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Holy Pee


Luke was proud to have his first job.  He was working for a parish church officially as janitor but thought of himself as The Junior Sexton as obviously that sounded far more distinguished and important.  His friends laughed at him but his mother liked it as much as he did.© YLeeCoyote

When you get down to details, his time was spent cleaning up after meetings and services and assuring that everything was ready in place before all gatherings.  After a few weeks things became dull with repetition.  Everything, that is, but the weekly pay check which was always a delight.

One morning when he was preparing for the day he was surprised that the fount with the holy water was absolutely full.  As he stared at it at it wondering, it registered that the color was off for it had a yellowish tint.  He gave it a sniff and realized what the contamination was.  He quickly took the liner bowl out and cleaned it.  Then he replaced it and filled it with the limited supply of holy water.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a few hours later when the priest was finished with the morning rituals that he sort out Luke.  “I was surprised that the fount was not full this morning.  That is one of your most important duties.”

“I know, Father, but there was a problem.  There was not sufficient supply of holy water because I had to clean the fount.”

“Why was that?”

“Because it had been grossly defiled!  I saw that it was yellowish and stank like the park lavatory so I cleaned and refilled it as best as I could, Father.”

“You did well, my son.”

* * * * * * * * * *

They installed cams and established an internet connection.  There weren’t any more occurrences of desecration which they were glad of for six nights.  Hopefully, it was just a one squirt affair.

It was one week after the first incident that the second occurred.  By the time the priest rose from his bed, got his cassock on and opened the door the perp had returned to his car and speed away.  Now with more data about the criminal’s MO, they revised their plans.

Almost to the minute one week later the perp reappeared.  The team sprang into action.  Lukaszewski drove his car right up to the perp’s so that he could not drive away even if he managed to escape the planed apprehension.

Lukaszewski and Antonelli waited by the door until they got the text message: “This is the guy.  We got him on the cam.  GET HIM!”  The pair rushed in just as the perp was finishing up.  “STAY RIGHT THERE BLASPHEMER.”

Smith (as they would soon learn) froze for a moment and then finished fastening his belt.  He ran right at the pair heading for the open door.  “STOP!” they yelled but he aggressively continued at them.

“GET OUT OF MY WAY.” he yelled while running.

They were prepared.  When he got close they pressed the buttons on their pepper spray cans and he screamed in pain.  They easily forced his arms around his back and slipped the prepared rope loops about his hands and pulled the knots tight.

Smith was yelling about the burning from the pepper spray.  “I guess we better wash his eyes.” said Antonelli with faux sympathy.

“The only water here is the holy water in the fount.” replied Lukaszewski.  The pair dragged the screaming boy to the fount and forced his face into it.  “Blink to rinse your eyes, Blasphemer.”  The boy was not happy knowing that he had just peed there but he did not have a choice.

By the time he stopped coughing from being under water, the priest was there.  He extracted the perp’s wallet from his pants and learnt that he was William Smith and just seventeen-years-old.

“Good work men. Now it’s time to call the police to take this despicable beast away.  The judge will surely order a sound thrashing and send him to one of the juvenile halls until his birthday.”

“Yeah.  And then he’ll probably be moved to prison.” added Antonelli.  “Bet they will love this piece of chicken there.”

That made Smith panic.  “Please not the police.” he begged.

“If you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime.” mocked Lukaszewski.

“Please.  I beg you, please anything else.” he pleaded.

“Perhaps we should follow the advice given in Proverbs about the rod, Father.” suggested Lukaszewski with Antonelli agreeing.  The three talked for a while and agreed to a plan.

“We decided we’ll deal with you ourselves or hand you over to the police.  What will it be, William Smith?”

“You and not the police.” the boy whimpered sighing with relief.

* * * * * * * * * *

They dragged him outside and pulled off his clothes getting his T-shirt down with the rope binding his wrists.  It was then that he was laid over the front of his car.  They each had a turn holding him in place the other lashed his naked butt a dozen times with Lukaszewski’s heavy Garrison belt.

Smith was stoic at first accepting his well-deserved punishment but that did not last for soon he was yelling and then bawling like a little kid.  The leathering went on until they each had their turns.  He was getting his full measure.

Smith made the mistake thinking it was over.  He realized this too late as he was pulled off the car and untied.  His hands were quickly rebound in front and then he was dragged to the nearby tree.  A rope was tossed over a branch and he was pulled up and the rope tied around the tree.

It only took a quick glance to think Whipping Post.  That is what the three did.  They each gave him four cuts as hard as they could with the leather belt on his upper back.  Smith howled for the start but could not keep it up and he just slumped there hanging from the rope and leaning on the tree as the three returned to their respective beds.

The priest texted Luke telling him to release the blasphemer in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

Luke untied Smith and then helped him into his car.  He tossed his clothes and stuff into the car.  He then went about his duties plus the extra cleaning of the fount.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 31, 2023

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