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The following story is fiction about a teen spanking his older brother and friend.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I Wish It Had Been Dad


I was alone in the house.  The 'rents had gone out to visit friends and my kid brother had gone to the game.  I was naked standing in the corner of my room.  It wasn't because I had been spanked like the hundreds of times I had stood here before and was required to think about my misdeeds that had earned me a hot red tail.  The last time that had happened was a year ago when I was thirteen.

I was here because I put myself here to think about stuff.  Stuff that I should not have done.  Stuff that I knew was to wrong to do even before I did it and was still the wrong thing to do now.  The 'rents and even school had talked about how being an adolescent was difficult and complex.  I now believed it.  It was terribly difficult with high school, puberty, cliques and my kid brother who constantly challenged me.

A couple of years ago it would have been very easy.  My folks would have heard about my misconduct and taken action.  Dad would have sent me to my room to stand naked in this very corner and then he would have come up for a talk with me.  Yes, really talk about what I did that I should have or didn't do something I should have.  Then I would have gone over his lap and he would have given me a good spanking.  I was expected to learn my lesson and the incident was allowed to fade away like the cliché "A spanking wipes the slate clean."  Things were simpler when I was younger.  I certainly could not spank myself.  I suppose I could ground myself but that certainly would led to a lot of questions and require two or three weeks of extreme willpower.

I guess that I could just ask Dad to deal with me.  He surely would but probably ground me which is not nice at all.  Actually, what I need is a spanking – a good hard butt roasting.  But that would essentially mean that I was confessing that I was not as grown up as I claimed.

I suppose that I could resolve never to do it again which is what spankings and groundings are meant to do but that probably wouldn't work very well.© YLeeCoyote


My thoughts were suddenly interrupted.  "You need some color in your checks.  Dad's not due back for another four hours.  That's a long time to be standing there with your butt hanging out?"

Of course I recognized the voice.  It was that of my kid brother Jerel who was sitting crossed-legged on his bed.  "What the fuck are you doing home?" I asked as I turned around to face him.

"The refrig unit failed so no ice and no game.  Cute little bush you got although it looks like an inverted mustache." he answered.  "Did Dad put you in the corner?"

"NO!  I was just trying to work something out."

Jerel paused for a quick think and then said: "It wouldn't be about that stupid shit you pulled last week that Dad has not heard about yet?"

I stood frozen for he had guessed exactly what I was worried about.

My brother snickered and smiled.  "That's a lovely shade of pink, Brother, and uniform from head to toe including your shrunken dicky."  We just stared at each other in silence for a bit and then he spoke again.  "Well, if you want or need a spanking all you have to do is ask.  You're my brother and I'll help you.  It is my brotherly duty." he said with a smirk.

I was surprised by his behavior.  No pictures and no ridicule and an offer of help.  Maybe he's not the dummy I usually think he is.  I parked myself on my own bed and asked: "Help?  What can you do?"

He just stared at me for a while.  "I can listen.  Maybe I can give you what you need when we figure it out."  I was silent so after a bit he added.  "You haven't decided to talk with Dad or you wouldn't have put yourself in the corner naked.  You haven't decided to talk to your best friends or you would have.  Beside if you have you would have told me to piss off."  He was right – again.  Then suddenly he said to stand up and as I did so did he.  He took two steps and gave me a great big hug.  "How can I help?" he asked.

I sat back down on my bed and he sat next to me and put his arm about me.  Strangely it was comforting just like Dad's was when did after he had spanked us.

"You did wrong, Robin, didn't you?" he said and I just nodded in agreement.

"When you do wrong you need a spanking, Robin."  Again I nodded.

"That's why you've been standing in the corner thinking, isn't it?"

"Yes." I blurted out before I realized it.  Jerel is only a year younger than I am and almost as big.  He just pushed and pulled me over his lap.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I exclaimed surprised.

"Exactly what you just agreed to."  He guided me into a good position.  "You been a naughty little boy who has earned a spanking, Robin.  Right?"

"Yes Sir." I said suddenly feeling like a naked little boy over his daddy's lap.

He started to spank me immediately with his hand.  It wasn't as hard as Dad's last hand spanking because he was smaller and weaker but he was most enthusiastic so I felt it.  He also kept at it longer than Dad had so I slipped even deeper into that mind set Dad easily got me into – a naughty little boy getting his well deserved spanking.  I always cried for Dad and now I was unable to hold back the tears.

He stopped spanking at some point for I realized that he was just hugging me as I stopped sobbing.  "We not going to have you do any more of that nonsense, are we Robin?" he asked.

"No Sir." I answered chastised.  I got dressed and we did not speak of this and the universe continued unperturbed.

* * * * * * * * * *

It has been a couple of weeks since I spanked Robin.  I rate it as one of the highlights of my almost thirteen years existence in this world.  Not only was it great fun but it was fantastically exciting and Robin has treated me differently.  It is not anything he has said but more of what he has not said for those little nasty comments have just stopped.  Life is much nicer now that he doesn't think of me a his little baby brother.  Actually, that I spanked him should not have been the turning point because for months before I have been maturing physically almost as much as he was even though he is a year older.

I think he is a little a shamed that I spanked him for real (rather than in play) and he has never done that to me.  We have not discussed this at all in anyway.  You probably would not be surprised to hear that I would love to do it again.  I didn't really expect that he would ask or let me do it again, but I planned to be ready if he did.  However, I did get to do it again.

I got home from school one day last week and there was racket coming from our room.  He had the music basting – again – and I would have to do my homework downstairs.  Nothing special.  What was special was what he and his friend Shad were doing.  They were smoking MJ.  I know it was pot because they invited me to join them.

I was outraged.  A few months ago we had a long discussion with the 'rents and we had both promised not to use the drug and report the other if he did.  We were convinced that it was actually harmful as well as illegal.  Once I confronted him  he very quickly agreed to stop in order to honor his promise and accept a good hard butt strapping for my not telling.  I guess that the other spanking had made a difference because my big but extremely naughty brother did not fight back but actually agreed right away.

Shad was a complication.  He really couldn't believe the deal that Robin agreed to.  He was going to leave but I invited him to stay and see how my brother regains his honor because of how you lured him into breaking his word.  "You can watch how I roast his tail because of your corrupting influence.  And then you can console him and beg your best friend's forgiveness for getting away scot-free."  That made him turn green (well sort of).  I should mention that our friends' parents and ours all had reciprocal agreements about spanking friends so if Dad had caught them Shad would automatically get the same as Robin.

Shad was outraged.  "I will not desert my best friend." he shouted.  "We do everything together."

"Go dump the pot in the toilet and then come back and strip.  And don't forget to flush."  As they stripped, I considered what I should use to roast their asses.  Shad's belt caught my eye – it was a nice wide and heavy garrison belt of thick leather.  I pulled it out of his jeans and told them to get into position bent over the bed.

* * * * * * * * * *

I couldn't believe what was happening.  I had been hanging with my buddy Robin enjoying some weed when his kid brother showed up.  The goody-goody actually lectured us and made Robin stop smoking and even agree to get strapped for breaking his word.  Now Robin had told me how Jerel had spanked him a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't sure it had happened.  Now I was certain that it had.

But Jerel had presented me with problem of my own.  He said that I should watch how he straps his brother and then beg his forgiveness for letting him take the rap by himself.  That certainly would be dishonorable.  Jerel was right about that even though my rules were not exactly the same as Robin's.  I guess I could have confessed up to my parents but they would tell his parents and Robin obviously did not want to do that.  This was not a nice position to be in.  It simply boiled down to giving my ass to Jerel or being a rat.  As terrible as the first was it was better than the other.

So after we flushed the pot away Robin and I were stripped down so his kid brother could beat our tails.  Jerel even pulled my leather belt from my jeans to use.  That felt like it added insult to injury but I guess he was being practical.  Once we were naked, we lay on Robin's bed a ​couple of feet​ (​half a meter​) apart atop some pillows.  This position would not have been strange at home although it would have been my father standing behind me with his belt in his hand to beat my ass.  But Jerel was only a kid a year younger than us.

"I'll alternate between you two and don't get up until I say to.  Robin will be first." Jerel announced.  He then stepped into position, raised the belt and swung.  It sounded hard from the way it struck and that was confirmed by Robin's yell.  Jerel moved to me and swung the belt again.  I was right – it was hard and it hurt to match.  I howled like my buddy.  He meant business.  It may have been a bit easier than my dad wielding it but it was sufficient for me to know I was being strapped good and proper.

After a few more hard whacks I was hoping that he would follow the English idea of six-of-the-best but that was clearly not the case as he was soon well passed that.  Maybe ten, I mussed.  A dozen perhaps?  No.  He went back and forth until he had (as promised) roasted our tails with a full fourteen hard whacks from my heavy leather belt.  Than he ordered us into the corners.  I took the corner that Jerel usually used when he was getting it.  Fifteen minutes later when the fire in my butt had settled down a little, Jerel told us both that we could dress.  Of course, we compared how our tails were glowing when we washed up first.

I have to give him credit for really roasting my butt for Father could not have done a better job.  I think I will think twice before trying pot again.

* * * * * * * * * *

The universe did not disappear after Jerel spanked me and strapped me and my buddy but it has changed.  I definitely respect Jerel more as he proved himself to be at least as grown up as I.  I do think that he is more confident and assertive than before.  There has not been any talk about his spanking me so he not talked about it.  Of course neither Shad nor I have told anyone for we think our friends will laugh at us.

I haven't any doubt that a couple of months ago if you had asked me if my kid brother should spank me and if he did that it would do me good I would have instantly given you a very emphatic "NO!"  Now, to be honest with you as well as myself, I would have to say "Probably." or even "I'm afraid it has." and drop my head a bit shamefully.

At night I look over at Jerel sleeping peacefully in his bed and I think about his spanking me again.  Perhaps even with our parents knowing and approving.

It makes me nervous.

It also is calming.

It is very confusing!

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. November 27, 2014

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