantta ride, kid?" asked Seth stopping beside the youth.

"Sure.  Thanks for stopping Mister." replied Peter getting into the car.

They make small talk a bit.

Friday, 3:40 P.M.: The turnoff to Lookout Point in Seth Stipps' automobile

"I want to see to view, kid.  I heard it is great." said Seth as he turned into the parking area.  Peter does not suspect a thing and Seth noticed Keith's car at the far end of the parking area.  The pair head up the trail to the point while Keith follows unseen by his son.

Friday, 3:55 P.M.: Lookout Point

"This is really a great view, Peter." said Seth putting his hand on the back of the youth's neck.  "Bet it gets crowded with lovebirds when its dark but we don't have to wait for that."

"Get your hand off me!" yells Peter pulling away but Seth is prepared and grabs him with both hands.  The youth is not a match for the larger man who soon is frogmarching him to the bushes at the end of viewing area.  Peter is petrified.  Peter is confused.  Peter is scared.  Seth was so very nice in the car and did not fit the unreal images he had of child molesters being dirty and nasty and unkempt and ugly.

"I won't hurt you.  I got a great treat for you here in my pants, kid.  It's a nice juicy lolly to suck."

"NO.  Please don't make me." begged the boy.  "I won't tell.  Just let me go.  Please."

"Just get down on your knees, boy and open my pants."

"Please Mister, please…." cried the boy as Seth pushes him to his knees.  The boy can see how the man's trousers are bulging more than before.  He almost loses control of his sphincter but fortunately doesn't wet his pants.

"OK, Seth that's enough." said Keith.  The boy is confused when he is released and then suddenly there is a shout.  "PETER ELIEZER ERLANDSON GET OVER HERE."  The crying Peter turned and yelled: "DAD!" and ran to him immediately hugging him tight totally glad of his rescue from the horror.

Friday, 4:15: Lookout Point

It took a while for Peter to calm down.  He had never been as scared as when he thought the man was going to make him do things he did not want to and maybe even rape him.  Now, however, was the time to pay the piper.

"Son, we talked about hitchhiking didn't we?"  The boy nodded.  "And why did I tell that you were NEVER EVER to do it?"

"Because it is dangerous, Father.  One don't know what sort of person picks you up."

"And yet you did it, Son?"

Peter looked and down and whispered "Yes, Father.  I'm sorry.  I'm terribly sorry."

"You were fortunate that I saw you and had my friend pick you up."

"Yes, Father."

"You understand why I'm going to punish you very severely?"

"Yes, Father."

"What do you think Seth?"

"Exactly what happened to me when I hitchhiked.  I got strapped like I told you in college.  It was a situation very much like this for a neighbor caught me when my dad was away and dealt with me."

"Please show Peter what happened to you, Seth."

"With pleasure." replied Seth and then turned to Peter.  "Peter drop your jeans and boxers and lean on the railing, Peter Eliezer Erlandson." ordered Seth as he pulled his belt out of his pants.

This was not what Peter expected but his father indicated that he must obey so he took his position.  Peter knew that this was going to really hurt.

Mr. Stipps raised his doubled over belt and swung it at the errant boy's butt.  The boy managed to keep from screaming.  Over and over the man raised and swung the belt hard on the target.  By the fourth cut he could no longer keep from yelling.  After the tenth his father held him down and by the time his age was reached he was bawling.  When told to get up he first rubbed his fiery tail and then fell into his father's embrace to cry for a while.

Friday, 4:35 P.M.: The county road, ​three miles​ (​4.8 km​) north of Marble Hill in Keith Erlandson's automobile

"Sit still Peter."

"Yes, Father." replied the chastised youth glad that the car seats were cushioned for his bottom was extremely sore and painful.

"I hope that you now realize how dangerous hitchhiking is.  What if you had been picked up by a criminal rather than my friend?"

"Yes, Father.  It is very dangerous and I was lucky you came home early."

Friday, 5:00 P.M.: The Erlandson's family room in Marble Hill

Mom asked how the movie was.  "It was fantastic; absolutely fantastic."  Then she learnt that Peter had been hitchhiking. "But Derrick's mom was supposed to drive you." she said turning to Peter with that look meaning you-better-explain-this.

"Derrick is sick so I took the bus but the movie ran late and I missed the return bus I planned for and the next bus wasn't for four hours so I tried to get home on time." he explained.

"Peter, you did NOT have permission to change your plans and travel by bus alone.  That is another spanking offence.  Corner!"  He pointed and Peter knew what he must do.  He was fortunate that Mom returned to tend to dinner leaving the three males alone.

Peter went to the corner and before putting his nose in place dropped his jeans and underpants.  His still hot red butt was fully exposed as he placed his hands on his head and waited.  He kept trying to convinced himself that the movie was worth all that was happening.  Seth and his dad talk a bit and then he was called from the corner.

Dad was seated on the 'spanking chair' and Seth was just watching.  Dad patted his lap and Peter got into position immediately knowing that any delay would mean extra.  His wait was at its end for almost immediately his father's heavy hard hand slammed onto his tender butt with a loud SPANK.  He yelped.  "You know why you're getting this spanking, Peter?" asked his father.

"Yes, Father, for not get approval for changing my plans and taking the bus."  The spanking resumed until Peter's tail was glowing like a pair of stop light at the railroad crossing.  Usually Peter just sobbed from a spanking but today he cried because he had previously been strapped.  He did some more corner time and then send to wash for dinner.

Sitting on a pillow for dinner he learnt that Seth also loved "The Blue Angel" and they talked about it.

Friday, 9:00 P.M.: Peter Erlandson's bedroom at home in Marble Hill

Peter is back in bed – laying prone with the covers off as he replays the events of the day.  After some contemplation he decided that it was a good day on balance although it could have been a disaster.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 2, 2016

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