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The following story is fiction.  It contain scenes of domination, spankings and sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The story is a sequel to my story "Visiting My Grandparents for the Summer" done as a school essay for the classic assignment – "What I Did on my Summer Vacation" which must be read first.  This sequel is done as a couple of pen pal letters from the original narrator.  As such, the original story is embedded in the first letter.  You are invited to think about the genders of my characters which I don't specify until after the repeated portion.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Visiting My Grandparents for the Summer – the Sequel (2/2)


September 8, 2002

Dear Chris,

Yes, indeed, you had a absolutely fab summer.  I wish that I could say the same but it was all at my grandparents place up in Vermont.

The essay I wrote for school is attached: "Visiting My Grandparents for the Summer".  Read it and weep for me and then come back.  I'll fill in the details.

Of course, this has the juicy stuff. © YLeeCoyote

No cheating now, Chris, the good stuff won't make much sense unless you read it.

First, let me fill you in about what I did not – could not say – in that school essay.  My grands were strict but not prudes and the school was COED!!  Yup, six boys and six girls and each and everyone of us got to see each others' bare butts completely and quite a bit more.  They kept us apart at night and we were never alone so there was not any hanky-panky; not even a chance.  Not even a kiss or two, alas.  We all got ankle bracelets with transponders like they use for the marathon races so that we could not visit the other dorm or even slip out to the field for some fun.

For the first couple of weeks it was really funny how the boys kept adjusting their not so soft and not so little thingies in their shorts which were frequently tented.  A few times they stuck out along their legs.  It was particularly fun when they got tawsed.  More often than not, they were HARD! and pointing up; when they were soft, I could see how they dangled below their crotches when they were bent over.  Then when the tawse hit they bounced just like our tits bounce when we jump.  Of course, the boys got to see our pussies when were bent over.  It makes me wet just to think and write about this.  Bet you're also wet now, my dear Christiana.  (And I promise you'll get even wetter!)

Something else also happened and that was we started to see each other as siblings and less sexually after a couple of weeks.  Of course, we were kept very busy with our studies.  I will admit that I liked the human comparative anatomy lessons the best although there were not any credits for that course.  I've peeked ahead in my biology book and that will definitely help considering that the pictures in there must have been selected for the bible belt crowd.

Well, most of us did not but Tracy and me and still saw each other as mates to be.  As I mentioned, we did get free time on the weekend and Tracy and I talked a lot.  He is a hunk!  He's on the school's swim team and has the to-die-for body to prove it.  Handsome too.  He got a nice looking piece of meat between his legs – definitely not a little boy's pee-pee.

How do I know?  I've seen it.  He wanted to get a tan and if he kept the shorts on he would show white when he put on his Speedo's he wears for the team.  So he sun bathed nude in front of everyone.  Within a week everyone was doing it and we stopped sneaking glances at each other.  We talked a lot lying nude on the grass even spreading tanning lotion on each other.  That was fun!!!  I think my grands know a lot about how we kids think.  One is a lot less modest after being strapped bare ass in class.  There ain't nothing left to hide.

What was most interesting was how he apologized most profusely and repeatedly for the way he hit me with the tawse the first time and thanked me for really laying into him with the tawse when I got back at him for he really deserved it.  He told me that he really respected me for standing up for my rights by really letting him have it.  After a while he told me more – dark secrets.  Actually, he confided in me.  He lives with his mother who was very strict and his older sister who is frequently his discipliner.  She had managed to spank him at least once a week – more than even his mother did – since he was nine years old.  When I bent over and he had the tawse in his hand he suddenly thought he saw his sister's butt and struck out at me.

As the end of the summer approached he also begged me not to tell anyone and I promised.  It OK to tell you since you're half a world away.  It turned out that we are from the same town and we're both going to the same HS.  My folks had to work that weekend so his sister picked us both up and took us back home.  Since I've just started the tenth grade as my middle school was a 7 - 9 I did not know him from school.  With the report from SSS I have a normal schedule.  BTW, Tracy is sixteen and a half – a full two years older than me although he is only a junior.  (Boys are so slow!)

As soon as Tracy was in his sister Lacey's presence his manner changed and he was very quiet and even timid.  She a very dominant lady, already a junior in college, and indicated her annoyance with having to waste a day picking him up.  She was brusque, essentially rude, to him although quite cordial to me.  He never said a word except when she asked him a question directly and then usually just "Yes, Ma'am" or "No, Ma'am".

When we got to his place, she reminded him that he had not done his chores yet and to tend to them immediate.  He excused himself and set to mowing the lawn while Lacey and I chatted.  A little later mom picked me up.  She said Tracy was so responsible get to his chores immediately like that; little did she know about why.

It was on Tuesday that Tracy called me and asked me out.  Then on Wednesday, he called again and said his mother wanted to meet me and I should come for dinner and then we would go for a movie.  By then dad already agreed to picking me up afterwards.  So, after school, I took his bus.

I could see that he was not happy and he explained that he had not done well on a test.  When we got to his place we had a snack and I saw a notebook and the test paper which he put on the table.  He said it was an unfair pop-quiz – more than half the class failed – and only a few did better than a C.

What really caught my eye was not the "F" on the test but the label on the book.  In large letters was: "TRACY'S PUNISHMENT BOOK".  I could not resist and flipped it open.  It was just like you read about in the old English schools – a list of punishments given to students – except it was just for one student.  I could see that the stuff that had happened to him during the summer was listed in a very neat script.

I turned back and saw how he had gotten spanked and strapped for various things in the past just like he told me.  Most of the punishments had been administered by his sister rather than his mom.

"I'm afraid that we won't be able to go to the movie.  Lacey will delay strapping me until after dinner so mom can watch and then after my corner time it will be too late for the show.  I'm terribly sorry." he said very sadly.

"Will you be allowed to go out after your punishment?" I asked.  He nodded.

"I've strapped you before.  I can do it now and you can have your corner time before dinner."  He thought about it for a while as I looked more closely at the details of the previous term's punishment.  "The punishment is fixed so Lacey won't be able to complain."

"I guess." he said hesitantly.

I continued to read his last term's entries.  There was something else specified.  I showed him the book.  "Lacey well surely insist on this too."

"She certainly will." he said with a big sigh, "but I rather you do it."

We went first to his room where he striped.  He was as beautiful as he was during the summer.  He handed me the scissor and then dug in his sport bag for the other stuff.  He was so cute that I thought he was acting like a little boy of six rather than sixteen.

"How come you got this?" I asked innocently.

"The coach makes us use it.  He says we can swim faster smooth."

We went into the bathroom and he stood in the tub.  I picked up the scissor and clipped his lovely bush down to stubble.  Then I wet it, covered it with shaving cream and shaved him smooth.  He stood there without moving or saying a word with his hands clasped behind his back stiff like a marine being yelled by the DI in the movies.  I could see that there were tears in his eyes.  He was not the only one leaking but it was not tears from me.

Yes, Chris, his cock was hard all the time and I got to hold it.  It's amazingly hard yet velvety soft all at the same time.  I could not resist and started to play with him.  He did not move like he was under a spell.  (Later he explained that he was not allowed to move during punishment.)  I squirted some more shaving cream on and jerked him off.  He exploded and blasted a lot of semen cross the room.  It came out in several spurts.  I almost got hit in the eye.  After I rinsed him off, I handed him a towel.  It was real fun controlling him.  It was also fascinating, to say the least.

"I'm sorry, Tracy." I said.  And I was but he looked like a little boy.  I though that he was much more of a cute hunk than before.

We went back into the bedroom and he got the punishment strap from the hook.  It was different from the tawse we both felt and used during the summer but it was certainly not a toy.  He would feel it.  As much as I liked him, I wanted him to feel it.  He leaned over his chair and I gave him the first stroke.


Immediately a red stripe appeared on his bottom showing through his overall tan.  He grunted.  I swing again.


And again


until he gotten the prescribed dose of ten.  He was sobbing by then.  I made him fill out the punishment book and took him down to the punishment corner.  Then I tended to my own most pressing need.  I rushed to the bathroom and closed the door since I did not want him to hear.  I was dripping like never before.  This had been so EXCITING!  As I fingered myself and the waves of pleasure coursed through my bod, I knew that it was the power over him that I was relishing.  How he had completely surrendered to ME!  I came several times.

I rejoined him in the dinning room and was reading when his sister came in.  She was surprised and demanded to know what was going on.  Of course, she could see her brother standing with his nose in the corner, hands on top of his head and his bright red ass.  "Tracy did not meet standards, and I punished him as specified." I said as calmly as I could with my heart racing like it was something I did everyday.  Just then the timer rang, indicating the end of his corner time.  I picked up Tracy's punishment book, signed the entry and handed it to her while telling Tracy to turn around.

She looked her brother over.  "You look like a naughty little boy, front and back." she sneered.  "Pubes as smooth as a little boy's and a red hot spanked bottom." she laughed.  His cock was at half mast and she just reached out and hit it hard.  Tracy grunted and his thing dropped.  He did not make any other response.  He's apparently totally cowed by his sister.

I reminded her that I had tawsed Tracy at SSS and this was just an extension of that authority before she could complain that I overstepped the line.  I told Tracy to go get ready for dinner and he went upstairs to do so silently.  Lacey just said that mother would be home soon and retired to her room.  I curled up with my book and pretended to read but was thinking about how nice it was to dominate Tracy.

As dinner, his mother seemed to approve of me and even said that she was not worried about her naughty son getting out of line after what I had done.  "You do know what naughty little boys need and how to give it to them." she said.  Then she turned to Tracy, who had been staring at his plate, saying: "Is not that so, boy?"

"Yes, mother."

She was right for Tracy was the most docile escort I could have imagined.  When dad picked us up after the movie Tracy was the perfect gentleman and dad was impressed.

I can hardly wait until our next date.

Your pen pal,


* * * * * * * * * *

September 15, 2002

Dear Chris,

So my last email made you soak your panties.  That's just to, to bad for this one will probably do the same thing.

On Monday, Lacey called me to talk about how I treated her brother.  She was not upset but wanted me to do even more.  Her mother and she were both impressed by they way I took charge of Tracy and definitely wanted me to keep an eye on him at school.  The dinner table hint was now expanded with formal authority over the boy (as she put it).

When I confessed that I did know how to do this, she said that she knew I need help but that I great instincts.  We arranged that the boy would bring me a book that would help.  She also explained that I had done two things wrongs the other day.  First, was not making Tracy shave himself as I watched.  Second, not only had I allowed him to come but I had done it for him.  The first would be easy to take care of as I would order him to shave himself twice a week until his grades were satisfactory.  Lacey explained that vagueness was good and that made for a more obedient boy.  The second, also easy – he was forbidden to jerk off unless he had special permission.  Both Lacey and her mother felt it was better for the boy get orders and discipline from a younger woman such as myself.

On Wednesday, I went home with the boy to supervise the shaving.  Actually I wanted to watch him do since I enjoyed his submission.  He tried to get me not to make him do it, but since he did not have any additional grades he did not have anything to support his case.  Once that was settled, he stripped and we went to the bathroom.  He wet his pubes and covered them with the shaving cream.  Then he carefully pulled the razor over them.  After he had rinsed, I felt how smooth he was.  By this time I think my pussy was dripping.  My boy's thing was fully hard but following the book's and Carey's advice (order!) I did not play with it.  Such a reward would have to wait until he earned it.  I couldn't help but to compare how he looked now – shaven – compared to during the summer.

"The strap, boy." I said suddenly when we had returned to his room.  He handed it to me and bent over the chair when I pointed.  "This is for questioning what I said."  I then gave him ten hard cuts with the heavy strap.  "Understand, boy?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Good.  Now I want you to do your homework and chores.  You are not to play with this thing until you have permission, boy.  Understand."  As I said that, I hit it with the strap.

"Yes, Ma'am." he said as he winced in pain.

Then I went home.  I wish I could have pleasured myself there but I did not want him to suspect how much this was turning me on.  That evening Lacey called, and reported that Tracy stayed naked because I had not told him he could dress.  Both she and her mom appreciated Tracy's red butt.

I also noticed a change in Tracy's behavior.  He beginning to show deference to me the way he does to his sister and mother.  As the book explained: "He has learnt his place in the pack."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L.  November 02, 2002

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