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The following story is fiction about how a younger brother grew bigger, stronger and developed earlier and took over as the brother-in-control (the alpha male).  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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How My Kid Brother Gained Control


Every older brother has the problem if he is less than four, maybe three, years older than his kid brother: competition, sibling rivalry and there are surely other names for it.  If your younger brother thinks that he can beat you at anything he will try and if successful he will try to do it again and look for other things too.  And if unsuccessful, he will try again possibly with something else.  In other words it is a constant war that last for years.  It starts before he is ten (although it gets more intense after that especially when puberty kicks in) and continues at least until you can both vote.

In my case the problem started the day before my second birthday although still being in diapers I did not know it.  That was when Jeff was born.  Yes, of course, I was fully two years older a day doesn't count unless it does.  It did when we started school.  I was almost seven starting first grade because my birthday was the first while he was almost just six because his was the thirty-first.  The cutoff was right there.  He was the youngest in his grade while I was the oldest in mine.  But he was only one grade behind me rather than two.  It did not matter for a few years but it did give him ideas.  To digress, I will mention that he could handle the work better than I could because he was just smarter.

Whenever my privileges were expanded he would make the case that so should his.  He was cleaver enough not to try to match mine but go for the previous years taking about which grade he was in rather than how old he was.  The difference in the former was only one while the latter, was two.

Now, please, don't get the idea that we were constantly at each others throats for we were definitely not.  Of course, we fought each other but that's what brothers do as boys and we always stood up together against others.  Until he was ten and I was twelve, I was bigger and would beat him all the time.  I didn't gloat (much) and he didn't cry for we both knew that was the normal order of things.

One thing we definitely agreed about was that we did not like, want nor need any babysitter.  We were young men – well I was practically a teenager.  We made a pact.  He agreed to listen to me when I was left in charge so that we could convince our 'rents not to get a babysitter for us.  As I said, Jeff was smart and understood we had to work together for our mutual benefit.© YLeeCoyote

It was only the second time and Jeff was being difficult.  I threatened to tell the folks that he was naughty and he knew that would mean a spanking.  It was after we had dinner that he wanted to talk about it.  He made promises to behave properly and begged me not to tell.  That had never worked for me or him when we were having the before spanking chat with Dad so it just did seem right that it should work with me.  "You have earned a spanking, Jeff, and it isn't right you should get out of it." I told him righteously.

Then he shocked me.  "OK, why don't you spank me and not tell?"

I could not think of any reason not to and I loved the idea so I agreed.  He set some boundaries and got over my lap without any fussing.  It was not anything special that he was naked because we were frequently that way.  I was soon spanking away at his cute butt with my hand.  I loved seeing my hand prints form and then spread into a nice pink blush.  Unfortunately I couldn't keep going to make him cry for two reasons.  First, my hand was hurting also and, second, so was my heart.  It hurt me to spank him just like Dad said when he spanked us.  But after that he did keep his promises.

This was, unfortunately (at least for me) when things began to change.  By the time spring flowers were popping up, Jeff had caught up to me both in height and weight.  No longer could I expect to beat him physically and I even had to work hard not to lose.  Over the next couple of years, we were about the same size and then he got bigger but that is another story.  It was nature's unfairness that showed up about this time.  We were full brothers – not step or half brothers – sharing the same genes, yet he was starting puberty.  As we shared a bedroom and a bathroom, there was never any false modesty and we saw each other's development everyday.  Jeff was not even sure what was happening when his boyhood started to grow into his manhood and get pubic hair.  By the time his eleventh and my thirteenth birthday came, he had a bush and his junk was growing while I was bald as an egg and still tiny.

As the year progressed it became clear to both of us that he was bigger, stronger, more athletic and smarter.  He wouldn't take any nonsense from me about anything and more and more he insisted that he was more of man than I.  I really did not have anything to refute his claim except being two years older but that was sort of an academic claim while our bodies were real, actual physical entities.

What really did me in was the two weeks in scout-like summer camp we attended.  We were assigned to the same patrol which consisted of six guys in our barracks.  There was another brother pair – Marc and Rickey who were also fourteen and twelve except that Marc was three years ahead of his kid brother in growth and definitely deep into puberty.  The other two guys were Hugo and Nathan who were both thirteen and they both were in the mist of puberty.  This was all very obvious after our showers on the way to bed.  I said 'barracks' rather than 'bunk' since that what they were called and the bathroom stuff was all in one room without any partitions so that there was not any privacy.

When we had introduced ourselves, Jeff and I were last and he just said "Like Marc and Rickey, we're almost twelve and fourteen."  Because Jeff was already a bit taller and obviously more developed than I, it was assumed that he was the older one in the communal shower.  I had not realized it immediately and when I did, Jeff told me.  "Little brother, I'll deny it and they won't believe you at all.  They will laugh at your bald little thingy and at you.  You won't hear the end of it for two weeks.  It's better that they think that you're the younger brother here and not be mercilessly teased."  Jeff had witnessed how that had happened at the town pool and when we visited with our cousins.  Jeff definitely made a strong case so I kept quiet.

It was a couple of days later that our barracks failed inspection because Rickey and I had messed up.  The other guys in the patrol did not like that and in accordance with the tradition of the camp, they were entitled to punish us.  Rickey was first and he opted for the paddle.  He stripped and leaned over with his hands on his bunk.  His brother gave him the first whack with the wooden paddle.  The crack when the paddle struck his ass sent shivers up and down my spine as his tail turned red.  Hugo's pop was not as hard while Nathan was a southpaw and got some fresh areas causing Rickey to yell.  Jeff's hit made him cry a little.  Rickey apologized and promised to be more diligent in the future.  The guys were favorably impressed by how he behaved.

Then it was my turn.  I was very scared of the paddle and opted for a spanking instead.  Jeff claimed he had the right to do it and the others accepted that so he sat down and I got over his lap.  Using just his hand he got my ass nice and rosy.  Then he really went at me spanking very, very hard.  That got me howling as he roasted my tail as efficiently as Dad had.  The others all gave me a couple of spanks.  I cried myself to sleep.  It was shameful that I responded as a little boy but it certainly would have been worse had the others known that I was the fourteen rather than the twelve-year-old.

As the week went on, it became clear that I was the omega boy in the group and when we interacted with other patrols, it was almost as bad.  Both Marc and Jeff were constantly battling for the top position although they managed to support each other when other patrols were involved.  This was most evident near the end of the fortnight when the intramural were fought.  The taunting cries of "We're goin' to spank you." became actual bets a couple of times.

It was the last night and we gathered to watch the bet payoff spankings.  The three patrols involved snuck down to the camp fire site to witness the event.  Marc got Fidel first.  Fidel certainly would not go over Marc's lap and instead handed him a heavy belt and assumed the position.  I cringed hearing the belt land on Fidel's tail and turning it bright red.  When Marc had finished, he and Fidel shook hands like friends (although still rivals).  My brother got Kurt's ass with the paddle which was even more fearful to me than the strap.  It was only five pops (one skipped for taking it like a man and not moving nor yelling) but that was six too many for me.

The next day we packed up and went home.  Part of the trip was on the chartered bus so we really couldn't talk privately but after we switched to the regular bus we could.  It was in the bus terminal that I realized that things had changed for Jeff continued in charge exactly like he had been in camp and told me what to do.  When I tried to resist he said that he would spank me right there in the waiting room just like any naughty little boy who could not behave properly.  The warning was certainly more potent for a short distance away a boy was being spanked by his big brother as their mother and sister watched.

We agreed that I had been better off pretending that I was the younger brother since less was expected of me both in development and athletic skills.  Jeff stated that he would have still won those certificates and trophies and perhaps more had he been thought of as twelve rather than fourteen.  As we got closer to home, Jeff made it very clear that he most treasured the leadership certificate he had been awarded.  "From now on," he explained sternly, "I am the brother-in-charge and you will follow my lead just like you did in camp.  Disobedience will earn you spankings for you are still just a little boy."  He made sure that I felt his power by gripping the back of my neck in his strong hand.  "Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." I replied knowing that he not only meant what he said but that he was strong and big enough to enforce his rules.  Nothing much happened for a while for we both were caught up in our own schools and the new year.  The couple of times that the 'rents left us alone, we sort of ignored the issue since both of us behaved.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a couple of months later and I was having a discussion with Mom about rules and stuff.  I was pushing for a later curfew arguing that I was already fourteen, in high school and certainly not a little kid any longer.  Mom did not agree and I got a bit excited and loud.  During this, Jeff came in.  Within a minute, he was yelling at me to stop immediately.  I ignored him and continued.

I did not see it coming but I sure felt it when he grabbed me, spun me around and slapped my face hard.  That sure got my full attention!  "Peter Eugene Pipkin shut up!  UPSTAIRS and wait in the corner.  I will be up in a few minutes to deal with you."  I hesitated and Jeff snapped "NOW!" and his hand was raised to slap me again.  I ran up stairs with my cheek stinging, stripped and parked myself in the corner just as if Mom or Dad had ordered me.  As I went I heard Mother crying.

When Jeff came to our room, he was furious.  He claimed that I was out of control having a tantrum like a little five-year-old, using language that would make a sailor blush and generally abusing Mother.  This had upset her a lot.  This was highly unacceptable.  Then he called me out of the corner and ordered me to get over his lap for a major spanking.  "Not a word out of you, boy!" he said.  He grabbed my wrist and sat down.  A second later I was yanked over his lap and he started to pound my tail with his hand.  He was spanking hard and fast and it hurt.  Over and over he spanked.  Then it got worse for he switched to a flip-flop and that hurt even more.  Soon I was bawling my eyes out and yelling for him to stop.  That did not do any good and he continued until I went limp from exhaustion.  He got me off his lap and I cried for a while.

I had barely stopped crying when he pulled me up and dragged me into the bathroom.  As I stood over the sink, he held the back of my neck and ordered me to open my mouth.  I was slow and he threatened that I better cooperate or I would get another spanking.  I opened my mouth and he shoved in a thoroughly lathered up washcloth which completely filled my mouth with disgusting soap.  "We're going to wash away those filthy words, Peter Eugene Pipkin so that you never use them again in Mother's presence."  It was an eternity before he allowed me to spit and rinse.  That hardly helped.  "Here brush." he said handing me my toothbrush.  I took it eagerly and immediately discovered it was loaded with more soap rather than pleasant toothpaste.  It was horrible!  After a long time, I was allowed to rinse but the awful taste lingered just as my butt remained on fire from his spanking.

I just lay in the fetal position on my bed suffering until Jeff frog marched me downstairs and parked me in the dinning room corner still naked with my hot tail hanging out, the atrocious taste of soap filling my mouth and my face covered with tears and snot.

I was stuck in that corner until dinner time when I was required to apologize to Mother for being rude, having a potty mouth and a tantrum.  I was horrified for I was not allowed to get dressed.  "Little boys do not anything to hide." Jeff told me.

To make matters worse, Dad was there and told me:  "Peter you look and act like a little boy so you don't have worry about getting dressed.  Now apologize your mother like Jeff told you to."

It took me several tries to say the right words before I was allowed to sit on the pillow that Mother thoughtfully provided.  Because of the lingering taste of the soap dinner tasted terrible.

Adding insult to injury at dinner, Jeff was praised for his handling of the naughty, little boy while I was soundly chastised.  My privileges were reduced and to totally ruin my life, Jeff was put in charge of me.

He had taken control.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 21, 2012

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