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The following story is fiction about a youth taking control of his older brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and incestuous gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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I'm in Charge Now


I know exactly when the universe changed in my life.  In fact, I know it to the minute.  My big brother, Todd, was giving me a hard time just for his own amusement.  I guess that I should mention that he is sixteen and a high school freshman (ninth grade).  The one thing he can boast about is that he is the oldest in his class although that is because he messed up enough to have had to repeat the seventh grade.  Incidentally, that's the grade I'm in now and I'm just twelve now.

The accident occurred a few days after Thanksgiving injuring Mom's parents thus requiring the 'rents to make an emergency trip to go to assist them.  They did not really want to leave us alone for a week or more but our exams were coming up in less than a month and they did not want to risk us losing a year.  They went; we stayed alone since they couldn't find a babysitter on such short notice.  A couple of their friends were going to watch out for us.  One deciding factor was that Todd was very insistent that at sixteen he not only could take care of himself but could even watch me.  He threatened to run away if they got a babysitter or made him impose on a friend.  He had run away before so the threat was real.  I had mixed feelings.  I certainly did not want a babysitter by whatever name (s)he was called.  I liked the idea of not staying with friends for I looked to the future when Todd was out of the house and I might stay alone.  It would give me experience and proof that I could manage on my own.

The first couple of days were OK.  We both had school and homework so Todd left me alone.  Friday evening he went to a party and then Saturday, when he finally got up at noon his evil mind turned to torturing me.  He was still wasted as they had booze at the party and he was pissed because none of the chicks would even make out with him.  He probably was better off for in all likelihood any girl would have laughed at the little thingy that he had in his pants.  Now what he wanted was that I get him off.  I would have jerked him as I had in the past if he had simply asked me to help him out.  I was OK with that because he did his brotherly duty years earlier and taught me about jerking off.  As a little kid, I loved making him blast like a cannon even though I was years away from doing the same.  When your brother is four years older, he has a huge advantage in everything and could easily dominate and control me.  When I jerked him, then I was in control (well, sort) and I made his body dance to my tune.  He was just as helpless as I was when he tickled me.  I loved that feeling.

Looking back, I realize why he was in that state.  I can explain in just one word: LOSER!  I'm just being honest – he was the oldest in his class but on every other scale he was in the lowest ranks of the class.  If he had only wanted a hand job, I would have complied but he wanted a lot more.  He had promised me that he would treat me very special if I went down on him by reciprocating.  I wanted him to be in a good mood when I did so that he would be more willing to keep to the contract.  Today was not the day especially since he had not been keeping himself as clean as he should have been doing.

He tried to force me to do his bidding and I resisted.  I said he was a loser and part of that was that he was a short couch potato not getting much exercise other than reaching for junk food.  Now not only was I smarter than him, but I was tall for my age (only a bit shorter than he), almost the same weight but I had hard, toned MUSCLES where he had just FLAB and even baby fat.  I tried to fend him off but he was persistent.  Then I just pushed him back onto his bed and I grabbed him.  I got one hand under his neck and the other on his crotch and I swung him up and over my head like he was a barbell.  He froze.  I'm not sure if it was shock or fear or what, but he froze.  Perhaps it was because his balls were between his body and my hand supporting half his weight.  My hours in the gym working out were paying off.© YLeeCoyote

I held him up for more than a minute and told that I was now in charge.  I dropped him back on to his bed and he tried to catch his breath.  I picked him up again and told him that if he objected to me being in charge, I would toss him out the window or slam him to the floor.  He whined and I dropped him back on his bed again.

"Please…please…please…" he sniveled just like a scared 'fraidy cat.

"Who's in charge, Todd?" I demanded standing over him.  As he cowered beneath me, I realized that my cock was straining to bust through my jeans.  Todd's boxers did not show the slightest hint of a tent.  I felt ever so powerful!  I was like Akela, Kipling's alpha male who beat his rivals in the completion to lead the pack and to be the sire of the next generation.


"Me what?"

"You're in charge, Oliver." he whined – just like a certified loser – like him – must do.

I picked him up and stripped him as he quivered like a pussyboi.  Once he was naked, I sat on the bed and pulled him across my lap.  I kept him in place with a my hand on his back and explained that he had earned this spanking for drinking.  He made silly objections but I immediately proceeded to spank him long and hard.  It was a pleasure watching my hand prints form in pink on his sorry butt and then with each hard spank blur into a uniform rose as he cried.  I left him laying there to cry himself out.  I did not expect that he would realize that his universe had just changed.

A little while later, I returned and stripped.  I centered him supine on his bed and got on top of him keeping him immobile with the classic schoolboy pin.  I could see the fear in his eyes as I looked down at him from my superior position.  My hard cock was on his chin.  "I believe that we were last talking about a blow job, my little brother.  Open up, please."  Just so he would not even think of arguing, I reached around and grabbed his little balls tightly.

Todd got the message and opened his mouth.  I let my cock slip into his hot, moist maw.  He knew enough to start licking the head and I raised up so that I could penetrate deeper.  He quickly got into the role so I released his nuts and concentrated on the pleasures that his tongue and hot mouth were providing.  I soon provided him with a high protein snack which he thanked me for.

By then we both sweaty and stinky, so I dragged him off to the shower and we got clean.  I made sure to clean his wiener and butt properly for I had plans for both.  We ate together while still naked before I continued with the fun and games.

When we finished, I picked him up and put him over my shoulder like he was a little kid and carried him back to the bedroom and dumped him on the bed.  He was terribly confused by what I was doing but he could feel my superior strength and, especially with his ass still hot and red, did not dare to object.  "You want a blow job, Todd?" I asked.

Of course, he did so I gave him one.  But first I tied his wrists to the headboard.  "It'll be more fun, Todd.  Just lay back and enjoy."  I told him when he objected and threatened to spank him again instead if he did not cooperate.  I knew how to get him up fast and then made him feel real great as I went down on him.  I thought that he figured that he was in heaven from the way he moaned and yelled with pleasure.  When he came, I told him to rest for round two.  He was delighted to do so.

I got what I needed, and got between his legs.  I raised his legs and told him to keep them up and spread.  Then I went to work on his butt hole.  Using a lot of lube and going slowly so as not to hurt him, I worked a couple of fingers deep into him.  When I pressed on his love nut he just loved it for he immediately sprung a boner and begged me not to stop.  He needn't have feared that for I did not plan to stop until I got what I wanted.

With my free hand, I got the condom out of the package and rolled it onto my rock hard shaft.  I moved closer to his hot red butt with its pulsating hole and plowed into him.  He was so dilated that it did not hurt him but he knew it was great once I was pounding his love nut with my rock hard shaft.  Of course, I loved being in his hot hole.  His legs slipped down but I lifted them up back onto my shoulders and continued to bang his ass hard.  Soon we both came – he made a mess on his chest and I filled the scum bag.  I lowered his legs to my side and slid forward to raise up his thighs onto mine.  I remained hard in his butt.

"This will feel great." I said turning on the little clipper.  It sounded like a vibrator and I used it like one on his dick.  I played with him for a while being careful to completely clip all his pubes.  Then I switched to an electric razor to remove the stubble.  It did not take very long to make him hairless as a little boy should be.

When he saw what I had done, he was angry so I kept him tied up for a while and talked to him about the realities of life and how much stronger I was.  He was able to listen better when I held his nuts tightly which although I was not hurting him kept him aware of my power.  When he was calm, I untied him and we stood in front of a mirror together.  I told him that I was the strong, powerful man with a man-sized cock and a thick bush while he was the weak little boy with the bald little pee-pee.  To emphasize my point I picked him up over my head again.

"Who's in charge, Todd?" I asked.

"You are." he replied.

"Who's the big brother?"

His answer was the same.  I put him down gently and hugged him.  The hug was to comfort him while reminding him of how strong I was.

* * * * * * * * * *

I was a nice guy on Sunday.  I kept control but was not pushy.  We both had homework and chores to do.  Although I could have easily made Todd do my chores, I did not.  I did insist, however, that we do everything we should so that when we had school we could concentrate on that.  Todd even understood that was necessary to prove to the 'rents that we were responsible and could manage on our own.

It was really an accident that I learnt that Todd was hiding that he was doing very poorly in a couple of classes.  That certainly was unacceptable.  By hiding things he did not get the help he needed.  That was something that I could exploit to show my control in a positive way.  I gave him a lecture and he promised to get help by going to the tutoring program in his school.  Once that was settled, I moved on to deal with the other aspect – being naughty and hiding a bad report like a little, irresponsible third grader.  "You know things will out like they just did and it's worse if you try to hide stuff." I lectured.

"I'm sorry." he whined.

"What happens to naughty little boys?" I asked pushing him into the metaphorical corner.

"They get spanked." he said softly in a little boy's voice.

"Absolutely!"  I quickly though about how I should spank him.  I quickly rejected a belt as too grown up, a hairbrush as too motherly, a paddle (as in school) as so impersonal and decided to use my hand again.  Also, it would treat him as juvenile but in a more fatherly than motherly way.  Todd cooperated so I striped him quickly and then lifted him over my lap.  He agreed that I was right to spank him and lay still.  Well as still as he could once I started to SPANK his naughty, little boy bottom with my hand. I was more deliberate and paced so I could watch my hand prints form and merge together.  I made it a long, slow and hard spanking and soon Todd was begging me to stop and beginning to sob.  I stopped a few minutes after that, lifted him up and comforted him.  As he regained control, he promised that he would definitely go for the tutoring on Monday.

I was very horny by now and I suggested that he take care of my "big hard problem".  Todd seemed happy to do so I really did not have to force him.  After all, a little brother's duty is do that for his big brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

By the end of the weekend, he had accepted our new relationship.  He knew that I was in charge and he would have to obey me and even submit sexually.  Also, that I would reward him sexually as well as punish him with spankings.  It was only on Monday morning when we were getting ready for school, that he worried about not having pubes for gym.  I tried to be helpful.  "There are several things you can say … perhaps that since your pee-pee is so small it easier to find this way … that it makes your thingie look bigger or easier to find … I'm sure there are others.  How about just claiming that you lost a bet and that was the forfeit.  It's sort of the truth since you lost to me."

My bus came and I left my older, little brother waiting for his bus.  I was having most pleasant thoughts about being in charge of him.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. April 8, 2011

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