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The following story is fiction about some codgers using old-fashion CP to teach boys a lesson with disastrous results.  The story contains scenes of spanking and strapping.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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The Ignoble Defeat of the Trident Corps


The house had a fancy formal name but no one ever thought of it that way for it was simply the Old Codgers' House.  A dozen or so old men lived there glad that they were not constantly besieged by horny, gold digging, … er … females.  They amused each other with their constant recounting of tales of their great deeds and the like.  These included boasting of great misdeeds for which their then youthful tails were soundly roasted.  It seemed that none of them could remember ever crying and each had always taken the brutal CP stoically like a real man.

They were, for the most part, quite happy and did not notice that the town folks ignored them except for an occasional visit by a relative.  There was one annoyance, however, for the Old Codgers' House was right next to a city park.  The town's youth often played very noisy games making it hard for weak old ears to hear the often repeated tails.  This got them to complain and recall how they had been chastised for such disrespectful behavior.

I was just fourteen when I got the worst beating for just playing ball.  When I got home, Dad was waiting for me.  It seems like Old Lady Nosy had called and complained about all the noise the guys had been making.  Not only was Dad waiting but so was his best buddy – the DREADED STRAP.

I didn't even get a chance to explain before he grabbed my ear and dragged me out to the woodshed.  "Drop 'em, boy." he barked.

I did not dare to do anything else and with all possible haste to obey otherwise that meant getting dreaded extras.  I immediately assumed the position holding tightly to the support column so I wouldn't move.  "Ready Sir." I said and clenching my teeth in anticipation of the pain.© YLeeCoyote

I did not have to wait more than a couple of seconds before that wicked, heavy strap crashed landed on my tender butt.  The pain was immense and I had to grit my teeth not to cry out like a baby.

Over and over the heavy strap kissed my butt sending wave after wave of pain throughout my body.  I lost track but I guessed that it was fourteen cuts to match my age by the time Dad walked away leaving me alone with my misery.  I was proud that I had not screamed and had taken it like a REAL MAN.

After a bit I stopped rubbing and pulled up my pants.  I hurt for over a week!

Since the other guys had also gotten it, we learnt to be quiet.

"These young whippersnappers need to be taught some manners like I was." he finished up.

Another codger quickly chimed in.  "Same thing happened to me.  I couldn't sit properly for days.  I absolutely agree that we should teach these kids some manners.  Kids run wild these days and they need discipline."

They held meetings.  Things took longer than they expected because of several doctors' appointments and one nasty arthritic flare up.  But they were satisfied with their plan.  The called their group The Trident Corps.  The leader made himself a captain and his two main followers lieutenants even though none had ever achieved even the rank of corporal in the peace time army they served in.

All that was left was to wait for another noisy (that is redundant, of course) game.  That happened soon enough but they did not agree on why to wait for the next one since they all found excuses instead of acknowledging the true reason – the players were all bigger, stronger, older teens.

The game was terribly noisy disturbing the world.  The boys were the right age and size.  They waited until it was over and a few of the boys headed home on Limping Lane – the pathway that went past the Old Codger's House.  The Trident Corps executed their ambush plan and when a group of unsuspecting boys approached, they attacked with much screaming.

The surprised and confused boys scattered quickly.  Even though tired from playing a hard game, they easily out ran the elderly men of the Corps.  Thirteen-year-old Mickey was the unlucky one who was actually captured because he tripped.  His buddies did not realize that he had been taken by the crazy old codgers for a while as they found each other.  They weren't sure what to do.

One called his big brother, Tyson, for advice.  "Old guys on Limping Lane you say. … Interesting. … I'll be there in a few minutes.  From a safe distance see what you can through the windows." was the response.

When Tyson and his buddies got there, the younger boys had already spotted their friend in the common room on the main floor.  "Great work, guys." said Tyson as they all barged into the Old Codgers' House.  Their sheer numbers intimated all in their path.

The scene in the common room was a great shock.  They saw the kidnap victim bent over the end of a couch naked from the waist down.  There was evidence in the form of two red stripes on his behind that the leather strap they saw being swung had already struck him twice before.  They all heard the third cut connect with the target immediately followed by Mickey's yell of pain.

The three young, strong, agile older teens had no problem quickly putting a stop to the violence.  The strap wielder could not escape the arm wrapped about his neck while his wrist was pressed hard up his back to his neck.  The two lieutenants who had been holding Mickey down were now restrained.  The couple or three other Corps guys quickly backed down.  The main three were whining like babies.  The man who had been brandishing a heavy walking stick like it was a shillelagh was easily disarmed and could not get out of the chair he was shoved into.  A walker and its owner were on opposite sides of the room.

Once he had gotten his pants back on, Mickey recounted how he had been dragged from the Lane, stripped and beaten with a strap by that perverted old man with the captain's bars and held down by the two with lieutenant's bars.

Since the three officers being restrained had stopped struggling, they were released and ordered to stay still.  "This is a very serious matter.  You have committed many crimes including KIDNAPING, ASSAULT, BATTERY, CHILD MOLESTATION at the very least.  These are felonies with serious jail time and not mere misdemeanors."  said Tyson very seriously.  "You are far too old to play soldier."

"We were just spanking the boy for making so much noise." said the strap wielder.

"You are CRIMINALS and are going to be guests of the state for a long time."

All of the Trident Corps looked horrified when confronted with the unpleasant reality that Tyson spoke of.  After a long pregnant pause, the leader spoke.  "That was not our intent and proceed to explain the complete plan.  Perhaps there is another way?"

"Perhaps … but you need to be punished." said Tyson.  The Corps members just stared at him not knowing where he was heading. «What could 'punish' mean?» they all wondered.

"First of all, you must disband the Trident Corps forever."  The captain quickly agreed.

"Second, you must each write sincere apologies to these young men and a separate one for Mickey who you assaulted so harshly."  Again the captain readily agreed.

"Finally, since you are a batch of very naughty boys – you shall be soundly spanked." said Tyson.  The captain was hesitant for this.  Tyson continued: "Well if you don't agree, we'll call the police and tell them to come and collect six felons.  Then the criminal court will handle it."

"We accept." said the captain softly looking at the floor.

Tyson concurred with his buddies and announced: "You each get a bare bottom OTK spanking.  We think you are too fragile for the strap."  The three powerful older teens sat and each lowered the pants and underpants of one of the Trident Corps officers and pulled them over their laps.

With three spankers the noise was soon deafening as spank after spank landed on target.  It was not long before there were howls of pain soon followed by pleads and promises.  The stoic youths of the past were long gone as the old men acted like little boys being well spanked.  There were even some tears.

The three spankees were made to stand facing the wall with their pants about their ankles so that their hot red bottoms were on display.  Now that the officers were dealt with, the spankers turned their attention to the 'troops' and spanked each of them the same way.

After a while the youths left the Old Codgers' House.

The place was never the same.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 5, 2018

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