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The following story is fiction about a youth who has problems with his cruel mother, his female doctor and even is dominated by his kid sister and a couple of younger youths.  The story includes spankings, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I Hate Going to the Doctor (1/2)


I hate going to the doctor.  I'm not a baby yet Mom insists that I continue to go to the same pediatrician, aka baby doctor, that I have been going to since I was four because she can also take my little sister, Lori, who is only eleven, to the same place at the same time.  I want to go to the Adolescent Medicine Group (AMG) where I would be treated like a grown up, well, like a adolescent, rather than a baby – person who can speak for himself.  After all, I am a teenager already – I'm almost fourteen.  I don't need to have Mother and that female doctor and her female nurse and her female aide inspecting my male body the same way that our vet treats Fido.  Our poor canine, who is like a little child, can't speak and did not even have a say when they "fixed" him.  Not to mention that the doctor never asks me anything except if it hurts when she squeezes my tender bits or pokes me hard.  She has no problems telling me to do stuff like I was a star performer in an animal act at the circus.  I hate going to the doctor.

This last time was the worst.  Mom dragged me into the car while Lori happily jumped in for her own appointment.  I kept telling her that this was wrong, wrong, WRONG but she would not listen and just told me to be quiet or I would get it.  Well, "get it" is code for being beaten as if that would teach me anything except brutality.  Right, that's what I said – brutality – as some more advance societies have recognized years ago.

In that entire den of female domination and torture called the "doctor's office"  there were exactly two males over the age of thirteen – the male receptionist and me – that most dreadful day.  The entire staff was bossy females and the waiting room was filled with mothers and kids.  It was horrid!

And it got even worse.

I was dragged into the examining room and ordered to strip as Mother and the Doctor talked about me and the aide stared.  I lost it and just ran from the room with some crude comments.  Mother yelled for me to stop and get back but I just headed for the front door.  I should have run out the side door.  I was betrayed by the only man in the place.  I guess he worked there as he liked being ordered about by arrogant females.  As I dashed into the waiting room, he grabbed me.  He was twice my age and seemed to be huge as he was at least a foot taller than I.  Also he was far stronger and I was suddenly his prisoner.  Mother and the Doctor were right there as he held me and even kept a hand over my mouth so that I had to be quiet.© YLeeCoyote

"YOU ARE GOING TO GET THE SPANKING OF YOUR LIFE WHEN I GET YOU HOME, WILLIAM WENDELL KLASSON!  YOUR BEHAVIOR IS INTOLERABLE!" snarled my mother angrily.  The entire mob in the waiting was so quiet that one could have heard a pin drop, and I don't mean a tenpin, as they listened to my private business.

"No need to wait, Mrs. Klasson.  We can provide that service right here and now.  I assure you that Grant is a most efficient and experienced spanker of out of control little boys." said the Doctor.  "Go ahead, Grant."  Grant was the gorilla, er, receptionist that was holding me.

"Yes, Doctor." he said, just as he did when he was told to schedule an appointment.

The aide moved a plain chair into position and Grant sat down without losing his grip on me.  Grant did not have to say a word to make me not fight him for when I struggled he increased the pressure and it hurt.  When I stopped resisting, he stopped hurting me.  I learnt this very fast.  He held my wrists together behind my back as he held my legs between his.  I didn't have a chance.  He calmly and easily opened my belt, undid my jeans and pushed them down.  My briefs immediately followed.  I could hear the giggling from the kids in the waiting room and even comments about my junk.  I got bent over one of his thighs and had to lean on my hands to keep from banging my head as soon as Grant released my arms.  Of course, my bare butt was sticking up.  I expected to feel a spank and tried to brace for it but that did not happen next.

Grant parted his legs so that he could twist me about and easily repositioned me over his lap.  He had a tight grip on my waist so that I could not move.  My sneakers were pulled off and then so were my jeans and briefs.  Now, even if I could get free, I could not run away.  Then, I felt the first spank.  It was hard.  It hurt like Mother's hairbrush did.  I yelled in pain.  There was some applause and then a barrage of hard, painful spanks on my naked butt.  I yelled like a little baby and soon, most shamefully, I was crying like one.  The spanking seemed to go on forever but eventually it stopped and I was parked in the corner of the waiting room.  Grant told me to keep my hands on my head and my nose in the corner or he would spank me some more.  I did exactly as he ordered.  The kids in the room all made close up inspections, complete with comments that I did not appreciate.

I don't know how long I spent in the corner but it seemed forever especially with all the admiration Grant's coloring job received.  Lori suddenly came to my side.  "Mom said to get you.  Best come quickly."  I objected and wanted my pants.  "Mom has your clothes.  She said to come as you are … or else."  Lori patted my hot sensitive tail as a hint before taking my hand.  She insisted that Mom said to lead me like a five-year-old.  When I got there, Mom demanded my shirt and socks leaving me in just my red-bottomed birthday suit.  I was treated worse than Fido was when he was at the vets and poked and prodded everywhere.  Lori even stayed to watch the entire procedure.  To make matters worse, Mom asked the nurse to give Lori a hands-on lesson in anatomy – adolescent human male anatomy which she also watched.  Need I say that I was the subject and carefully measured and compared to growth charts?

I had noticed that Lori was filling out where young ladies fill out but had not given thought to what was happening to her down below (my little sister is not sexually interesting to me) until she made a comment.  "Billy does not have even half the pubic hair that I have, Mom."  She used that hated baby diminutive.  I turned even redder, if that was possible, when I heard that.

"This cream on his pubis every five days will be good for him and help him to grow." said the Doctor holding a jar.  Then I was ordered to lie flat on the examination table and Lori was told to cover my pubes with the cream while Mom and the Doc talked.  After the Doctor left, Mom recited the riot act to me and I promised to be obedient, remembering that the spanking gorilla was just down the hall.  Mom told Lori to wipe the cream off and I was horrified that my pubes disappeared at the same time leaving me as bald as five-year-old.

"He looks just like a little boy now, Mother." chirped my kid sister happily.

"That because that is what he is, Lori." said Mom.  "Come.  We are going home."

"My clothes?  Where are my clothes?" I said.  I hoped that I did squeal.

"They are safe in my bag, little boy.  Come immediately unless you want another spanking.  Lori, hold your little brother's hand, please."  Mom grabbed my hand tightly and led me out to the car with Lori holding my other hand so I couldn't even cover up.  Everyone in the waiting room enjoyed the show.

I was totally mortified.  It was all that I could do to keep from crying on the way home.  I sat with my hands in my lap doing my best to hide my now hairless junk from the world.  Once home I was ordered to go to my room and wait.  Wait with everything turned off.  "No phone!  No games!  No TV!  No stereo!  No computer!" Mother barked.  I collapsed on my bed and feeling very sorry for myself and almost crying.  I had a terrible premonition that things were not going to get any better today.

* * * * * * * * * *

A while later, Lori came into my room.  She did knock but I hadn't invited her in.  She sat on the bed and I complained that I was not dressed.  She just laughed and asked "Are you any different than a couple of hours ago when I examined all of you?"  Of course, I wasn't and since I was prone, it really did not seem important.  "Mom is furious with you and is trying to calm down enough to give you that spanking she promised you at the doctor's."

«Great.  Just what I need – another tail roasting especially when Mom is furious.» I thought.

Lori continued with a strange proposition.  "I've convinced Mom to give you a choice.  You may wait until six tonight and she will give you that spanking of a lifetime that she promised.  Or, you can ask me to give it to you within the next hour.  It will have to be a real spanking but, I promise, it won't be as hard as Mom's."  She went on to explain that Mom will take it as a sign of repentance if I ask for the spanking.  She said she would be in her room and left.  "Your choice, Will."

It was not a pleasant choice at all.  I knew Mom would really give it to me hard because she was so mad while getting spanked by my kid sister was positively repugnant.  It was a case of "Heads, I'm fucked or tails, I'm screwed."  It certainly was not helping that my butt was still sore from the spanking I got in the doctor's office.  I thought about running away but I was too sore to run.  I just lay there pondering the same terrible stuff over and over.

Lori bust in after a while and announced:  "Decision time, Billy. A vicious spanking from Mom or one from little me?"  She paused.  "I won't go past fifty spanks.  Less if you show some true repentance."

That convinced me and I told her that I would take the spanking from her.  She made me ask for it somewhat formally complete with a reason, explaining that she had to be able to tell Mom that I had asked her to spank me.  Then she sent me to get Mom's spanking hairbrush.  I guess that I should not have been surprised by that.  When I came back with it, Lori was sitting on my bed and I lay across her lap.  Even though she had thoroughly examined my junk earlier that day, I was not happy being naked right in front of her.  She made sure that I was comfortable with my torso supported by the bed.  She explained that I had to stay in position or it would not count, that she would switch to her hand or stop if she felt that I was repentant or sufficiently punished because I cried or promised the right stuff.  Surprisingly, she was not being mean about this at all.

"I going to give you a couple with just my hand and then switch to the brush, Billy."  She explained placing her hands on my waist and tender butt.  "Ready?"  She asked and I grunted.

Spank!  Spank!

I was surprised enough to yelp a bit at the pain.  Grant had left me with a very tender ass and my little sister was now able to hurt me and she hadn't even used the terrible hairbrush.  She gave me a couple of more and said: "That's four."  Well, at least, they counted.


I yelled from the very first spank with the hairbrush.  She kept at it and I was gripping the covers to stay in place.  I wish I could have hidden how much it was hurting me but I couldn't  I was making a lot of noise because the pain was great.  Between yells, I was begging her to stop and promising to be good but that hard hairbrush kept coming down on my sore, tender butt.  Then she drove me over my limit and I started to sob and even cry.  Yes, my little sister had pushed me over my limit.  I had totally lost count but later she said I was crying by thirty.  She switched to just her hand for the last few and quit (she said) by forty spanks.

My ass was on fire and I was crying for the second time this terrible day.  Lori did not send me to the corner but just held me in her arms for comforting.  I sat on her lap – thigh to thigh – since my bottom was too tender sit on and cried on her shoulder like I was a little boy.

I did not know it yet, but this marked a major turning point in my life.

* * * * * * * * * *

After Sis left me prone on my bed again, I was too out of it to do anything except lie there.  I was exhausted from being spanked and crying twice in just a few hours.  The doctor had said that the cream would help me but the side effect of removing my little bush was dreadful to say the least.  Well, at least Lori did not laugh when she wiped me off.  Actually, I'm surprised that she was not being the usual bratty kid sister today but being nice.  I shudder when I think what Mom would have done since she was so furious that she decided to wait.  I hoped that Lori would not tell everyone that she spanked me and even made me cry.

Lori came back into the room very quietly and was surprised that I was awake.  She said that I had to get ready for dinner.  She led me to the bathroom and had me wash my hands and face.  After all that happened, I did not even realize that I was naked before her although she had inspected me closely in the doctor's office.  She suggested that I pee and I did with her watching like I did when I was much younger.  Back in my bedroom, she found a stripped T-shirt, some old tightie-whities and shorts for me to wear.  "You want soft stuff so as not to irritate your bottom." she said.  That was certainly true.  She also suggested that I apologize to Mother for my terrible behavior at the Doctor's.  Once we were in the kitchen, sitting on the uncomfortable, hard wooden chairs, it was evident that Mother was still fuming.  Lori had brought a pillow for me but it did not help.  I apologized and promised not to do it again and did not dare to ask what good the cream was supposed to do.

"I guess two spankings in one day does effect your behavior." said Mother.  "And you're dressed properly for a little boy."

"Yes, Mother."  I replied knowing that I had better agree.

I hurt all the next day in school and, of course, had to come straight home because I was grounded.  Lori surprised me a little later when she came to see me.  Shad, her boyfriend (yes, one word) had given her some salve that reduces pain that he used after sports and workouts.  (I did not know about that stuff at all.)  She was very gentle when she rubbed it on my sore butt.  I thanked her for it.  I was concerned that she had talked about my spanking and especially that she spanked me but she assured me that she had only said I had been severely spanked.

I was less anxious three days later when she came with that cream from the doctor.  I did not want to use it but she said that Mom had told her to apply it and she would spank me if she saw evidence that it was not used as the Doctor ordered.  I was so trapped!  I still did not know what it did except to remove my pubes.  I hoped that it was doing some good.  In just a few minutes I was smooth like a baby again.  Mom did come to check when I was in bed.  My face was red as she pulled my pj's down to look.  Fortunately I passed inspection because she was carrying her evil, wicked hairbrush.

It was only the third night after my grounding was over that I managed to be a half hour late getting back home.  It was way earlier than my friends' curfew but Mom said I was going to be spanked.  Lori immediately offered to do the job.  This time I did not get a choice for Mom just said: "Yes, please do that Lori.  Last time you spanked Billy he was well behaved for a long time."

I objected that this was not right and Mother really exploded.  "Very well, young man, if you aren't spanked when I check in an hour, then I will spank you for non-cooperation and your sister will spank you tomorrow for being late tonight."  Need I say that I accepted getting a spanking from my littler sister that night?

Lori led me away from mom.  She told me to shower and get ready for bed after which she would give me my due.  I was in my pj's when she came by.  "Billy, Mom is being a hard-ass about this but you gotta get a spanking.  It won't be as bad as last time and certainly not like Mom's spanking would be.  If you cooperate, I'll put on some of Shad's cream on you afterwards."

I figured that was the best deal I was going to get so I stripped as she instructed me to.  I guess it was actually an order but Lori was sounding so much softer than Mom or the Doctor ever did.  I was also getting used to being naked in her presence like when we were little kids when we got bathed together and ran about naked in the yard.  She sat on my bed and I got across her lap.  This was not a position I wanted to get used to at all but I had a terrible feeling that I would.  My consolation was that Mom's lap was certainly a lot less pleasant place to be.  Lori started with a few hand spanks and then switched to something else that really stung.  In response to my yelp of surprise at the pain, Lori explained that it was a flip-flop.  That's essentially like a little rubber paddle.  I tried it on my hand later and the gripping hand did not feel a thing while the target … while the target knew it was being punished.  I did not cry but my butt was red-hot by the time she stopped.  She had me begging and promising also.  I was surprised at that because she just a little girl.  She was good to her word and spread some of the great cream on me because I cooperated.

In the morning, Mother said she did not need to check because she heard that Lori was doing a good job spanking me.  She also put Lori in charge of me with authority to discipline me as she saw fit.  If I refused, she would spank me for the refusal and then send me back to Lori for the original punishment.  My sister was smiling broadly.  "I'll do my best, Mother." she promised joyfully accepting her new position of authority.

I was doomed!

* * * * * * * * * *

I did not like the new arrangement but I discovered that my little sister was nicer than I thought and certainly nicer than our mother.  She watched my school work much more carefully and I was required to spend more time on homework and studying.  She adjusted my curfew so that it was more like those of my friends, except the nights before a test when it was dinner time.

She was very careful about keeping to the five-day schedule with the cream on my pubis which I hated.  I thought it would be marginally better if I did it myself but she said it was her job and that Mom checked up that she did it even though I did not get inspected.  She offered me the option of doing it myself and then getting inspected by Mom.  I decided to let Lori continue to do it because she had much more empathy with me.

In less than a couple of months the situation stabilized.  Lori was totally entwined in my life in all aspects but she was so sweet about how she did it that I did not resent it.  My grades improved, I got into trouble less often (so I did not get spanked as often), and lost all modesty about my body with Lori since she had full access including the right to spank me.  Once that happened, I found that I was more relaxed.

Lori's spankings were also more proportionate to the offence, quite unlike Mother's which had been harsh regardless.  My trust in Lori actually got to the point where I would confess my misdeeds before she could learn of them.  This got me a few spankings I would have otherwise avoided but probably some others were not as hard.  Since Lori also controlled the soothing cream she (perhaps) used it more generously.  Since its only use was to mitigate a punishment she said it was up to her when to use it.  The punishment evading this rule was to stop using it altogether and a severe spanking.

She did give me a very severe spanking when I got into trouble along with my buddies.  One of my buddies' mothers dropped me off with a long tirade to Mom who promised that I would be punished properly.  She sent me to my room to await Lori's return.  I was naked in the corner for an hour before she showed up.  I was mortified by the lecture she gave me and felt like crawling into a hole.  It was almost a relief getting over her lap so that she could roast my butt with that flip-flop.  I was crying and then even bawling like a little kid before she was finished.  This time she made me cry all on her own and I did not get any of the smoothing cream treatment.

Unfortunately, that next weekend there was a sale in the department store and we went shopping for socks and underwear.  I had to watch and wait as Lori did her shopping in the girls department before we went for my stuff.  Socks and T-shirts were easy but underpants were a problem.  I wanted boxers because that what everyone else seemed to wear but Lori insisted that I should get briefs because I was still a little boy.  She made a good argument noting that I did not have hair and she would spank me right there in the store if I gave her any more back talk.  As we were headed for the cashier, we passed the rack with cartoon character briefs and she stopped.  I looked at her and just said: "Please…".  She laughed and we continued to the cashier.  You can just imagine how awful it would be if anyone saw such babyish things on me.

All in all, things were mostly OK.  Lori replacing Mother was better in that she was much more reasonable about everything.  My school work improved and that was fine.  I was not over joyed that my kid sister was in charge and could spank me to tears nor that horrid cream treatment although she did not have control over that.  Lori did not let her power over me corrupt her nor did she tell anyone else.

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