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The following story is fiction about a man who find the Master he needs to keep him a boi.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, paddling, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I Find a Real Master


It was the usual boring sort of a day.  I had gotten home from work, and while munching on some takeout, signed on and started chatting on the web.  It was a good way to relax and pass the time.  I didn't even have time to scan the who's on-line list before a chat window opened up on my screen.  It was the guy I knew as Master Alpha.  He was fun to chat with but, alas, lived some ​three thousand miles​ (​five thousand km​) away so there was not any chance of meeting him so we could play freely since it was just words and not acts.  He was always super dominant and I knew that I would shoot at least one load and perhaps two if I was lucky this evening.  If I was half my age I probably would have expected to have at least three cums.

Master Alpha was really very much in control of me.  A long time ago when we first started chatting we had the video on I found him positively hypnotic.  At the time I just thought of that as an expression because of his looks but in the next few months I realized that I really was under his spell.  Fortunately, he was an honorable man and he never had me do anything improper nor did he extort any money.  I always looked forward to being under his spell which reduced me to being a slave boy.

This evening he did what he always did without my knowing exactly what, so I was his to command and I put the collar on.  I had confessed my wrong doings for the last few days and he decided that I should have seventeen cuts of the strap.  As he watched, I carefully set up the strapper so that I could receive my punishment.  When the contraption was all setup, I stripped completely.  Now feeling very much the slave boy I got into position and pressed the button.  The machine started up and a few seconds later the whirling strap landed on my butt and then the machine paused for the scheduled twelve seconds.  At the end of its wait time, the machine resumed and I received the second cut.  Four minutes later, I knew that I had been well strapped for my butt really hurt and was full of red stripes that were indistinguishable from the now red background.

Normally, after such a strapping we would continue chatting and at Master Alpha's direction I would cum with great pleasure.  That was not going to happen this evening for my faults had included forgetting to do the laundry before signing on this very evening.  Master Alpha directed that I should do it immediately so I collected the laundry and after putting on a sweat suit proceeded to the laundry room.  It was there that I meet Mr. Grant Glesson.  He was a handsome young gentleman of about twenty-two (half my age) who was also tending to his chores.  He noticed my collar and that is what changed my life.

Normally I only wear the collar when I'm chatting with Master Alpha in the privacy of my apartment but the rule is that I may not remove it until dawn.  I don't even think of it normally, but this evening was not normal since my session was with Master Alpha was cut short.  So, Grant noticed the collar and said: "That looks like a slave collar.  Is it, boy?"© YLeeCoyote

There is a second rule that I must speak only the truth while wearing the collar so I had to reply: "Yes, Sir."  Grant initially thought I was joking and pressed the issue.  However, in a few minutes he was convinced and I had told him everything.  He ordered me to drop my pants to show him my ass and he saw that I really had been strapped.  His stuff was done so he left but he promised to pick up on things the next day.  He finished up with: "Be a good boy." and then he gave me a resounding spank on the ass as he left.

I did not know if I should be elated or fearful.  I was, without any doubt, definitely excited.

* * * * * * * * * *

I opened the door and was amazed at the vision standing there.  I had told Grant of my ideal image of a master and he was it with all the exciting bulges and ripples that I loved so much and living just down the hall from me.  I practically creamed in my jeans right then and there as I stood mesmerized and staring with my jaw hanging like that of an idiot.

"Well, boy, are you trying to catch flies?" he sneered.  I sortta recovered and quickly invited him in mumbling apologies and begging forgiveness.  He pointed to the floor or was it his boots and I dropped to my knees and lowered my head to the floor.  He stepped over to me and placed one boot on each side of my head.  My nose was filled with the intoxicating scent of his shinny leather boots.  It was most exciting for I did not know what was going to happen except that I knew it would be whatever he decided.

"Stand up and strip, boy." he commanded and I jumped to do it.  I quickly ripped off my shirt while kicking off my sneakers and then removed my pants and underpants getting my socks simultaneously.  I stood up for his inspection.  All I got was yelled at for making a mess rather than folding my clothes neatly.  I quickly corrected my faux pas and tried again.  He had me spin around so he could examine me.

"Give me your belt and bend over the end of the couch, boy." he ordered.  Naturally I obeyed and in a minute he was standing beside me with the folded belt tapping my butt.  "Your behavior this evening has been shameful.  For that you shall be PUNISHED."  I heard him pull his heavy belt out of his leather pants and then get into position.  Then his heavy belt kissed my tail unforgettably hard.  It was far more forceful than the spanking machine and hurt far more.  Over and over he raised the belt and slammed it down on my tail until I lost count at ten.  My ass was on fire and I was whimpering when he stopped.

Then I felt his hand on my fiery tail and his fingers quickly found my hole and invaded it.  He started with just one digit but the expeditionary force quickly increased until I was fearful he would put his whole hand in.  He did not do that but removed his fingers and replaced them with his hard cock.  He sure knew how to fuck and I was moaning with great pleasure as he blasted his babymakers into me.  Right after that I made a mess on the couch and he withdrew from me.  I remained there to recover and then I heard my door open and close as he left.  He was fantastic and I wanted more.

* * * * * * * * * *

The next few days I worried a lot about my masterful neighbor for he did not come back.  Was he a Johnny-one-time?  I was afraid to ring his bell as he might think that I was being a pushy bottom.  All I could do was wait and hope he would return.

Then my phone rang.  The caller-id was new to me.  It was HIM!  "Get your sorry butt over here.  NOW, boi!" was all he said.  My heart was racing and I was running in circles.  Then I rushed to my bedroom and stripped so that I could wash up a bit and redressed in clean clothes.  Then taking just my key, I rushed to his door and anxiously rang the bell.  The minute I waited seemed like an hour before he called: "Come in."  I opened the door and immediately got an order.  "Lock the door and come here, boi."

"Yes, Sir." I said doing my best not to act like an idiot like I did the previous time.

"It is seven and a half minutes since I hung up.  You should have been here seven minutes ago, boi." he snarled. "I don't like being kept waiting and you will pay for that.  There are only two things you may do when I call – turn off any and all fires and put on some pants – before running here."  I dropped to the floor and kowtowed to him.  How could I be so stupid as to keep him waiting.  I desperately wanted to beg forgiveness and explain but he had not given me permission to speak.  All I could do was hope he would forgive me.

"Strip, boi." he snapped.  I jumped up and quickly undressed carefully folding my clothes and placing them over my sneakers.  When I turned I saw that he was sitting on a big easy chair.  He pointed to the floor in front of him and I ran to take the place he specified.  I was kneeling and looking at the floor.  "I'm pleased that you learnt how to undress after the strapping last time.  Get the paddle from the cabinet and we see if you can learn to be prompt."  I quickly got the paddle and brought it to him.  He took and ordered me to assume the position which I immediately did.

Without any further words he proceeded to teach me not to keep him waiting as he gave me eight hard whacks with the paddle.  I knew that I would definitely NOT be sitting comfortably for days to come.  When he finished I spoke.  "Thank you Master for instructing this stupid boi."

He just grunted as he retook his seat and pointed to the floor between his legs.  I knelt as he commanded.  "Suck, boi." he ordered.  My own thingy stiffened as I started to open his jeans.  I proceeded as fast as I could for I was truly anxious not only to obey but to show him that I was obedient.  When his fly was completely open he raised up so I pulled his jeans completely down and then off.  I folded them and placed them on the table.  I repeated this with his underpants.  I got to admire his rock hard shaft as I leaned in to worship it and receive its great gift.  I was not disappointed in the least.  He was everything I dreamed of with the bonus of even being my neighbor.  I spent a couple of hours worshiping his mantool as he watched some TV show.

I returned a very happy boi to my own apartment.  That night I dreamt that he would find me worthy to make me his boi as he said he might if I returned.  You can be sure that I had very pleasant dreams of that happening.

Everyday I waited for his phone call summoning me to serve him.  Time, unfortunately, dragged on as I was hoping.  I was giving in to despair when he finally did call.  I was so elated when I saw his name and number on the caller id screen that I knocked over the phone when I tried to pick it up.  Then I stuttered due the joy.  This time I rushed out of my apartment as soon as he hung up.  Absolutely no dilly-dallying this time and I almost forgot my keys.

I was favored with a prompt "Come." when I knocked.  Sitting on his easy chair Grant was smiling as he pointed to the floor between his feet.  I quickly took my place and kept my head down awaiting his commands.  "That was a lot better than last time, boi." he said.  I was happy that I had pleased him.  Then he surprised me.  "Either you leave now, boy, or I will put my collar on you and you will be my boi."

I certainly could not leave so I said: "It would be a great honor to wear your collar, Master."  He leaned forward and I felt him reach around my neck and as he withdrew his hands I felt the cold steel collar as it encircled my neck and then I heard the loud click as he snapped the lock closed.  Later I would see that it was a simple steel chain, such as one would use with a small dog, secured with a small lock because a slave boi's fingers could unsnap a fastener that paws could not.  The lock was engraved with the words "Property of" and his name.

My heart was racing for I was absolutely thrilled.  I doubt if my cock had ever been harder.  It was so thrilling that he was petting my head and saying "Good boi."  Strange as it seems, it all felt right being at his feet, wearing his unbreakable steel collar and being petted.  I wanted to please him more than anything else in the world.

"Has my boi been good or naughty this week?  Has he done everything he should have?  And done anything he should not have done?" he asked.  "Now is the time to confess, boi.  Were you naughty or nice?"

"Naughty, Master." I responded instantly without thinking or knowing why.  He gripped my hair and stood up so I followed to prevent my hair from being pulled out.  "Bend over that chair, boi!" he ordered and, of course, I did.  "Don't move, boi, until I'm done with you."

I grabbed the chair tightly and hoped that I would not displease him.  He did not keep me waiting more than a few short seconds.  There was the swoosh of a cane a couple of times.  The third swoosh was terminated with my howl from the red hot iron poker searing my tail.  He said; "One."  I was in great pain and crying when he said "Six.  You may stand."

I jumped up and grabbed my roasted tail not that I really did anything but I was hopeful.  Master pulled me into the bathroom by the collar lock about my neck.  Once I was in the tub, he took a clipper to my pubes and pit hair.  Then he smeared on a stinky cream.  "Stay, boi." he said as he washed his hands.  The cream burnt and I realized that it was a depilatory.  He came back and had me wash the stuff off.  I was now as smooth as a baby.  "Bois don't have body hair.  You will keep yourself smooth." he commanded.

"Yes, Master."  Then we went to a play room and I had the pleasure of sucking his great shaft and then getting fucked.

As he pounded away at my hole while I was on all fours, I had a release which pleased him.  "My boi likes getting fucked in his stripped ass."  He then dismissed me and I returned to my apartment where I could examine my new collar and marked butt.  Unlike the collar I used when chatting with Master Alpha this one I could NOT remove.  My butt stayed marked for a couple of weeks although the pain decreased.

After this, several times a week Master required me to attend to his wishes and desires.  Even though he never asked me about my desires or feeling (except that one time I described) I always obeyed him.  Somehow, I knew that it was the right thing for I was just a boi and he a masterful man.  I thought that it was ironic that while I searched the world for a man like him, he was just a few steps away all the time.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 19, 2014

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