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The following story is fiction about a young man who is caught playing hooky and is changed by it.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I am recovering the previously unpublished stories that I wrote twenty-five years ago before the internet and even personal computers using an early office word processor – The Wang.  Although I'm cleaning up technical things, I am leaving the story as it was then.  I am grouping these stories as "Classical Coyote".  I note that Yoda was helping my Muse when I wrote this story.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Hooky Player's Red Tail


A glorious day it was.  The first glorious day of this spring.  Not a day to squander in a confined classroom with dull teachers and imagined sagas of long dead kings.  It was an outdoor day.  A day for The Park!

And the park was where I was.  Laying on the grass with my school books for a pillow, I was industriously and most carefully counting the leaves on the great tree above me.  I had just gotten to sixty-nine (for the fourth time – a hard number to get past without pausing) when I was interrupted. He was standing over me.

A matinee idol he was and then some.  He was tall, dark and extremely handsome.  His fitted clothes gave indication of a well-developed body and of an ample basket.  This hunk was obviously not a truant officer but even if he were I sure would go willingly with him – to his den that is.  We stared at each other for a while until he spoke: "Good morning, lad, which way is it to the main conservatory, please?"

"It's a bit roundabout and long", I said getting up to point the way, "unless you want to go through Le Bois, Sir.  Would you like me to show you?"

"Yes, lad, that would be very nice."  As I straightened up from picking up my backpack, he took hold of my shoulder and saying: "You have some debris on your back." and with calculated precision brushed it off.  I really tingled all over and my cock pushed my briefs deep down my jean's leg, unsuccessfully seeking a place to rise up as his hand ran over my butt several times (surly more than leaves would require).© YLeeCoyote

On my shoulder, his hand remained as we entered Le Bois.  To be more accurate, his arm was about my shoulders which kept us pleasantly close.  After some chitchat he stated confidently: "You're playing hooky, boy."  I was so surprised that I agreed with him as he continued: "That is naughty; very naughty, boy."  Shocked, I nervously asked: "Are you a truant officer, Sir?  Are you going to turn me in, Sir?"  I wanted to run but I could feel the strong grip of his hand on my shoulder which made it impossible to do so.

He made me wait for his answer for what seemed to be a long time.  "I used to be one, lad, but not now."  I instantly assumed that things would be OK, but his control of the conversation quickly and inexorably led me into a quandary.  I suddenly had to choose between being turned in to school or submitting to him for alternative punishment in private.

Him, I chose.  Although I had already risked major trouble at home and school for playing hooky, having now been caught had changed the odds.  "Let's get off this path and somewhere private, lad." he ordered and I lead us to a nearby but isolated glen in a hollow.  He sat on a fallen tree while I stood in front of him.  I only half listened to his lecture until one word jarred me to full consciousness: SPANKING.  Surely he was joking; I hadn't been spanked since I was a little kid.  This was going to be a piece of cake; far better than detention and grounding I mussed as he droned on.  Suddenly his voice rose and I returned to his world.  "Drop them, boy," he commanded sharply "NOW!"  As the words slowly sunk in I stood there frozen, although he acted confidently.  Without further hesitation he quickly reached out, undid my belt, yanked open my jeans and pulled them down to my knees in an instant.  Flabbergasted, I looked down at my humiliating partial nakedness and my tented briefs – in shock, as he easily flipped me across his lap without speaking another word.  Immediately afterwards his hand struck my upturned butt.  Hard!  Very hard!  This was definitely not like when I was a kid.  This really hurt!  I had to bite my lip to keep from yelling like a sissy crybaby.  After he had finished and I was pulling up my jeans, I observed that there was large wet spot on the front of my briefs.  He then copied the pertinent information from my school id, instructed nay, ORDERED me to meet him directly after school tomorrow (having explained the consequences of failure and the meaning of a contract).  After leading him to the main conservatory, I returned to the private hollow in Le Bois.  Burned my ass did.  Yet it felt strangely warm, perhaps even good, and I was extremely horny.  Alone in the isolation of the glen I pulled my jeans and briefs down and felt a cooling breeze on my hot ass and hard cock.  I rubbed my butt while I jerked off.  It felt marvelous and I soon shot a large load.

The hurt had faded by the evening and that night I jerked off again recalling both him and the strange warm feeling I knew from the glen.  I even had a wet dream about being spanked.

* * * * * * * * * *

In school the next day I kept thinking of him and how good he had made me feel.  I was anxious for it to happen again yet, at the same time, very, very fearful.  I was one terribly confused lad.  I left school alone and wandered without any clear direction – not towards home and not towards the specified meeting place.  Suddenly a car pulled up by me.  It was he. "GET IN, Boy." he commanded and, of course, I did. "Buckle up, boy."

"Yes, Sir." I meekly and obediently replied as I quickly fastened the belt.

"Well what will it be, lad: the principal or me?"

"You, Sir." I meekly whispered.  He drove to his home and after he parked in his garage led me to the basement.  It was set up both as a home gym and a den and was very masculine.  "Tell me why you are here, boy." he ordered.  When I hesitated he added: "Come on, boy, speak up."

"To be punished for skipping school, Sir.", I whispered

"And why three times, boy?"

"To learn that there are long term consequences of my acts and that I shouldn't squander my opportunity, Sir.", I parroted from yesterday's lecture.

"That's right, boy, now strip down." he ordered as he moved over to the couch and sat down.  It was exciting but also humiliating to have to strip before such a handsome, dominating man and as I stood before him my cock was fully up by my belly.  He made me turn around and tied my wrists together before laying me over his lap – vulnerable and bare ass naked.

"Let me know we reach fifty, boy." he stated nonchalantly.  Startled, I opened my mouth to say what – SMACK! – when I felt the first blow.  He hit very hard; even harder then yesterday!  It sure made an impression.  It stung and it hurt!  It did not make it any better when he talked first about how nicely his hand print showed and then how nice and crimson my little white boy butt was turning.  I lost count by the time he got to twenty-five.  As the heat spread into my groin from my flaming hot ass and my bouncing bod ground my prick against his muscular leg, I shot a load.  Suddenly he stopped and asked: "Lose count, boy?  That was fifty." I started to get up but he held me down stating: "We're not done, yet, boy."  While I laid there exposed and helpless, I heard him open his belt and pull it out of his pants.  The belt slithered menacingly over my back as he continued: "That was just the warm up, boy.  Now ten with the strap, boy." and with that he folded the strap and began.  WHACK!  This was much worse.  It stung so much that I cried out even on the first stroke and was bawling like a little girl by the seventh.  When he had finished he made me stand in the corner to contemplate my misdeeds without even being permitted to rub my very sore bottom.  I hadn't expected that it would be this rough, but even if I told dad (who tended to ignore me) now, he would probably just say something like: "Boy, you've been overdue for a session in the woodshed for a long time.  I guess that I will have to thank him for saving me the trouble." for he had been threatening me for years with that.

After my comer-time had expired, he called me over to him and questioned me about how I liked being spanked.  Naturally, I told him that I didn't and had learnt my lesson.  "DON'T LIE TO ME, BOY!" he roared, continuing with: "If you didn't like it why did you come?"  Knowing that he was right, I just stood there, head down and silent as a dummy, not having any notion of what to say.

"You are going to have to learn to control yourself, boy." he started firmly as he walked over to me, "This will help.  It will also help you to remember your appointments, boy."  Saying that he slipped something over my now flaccid dick and pushed me down on his desk.  "Legs up, boy." he commanded sharply.  As I complied he secured the THING on my cock and balls with a LOCK!  Then after I had heard the ominous click of the lock he commanded me: "Now get dressed quickly, boy, it's time to take you home."  While he drove me back, he reminded me of my contract and warned me that he would be away for a week so that I would be very well advised not to miss tomorrow appointment.

It wasn't until after supper that I was able to examine the fiendishly diabolical device he had locked on me.  My dick was cruelly sheathed in a plastic mesh tube secured by buckled straps around both the base of my cock and the top of my balls – fastened by the lock.  I still could pee and it didn't hurt unless I got hard but it sure prevented me from jerking off.  Sure, I thought about cutting the THING off but he would learn of it for I had to keep tomorrow's appointment or he would turn me in.  I could imagine some of the things he might say: 'wimp', 'sissy', 'baby', 'couldn't take it', 'chicken', 'quitter'.  Fortunately, I didn't have Phys Ed class with the required communal shower on Fridays.

That night my fertile, adolescent imagination went wild as I became the coveted sex slave to a succession of hot horny adventurers that Hollywood would never dare to portray.  Even with my cock imprisoned in the THING there were come stains on my sheets in the morning.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hornier than usual was I all day as you would expect.  At the end of the school day, I rushed to the meeting place.  I had hoped that he would be early, but I practically wore out the sidewalk waiting for him and the key.  Anxiously I jumped into his car as soon as he pulled up.  "Buckle up, boy; do I have tell you each time?"

"No, Sir" I meekly replied while snapping the belt together.  "Put your hands behind your back, boy." he ordered and I did.  At his house he directed me to go downstairs and to get ready'.  When he came down a few minutes later I was naked (except, of course, for the THING) and I said as humbly as I could: "Please, Sir, may I have my third spanking for being a naughty truant." while thinking «and remove that grotesque THING».

"Certainly, my boy; just step this way." and he led me to a gym horse.  "Bend over, boy." he directed.  Then he strapped my wrists to the base so that I couldn't move.  "You know why you're here, boy?" he asked.

"Yes, Sir."

"How many will it take to make a lasting impression, boy."  This sounded like a trick question.  Would I get off with only a couple if I said two?  Could it be that the more I answered the less I would feel?  Would my answer even matter?  After a bit he asked: "Well, boy, how many?" while snapping his belt.

"Er, er, ten did yesterday, Sir." I hedged. "Very well, we'll start with ten, boy." he said cheerfully as he swung the belt at my apprehensively waiting butt.  WHACK!  And I cried out – WHACK!  WHACK! – as twice more in rapid succession the belt came down hard on my ass causing me to bellow in pain.  I lost count as the belt continued its awful assault on my glowing bottom well past ten hard strokes.  Although the pain subsided somewhat, my loins grew warm, even hot, and I was hornier than I had been all day earlier.  My imprisoned cock strained in its tight cage hoping to explode as it did yesterday.  His belt had stopped its onslaught and it was replaced by his hand caressing me.  "Hot boy?" he asked immediately followed by: "Did you come, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."  "No, Sir."  "I want to Sir, please."

There was a brief pause and then he was fondling my butt again.  He put something cold and slimy on my crack and started to rub it on – and into – my butt hole.  This was quickly followed by his fingers forcing their way inside.  I protested, albeit feebly, and he ordered me to relax, and told me "that this will feel good; real good, boy".  My mind flashed back to our initial meeting in the park recalling how I immediately lusted for him and wished for him to take me back to his den.  Did I want to chicken out or to go for it?  Also, somehow, I obeyed all of his orders up to now so why not now too?  Besides I was helpless (although happily).  As I yielded and relaxed, it did feel real good as he played with my hot (in both ways) ass.  This was better than playing with the other guys.  I knew that inside that I wanted him to take me – and to fuck me.  But when I tried to say so I could only make a noise which sounded like Charley Brown's cry of anguish.  There was a brief pause when his hand was replaced by something which slipped deep into my ass.  It was when his hands were grasping my waist that I realized that he had mounted me like he was a stallion and I was his new filly.  Then he repeatedly drove his man cock deep into my no longer virgin boy ass hitting my prostate over and over so even with my cock still encased in the THING I shot several times.  When he was satisfied he stopped fucking me and unbound me. After he removed the condom and wiped himself dry, we sat together on the couch.  I tried to hug him but he forced my hands behind my back and held me tightly and controlling me utterly.  "I want to see you again, Sir," I told him "I want to be yours." He looked long and deep into my eyes as if he was reading my mind.  "Plea-eas-see, Sir." I implored.

At long last he spoke: "I require that my boy be good – do everything I tell him, do his school work – and always remember that he is TOTALLY MINE particularly this [as he patted my hot red butt] and this [practically crushing my tightly wrapped cock and balls in his strong hand].  He'll be a cross between a loyal dog and a slave-boy.  Understand, lad?"

"YES, Sir.  Thank you, Sir."

The coming week was spring recess and he gave me instructions (MANDATES!) for the week.  I was to catch up on all my studies, do all my term papers and then present myself when he returned a week from Monday.  Just before he dropped me off he gave me the key to the THING in a small sealed envelope with the admonition to "sleep on this and keep it safe, boy, very safe".  I don't suppose it required a rocket engineer to realize that he wanted it back still sealed.  Surely that was really THE TEST!

* * * * * * * * * *

Sealed it was when I met him.  It had been a difficult and long week.  The school stuff was a drag but it felt good once it was done and it would be easier for the rest of the term (a surprise bonus).  Surprisingly my wanting to please him was sufficient motivation to do it.  The key test was indubitably the harder one.  Every single night, alone in my bed, I fingered that seductive little envelope knowing that it literally held the key to immediate sexual relief and satisfaction.  It also held failure – for to open it up and to use the key would be to certainly fail HIS TEST.  And it was the fear of his subsequent rejection that kept me from using it.

For long hours all that week, I lay in bed thinking of him; imagining being his slave boy.  Fantasizing being lashed down – spread eagle – to my bed (and even better to his) by him.  And then his beating his slave boy's butt before fucking it like he did last Friday.  I was elated to be in his car again with him.  I told him all and proudly gave him the sealed, although somewhat ragged envelope containing the key.  "Good boy," was his response, "I see that you really do want to be my slave boy."

"YES, Sir, I really do, 'Sir."  And we continued on to his place.

"Training, boy; you need lots and lots of training.  Training that's starting right now." Master stated most definitively when we got there.  And training I got!  It was a cross between boot camp and obedience school.  But I was an enthusiastic student who soon learnt that pleasing the teacher was the way to happiness.

* * * * * * * * * *

Graduation day it was, some six weeks later.  Master had promised me something very special.  Not unexpectedly, both my parents had found flimsy excuses not to come, but most joyfully Master was there to make the day very unique.  After a fancy (and expensive) meal in an elegant restaurant, Master took me back to his house.

As per standing directives, I stripped immediately and carefully hung up my clothes.  Of course, there was one item that I couldn't remove – the THING.  With the exception of PE days I had been wearing it since the first time Master had locked it on me.  It constantly reminded me that I was his and I sure relished that feeling.  It was not like I had to be chaste (for Master and I had lots of sex) but that Master always strictly controlled it all.

Today however, Master took me to the bedroom, rather than the basement, where he gave me a loving spanking, for by now I craved them openly.  It was wonderful when his strong hand paddled my slave boy tail turning it hot and crimson.  It was subsequent to that something different happened – new, memorable and very, very exciting.

Usually, Master ties me face down so that he can use his slave boy, particularly his butt, when and how he pleases.  He likes me conveniently accessible awaiting him.  Of course, I would never resist him but he doesn't want me to even have to have that option. Today, however, he bound me face up by my wrists only.  Master then got between my legs, removed the THING, lifted my legs and started to fuck me.  I especially relish it when Master thrusts his great hard man cock deep into me.  Master surprised me (anew) when he suddenly stopped, letting my legs down while his majestic foil remained completely embedded inside me.  Tugging at my pubic bush he firmly declared: "Boys don't have hair here.  It is time for this to go, lad; now that compulsory gym showers at school are over."

I was shocked and astonished.  I was so proud of my abundant bush which had grown before those of most of my classmates' had.  I recalled the wistful envy I had of the older guys' hairy pubs years before mine had grown and then I relished seeing that same yearning jealousy in the younger kids' eyes in the gym showers. From a bedside bag Master extracted an electric hair clipper, like the one that the barber used on my neck, and preceded to sever each and every pubic hair I had at its base.  I watched in silent and excited fascination as the Master's clipper mowed down my untamed virgin growth for the first time like a monster reaper in a wheat field while his cock still pleasurably filled my butt-hole.  Again extracting what else he needed from his bag of tricks, Master brushed the detritus off and covered me with shaving cream.  He meticulously and sensuously worked the lather all over my entire crotch – my balls, my cock and my now stubbly pubes.  Carefully he shaved me to be baby ass smooth – as hairless as a cub scout.  After this most sensuous act he finished fucking me long and hard.

Afterwards we cuddled like we were spoons with his sword pleasantly sheathed in my red bottom.  Master promised that he would always keep me smooth and that I must learn that my hairless pee-pee is just that.  It took a few weeks to get used to a smooth, hairless shaven crotch but since Master wants it that way, I want it that way to please him.  I even have gotten to go skinny dipping with the guys although initially I didn't plan to the first time.  They questioned and laughed at first but I told them that "It ain't your business and I like that way".  And that's the truth!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 13, 1995 & July 5, 2015

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