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The following story is fiction about man and a youth.  The story contains scenes of domestic strappings.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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If You Get It At School…


After she died all they had were each other.  The motherless youth and the widower man got along very well.  They both missed her greatly but life must go on.  She was the influence that drove both of them to work hard.  They both wanted to fulfill her dreams of her son graduating from high school as neither she nor the man had.

Their lives were pretty regular as five mornings a week they got up, had breakfast and went off to school and work.  When they returned, it was chores, homework, dinner and bed for both of them.  Money was tight as the man's job was low level but they got along even managing a few extras after the absolute needs had been accounted for.

The youth had the extra motivation of strict discipline.  Although it was not often he did misbehave at times and felt his father's belt on his bare butt.  It was their custom and he did not resist nor resent his father when his ass was turned into red-hot pain center any more than that the grass grew and needed to be cut or that the dishes needed to be washed.  It was simply just part of life.

The last time was pretty typical.  When the man returned home that day, the youth was behind in his chores and his homework.  Most noticeably the punishment strap was on the table.  After the man had changed from his work clothes and washed up, the youth explained that he had a detention at school.  He then handed the strap to his dad, dropped his pants and leaned over a chair as was the protocol.  The man raised and lowered the strap the usual six times.  He swung hard and the youth's butt quickly showed stripes which blended into one red mass.  The youth gripped the chair tightly so as not to move and clenched his teeth on a rag so as not to yell.  The strapping was hard as expected yet the youth was determined to "take it like a man" neither moving nor yelling like a boy.

When it was over, the youth stood up and pulled up his pants.  "Thank you, Father.  I shall do my best not to err again."  Then after a long hug he took the strap and hung back in the cupboard.  They went on with their lives without further discussion.  They had had this discussion in the past and their was not any need to repeat it.© YLeeCoyote

* * * * * * * * * *

It was Friday – payday for the man.  The youth had prepared the papers for the money allocation both for the necessary bill paying and daily cash needs.  Once they had worked all that out, on Saturday morning they would visit their creditors and pay up.  In good weeks they would even be able to make a deposit into their bank account.  It was practically sacrilegious to make a withdrawal other than for some preplanned, large expenditure.  Except for actually having a bank account, the procedure was the same as that of Katrina Hansen's family in "I Remember Mama" a half century earlier.

This was a good week for the pay envelope contained more money than was required to pay off the current bills and thus even make a small deposit into the account.  They were both proud that they had a positive cash flow due too slightly better than usual earnings and lower expenditures.  It was the extra slip in the pay envelope that was most unfortunate.

The man had managed to have some trouble on the job and the slip was a one-day without pay suspension notice.  It would take several weeks to make up for the loss even if they were both extra fugal.  They finished up the task, clearing the table and putting everything away until the morning.

The youth asked a simple question.  "Does this mean that you are being punished at work?"  The man, admitted that it did.  Then the youth got the strap from the cupboard.  The man was puzzled.

The youth explained.  "When I get punished at my job – school, I get strapped when I get home.  Is this any different?"

The man did not have an answer.

"Position, please, Father." said the youth respectfully as he folded the strap.

The man could only do one thing.  He got up and pulled the chair into position.  He dropped his pants and bent over gripping the rail tightly.  He had not done this for a couple of decades since he was a youth in his father's house.

With some trepidation the youth got into the swinging position and started.  He swung the strap hard, just as his father and grandfather had done when they swung it.  It made a fearsome sound as it connected with the target butt and left a wide, red stripe.  After six cuts the target was bright red and the stripes had merged into one red mass covering the man's butt.

The man got up and dressed as the youth returned the strap to the cupboard.  They hugged for a long time before they had dinner.  "Maybe you can get a pickup job on Monday, Dad?" the youth observed.

"Perhaps – if I'm lucky."

The next day, the man modified the youth's rules by striking out the one that said: "If you get it at school, then you get it again at home." now understanding that it was most unfair and double punishment.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. September 24, 2010

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