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The following story is fiction about high school youths.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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How I Got My School Letter


I was the team manager.  I was only a junior and just sixteen but I had managed the JV team the year before and the guys were happy with the results.  Mr. Engeldow, the school's coach, took care of the training, of course.  I made sure that the cleanup was taken care of by a couple of towel boys so I wouldn't have to do that shit job.  They were just freshmen (freshboys!) but they drooled like groupies hungry for rock idols.  Actually, it was good because it prevented a lot of grab-ass horseplay in the locker room.  There was not any need to do that when there were a couple of eager boys about who would happily bend over, and not just to pick up something from the floor, anxious to please the gods, er, the team members.  With ten randy HS seniors, I limited the actions in the showers to protect the laddies.  That gave me an additional, although pleasant, task – saying who was to get what (whom) after practice and after the games.  I used Jeffery and Timmy, the towel boys, as a reward for extra effort.  They were a great incentive.

I ran a tight ship, as the saying goes, and I used both carrots and sticks.  The main carrots were the two boys as I already mentioned while the main stick was a stick.  Well, not literally but a strap which I would use to roast the tail of any slackers.  You may wonder why the guys would accept discipline from a dude at least a year younger, smaller and weaker then themselves.  It was simple – they wanted to win.  To do that they had to work together as well as working hard.  They could accept stuff from me better than from any adult because they were adolescents constantly fighting with their dads and teachers for dominance.  I wasn't threatening so they listen to me.

The coach pretended not to know what was going on.  He wanted to be the coach of the winning team and was happy to skirt the regulations.  School policy forbade the use of CP by the faculty but consensual stuff was a different matter.  He was quite happy to concentrate on what he loved – training the guys hard to be winners (so he could bask in their glory).  It was a win-win situation for all.  Even for the towel boys were happy for they got, er, quality time with the senior hunks they drooled over.  They, too, were subject to the strap and even boyish OTK spanking when appropriate.

The towel boys learnt the importance of keeping to their commitments the very first week.  Jeffery was late twice and Timmy was spending far too much time staring at his personal gods in the shower.  I had to take prompt action to get them back on course and to make sure that the team members knew that I was totally purposeful and that they should keep on their toes.  With the team watching, I gave both of them a lecture and told them that they would be spanked. Since their duties required them to be in the shower area, they were both naked as, incidentally, were the team members and myself.  It was a practice that I encouraged as it helped bonding and thus team performance.

Jeffery accepted his fate stoically even though he was the younger of the two and had barely started puberty.  He did not resist as I lowered him over my lap and got a firm grip on his waist.  He took hold of a leg of the bench and placed his other hand on the floor and then without prompting said: "Ready for my spanking, Sir."  I hoped that he did not notice that my cock twitched at that but I was absolutely delighted at the great example he was showing his total acceptance of the team's discipline.  I gave him a couple of love pats and then started to spank him for real.  I gave him ten hard spanks on each cheek which turned his butt a nice rosy red.  Several of the team members were sporting full hard ons by them and none of the others were limp.  When I let him up he thanked me for the spanking and promised to be on time.  He only took a few steps when one of the team members, Jack, grabbed him and held him close.  I'm sure that he could feel the dude's hard cock pressing at him and was happily anticipating what Jack planned.© YLeeCoyote

Timmy was different.  He objected to being spanked like a little boy OTK and I had to remind him that he was the "Towel Boy".  That did not convince him to cooperate and then he protested that he already had pubes and should be strapped like a young man.  I asked the team: "Do boys get strapped?" and they said no.  After that he yielded to me and went over my lap like Jeffery had.  Timmy tried to be stoic but he wasn't and after a few spanks was complaining.  By the time I stood him up with his hot-red bottom glowing, he was sobbing.

I asked a few question of the team.  "Do young men cry?"

"No!" and "Never!" were the responses.

I queried again: "Do boys have pubes?" and again they said no.

"OK, Timmy, the team has spoken.  You are not entitled to have pubes."  He was horrified.  "Ask someone to shave you – here and now or I'll do it."  It was not necessary to tell him that if he refused, he would be replaced so he made a selection.  I guess if something unpleasant is going to happen, having it done by one's favorite god would less unpleasant.

Everyone went into the shower and Matt turned one on and got Timmy's crotch wet.  He used the regular soap on it and then the safety razor I handed him.. There was not much to shave away and it went fast.  He was rinsed off in front as Matt soaped up his crack and bent him over for his own pleasure.  Timmy was very docile as he yielded to the big team member he had chosen.  He also enjoyed being fucked based on the joyful sounds he made.

During the shaving, Jeffery was also happily sucking Jack's hard shaft and then he also bent over and got properly fucked.  Both towel boys had now been introduced to their primary duties of keeping the team happy.  I had eight more horny team members who want to get off and I selected four to get bj's as a reward for extra effort on the field during the day's practice..  My rules limited each towel boy to one fucking and two bj's per day.  Rationing made the rewards more valuable to the recipients.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things were going smoothly and the team worked well together.  The towel boys provided that extra incentive to put out (sorry, pun not intended) for the good of all.  The two boys were also very happy for they got a lot of hard, hot cock from their heros.  There was a little joking that I should have had gotten a towel girl also, but that quickly became a stale joke.  The het dudes really did not want to share their chicks, like they did with the boys, with the other team members.

Occasionally, I had to deal with a team member for some failing.  The naughty one was certainly not thrilled with this happening but owning up and getting one's due helped to cement to team cohesiveness.  When Chad messed up, he was a wonderful example.  He accepted his lecture well and then apologized to his team mates.  He even went back to his locker and got his own belt which was heaver than mine to show how he accepted his guilt and had a high level of penitence.  He presented his butt for the strap with as much dignity as if he was getting a medal.  I got into position and with his folded belt started to strap him.  Even before the red stripe was noticeable, Chad said: "One.  Thank you Sir."  He did this for each cut and when his butt was red-hot at the end, again apologized to his fellow team members.

It was a perfect example of the solidarity I had been striving for and he was truly forgiven by his team mates.

It would be nice to report that every time a team member got strapped he acted that well but that really was not the case especially near the beginning.  What I'm most pleased to report is that we were doing very well and had a record of eight wins in nine tries.

* * * * * * * * * *

After that ninth game the team was depressed because before it they had their sights on a perfect ten-for-ten season.  The tenth game was scheduled against a weak team so the ninth was the last real game that was a tight contest.  What made it extra depressing was that we lost it because the coach messed up.  There are lots of rules in the league and the coach managed to break one.  The referee called a technical foul on the team and awarded the ball to the opposition and they regrettably scored.  Engeldow had managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  As long as we won the last game, we would still be the champs, although not having a perfect record was depressing.

After the game the Coach came to the locker room and apologized to the team for his great blunder.  I don't know who yelled it out but some did.  "If one of us had done that, his butt would be strapped – hard."  The mood instantly became even grimmer and everyone was silent waiting to see what the Coach would say.  We must have waited three minutes with everyone silently glaring at the Coach before he spoke.

Engeldow did not prevaricate and just said it like a man should.  "Strap me."  He pulled his belt off and handed it to me.

"Drop 'em and bend over that bench." I said.  Then I got into position and gave him a good set of five which left his big fat ass bright red.  He took it very well without much more than a grunt or two.  "Everyone gets two cuts." I announced handing the belt to a team member.

They each gave two hard cuts to the Coach and it was clear that they were angry but this was definitely lightening up the mood.  I could see how hard it was for the Coach for his knuckles were white from gripping the bench so tightly.  When all ten had delivered their two cuts, I was given the belt back.  I beckoned to the two towel boys and they also gave him two cuts each.  I finished up the strapping with another two cuts and told the Coach to get up.

"That hurt." he said.  He got a round of applause.

"It supposed to." I said.  "Showers everyone."  The team stripped down and went to shower while the Coach retired to his office.

We won our last game and were the champs.  Everyone was happy and we all got school letters.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 7, 2010

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