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The following story is fiction about a young teen getting spanked.  The story contains scenes of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I Get Spanked by a Girl


My dad is very strict.  He has some very precise protocols.  I would have just said ‘procedures’ but he taught me that fancy word long before it showed up in my school lists.  We’ll get into details later but suffice it to say that I need to cooperate with the spanker or I’m in more trouble.© YLeeCoyote

It was a Saturday morning and we were having breakfast.  We were both looking forward to a great day at the museum to explore the new exhibit.  But it was not to be for Dad got summoned to work without any notice.  I already understood that we would have postpone the museum for it is Dad’s working that makes doing such things possible.

As usual I was a bit of a problem – not that I did anything wrong – but because Dad would not leave me alone even though I just became a teen.  Dad called Pinochet, one of our neighbors, who occasionally looks after kids.  I’ve been parked there before and it is neither the best nor worst arrangement.

I lucked out this time because Eric was also there and we could play together.  We both agreed to ignore Vicki, a year younger and very bossy girl, who was also there that day.

It was a quiet day although Pinochet yelled at us for being nasty to Vicki and throwing the ball too close to the house.  If that had been Dad I’m sure there would have been a lot less yelling and a lot more spanking.  Of course, I did not give it much thought at the time.

That all changed when Dad showed up to get me and pay Pinochet.  My misconduct was discussed and Dad explained that the one and only solution was to spank me.  He proceeded not only to explain the spanking protocol details but to demonstrate. It was quickly established that I had been naughty and, as per the protocol, I had to say it and add that “I have earned a good hard spanking.  Please give it to me.”

Dad then asked me what would happen if I did not cooperate meaning to drop my pants and get over his lap on signal.  “I would get another spanking.” I replied as required.  Need I point out that is a great motivation to cooperate?

I got spanked then.  I dropped my pants and got over Dad’s lap and was reminded that Dad spanks really hard as I was soon crying as always.  He also explained that the use of a hairbrush or the like is permitted for a harder spanking.  It was only when I was about to pull up my pants after apologizing to Pinochet that I saw Vicki in the doorway grinning broadly.

I’m certain that her grin was not just because she saw my boy bits but that she saw and heard everything.  I most certainly did not need her to tell the world about how I still get spanked and my state of development.

* * * * * * * * * *

By Friday I had not heard gossiping about how I was still spanked.  Naturally, I was happy about this.  I was thinking about thanking Vicki for respecting my privacy but did not know how to approach her.  She solved the problem by talking with me as we changed classes on Friday afternoon.

“Will you help me with this difficult math stuff?” she asked.

“Of course and thanks for not talking about last Saturday.”

“Great, how about tomorrow morning at ten at my place.” and it was setup.  I was sure Dad would approve and if not I could telephone her to set another time.

So I rang her bell at the appointed time and right away we were in the family room.  It was then that she pounced.  “I did not invite you here to help with math but to discuss your terrible behavior yesterday.  I saw you smoking behind the shed after lunch even though blind Mr. Perryman missed you and just caught two of your buddies who are in detention right now.”

I had no idea where this was leading but I sensed trouble.

“You were very naughty just like they were and earned a spanking, weren’t you?”

“Er, er, I guess.” I unknowingly made the fatal mistake replying with an admission of guilt.

“Good.  That’s the next step according to your father’s methods so we can continue.”  She moved to sit in the middle of the couch and then continued.  “OK, now come over here and drop your pants so you can get over my lap.”

Of course, I started to object with a whole gaggle of reasons.  She was more than up to striking each one down.  First, she reminded me that she had already seen me with my pants and underpants about my ankles while I was bawling.  “I doubt that your little hairless thingy has grown since I saw it last week so you are surely still a very little boy.”  Unfortunately, she was absolutely right that I was still a little boy where it mattered.  To make matters worse I could see that she definitely already had tits albeit still small.

Second, while I was still in shock, she quoted the rule about my cooperating with the spanker which confirmed my guess that she had been observing the entire thing when Dad taught Pinochet about spanking me.  Worse, she knew that meant that she could just tell Dad everything and he would thank her, spank me and then I would be back where I was but with a hot red ass.

“Stop your pitiful hemming and hawing, boy, and drop your pants for your spanking.” she commanded.

I was trapped and worse she knew it.  I gave it one more try and asked to keep my undies on.  She laughed.  “Everyone knows spankings are always done on the naughty boy’s bare bottom.”

I was, alas, doomed.  I slowly dropped my pants … and underpants but before I could lay over her lap to hide my junk, she noted that it was just as little and bare as it was last week and just like the little babies she saw being diapered.  Only then did I lay over her lap for the first time.  I felt very, very tiny as she rubbed my butt.  “This is going to be very red soon, boy.” she taunted.

Then she started to spank me with her hand.  Just as you would expect she could not hit anywhere near as hard as Dad and her hand was a lot smaller also.  I quickly thought that «This is not so bad.» when she announced that the warm up was over.  I was puzzled but only for a few seconds.

The next spank I really felt for she had conjured up an old fashioned hairbrush and that was even harder than Dad’s hand.  I gave a yell partly due to the pain and partly due to the surprise.  She kept at it until my bottom was quite sore while chanting “Naughty little boys get well spanked.”

When she had me stand, I totally forgot about my junk being exposed as I quickly reached to rub my hot tail.  I was close too but not actually crying.  I sensed that things had changed permanently although I did not know what nor how.

I was about to pull up my pants when she stopped me.  “You must ask permission to do that, boy.”  She stated:  “Little boys don’t have to be modest but they do need to stand in the corner with their hands on their head to reflect why they have a hot red botty.”  I hobbed into the corner assumed the position.  My ass was aflame while my mind was spinning.

She taught me to say: “Thank you for giving me the bare bottom spanking that I had earned, Ma’am.” before I could pull up my pants.

I was being to realize how things had changed now that a younger girl had spanked me for she surely would want to do it again.  It was not a happy thought.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 28, 2023

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