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The following story is fiction about a youth who has problems with his cruel mother, his female doctor and even is dominated by his kid sister and a couple of younger youths.  The story includes spankings, strapping and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  It would be best to start with Part 1 where the characters are introduced.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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I Hate Going to the Doctor  (2/2)


I guess that it was bound to happen sometime and it did.  I had failed to do my chores and Lori was in my room giving me a lecture preparatory to spanking me when her boyfriend, Shad, came over a little early.  He heard the lecture as he came up the steps.  When he approached my room with the open door, he was able to see me naked and Lori, flip-flop in hand, fully dressed.  I was facing away from the door so I could not see him and Lori did not notice him until he spoke after she told me to get over her lap.

"Lori, a naughty boy of his age gets strapped not spanked OTK like a little kid." he said authoritatively.

We were both startled and turned to see him.  He stepped into the room.

"Your mom let me in and left.  Lori, if you are going to punish a boy, you should do it right.  Once they reach twelve years they get strapped rather than spanked.  That's what going to the woodshed was all about."  He did not comment about the strangeness of the situation of my kid sister was punishing me but only that the method was wrong.  "Would you like me to show you how?" he asked enthusiastically.

Lori immediately accepted.  Shad was a year younger than I but he was obviously most self-confident and effortlessly took control of the situation.  He ordered me to produce my heaviest leather belt which I pulled from my jeans.  Then he asked for some details about my offence and decided that eight cuts would be right.  Both Lori and I watched as he doubled the belt and got a good grip on the end.  He demonstrated a couple of times on the bed and even had Lori try.  "You're going to have practice." he said.© YLeeCoyote

He instructed me that I was not to move and especially not to get up.  If I did, then the cut would not count.  If I yelled more than three times, I would get extra.  If I cried like a baby, then I would get an OTK spanking for being a baby after the full strapping.  I wondered why he knew all this instantly.  I was positioned and bent over where he had room to swing so I was distracted.

My belt connected with my butt and it hurt a lot more than the flip-flop.  I did yell a bit but immediately I knew I did not want any extras so I was biting my lip not to scream again.  The second cut found new territory and then I heard Lori marveling at how the red stripes were forming on my tail.  I was fighting hard to be quiet for the next three which overlapped the first two.  Lori was anxious to try but Shad brought the count up to seven before relinquishing the belt to her.

He helped her get a good grip and the proper position and then she took a cut.  It was nowhere as hard or well placed as his.  Shad said that did not count and told her to try again.  Obviously, if I objected he would have called me a baby so I kept quiet as I did not need the additional embarrassment.  Lori gave me a couple more cuts which were more effective but still not like his.  I was then told to dress and go do my neglected chores.

When they left on their date, Shad told me that he would keep my secret just like Lori did and I thanked him for that.  As I worked on my chores, I felt better than I expected.  Yes, I had been strapped rather than spanked and it had hurt more but I did not cry nor I did I feel like a baby.  It turned out that more good would come of this.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was surprised that I was invited to go to the State Park with Lori, Shad and Gary, his brother who was in the same class as Lori.  It sounded like it would be fun so I accepted.  Lori was going to do what Shad planned and, of course, I would do what Lori told me to.  The big surprise was that Gary had done all the planning and Shad was committed to let him make the decisions for the day.  It was not like Lori being in charge of me, but just that Shad had lost a bet to his brother and the forfeit was that Gary got to decide where we would go and the like.  Lori had told me that Gary had the same sort of personality as his older brother and was a leader.  On the bus ride to the park I shared a seat with him and he was very much like his brother.  It was evident that he was maturing since his voice was already past cracking.

We only went for about two hours but the forest was almost empty.  Gary had gotten us off the main trails and to a delightful spot by a little pond.  We agreed that would be a good place to hang out until it was time to go home.  Gary had a devious plan and said that he wanted to go swimming.  It was pointed out that we had not brought swimming suits and he scoffed about that.  "We all know what boys and girls have between their legs so what's the big deal."  Then he played his ace card and told Shad that was his plan so he had to.  Shad was a good sport and agreed.  They both started to strip down and invited Lori and me to join them.  They especially tried to persuade me and Lori encouraged me.  When she said: "Just do it." I did because that was the expression she used to give me orders discretely in public and I certainly did not want to challenge her in even this limited public.

Once I was wet, they went after Lori and she joined us.  It really was nice skinny dipping but when we got out for lunch, it was different.  I was the only one with a bald pubis.  After Gary has complimented my sister that she had a beautiful body – even nicer nude than dressed – he asked about my lack of development.  Shad explained that I had some medical treatment that made me hairless like a little kid.  Gary was quite right about my sister's body and this was the first time I saw all of it since we were little.  Incidentally, both Shad and Gary were both well developed and far ahead of me even though they were younger, even allowing for the unpleasant side effect of the medical treatment.

As the day moved on more and more was said about that horrid visit with the doctor and how Lori was in charge of me.  We learnt that they both went to the AMG where they were treated with respect rather than like pets.  Interestingly they noted that some guys chose female doctors and some gals, male ones.

After lunch we got to swim some more.  Gary was near me a lot and Shad and Lori stayed close to each other.  A couple of times he jumped me from behind so that he could dunk me and also said that we should let our siblings have a little time without us very close.  It was at those times that I could feel his hard cock bumping my butt.  He did not say anything about it but he did it a few times.  I did not want to call attention to it so I also kept quiet.  I did get a strange feeling whenever he did this.  I wondered if he noticed that and if he got a similar one.

On the return trip, Gary took advantage that we again shared a seat and were away from our siblings.  Gary disagreed with Shad about my being too old for OTK spanking and, therefore, that must be strapped.  "The punishment should depend on the offense." he declared.  "A childish offense rates an OTK spanking while a more grownup one, a strapping."  He also felt that I would grow up sooner if a guy – a strict guy like himself – was in charge of me rather than a female like my sister.  "I would soon whip (pun intended) you into shape, Billy-boy."  His boxers and shorts did nothing to hide that he was hard.  He noticed that I saw and kept glancing at it.  There was not anyone sitting across the aisle or behind us and he placed my hand on it.  Once again I had that strange feeling and this time he certainly could tell for he broke into a broad smile.  "You like that, don't you, boy!"  He did not put a question mark at the end and I did not reply.  I could have pulled my hand back even though he was holding me albeit gently but I didn't.  He then pulled my hand up and slipped it down under his boxers.  I felt his thick pubes and then his hard cock which I held it a long time.  I was wishing that I had hair like he had and such a manly shaft.  He did not reach for mine although he rested his hand on his shorts over my hand.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was the next week when I messed up again by forgetting to put out the garbage.  Fortunately, I was reminded in the morning before the pickup and going to school.  I had to run for the school bus and it was then Lori told me that I would be dealt with after school.

All day I kept thinking about how I would have to strip, give her my belt and bend over to be strapped.  Of course, I deserved it and did not have any excuses.  Going home, I got off, at my stop, and was surprised to see Gary, rather than Lori, among those who disembarked.  Shad and Gary normally used the next stop a couple of blocks away.  Gary immediately spoke.  "Billy, Lori is going to spend some time with Shad and I'm going to deal with your forgetfulness.  Let's get going."  I was dumbfounded and did not know what to say.  It was clear that he knew I had forgotten to take out the garbage and that I was scheduled to be punished for it now.  But I was expecting Lori to do it and not Gary.  I stood there like an idiot until he gave me a pull toward my house.  Obediently, I followed like a zombie.

Once we were in my room, Gary ordered me to strip while he went to the bathroom.  I was naked when he returned with the awful cream the horrid doctor had prescribed.  "This first, Billy."  I lay on my bed and he covered my pubis with the stuff.  While it did its evil work, he lectured me about doing my chores and how very childish it was for me to forget a simple thing like that.  I felt so little, especially since I was naked and he was dressed quite nicely and had already started to fill out (I remembered that from the forest) so that he seemed like a young man rather than a kid just few months older than my kid sister.  I also saw that his pants were bulging so he was certainly hard.  My short bits of hair disappeared when he wiped off the cream and then took me into the bathroom to wash me off and to pee.  "I don't want a mess when I spank you." he explained.

I expected to get the strap but Gary had decided to spank me OTK declaring that this was a childish offense and that I was just a hairless little boy.  I was actually a little taller than he was, but he was stronger and could control me.  He sat in my chair, rather than on the bed like Lori did, and held me across his lap.  I felt so small even before I felt the first spank.  It fucken hurt!  Gary was much stronger than Lori and could spank just like that gorilla Grant could.  Well, not as hard but it was most sufficient to have a real effect on me.  I was soon crying like a baby and totally helpless.  Eventually, he stopped and laid me on my bed.  I lay there crying for a while, quite ashamed of myself.  Just like when Lori spanked me, I was deeply affected because they both were almost three years younger than I.

When I stopped crying, I saw that he was naked and he squirted some stuff on my butt.  At first, I thought that it was that soothing cream but it was not.  Gary soon had his fingers into my butt hole and it had not hurt.  Of course, the rest of my butt was hurting so maybe I did not notice.  "What are you doing?" I asked.

He continued to move his fingers in my hole and I kept getting new feelings that were most nice.  "Well, little Billy-boy, I'm going to take your cherry and you are going to love it even more than you love my fingers in your fuck hole."  I grunted some objections but he was holding me down and, of course, I was feeling most submissive to him because of the spanking.  Also, he was right about my loving it.  "You been wanting this since I humped you in the pond and you held my man cock on the bus.  Now just relax like a good little boy and let daddy do the work."  He was kneeling between my legs and then he leaned forward and removed his fingers.  He quickly replaced them with his hard cock.  He was very gentle and slowly pressed forward.  I tried squeezing, like to force out a turd, but that was counter productive for soon he was all the way into me and lying on my back.  I felt so strange and then he started to thrust in and out and I lost control.  Those feelings of pleasure I had been feeling exploded like a nova and totally enveloped me.  When I had recovered, he had stopped.  After a little while he pulled out of me and I watched him take the condom off.  He was still hard.  I was staring at his manhood noting how it rose up hard from a forest of hair like a tree surrounded by bushes.

It was only a few short minutes later that he was standing before me.  I was on my knees and sucking cock for the first time.  This was also new and I did not know what to do but Gary was patient.  He gave some instructions but mostly just moved my head back and forth.  Suddenly, my mouth was full of something which I learnt was his man-cream.  He made me swallow it and then stepped back.

"You came when I fucked you, Billy-boy, so I know that you loved it.  I promise we'll do this more and you don't have naughty either."  He used the bathroom and then left.  I showered and dressed.  I was out returning the garbage cans when Lori came home.  In response to what happened, I just said: "Gary spanks very hard."

"Yes, I know.  He told us that he had you bawling like a little baby.  I want you to know that I've put him in charge of your discipline and Shad is also authorized to deal with your transgressions."

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a long fight but I got an appointment at the AMG and so did Lori.  It took a while but also Lori really wanted to switch and insisted that since she was in charge of me that she was certainly not a baby to go to the baby doctor.  She even said that I should switch also like the other boys – many younger than I even – had.  Mother, somewhat reluctantly agreed.  We got the paper work, records and stuff and went to the AMG a couple of weeks before school resumed for our checkups.

Mother was really surprised that there were two waiting rooms.  A usual one for parents which was quiet and had old magazines and one for the clients.  That one was noisy with music videos playing on a large screen HDTV and a game console.  Lori and I were delighted even though Shad and Gary had told us about the setup.

We both got the same doctor.  I, of course, wanted a male doctor after all those horrid experiences in the past and Lori, to my surprise, did also.  She pointed out that when we were in elementary school all the teachers were women and now that we were in middle school a few were men but in high school a lot more were male.  Maybe she'll change her mind later but that can be arranged.

We got called without Mother and in little cubicles stripped.  I got a towel with a velcro fastener to put around my middle and a paper robe thing.  Lori got one that was longer to cover her top also.  A polite aide took a lot of measurements before we got to the doctor.  For the first time in my life I was alone with a doctor for an exam.  He was nice but had an unpronounceable name – Dr. Joaquin Pinckney – but said I should call him JP.  He also promised confidentiality explaining something called the doctor-patient relationship except if he needed to get parental permission for something like an operation.  He poked and prodded, peered and listened to all parts of me.  JP even stuck his finger into my butt hole to check my prostate (that I did not even know I had) and explained a whole mess of stuff.  I was delighted for I was finally a person and not a pet.  Even the assistant was nice.  We even talked about sex and he said to stop that horrid cream treatment.

Lori was next and she really surprised me because she wanted me to stay with her.  JP was also surprised but I said it was her idea and so he consented after making me promise to leave immediately if she said to.  Lori got the same nice treatment but with a young lady assistant.  When it was time to check her sex JP asked her again about my staying but she insisted.

We both got dressed and Mother was surprised when we told her we were done.  She had expected to watch everything as in the past.  Lori and I both told her that we were not babies and could speak for ourselves.  She paid the co-pay and we left.  She was unusually quiet on the way home.

I think that I could have gotten free of Lori's control if I had asserted myself but things were good for me this way.  My school work was better, I was in less trouble, Mom was off my case trusting Lori.  I had a great new doctor.  The cream treatments were in the past which was what I really had hated.  When I required a spanking or strapping, Lori now referred me to her male assistants.  Although they did it harder, it was better that I got it from a male.  Even after Lori spanked me a few times, I still did not like it and it was better that she just ordered it.

One thing I was surprised to learn at the doctors was that Lori was a virgin.  Later, when I expressed surprise, she said that she did not feel herself ready for sex.  She did not ask me but I felt that I should tell her that I wasn't (because of Gary) to be totally honest.  I realized that would also mean I would have own up to my own sexuality.  I asked Gary if I could tell about him.  He explained that he liked older – guys and gals. – both and always fucks them.

I gave it a lot of thought and decided to tell Shad as well a Lori at the same time.  The four of us were in the park and we had lots of privacy, so I confessed all.  "I have some stuff to tell you.  When we were  at the doctor's, I learnt an intimate detail about Lori and felt that she should know about me in the same way since we were so open.  Well, Lori, I'm not a virgin and Gary can verify it.  We've had sex!  I sort of slipped into letting Gary seduce me because I subconsciously wanted it.  I'm pretty sure I'm gay.  Gary is bi."  I paused a bit.  "I'm also happy with you guys all being in charge of me.  You keep me out of real trouble and I'm doing well at school.  Thanks."

Lori felt the need to explain that she wasn't sure she was ready for sex yet so she wanted to wait a while and asked Shad to understand. Shad gave her a gentle kiss on the check.  Gary pressed my hand into his crotch and whispered into my ear: "You're my good boy, Billy."  He was absolutely right.

Gary was asked about his other experiences and he explained that he had got a few high schoolers of both sexes.  "They're all so very horny and don't expect a kid my age will do stuff that I get into their pants easily.  The girls tend to be shy and the guys macho but curious enough to bend over.  Once, I got a friend's Mom.  Her husband neglected her and she wanted it ever so bad.  I made her very happy.  They moved shortly after that so it was only once."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. October 14, 2009

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