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The Housekeeper Spanks Hard


It was a normal family of a couple, Will and Delores Perguson, and their son, Sandy.  Years earlier Delores had exerted her dominance and permenatly became the head of the household.  This was the family dynamic that Sandy grew up in.  Delores enforced her strict rules with CP for the subservient males.  It should be mentioned that Sandy was in his mid-teens before knowing that his mother not only spanked him but also spanked his father.

Additionally it was not only Delores who spanked Sandy but the housekeepers who doubled as nannies.  When he was little, the housekeepers could spank him on their own authority even when they were not actively babysitting.  There were even times when Will got spanked by the housekeeper on the direction of Delores when she was away on business.  Of course, that was also kept secret from the young and innocent boy.

Until he started school Sandy had not been spanked by his father but only his mother and the housekeepers.  The procedure was almost always the same.  He was stripped completely and lectured about his misconduct before being taken over the spanker's lap.  It did not matter to him whose lap he was over for they were all associated with big hard hands that made forceful painful contact with his small tender soft bottom.  That always resulted in a fiery red bottom, crying and spending time in the corner.  When his father also started to spank him he was surprised that the spankings were not harder but about the same or even less harsh.  It mattered little to him for the results were painfully the same in the end.

There was, of course, evolution in spankings with time.  When he was around nine-years-old Delores promoted him to the hairbrush and Will started to use a flip-flop which was effectively a small paddle.  The housekeeper always matched Delores's implement.  On his twelfth birthday his father introduced Sandy to the belt for mistreating some of his guests and failing to thank everyone at the party properly.  Fortunately, it was done after the party guests had left.

As usual, he was stripped by his father and for the first time objected that his Mother and the housekeeper were watching.  Soon, however, he lay on the couch end with his butt raised up properly, to everyone's satisfaction.  It was then that the belt was raised up also.  Although his butt stayed up, the belt did not for it swiftly descended.  The target immediately showed a pink stripe and he gave a howl of pain.  After a dozen cuts from the belt, the boy's bottom was fiery red, he was bawling and had totally forgotten about his embarrassment due to being naked in front of his mother and the housekeeper.`© YLeeCoyote

It was when Sandy was fourteen that he first started to understand those strange comments made over the years by his mother directed at his father.  They had been puzzling because they sounded very much like the warnings cum threats that were directed at him.  He was able to put two and two together one night when he got up to urinate.  His parent's bedroom door was not completely shut and he could hear his mother lecturing his father.

It was even more surprising when he heard her demanding "Get the hairbrush."  The next order was "Get over my lap." quickly followed by the all too familiar WHACKS of the brush connecting with a bare butt.  Sandy returned to bed but could not sleep as he thought about his mother spanking his father for real.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was an unusual day.  Will and Sandy were to have the day together while Delores visited her cousin.  Even Pat, the current housekeeper, had the afternoon off as long as dinner was ready on time.  That things did not go quite as planned would be a gross understatement.  The ball game which was expected to last three hours but got called because of rain after less than two hours so the two guys went to the nearby mall and discovered a treat.  Playing along with a great adventure movie was a sneak prevue of a sci-fi flick.  They jumped at the opportunity.  That it would mean getting back home hours late never occurred to them so they did not think of calling to tell either Delores or Pat of their new plans.

While the guys sat in the dark cinema with their cell phones off and their hormones racing, Delores's plans also got modified.  One of the cousin's boys got hurt and she had to take him to the hospital.  Delores became the emergency babysitter for the other two kids.  She, however, remembered to be responsible and called Pat to communicate that she did not know when she would be home and not to wait with dinner.

It was several hours later that she called again.  The kids were now with their regular babysitter but she was providing support to her cousin at the hospital.  She left a message on Will's silenced phone and spoke with Pat.  It was then that she learnt that the guys' game had ended early and they were now several hours late returning.

She was positively furious.  "Patrick I want you to tell them that…" and she provided a long lecture which Pat recorded.  She finished with "They are both due to be spanked for such inconsiderate behavior and being late." which Pat took as permission to spank them.

When the errant pair finally showed up Pat was ready and let go with both barrels.  The leading question was why they failed to call.  They both quickly confessed havening forgotten and didn't respond to messages since they had shut off their phones for the movies and forgot to restore them as they excitedly discussed the two great movies.

"Both of you were late and failed to communicate.  Those are spankable offences."  Pat proclaimed annoyed in his own right.  "And that is not just my feeling but that of the mistress as well.  Listen."  Pat pressed a few buttons and played what a very angry Delores had to say.  It was positively scathing.

"You are both to be spanked." Pat declared.  "Right now as the Mistresses is not sure about when she will return.  Strip, immediately."

When they were both naked Pat sat on the couch.  "You first Sandy."  With the usual trepidation the boy obeyed.  "I've got this nice little leather paddle as you have outgrown the flip-flop I've previously used."  He held it up so that the boy could see that it was about ​nine inches​ (​twenty-three cm​) long and ​two inches​ (​five cm​) wide with a handle.  It looked absolutely fearsome to the boy.  Pat patted his lap and Sandy fearfully laid across it.

Pat gripped the boy tightly and stared to apply the strap vigoroously to the tender butt now in position.  Sandy did not think the impact of the strap was much less, if any, than that of the belt.  It really was academic for after a dozen hard whacks, his tail was throughly roasted and he was bawling.

Releasing the boy made Pat's lap available for Will who quickly filled the vacancy.  The first spank caused Will to howl in pain.  Pat was using a Lexan paddle which packs a terrible sting far beyond what its weight would indicate.  Not only was Pat spanking enthusiastically as Delores' surrogate but in his own right for not having got a call about the two being late.  A couple of dozen hits from both the new paddle and strap left no doubt in Will's mind that he was being thoroughly punished.

The two ate their cold dinner standing without pants.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 13, 2020

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