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This story is set in a amalgam of Nialos Leaning universes.  Here boys are subservient and required to be respectful to girls and adults.  Also, are they are not allowed to be [falsely] modest so that they are often naked and may be used (i.e., molested) by girls.  There is also "the little orange pill" which the boys take from the starting of puberty which suppresses the growth of all body hair until they reach majority age.  This encourages a "I'm just a little boy" feeling as well as reducing aggressiveness.  The objective is to "socialize" them.  Boys don't like these rules.  But – are there exceptions?  The story contains scenes of young femdom, spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Narrator (15) who likes way things are
His cousin (12) who is in charge doing the summer
His aggressive cousin (13½) who doesn't like status quo
The nice girl (12) he meets on the bus trip
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I Meet a Nice Young Lady


I'm Teddy and I live in a rural community on a small farm.  Since Dad's accident we only raise chickens and a small vegetable garden, mostly for our own needs, and we get by on what we can sell and the disability check.  Aunt Kris, really just Mom's very close friend but that's what I call her, also lives with us.  I'm fifteen (well, almost as my birthday is next month).  Mom and Aunt Kiss do take good care of me but they are very busy with the chickens so that things like bathing me are done quickly.  Sure they get me clean but they don't linger like those lucky boys who have sisters who give them lots of TLC.  Unless it is cold or I'm going to town I don't wear clothes.  It's great to be so free.  When I'm more than a furlong from the house, I'm allowed to do #1 right in the field and that is so easy without any clothes on.  Mom is very glad that I'm not modest and am happy naked.  I also take the 'little orange pill' so I don't have any body hair so it is OK to be naked publicly.

Since we live so far from the town, the school bus trip takes a long time so I'm only required to do chores on the weekend and then only after Mom has checked that I've done my homework properly.  I try to do studying and reading on the bus trip.  Sometimes one of the nice girls, will make the other boys leave me alone.  Just a few weeks ago, Lara spanked a few of them right there on the bus – after she confiscated their jeans and tighty-whities.  She used her wide hairbrush and turned their bottoms bright red.  Micky yelled very loud and then cried even though he brags about how tough he is.  I was very careful not to laugh at him some of the others did as that would make him even angrier at me.  At school everyone saw their bare red bottoms all day.

Of course, in school the class and hall monitors are girls and they each carry either a hairbrush, a little paddle or a strap to be able to immediately punish any of us boys who get out of line.  It is in the locker room that I can see how much they use those things because we all have to get naked to shower and change.  Our gym uniforms are just jock straps because they tell us that when we run about so much we should do like it says in the Bible and gird up our loins.  The straps really frame a boy's bottom nicely so one can really tell who been spanked.

We boys are extra carful in the locker room because our bottoms are all exposed and the girls monitors are most generous with WHACKS.  Also, there in the locker room, they all have paddles.  I think that the strictest girls are the locker room monitors because that is where they give the most and hardest whacks.

Anyway, this past summer Mom decided on a special treat for me.  I would visit my cousins who live with their parents, my Aunt Ronda and Uncle Mark, for two whole months.  My cousin Rose is three years younger than me and her brother, Eric, is a year younger.  For the summer they have a little house near a lake in a summer community so that the water is just a short walk away.  The plan was that I would be trusted to make the long bus trip by myself.  I would ride the bus which comes through the town twice a week for three hours and then change for the one to the lake for another three hours.  My Aunt Ronda would pick me up at the bus station.  On the day of the trip Mom made me several sandwiches and I had milk and water to drink.  I was, as you would expect, most thrilled to be making such a long trip by myself.© YLeeCoyote

It turned out that I did not make the entire trip by myself.  Out on the highway Mom flagged down the bus.  She explained to the driver that I was a boy alone, my travel plans and asked that I be watched for the transfer.  The driver smiled and said that I was a very lucky boy for just in town he had picked up a young lady who had the same itinerary.  Mother was delighted as Patricia agreed to look after me.  My dreams of a solo trip were shattered by the Fates before I even stepped onto the bus as I promised Mother to obey Patricia who was just twelve.

While the driver stowed my bag in the luggage compartment, Patricia, my travel packet (ticket and info) in her hand, directed me to a seat and sat next to me.  I was afraid that she would be like one of those strict locker room monitors but she turned out to be very nice like one of loving sisters I imagine who give their brothers a lot of TLC.  As a bonus, she was very pretty and I liked her body although I did my best not to stare at it.  I don't feel this way about the girls at school but maybe that is because I see them so much.  Next year Patricia will be in the same school as me.  She looked so soft and delicate I wanted to touch and caress her but I knew to do that was very, very wrong so I put my hands under my thighs so I wouldn't be naughty.  After all, I had promised Mom that I would be a very good boy for the whole summer including the bus trips.

Patricia noticed that I did this and asked why.  Since I'm not allowed to lie – especially to a girl in charge of me – I explained.  She said I had done the right thing and I should keep them there until she told me otherwise.  "Yes, Ma'am." I replied immediately acknowledging her proper authority as a girl even though she was younger.  She said that it was good that I was showing self-control and she often helped her brothers practice self-control.  She was very generous and said that she would help me practice self-control also.  It was sort of a game.  She would touch me but I was not to move.

"My brothers have gotten very good at this and I can touch them all over for a very long time.  Of course, they know that I will reward them if they keep control and spank them if they don't." Patricia explained.  Then she caressed my cheek.  I got shivers up my back and had to struggle not to move.  I had no idea what the rewards might be if I passed her test but I knew that she would spank me if I did not.  She was very nice and always gave me some time to recover from each touch.  It was a fun game being play with by a girl especially since she was so nice.  It was not long before she unbuttoned my shirt and caressed my chest and then even my little chest bumps.  That was very hard to take since it was pleasant and never happened before.

"Please," I begged, "I need a rest, Ma'am." I said whining.  She smiled and agreed but then placed her hand right on top of my privates. "This is the rest position."  Of course, both Mom and Aunt handled me there when they bathed me and sometimes I was touched by the girls at school but this was very different because she was ever so gentle.  It was also very exciting.  After a few minutes, she said it was time to eat lunch so we did.  It was almost a surprise that we got to the city bus terminal where we were to change shortly after.

I was quite glad that Patricia was there with me as I did not have to worry about any nasty people.  Mom had instructed me to quickly move to the waiting area for the other bus where it was safest.  We sat there for a while continuing to talk until it was almost time to get our bus and then we went to the restroom.  Patricia insisted that we go in a family room together.  Once inside she immediately opened my trousers saying that she was going to help me pee-pee.  I was surprised, but Mom had told me to expect that from my cousin Rose so I did as she ordered.  Back home it rarely happened because of the lack of time and at school the girls usually 'help' the boys with the bigger pee-pees.  When I was finished she made sure that I wouldn't drip and then sat on the bench.  "I'm going to spank you, boy." she said and pulled me across her lap.  I did not know why but it turned out that she was just playing with me for she only spanked me gently with her hand.  It was fun.  Then I stood in the corner with my eyes closed to respect her privacy while she tended to her own needs.

We sat together on the bus for the rest of the trip.  We watched the scenery a lot, talked and also played the control game again.  It was a lot easier now since she had handled my pee-pee in the restroom.  This time she not only opened my shirt but also my pants so that she could hold my privates.  After a while I really got use to it just like when Mom bathed me and carefully washed my pee-pee.  At school they teach us that we boys should not have any false modesty nor do we need privacy like the girls do and now I was being to get a new understanding of it.  But it was very different than when Mom handled me for she was holding on to me like one holds a toddler or a dog's leash.  It was sort of like when a girl and a boy date and hold hands but this way it was all her choice although I was happy with it.  I wished that I had met her or another girl like years earlier.

When we got to out common destination, Patricia stayed with me until Aunt Ronda found me.  She was pleased when Patricia reported that I had been a very good boy on the trip.  Patricia took Aunt Ronda's phone number and promised to call.  She was also picked up and was going to be in the same neighborhood.

* * * * * * * * * *

When we go to my summer home, I greeted my cousins and learnt that I would share a bed with Eric.  It certainly was not a surprise that Rose was in charge of us.  She started right away making sure that I unpacked my bag and put everything into the one drawer that I was allotted.

It was soon bath and bedtime.  When Rose said it, Eric was slow to follow like he did not like it at all but I was excited.  I hoped that Rose would be as nice as Patricia in the way she dealt with me – with lots of TLC.  I was about to find out.  I was a little apprehensive when Eric was grumbling that he was old enough to bathe himself as we undressed and put our clothes in the laundry basket.  Even though he was younger and smaller than me, he was more muscular and his pee-pee seemed bigger at least when it was soft.

Rose preferred the shower hose method and was most experienced since she had been bathing Eric for a long time.  She told me to watch and warned Eric that he'll get a double spanking for the double infraction of not cooperating and showing me the wrong thing if he did not cooperate fully.  Rose alternated between the two of us – first doing a section of Eric and then the same section of me.  She was much more gentle than Mom or Aunt Kris.  There really's not much to say about how she did most of us but some parts were interesting.  I was fascinated when Eric got on his knees and put his head way down so that Rose could do his bottom crack.  This day she was pleased and complimented him that he had wiped himself properly.  Then he had to kneel facing her so she could do his privates.  He got hard for this but Rose did not say anything and I saw that he was bigger hard than I was also.  I got the same treatment and also got hard.  After we were rinsed off, we got dried.  We pee-peed together for Rose who then tucked us into bed.

Overall, I liked what happed.  Rose had the time to make me feel good getting a bath and being put to bed.  Eric and I shared a regular size bed since that was the way the house was furnished.  It was nice that it gave us an opportunity to talk privately as long as we were very quiet about it.  I quickly learnt that Eric wanted to be independent (like a girl) like many of the boys I knew at home.  I was feeling very good because both Patricia and Rose had treated me very nicely all that day.  Eric agreed that he would have liked to have been with Patricia and said he would have gotten hard for her and maybe she would have made him come.  He had to explain what that meant to me.

Over the few days the pattern became quite clear.  The beach was divided into four sections: little kids, middles, big kids and the adults.  The little kids were under about ten years and all the boys were naked and so were the younger of the little girls.  The big kids (those out of high school) and adults all wore bathing suits just like they were dressed the rest of the time.  The middles, like me, were very mixed.  The girls all wore bathing suits while only the biggest boys did.  This rule was not strict and Eric had negotiated with Rose that he was allowed to wear a brief style suit as long as he behaved.  If he earned a spanking which could be from his sister or any other girl, he lost his suit for the rest of the day.  He hates being naked even more than being spanked and Rose would always send him for something after he was spanked so that everyone would see him walking about naked.  On the other hand, I was happy to be naked like I was back home in our fields.

After a few days I noticed that Eric some had hair above his pee-pee.  It was very short like Dad's beard in the evening (although much less dense).  Also, that he did not take the little orange pill like I did every morning.  The LOP prevented boys from growing that extra hair below the neck but Eric was allergic to it so Rose shaved him about once a week when she was giving him his bath.  Of course, I was in the tub also, so I watched.  Right after she washed his privates, she would put some shaving foam on the area and then use a safety razor to remove the errant growth.  Eric hated it and I felt that the pill was a much better method.

It was the third night that we were together that we had sex.  Even though he was younger and smaller than I, he was stronger and more aggressive.  We had played with each other's pee-pees a bit and then he pushed me over onto my front and got on top like we were wresting.  I did not know what to expect even though I could feel his hard thingy pressing at my bottom crack.  Then he pressed hard on my bottom hole and it hurt.  He bit my neck and that hurt even more and suddenly he was inside of my bottom hole.  He told me to relax and it would stop hurting and he was right.  I had to do as he said because he had a very tight grip on me and forced my face into the pillow when I tried to yell.  Then he started to thrust in and out and I was very surprised that I felt very good inside and my pee-pee got hard and I made a mess.  I was glad that Eric promised that he would do it as often as he could since it made me feel so wonderful.

In the morning Rose noticed the mess I made and Eric explained: "Teddy-boy came while I was f***ing him."  Sorry about the naughty word but that what he said – really.  Rose smiled and that it was fine but not to make a mess again.  He did keep his word and put his thingy in me almost every night but we used a small towel so I wouldn't make a wet mess in the bed again.

Eric did not like to be naked but Rose insisted that he not get dressed until after breakfast just like when school was on.  Since I liked not wearing clothes she allowed me to be naked most of the time.  When she had her friends over, they always examined me.  Rose also was very interested in the self-control game that Patricia played with me on the bus.  I was better at it than Eric was especially when Rose played.  Sometimes Rose's friends played it with us.  I guess that I should mention that Patricia and Rose became friends so I saw a lot of her during the summer.  Excuse me, I should say that actually she saw a lot of me while I just saw her.

There were a few times that I was naughty and Rose spanked me.  She wasn't being mean or anything like some of the girls at school but, regrettably, I deserved it.  If there was a chair available, Rose would sit in it and take me over her lap.  Somehow she always had her hairbrush to use.  A couple of times, I was only a little naughty and she only gave me ten whacks which hurt and turned my bottom bright red before she parked me in the corner for a while.  Once I was very naughty and she really gave it to me good.  After the first ten she said I was ready to get well-spanked and then she gave me a second set of ten.  Before she was half-way through I was sobbing and fully crying by the end of the twenty.  But that was not the end of it, for I got a third set of ten which had me bawling like a little boy and I could not sit for three days.

Eventually, the summer came to an end and it was time to go back home.  Mom coordinated my schedule with Patricia's so we would travel together on the long trip.  I thought that this was a better idea than travailing alone.  I especially looked forward to playing the self-control game with her on the long trip.

Now that I'm back home, I'm looking forward to school restarting because Patricia will be there.  I like her a lot.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. February 17, 2010

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