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The following story is fiction about collage freshman still subjected to spanking.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This is second part of a series.  It is best to start with Part 1.

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My Kid Brother Rules
Home for the Weekend


It was a surprise when I went to my last class on this Friday afternoon.  There was a notice that the class was cancelled because the professor was sick and there was not any substitute available.  I quickly headed back to the dorm to collect my stuff and rushed to the train station.  I caught a train two hours earlier than my normal one.  As soon as I settled in I got on the phone and called my girlfriend Myra.  Unfortunately, she could not change her plans so I would not see her until Saturday as previously arranged.  Not a problem for I had plenty of reading to keep me fully occupied. There wasn't any need to call home.  It would be nice to show Bart (my kid brother) these great grades test results rather than failures.  I was sure that my ass was safe and perhaps even more important if I got ahead my curfew for tomorrow would be extended a bit.

Everyone was out when I got home so I just stretched out on my bed with a heavy tome and got to reading.  A half hour later I heard Bart come home.  It was when Bart started to yell at Dad that I stopped reading and switched to listening.  It sounded just like when Bart was lecturing me for some transgression.  Now, however, Bart was mad and he was scolding Dad.  This was a surprise!  It certainly was something new (at least for me).  Dad apparently was almost an hour late to pick him up and to add insult to injury also failed to call or even send a text message.  Dad was apologizing profusely but Bart was not giving Dad any slack.

I did not understand what was going on.  I was very surprised that Dad hadn't handed Bart his head immediately for his insolence.  Then out of the blue (at least for me) there was the thunderbolt when Bart snapped: "YOU ARE GETTING A SPANKING, DAD."  I think that if I had not been lying down, I would have fallen over.  "Stand still.  Put your hands on your head." Bart barked.

"Yes, Sir." Dad replied like a naughty little boy and presumably he was losing his clothes like I have already told you about.  I could not resist padding downstairs very quietly to see if this really was happening.  By the time I could see into the family room, Dad was laying over Bart's lap and getting spanked.  I knew how I always felt in that position and the extra horror I have because Bart is younger than I although by only a few years.  I could hardly imagine what horrors Dad was feeling being spanked naked OTK like he was a little kid by his own fourteen-year-old son.

On the other hand, shamefully, I could not help being excited watching Dad's butt get soundly roasted by my brother.  I knew from painful personal experience that Bart was a hard and thorough spanker even using just his hand.  He can make me cry even before he switches to a harder implement.  Dad's butt was crimson when Bart switched to a paddle.  The WHACKS were loud and hard and rained down most generously but Dad did not cry.  Bart eventually sent him to the corner.© YLeeCoyote

As Dad was getting up he glanced in my direction and saw me.  His expression darkened probably in shame that I saw and thus now knew that Bart spanked him.  As he was under strict control he did not say anything.  I felt sorry that I added to his pain but it could no longer be helped.

Unfortunately, I was too mesmerized by what had happened to withdraw from my observational position before Bart saw me.  To him I was spying because I was where we used to clandestinely watch each other getting spanked when we were little and that was simply not nice.  He called me on that and I tried to say I just came down because of the noise but that only made things worse.  "Since you're so interested in spankings today, I'll give you one of your very own so you don't have be jealous or share."

My objections got lost totally as Bart efficiently stripped me.  Once that started I knew that I was lost for I could not fight him.  Bart quickly began to turn my tail crimson with his hand.  Then he really got to me because he had the paddle which he had just used on Dad.  I was howling right away.  By the time he parked me in a corner I was crying.  "See no problem for you to have your very own spanking, Tony." he told me.  My brother is so generous!  When I was released from the corner I had to explain why I was home early rather than being in class.  Perhaps if I had called ahead, then Bart would not have thought I was cutting a class and would not have spanked so hard.

My happy expectations for a good weekend when I learnt my class was cancelled had quickly turned into a horror.  My girl was not available and my good grades did not save me from a hard spanking.  I hoped that tomorrow would be better when I had a date with my girlfriend in the evening.

* * * * * * * * * *

I had been right that my good grades would favorably impress Bart but unfortunately my tail was already roasted.  At least it was not a double dose.  I spend Saturday morning doing homework to insure that I would be allowed to go out on my date.  Bart even wished me well and was favorably impressed enough to be generous about my curfew.  Of course, I would have to respect Myra's restrictions also.

Although Myra couldn't see me on Friday like I had hoped when I learnt that my class was cancelled, she did tell me to come over early so that we could talk before our date.  I certainly hoped that we would get into each others' pants.  Well, that almost happened – sortta.

Myra wanted to talk – not be romantic – as I had fantasied.  She was angry at me because I had not called her every night to talk and say good night.  "It's not adequate just to text, Tony." she espoused.  There really wasn't anything for me to say.  She had her ideas about what I must do and I had not met them.  Then she got to the point.  "You are a naughty boy, Tony."  Then she paused a bit.  "And you know what happens to naughty boys, don't you Tony?"  She gave a smile.  "They get spanked!"

"You must be kidding, Myra. I'm too old to be spanked." I answered.  "I'm not a little boy anymore."  Of course, I wasn't going to admit to being spanked just yesterday as a naughty little boy is.

"I'm not kidding at all.  You got your first spanking when you were six and you STILL GET SPANKED.  I heard your mother tell mine how it works wonders even now that you're in college."

I just did not know what to say.  If I denied that my parents still spanked me, then she would learn that Bart has been doing for a while.  That would be horrid.

"Now stand up, Anthony, so I can take down your pants or should I send you home and call your mommy to do it?"

"No.  Please Myra.  I promise I'll call you every night.  Please, no more talk of spankings." I pleaded.  Unfortunately, she was not having any of this and a couple of minutes later I was standing and she was getting into my pants.  Unfortunately, not any of the ways I had thought about and certainly without any reciprocity.  But I couldn't have her call Mother who would have had Bart spank me.

As I stood there, she opened my belt and my slacks and lowered them.  Then she stuck her thumbs into the waist band of my underpants and pushed them down also.  I felt so little.  Myra pulled me over her lap and started to spank me with her hand.  I would have loved being like this if she was not spanking me.  Over and over she spanked.  It was not as hard as Bart's spankings but she had a wicked tennis serve and I soon understood what powered it.

It was really hurting and I felt like crying but I fought that.  Then she changed to the favorite implement of mommies for ages – her hairbrush.  A few whacks from that and she pushed me over the edge and I was crying like a well-spanked naughty little boy.  After a long time she stopped and cuddled me.  I made many promises.  Eventually I stopped crying and got dressed.  After I washed my face we went out to eat and to the movie.  I'm very glad that the seats in the restaurant and movie were well-padded but I never forgot that I had been well spanked just before.

It was a long movie and I could only get a kiss when I took her home for I had to rush to make my own curfew.  I certainly did not want another spanking from Bart on my sore butt.

You can be sure that I called her every evening the next week so I would be comfortable on our date.  I'm more careful about wishing she would get into my pants like I want to get into hers rather than to spank me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 13, 2016

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