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The following story is fiction about what happens to misbehaving adults on a holiday family visit.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Holiday Lesson – Part 1/2


The long holiday weekend was drawing to a close and we – the wife and the two kids – were on the train returning home.  It should have been the wrap up of a joyful weekend with the family but it was not.  Both my wife Lydia and I were in the proverbial dog house for our intolerable juvenile behavior.  Just so we could contemplate our terrible behavior we were in the two worse seats in the car.  Both were singles that did not have adjustable seat backs, with harder cushions and without windows.  We were forbidden to talk or read or to use our cells.  In short, we had been sent to our room with everything forbidden except to contemplate our misbehavior.  We were helped to keep our minds on that because our rumps were still sore from the roasting we had yesterday and the re-roasting just a few hours earlier today.  Actually, they were the worst seats on the entire train since they were at the rear of the last car and thus bounced the most.

Our kids were in the middle of the car in comfortable seats with their electronics and the box dinner my mother had made.  When one is sent to one's room for being naughty, one does get dinner first.  To say the weekend had been a disaster would definitely be an understatement.  I really don't know how things got out of hand like they did.  True, the house was crowded with my both siblings and their families also there.  The youngsters were all very happy to have the carriage house loft without any adults about so that they could blast their music all night.  My sibs and I each got our old rooms and crowding in with our spouses was not the problem.  It was that the three of us managed to revert back to being squabbling juvenile siblings.  My sibs are year older and younger than I and the six of us were in high school together.

On Saturday, my son Oscar pulled Lydia and I aside and told us privately to "cool it" and to behave properly even it the others wanted to squabble.  "Have respect for your parents." he said.  "They rarely get to see any of us much less everyone and let them enjoy the company."  He was, of course, completely right.  He even added: "Do you want the embarrassment of being spanked in front of the family?"  Unfortunately, things got worse and Dad even yelled at all of us like he had done when we were in high school.  Things were better for a few hours after that.

It was midday on Sunday when it happened.  We grown ups were having lunch and the kids were having breakfast.  We grown ups most definitely did NOT BEHAVE as grown ups and the kids were getting more and more annoyed.  Then it happened pretty much like a tornado sweeps in and is then gone in just flash.

"Dad!  Mom!  That it.  You been warned and now you're going to get it.  Both of you into the corner.  NOW!" roared my very angry son in his new low baritone register that could be heard a block away.  The silence that followed was absolutely deafening as Lydia and I each ran to a corner, stuck our noses into them and put our hands on our heads without a word as commanded.  Painful experience had taught us that we had best obey instantly and without question in these circumstances.  Both Lydia and I immediately regretted not heeding the warning Oscar had discreetly given us.© YLeeCoyote

"Grandmother and Grandfather I'm sorry that it has come to this but my parents have just gotten out of control and need to be dealt with like you did when Dad was in high school."  The silence reigned for a while until Oscar ordered me to get the strap from my suitcase.  I hot footed it upstairs to do so.  Backtalk is not permitted and since he had witnessed the bad behavior, there was not anything to discuss.  As I ran through the room, I saw that everyone – my sibs, sibs-in-laws, nieces, nephews and parents – were watching in silent shock as they were when I returned with the heavy tawse and handed it to Oscar.

"Drop 'em and bend over." he ordered.  He was very angry and I did not dare to disobey.  I was soon in position.  I managed to keep quiet for the first ten cuts but the second ten had me whimpering and I yelled for the last five.  Oscar rarely gives me that many so I knew I had really pasted the limits.  I shuffled back to my corner with my pants about my ankles as fast as I could.  Of course, everyone saw that my pubes were gone and that my tail was a hot-red swollen mess of pain.

"Mother!  Your turn.  Get over here."  Soon she was getting her tawsing just like I did.  She only got twenty but that is because she smaller and less muscular.  I'm sure that everyone saw that her crotch was as smooth as mine and her ass was just as red-hot as she returned to her corner.

The only thing I heard was Oscar apologizing to my folks and his cousins and then suggesting that they return to the kitchen to finish breakfast.  My sibs just stayed in the room talking in awe about the two spankings they had just witnessed.  Obviously, Lydia and I were very careful after that.  It was embarrassing necessary to have to explain how our son was in charge of us and even his older sister who also had authority over us.

At dinner it was clear that Oscar had explained to his cousins how he was in charge for one of my nephews and one of my nieces each told their respective parents that things were going to be very different from now on.  As my parents sat with big smiles, they announced: "Oscar has it right and from now on so are we."  There were the predictable objections but were met with repeated "This is not negotiable."  Oscar and my father commiserated with each other how I was acting like an irresponsible kid.  Even worse, he agreed that both Lydia and I should have been spanked as we were.  Thankfully, the conversation moved on eventually.

On Monday morn when the kids came in for breakfast, they found us squabbling about how Lydia and I had let this happened.  The six teenagers, led by my son quickly put a stop to our bickering.  We six most immature adults were herded into the front room and forced to strip and stand silently facing the wall (not enough corners).  We were lectured for what seemed hours before we all got spanked.

Oscar gave me twenty cuts turning my still sore butt back into a fiery pain center again with the others all watching.  Then Lydia got it from our daughter as Oscar explained to details of using the tawse to his cousins.  One by one each of my sibs got tawsed by one of their kids as Oscar carefully gave them guidance in the fine art of parental spanking.  Within an hour there were six immature adults with hot red butts regretting that they hadn't behaved as they should have.

It was a few hours later that Dad took us to the railroad station to catch this train for the three-hour ride back home.  I'm glad that I'm not driving like my siblings as my butt hurts like hell and I would have trouble keep my mind on the road.  I can't say that I'm glad that these things all happened as I described but part of me is terribly proud of how well my kids, especially Oscar behaved.  I am most ashamed and embarrassed that the rest of my family saw how I'm not in control although there is also a definite side benefit.  The relationship is now open to the family and since my siblings have gotten spanked by their kids, they can not razz me about what happened.

The reminders continued on the subway back to our home.  Oscar insisted that we sit on the hard seats.  "I don't want people to think that I don't respect my parents and make them stand when Sis and I are sitting.

Once we got home, Oscar set an other task for us.  We had to write letters of apology to my parents for our unconscionable behavior on the visit.

I am ever so proud of our kids but especially Oscar for being so mature and wish that I was more like him.

End of Part 1.  Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. May 31, 2010

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