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The following story is fiction about a familial discipline scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is the third of the Michael Mannix stories which maybe read in any order.  The first one is Breaking Curfew.

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The Growing Pains of Michael Mannix
Holiday Spanking


You are delighted at the news that your father gave you at dinner.  You really don't care that your uncle and aunt are going on a trip but are overjoyed that your favorite cousin, Nick, will be visiting for the winter break.  Although he is only thirteen, some two years younger than you are, you are great friends.  You have shared many great times together.  You immediately think about things that you can do together when you don't have to be with the adults for the holiday stuff.

You are a little surprised when your cousin arrives for he has shot up since you last saw him.  He had told you that he had grown but now he is almost as tall as you are.  You congratulate him on how grown up he appears and he smiles broadly.  More important, it will make it easier to go places since he does not look like a little boy.  Nick does not sound like a little boy either since his voice has changed like yours did only a year ago.  He is in high school already and, although he is the youngest in his class, has been elected Freshman Class President which means that he is also on the Student Council and thus even has seniors as friends.

When you get ready for bed, you notice his body is well developed in all ways and although you think you would probably still beat him in a fight like you routinely did when you were both little kids, it is not a slam dunk victory now.  You wonder if he realizes the same thing.  Just seconds later you get the answer for suddenly, he jumps you and knocks you over onto the bed.  He is on top and you cannot dislodge him.  You struggle with each other and soon he is sitting on your chest pinning your arms with his legs.  You are forced to look right at his crotch.  You can see that he is hard inside his boxer briefs.  You recall how, even before puberty, you always got hard when you beat him.  "You know the magic word, cousin." he sneers.  You hesitate.  You recall that you jumped him many times in the past and achieved victory.  You know that it would neither be fair nor manly to complain that he attacked without warning.  You try to escape but he laughs and reaches behind and grabs your crotch.  You are soft and he pounces with that bit of information.  "Even little Mikie knows that you have lost.  Say the word, Mikie."  He gives you a squeeze and you capitulate for you squeal: "Uncle! Uncle!"  You are consigned to the sleeping bag on the floor as the victor commandeers the bed.  You both have lots of fun together for the next few days.  Your cousin is nice about the sleeping bag and swaps with you each night.

Two months ago you signed up and paid for an all day trip.  You have put your cousin on the waiting list but there is not any hope of his getting a place.  You think of cancelling, but he tells you to go and he will do stuff with your little sister.  You know he means it and you go on the trip which meets all your expectations.  The trip over, the bus drops you off a block from your house and as you walk up your block you become conscious of the fact that you messed up this morning as it dawns on you that you forgot to do a minor but an essential chore.  Because of the holiday and the impeding snow, garbage collection was a day early this week and you remember that you failed take the trash cans to the curb for collection.  You know that your father will be furious at having to store the messy, stinky garbage for an extra three days.  It is only after you have rubbed your butt reflexively and subconsciously that you conclude (consciously) that you are going to get strapped when your father gets home.  Hopefully, your father will not ground you since you have company but you cannot be sure about that since this is not the first time you have forgotten this particular responsibility.

You approach your house and see that your cans are lying empty by the driveway.  You now know that there will not be any getting out of this since your parents surely know what you forgot.  You drag the cans back to the garage, reline them and go into the house.  Your sister and cousin are there and you learn that your parents will not be back until late.  You are not prepared for what is about to happen.  It turns out that your parents don't know about your forgetfulness since your little sister remembered and your cousin did your job.  You thank them both but soon find out there is price for their silence.  You will still get the spanking you truly earned but your cousin will do the honors.  They helpfully point out that their spanking will be the end of it while your father might add additional penalties to 'assist' you in making your decision.  Your sister nukes the prepared food and you all have dinner.  You will have to decide immediately after eating on which course of action© YLeeCoyote

You decide that you can tell your father that you were mature enough to accept responsibility and take your punishment without his being told should he find out anyway.  You take the precaution to check what they think is the right number and they will only promise that it will be reasonable and not more than a dozen.  You figure that your cousin is not as strong as your father who promised you six cuts a few months ago if you forgot to take out the garbage again.  You agree to being punished by your younger cousin.

Your cousin knows that your father uses a tawse but as none of you are allowed into his den, and certainly not his desk, where it is kept your cousin decides that he will use your belt.  You cannot argue with his logic.  All of you go into the family room and you confess your crime and ask to be punished.  With a big grin, your cousin reluctantly agrees.  Your cousin orders you to strip and your sister suppresses a giggle.  She is a lot more grown up and has not watched you get spanked in years and, just as Spike explained, does pay much attention when you are naked.  Tonight is different and she is watching.  Your cousin could tell her to go, but you realize that he not going to do that now.  You drop your blazer on the couch and then pull off your tie.  By the time you add your shirt to the pile, your cousin snaps that you should fold everything neatly.  His father, your uncle, is as strict with him as your father is with you and he knows the protocol.  You fold the stuff and resume undressing.  You slip your shoes under the couch and then add your neatly folded trousers to the pile.  You hand your belt to your cousin and remove your socks and then your T-shirt.  You take a deep breath and remove your boxers and place them on the pile.  Your sister is giving you the once over.  You know that she is enjoying the show and looking forward to the main event.  You force yourself to remember Spike's advice from years ago.

Your cousin has been studying your belt for a while.  "This won't do.  This is just a light dress belt.  Go upstairs and get your heavy, wide, thick Garrison belt that you use with your jeans."  Your cousin surly knew he would want that belt but purposely waited until you were naked to say so.  You go upstairs and fetch the belt required.  You know that your little sister is enjoying this all very much from the big smile on her face.  You hand the belt to your cousin.  He folds it and snaps it.  The snap is scary.  You bend over and rest your hands on the hassock.  Your butt is well up in the air and presents a good target.

Your cousin moves into position and makes sure that it is correct by caressing your butt with the belt.  He raises it and brings it down hard.  You immediately learn that you were wrong about it being easier because he is not as strong as your father.  Even though that is the case, the heavy belt really delivers a mean stroke.  It is all that you can do not to yell.  Beside being embarrassing, you don't want them to know how much it hurts.  Your tail is on fire from just the first cut and you barely have started.  Your cousin continues to strap you like he does it every day.  Each cut is a killer and they get worse each time as your butt is more sensitive.  You practically bite through your lip to keep silent.  Mercifully your cousin stops after eight cuts.  You know for certain that you would have yelled after another couple and maybe after just one more.  You are proud that you took it well.  You thank your cousin for properly punishing you and shake his hand.  He pulls you close and you hug each other reaffirming that you are still friends and buddies.  He tells you to shower and get to bed.

You take a long cold shower to cool your butt down.  Soon after you get back to your room, your little sister comes in.  She has a tube of cream and she rubs some into your red-hot tail.  It eases the pain and she explains that she owed you such a favor because of that cold towel you once put on her hot bottom.  Your little sister even tells that she is proud that you accepted your punishment so well and that you would have gotten more had you cried or yelled.  She even notes that not only have you caught up with her friend's brother but have surpassed him in the manhood department.  "You don't want to know what would have happened had you been a crying, sissy, pussy boy beside another four cuts." she adds.  As a very unpleasant thought passes through your mind, you agree that she is right.

Your cousin comes in after his shower and your sister says good night and leaves.  Your cousin tells you to keep the bed even though it is his turn for it.  He gets into the sleeping bag and you both go to sleep.

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