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The following story is fiction about a youth who ventures into the Black Forest and encounters elves and wolves or does he?  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

The elf names were gotten from a site that generates such names.  To enhance the feeling of the past, old English measures have been used.  The rod is some eleven cubits (16.5 feet, 5 meters) and a stone is fourteen pounds (6.3 kilograms).

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to e-mail.

I'm Not Afraid of Wolves


I was not afraid of wolves although I should have been and that changed my life.  I'm Kenny and was almost fifteen-years-old when I got myself into trouble.  I live in a small backwater village on the western edge of the Black Forest where there is not interesting anything to do.  Seatville, the provincial capital, has lots of wonderful and exciting things happening all the time.  However the highway to get there is long for it goes around the forest making it a day's journey while it would be only a two-hour walk if one went straight through the forest.

The village elders have declared that the Black Forrest is infested with terrible and vicious wolves who will eat anyone and everyone they catch and they catch all.  If by some miracle you escape the wolves, then the elves will turn you into a toad or something even more horrid.  There are many stories of folks going into the forest and never coming out.  Even strong brave men with swords and spears have not returned.  Many a time when I was younger my father would tell me stories about how so-and-so vanished in the dark of the forest surely torn apart (said in a fearful whisper) by the wolves if not something worse happening at the hands of the even more fearsome elves.  Never would people be so lucky as Little Red Riding Hood of fairy tale fame who escaped such a fate.  That the ones who disappeared were almost all youths who, like myself, wanted to run away and see the world, I had my doubts for I have heard many lies from the elders.

I did not have the balls to runaway – yet.  A strolling minstrel sang that there was going to be a traveling circus for just one day in Seatville.  That was a different matter, for I decided that I really, really absolutely wanted to go.  That it was midweek – a work day and a school day – made it impossible for it would require far too much time travel.  This is unless one went through the Black Forest for that would be different requiring just one day of skipping school.  Of course, I would get whipped for that but so what for I have been whipped many times.  I tried to get some of the other boys to go with me but all I got was: "The wolf cubs will fight over your skinny carcass."

Circus day came and it was a wonderful spring day, warm and bright.  I probably would have bunked off and gone fishing rather than going to school but the Fates were telling me to go for I could hear them in my head: "The circus is wonderful and you must go to see it."  I set off for school and then doubled back to the house.  Eddy, my kid brother, was on the way to school while Father was already down at the shop.  I did not have to wait long for Mother to go to the market.  As soon as the house was empty, I rushed back in and changed into my best clothes and took a couple of coins from the pot so I could buy my ticket.  I wrapped some bread and cheese in a cloth and along with a water bottle put it into my bag and rushed off on my adventure.

"But what about the terrible, fearsome wolves?" you ask not yet getting to the elves.  Well, I had a charm that would warn me of their presence and I could run very, very fast.© YLeeCoyote

Although the trail was not very used it was clearly defined.  I made good progress and then there was a fork in the trail.  My charm was glowing a little and I saw a wolf on the trail.  He was some seven-rods down the trail so, naturally, I took the other option.  My charm dimmed so I felt safe and hurried on.  After this had happened three times I could tell by the sun that I was now heading north rather than east to Seatville.  I tried to turn but the forest had grown dense.  I continued on certain sure that I would be able to turn soon.

"And where are you going, human boy?" said a voice loud and clear.  I looked around and saw him sitting on a rock which I had just passed.  At first I thought that he was just another boy and how could I have walked passed him without seeing him.  I approached him and looked more closely.  He was called Alred as I would soon learn.  He was dressed in a short green tunic and tights with a pointy hat and pointy shoes.  His long golden hair shone in the bright sunlight coming through a break in the canopy that surrounded him.  I would have thought him human if his ears had not been pointy.

I had been told that elves are powerful magicians so that it was that latter fact that prevented me from giving a smart ass answer or lying so I told the truth.  "It is a school day, is it not?" he replied, sounding much like Father when I've been naughty.

"The circus is super special." I replied.  His look told me that he did not buy that.  I figured I had best make a quick withdrawal.  "I better get back then, Sir." I added and turned to head back.  I froze for right there was the biggest wolf I could imagine – like a German Shepard dog on steroids sitting on the trail that I had followed.  My special charm was dark rather than glowing like the sun even though there must have been some eleven stone of powerful wolf just a rod away.

"Not so fast, boy.  You have earned a whipping.  Go cut a switch.  I'm sure your father taught you how to do that." he said.  "Oh, your charm is worthless." he continued as it flashed brightly several times.  "Gaul will not harm you … if you obey."

I did not have to go far to find a proper switch and cut it from the tree with my pocket knife and trimmed it carefully.  I returned and presented it to Alred.  He got up, told me to drop my britches and bend over.  I placed my hands on the rock where he had been sitting for support while he got into position.  He did not keep me waiting but started to punish me immediately.  Each cut seemed to sear my flesh as he swung the fresh, supple switch hard and fast.  Father's and even the school Master's cuts were less painful.  Like a sissy boy I yelled for each cut but, by struggling, I kept in position.

"Gaul is that sufficient?" Alred said. «What? – He is asking the wolf!» I thought as he placed his hand on my neck telling me not to move as Gaul came up to my striped sore behind.  I could feel his wolf's breath.  He could attack me and I was helpless.  I thought that I should have listened to my elders' warnings.  Gaul poked me with his nose on each check, my hole and my balls.  I shivered at the thought he could bite them off in an instant.  Then I felt his rough tongue lick me – all over where his nose had been.  More intimate than how the dogs in the village great each other.  Gaul moved back a bit and Alred said to pull up my britches which I did.  Apparently the wolf agreed that the switching was sufficient.

Alred started walking and indicated that I should follow.  I hesitated but when Gaul growled at me, I obeyed.  "I think that you need a demonstration, boy.  Start running."  I started to run and I heard him counting down from ten and at zero add: "Get him."  A few seconds later Gaul raced past me and turned.  I was frozen with fear as he bounded at me and knocked me down.  Instantly Gaul was standing over me snarling.  His drool fell on my face.  He could have ripped out my throat with just one bite but, instead, gave my face a big lick.  The lesson was clear – I was powerless compared to Gaul.  We continued into the elves' village.

We stopped in the village square.  Alred pointed at a bench and told me to sit and wait.  Gaul remained with me so I knew I had best sit on my sore bottom until Alred returned.  There was much activity and for the most part only a few of the younger elves stared at me.  My flaming red hair and round ears were of most interest.  I was surprised that they looked so young as several that looked like teens humans had kids in tow so they were surely adults.  Then one young elf came to me.  "Boy, I am Edwyrd and my father said that you are come home with me."  I figured that was what I was supposed to do for he hugged and kissed Gaul who returned the affection.

I figured that back home my family had noticed I had disappeared and had skipped school.  "He talked of the circus in Seatville." my brother would have reported and after a pause added, "He stupidly must have gone into the Black Forest and been caught by the wolves."  Mother would surely be crying.  Father would be brave and stoic.  I certainly did not know my fate but I no longer worried that I would be eaten by wolves.  Well, certainly not Gaul.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was but a short walk to Edwyrd's home and I was amazed when I got there for it was a mob scene.  There must have been at least a score of elves there.  Edwyrd explained that it was a pot luck dinner.  Other than raw fruits and vegetables none of the foods were familiar although there were amazing, mouth-watering aromas.  Edwyrd also introduced me to his mother who was very beautiful even with her pointy ears.  She inspected me just like human mothers inspect their kids' new friends.  She told Edwyrd to see that I had food and later to get to bed.  Mother had taught me that one should always bring the hostess a gift so I gave her my bread and cheese.  She thanked me and instructed Edwyrd to share it with his friends explaining that it was human food which they should experience.

I had a wonderful time being the center of attraction for a dozen young elves who found me as fascinating as I found them.  The food was strange but tasty and excellent.  Although the adults continued the gathering, Edwyrd took me off to bed and the other kids left presumably headed to bed also.

Before bed, Edwyrd insisted that we wash our bodies totally like I did once a week when Mother remembered to insist.  I objected but he was firm and insistent.  "One more word and I'll spank you, Kenny." he said exasperated.  That caused me to laugh which I immediately started to regret.  Although he was a couple of years younger than I, like my brother and looked even younger, he was far stronger.  He easily elf-handled me over his lap after getting my britches down.  It still was a surprise when I felt his hand land on my stripped checks as he spanked me.  The spanks were hard and plentiful.  Soon I was crying and promising that I would wash as he said to.  He continued to spank for another long minute before stopping.  I undressed quickly as he ordered.

When Edwyrd also stripped for the wash, I saw that his body was just about the same as my own, except although he was my brother's age and looked two years younger, he was more developed than I was.  Oh, and, of course, his ears were pointy.  It was much easier to wash for the elf soap was much more effective than what I had at home.  After we were clean and dry, he took me to his bed.  I must admit that it felt good as he wrapped himself about me holding me close.

Edwyrd was not content just holding me but quickly progressed to nuzzling and then even kissing my neck while his hand caressed my front.  I did not think about if this was right or wrong for it made me feel ever so good.  It was when he was playing with my dicky that I realized that his was also hard and pressing along my crack.  As I luxuriated in all the wonderful feelings, there were new ones as he slid his hard dick into my bottom hole.  I learnt about a whole new set of good sensations as he moved in and out of me.  He made me cum (as he explained later) and then he exploded in me.  We slept entwined.

* * * * * * * * * *

I never expected what happened in the morning.  It was just like at home except rather than my mom waking me it was Edwyrd's mom and for exactly the same reason – to get to school on time.  Edwyrd's laughing quickly taught me how silly it was to assume that elves learnt everything magically rather than going to school.  I was not excused because I was human – both human and elf boys need to be educated.  So after breakfast it was off to the school house.  The elf village was big enough that there were two, rather than just one, room so we were separated from the little ones.

The teacher did quite know what to do with me so he decided that I should do what Edwyrd was doing.  I quickly learnt that although I was two years older than Edwyrd his math course as about the same level as mine although I was totally out of it for history (about elves rather than humans) and totally hopeless in Elvish although I was way ahead in my own language.

One elf about my age did not have his homework and immediately paid the price.  He had to remove his shirt and shorts (tunics and tights are more formal wear) before bending over the teacher's desk for six hard whacks with a short leather strap that had three tails.  Edwyrd said that the tawse (which is what he called that strap) hurt more than a switch which he knew I had experienced from his father.  He was not allowed to re-dress until he did the assignment during recess a couple of hours later.  I would have been mortified for there were a few girls in the class.

School seems to be the same everywhere.

It was two days later that I learnt that Edwyrd was right about the tawse hurting more than a switch.  There was a test and I did not do well.  The teacher excused me partly for I was new about elf stuff but math is math and that earned me a strapping.  Just like the lad without his homework, I was required to remove my shirt and britches and then bed over the teacher's desk.  When the first stroke landed I knew that Edwyrd was right about how much it hurt.  Fortunately I had been advised to hold on tight.  Even tighter than tight so that I would not jump up and earn extra.  I gave a howl however which got muffled chuckles.  I tightened my grip and clenched my teeth in hope of staying silent for the rest of the cuts to avoid further embarrassment.  It was agony but at least I was not laughed at anymore.  Fortunately I was allowed to re-dress immediately.  I was shyer then that elf boy who had gotten it a couple of days before.

It was a hot day Sterday (the equivalent of Saturday) and a break from school so we went swimming.  There were eight of us ranging from ten to sixteen-years-old.  I was surely the only one who thought it was strange that we just stripped off and were skinny dipping although it was great fun.  Gaul also came along and he was watching over us.  I learnt this when a couple of the guys really got very rambunctious and he growled.  They stopped immediately.  There must have been a lot more going on than I could tell for they each assumed the position and the rest of us each gave them a couple of whacks with their shoes (which had soft soles).  This was the first time I ever gave anyone a punishment spank.  It was a lot more fun than getting one.

After a couple of weeks, I had learnt a little bit of Elvish.  Actually not much more than just to be able to greet and be polite to elves.

I also found that I learnt that Edwyrd was in charge of me although he was younger.  It wasn't so strange at the very beginning because I didn't know anything but even as I learnt about the elves' society it was clear that Edwyrd kept tight control of me.  Anytime I tried to exert myself, he just asked if I wanted another spanking and I backed down because I knew that he could give me one even if I did not cooperate.  A couple of times he just spanked me because he said I was a naughty boy.

One day I was told that it was time for me to return home.  I did not understand but everyone said goodbye and Edwyrd and Gaul escorted me to the edge of the forest.  I embraced Edwyrd as we said our goodbys and then did the same with Gaul.  When I showed reluctance to going, Gaul growled at me and showed his teeth.  I ran.

* * * * * * * * * *

The sun was setting but I recognized where I was.  Not only was I near my home but right where I had entered the Black Forest a few weeks before.  I wasn't sure what to think.  Certainly everyone must have thought that I was dead since I had gone into the fearsome forest three weeks ago and everyone knew that no one ever returned except after just a few hours.  Would Mother have stopped grieving?  Would Father be happy enough that I returned safely to forget his fury at my departure?  Would my brother complain that he had to share a bedroom once again?  The weather was just like when I left except now it was late afternoon rather than morning.

"Well, well, well.  You have returned in one piece." said Edward.  "Father is more than furious and will shred you with the strop in the woodshed when he gets home this evening.  He promised the school master you would regret skipping school again.  You won't be able to sit for a month."  He laughed as he anticipated my suffering.

"What?  I've been gone three weeks and he's still furious?"  Edward looked at me in astonishment.

"Three weeks?  Are you crazy?  It's only been a third of a day since we set off for school this morning.  The only thing that would have saved you from the strop would have been returning after fighting with a wolf or an elf and having the wounds to prove it."

I then talked nonstop at a rapid pace for a while detailing all the things that had happened not letting my brother interrupt me.  When I finally stopped Edward laughed again and made two comments: "The elf was named Alfred – the same as Father's name?  And I saw your Gaul.  He is just a tiny cub who is still suckling his mom and yelped at you from three rods away."

"No, not Alfred like Father but Alred which is similar.  Gaul was Alred's wolf and huge – at least eleven stone." I replied indignantly.  My kid brother bust into a huge laugh.

"What herbs have you eaten to make you crazy?" he asked.  It was clear that he was kidding me or something was very wrong.

"We better get home." he said and grabbed my arm.  I pulled away.  "Come along you're in enough trouble already, Kenny."

Mother was home and she was mad rather than grieving.  She backed up what Edward had said.  "Wait for your father in the woodshed, boy!  He will deal with you when he gets home." she said angrily.  I tried to tell her that I had been with the elves in the forest for three weeks but she did not believe me any more than my brother had.  "Woodshed!  Now!" were her final words as she reached for the big wooden spoon she was cooking with.  I quickly fled to the woodshed and Edward followed me grinning broadly in anticipation of my stropping.

Although he really did not believe that I had a three-week adventure, he still wanted to hear all the details of my imaginary (in his mind) adventure.  He found it especially fascinating hearing about how Edwyrd, who was about his age, had spanked me and that Alred accepted that as sufficient punishment.  As I talked about my adventures, he was playing with the strop.

"I think that there may still be a way to avoid Father using this on your worthless ass, Kenny – as much as you greatly deserve it." he said very seriously.  That, of course, would be a good thing, I thought and asked him to explain.

"If I use it on you, then Father won't since that would not be fair." he said with a gleam in his eyes.  "Of course, you would have to ask me nicely and it would have to be for real although I promise that I wouldn't be as harsh as Father."

Edward was probably right in what he said.  "Ten cuts then, if you would be so kind." I asked.

He laughed.  "Father would give you at least twice your age – thirty, Kenny." and then countered with "Twenty-three – one and half your age."

I suggested twenty and he accepted that.  "Strip and get into position.  And remember that I cannot cheat for Father will see that you are not red enough."

I did as he said and lay over the spanking horse and gripped the bar at the base.  "I'm ready."

Edward raised the strop and brought it crashing down on my proffered butt.  I howled in pain.  The strop hurt just like when Father stropped me.  I grabbed my sore ass.

"Do that again, Kenny, and we'll quit or not count the cut.  Now get back into position.  Perhaps it would be easier if you think of me as Edwyrd rather than as Edward as our names are so similar."  Another nineteen would be hell but better than the thirty Dad would give me.  I resumed position and gripped the bar tightly.  Edward didn't waste time and swung again.  Again it was agony.  Then he swung again and gave the count.  Seventeen to go.

And again.  Whack! «Sixteen to go.» I though, through the ever increasing pain.

Finally the last one and told me to get up.  I was hurting and crying.  Edward hugged me and held me tight.  I cried for a while.

I was almost finished crying when Father came in.  Edward explained: "Kenny understood that he had been a very naughty boy and hadn't wanted to wait for his punishment so asked me to strop him."  Father examined my flaming red swollen painful butt and accepted Edward's stropping as adequate.  I hadn't any idea what I had set myself up for.  I chose (sotta) to eat dinner standing and when Edward suggested that I go to bed I did so.

The next morning I was not in any mood to go to school with my ass still most painful but I did not have choice.  Obviously my parents told me to but Edward was charged with making sure that I went.  It was not a happy day at all having to sit on the hard wooden seats.  It quickly became known that it was Edward rather than Father who had roasted my tail and he gained a lot of status which I correspondingly lost.  It got even worse after dismissal when Edward insisted that I return home immediately.  When he asked if he should use his belt to convince me I learnt that Father had put him in charge of me.

It has been only two days since I've returned from my adventure in the Black Forest and my life is very different.  The change started immediately when I asked my kid brother to strop me.  I cannot imagine doing that before my visit with the elves yet it seemed so natural at the time – just like Edwyrd had taken charge of me.  They say that the elves have powerful spells and that they change people and I now certainly believe it.

"Sorry, no more time to talk.  I have to run now because Edward has asked me if I've done my chores and homework.  I better hurry and get to it before he takes me out to the woodshed for a discussion."

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 25, 2016

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