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The following story is fiction about an abusive big brother who gets his due in spades.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I Lost the Final Battle


I was confused.  A few things were very clear, however.  I was in the corner with my hands on my head, bawling like a toddler even though I was almost seventeen.  I could feel how short my hair was thanks to the barber clippers having been run through my beautiful locks.  My ass was ablaze having been pounded to a pulp with Dad's old fraternity paddle.  My thick wild bush was just a memory for I had been shaved baby smooth.  I hurt both physically and emotionally.

You are probably thinking that I was a naughty, disrespectful boy and whose father had enough of my teen nonsense and decided to punish his son in way that he would never forget.  If so then you are wrong for the folks were away for the long weekend and I was home with just my kid brother whose is only fourteen.

I don't dare move or even speak because Elton is sitting right behind me and has promised (threatened) to use that vicious paddle if I fail to obey the family corner time rules that we had been taught back when we were just little boys in the first grade.

Exactly how I got into this position is not clear to me.  I have been feuding with my kid brother for years and always getting my way because I was older and bigger and stronger.  He has been telling me to back off for a long time but I loved making him crawl whenever we were alone.  What I had failed to consider was that he was growing and thus catching up physically.  Actually, he had surpassed me but never let me see what I did not want to see – until tonight.

After we had eaten, I ordered him to clean up and he snarled back that I could do it myself.  I immediately repeated the order and threatened dire consequences.  That is when he jumped me.  I tried to fight back and put him in his place as I had been doing for many years.  But I failed totally.  He fought like a wildcat and quickly got me into a painful submission hold from which I could not escape.© YLeeCoyote

I tried to resist but the pain was too great.  He demanded my total surrender.  I tried begging for mercy but he just laughed reminding me how mean I always was.  He was even able to moderate the level of pain he was inflicting to impress me with how he had total control and I soon yielded.  He reminded me he could cause me great pain if I tried anything foolish like going back on my surrender and my promise of absolute obedience to him.

He released his monstrous hold and got me standing so he could strip me to my birthday suit.  I was scared for he was very angry.  He shoved me over the end of the couch and then started WHACKING my ass with that heavy paddle.  I tried not to scream but after a few pops I was in agony and could not help it.  I lost count before twenty pops as I was bawling by that time as he turned my tail into a nova and the center of pain for the universe.

I don't really recall the details but I was on my knees and he was clipping my hair with the barber clippers that Mom used on us when we were little boys.  "We'll get you a proper hair cut tomorrow." he said as he removed my beautiful hair.  Then he had me stand and ran the clipper through my pubes.  The only difference was he left an inch of hair on my head and just stubble on my pubis.

He pushed me over the couch armrest again only this time face up.  He got my crotch wet and covered with shaving cream which he carefully removed with a razor.  Of course, that meant the stubble left by the clippers was now gone.  I was as smooth and hairless as a baby.

Throughout all this I was totally helpless and he could have done anything he wanted to me.  He had fought me and totally conquered me.  He had taken control and I did not dare to resist.  Soon after I went to bed as he commanded.

* * * * * * * * * *

I guess things started several years ago when I hit (or should I say got whacked by) puberty.  It made wondrous changes in me and I quickly started feeling like a man because I got hair down there and my thing grew.  I suppose that is all very normal but it encouraged me to be mean and nasty to my two-and-half-year younger brother for he was nowhere near these wonderful changes and, as I now understand, made his life miserable.  It got easier to dominate him as I grew stronger as well as growing faster.

Initially, we were never alone so I had to restrain myself but then the folks agreed we did not need a babysitter and, most fantastically, that I was in charge.  I quickly made sure that Elton would not only obey me but get over my lap for spanking so that I would not report his 'misdeeds' to the folks for which he would get spanked.

Of course, I teased him mercilessly that he did not have pubic hair although he was much younger than I.  I had to stop that for he quickly caught up to me in that regard within a year.  I should have seen the warning signs but I did not since my eyes were fogged by meanness.  I had great fun ordering him about to do silly chores, go to bed early and – best of all – get over my lap for a spanking.

Shamefully, in short, I was a mean, nasty, abusive, terrible big brother!

* * * * * * * * * *

The intensive retraining started the next day.  Elton was super strict and made me review the past in gory detail so that I would see how I had mistreated him.  When I was slow to understand, he demonstrated what I had done and to reinforce the lesson took me over his lap for a hard spanking.  Since my butt was still tender from the paddling, his simple hand spanks sent me a message neatly wrapped up in pain.

I quickly learnt that not only was I mean bully but also immature for I had been acting like a little kid.  I was being put through the wringer and Elton was relentless.  He even made me write an essay about how terrible and unfair I had been including the wrongs and injustices that I committed as we had a long discussion.  I say a discussion but it was more like a lecture.

When I showed him what I had written, he rejected it that it was very incomplete.  It was worse than doing an essay for English class.  He just insisted on a few additions the second time.  "There is not any excuse for all these misspelt words." he said he would 'charge' me a stroke from my own heavy leather belt each.  Those twenty-three cuts really made my ass cry and I had to thank him for each and everyone one.

We had dinner and I did the cleanup.  I guess that normal since he is in charge.  We watched a movie and then went to bed.  For the second night in a row I slept prone.  I had a lot of time to think because I hurt so much so that sleep did come easily.

* * * * * * * * * *

I suppose that it was not much of a surprise that he insisted I yield my status as big brother to him since I was not qualified to be the leader.  In short he was now in charge and was even to set the rules for me.  By this time it also seemed very logical and proper.  Elton decided that since I was cooperating that we would go to the local strip mall with the first thing on the agenda the barber.  "We can't have my brother looking like he lost a fight with a hedge clipper." he explained.

It turned out that he had planned this.  If I had been uncooperative, he would have given me a buzz cut but now I could have any sort of cut, such as a flat top or crew cut.  Although not in fashion, at least it would be a professional cut so I would not be a laughing stock.

The other stop was to get me underwear.  I had lost the right to cool, fashionable boxers and was put back into tightie-whities.  He did give me a choice of some with cartoons characters but I declined those.

For a while when we were at home he made me practice being obedient.  By doing silly things that he ordered.  One was not so silly and that was to get over his lap for a spanking.  Elton did not spank me then (fortunately) but made me get used to the process of losing my pants and laying over his lap.

We had dinner with the folks but we had swapped our customary seats at the dinner table.  I had to explain that we had discussed a lot of stuff and worked out that Elton should be the brother-in-charge for he was far more mature and even manly.

The folks were surprised but accepted it.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 9, 2017

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