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The following story is fiction about a high school freshman being spanked by his kid brother. The story contains scenes of private and public spankings.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Horror in Class


Dear Penpal,

I'm lying on my bed – naked – so that my tail can cool as I write this.  Today was the worst day of my life!  My school has a terrible tradition – once a year freshmen bring their kid siblings to school so that they can see what high school is about.

As I've told you before, I'm not very good in school and a few weeks ago my 'rents got tired of checking up on me just as much as I couldn't stand their nagging me so they gave Sam the job of checking up on me.  The little brat was also given the authority to spank me for messing up.  I know what you are thinking right now.  Well, I regret to say Sam has spanked me a couple of times for not doing my homework and for messing up a test which could be blamed on not studying.  These were done in private and until now I have never told anyone about it.  But this seems to be the proper time to 'fess up to you (before I talk about today's horror).  The first time was a couple of months ago.  Sam made a check in the morning before I left for school and I could not produce my math assignment.  "We'll talk about this after school.  You better be here and not out with your friends at 3:30 or you'll get it double."  I wanted to run away but I didn't have any place to run to like I could have back in the middle of the eighteenth century.  If I didn't come home on time, Sam would have told Dad who would have whipped my butt for that and then he would have had a go at me.

Sam was very direct and did not lecture me but just asked it I knew why he was about to whip my tail.  Well, of course, I did.  "Lean on the bed." he ordered and I bent over.  "Get your pants down!" he yelled.  "They don't deserve to be spanked."  I stood up and dropped my jeans and resumed the position.  "The undies too.  I know that you got a couple of hairs about your pee-pee now although you don't act like it."  I had to comply although I turned red with shame.  That, alas, was not what I should have been worried about.  Sam raised the belt and brought it crashing down on my butt.  I howled in pain as the heavy leather hit me.  Sam was half the size of Dad but I would never have known that from how hard the belt hit.  The next five hurt just as much.  I was practically crying when Sam stopped.  My ordeal was not over as I was propelled into my hard wooden desk chair and ordered to do my work.  It did not seem terribly important that Sam saw my bush et al at that time.

The other time was when I came home with a failing grade on a test and Sam spanked me.  Again, I was naked as Sam yanked me across his lap as he sat on the bed.  I expected his hand but he used a flip-flop of stiff rubber – that is like a mini-paddle.  Oh, that HURT!  I felt like I was little and over Dad's lap getting it from his big hand.  Sam must have worked things out in advance because he had one of his legs over mine and pushed one of my wrists up my back (like a hammerlock) so that I couldn't move.  He kept at it until I was crying like I was only five years old.  I was surprised that his hand did not give out but I tried it and found that the flip-flop totally protects the spanker's hand from the shock of the spank while delivering it to the spankee with a vengeance.© YLeeCoyote

I really have gotten into a bad situation.  I never expected that Sam could clobber me like that.  I must cooperate because otherwise Dad will intervene and I'll get it from him.

Yesterday, as I wrote you, a batch of us went to the mall to hang out.  I got home just in time for dinner and then there was this four hour special on MTV.  Sam asked me if I had done my homework and I said that I did not have any.  After a shoulder shrug, Sam then sacked out and did not bother me at all.

Things were OK at school until the last period which was my hated algebra class.  Sam and a few other little brats were still about.  Some others in the class were called on but I was not worried.

But one never expects a tsunami.  I was called on for a problem and I could not even make a start on it.  Mr. Teacher asked me if I was able to do my homework.  I lied and said I hadn't had any trouble with it.

"That's very strange.  This is essentially the same as problem four.  Give me your homework, please."

When I could not produce it, he directed me to the dunce seat.  Sam came along and said that I was in double trouble.  First, for lying about not having any homework and, second, not doing it.  There was this wide ruler on the teacher's desk and Sam grabbed it.

"You know the rules."  Sam hit the dunce stool with the ruler and it made a fearsome crack.  "BEND OVER!"

"Not here, please." I pleaded.

"Yes, here.  Or you get the strap from Dad when we get home for disobeying me and then double from me."  As I leaned over the stool Sam came up behind me and yanked my pants and boxers down which was easy because I was sagging which caused the class to go into hysterics.  I realized with horror that everyone in the class could see my stuff dangling between my legs from the rear and, of course, that Sam had the authority to spank me.

Then Sam applied that hard ruler to my butt a zillion times so that it was on fire and I was screaming with tears rolling down my face.  Then I had to stay in the corner with my red-hot ass on display and with the dunce cap on my head.

"Mr. Teacher," Sam said, "if my brother does not have his homework again, just call and there will be another spanking to remind him to do his work."  Several of my classmates had trouble suppressing giggles.

Eventually the bell rang and Sam told me to pull up my pants.  We then headed for the bus.  The walk through the hall was horrid.  All the brats were congratulating Sam for turning me into a red-butted crybaby.  A few of my classmate did also.  All of them made nasty cracks about me and my hot red tail.

I was forced to sit on the bus even though I told the driver that my ass was on fire.  She insisted that the rules required me to sit.  I think that she found extra potholes and bumps just to torture me.

I hope you had a better day.


Your PenPal

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 20, 2010

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