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The following story is fiction and contains scenes of spankings and role reversal.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this by the comment at: which may or may not be true.  Show here. 

Original inspiration:
now I gotta say, my younger bros been bigger than me for afew years. its sucks, but, he had this growth spurt in 7th, and shot past me. last year my parents left him and me alone for the weekend for the first time, since I had a car. he was in 7th, and I was a junior. anyway, we got to fighting that saturday, and, I shoulda been more careful cus I knew he could take me, but, he ended up putting me over his knee. It was so embarrasing, that I never told anyone, not even my parents. Now, I'm a senior, and hes in 8th, and theres an unspoken rule between us, that if our parents leave, and I'm left in charge, hes actually runnin the house. It sucks, and hes spanked me since, but, hes even bigger now, and theres not much I can do. Was shocked to find a pole about this.

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I'm Not an Alpha Male


The biggest mistake I ever made was not growing more than I did.  I stopped growing when I was fourteen at only 5′9″ and 145 pounds (1.75m, 66kg).  Now that in and of itself would not have been bad.  Except that Taylor, my kid brother by four years, did not do the same.  Before he was twelve, he was as tall as I and by thirteen 5′11″ and 180 pounds (1.80m, 82kg) of hard muscle.  Tay was athletic playing football and wrestling, both which have strength and endurance training.  Even though he was only in the seventh grade, he wrestled with the high school freshmen (that's grade nine) since he was that good.  He loved that when we went anywhere people saw that he was the larger and thus the older brother.  I, as you can imagine, hated that.

It was November of my junior year in high school (eleventh grade) and Tay was in the seventh grade (that's in junior high) when our parents went away for a weekend.  It was the first time that they left us alone and we were both pleased about that.  Since I was the oldest, even having a driving license and a car, naturally I was in charge.  Not that there was much to decide other then where and when to go for dinner.  I got a bit bossy and Tay took exception to my attitude and asked (not told, at first) me to back off.  I didn't and things escalated to the physical.  That was my downfall.  Tay was bigger, stronger, highly aggressive and motivated to be a winner in everything – especially combat.

It did not take him long to show me who had control.  Later he explained that I was such a pussy (his word!) that he played with me for a while like I was a little boy roughhousing with a bigger cousin.  When he got bored of that, he used a submission hold and I succumbed exactly as he knew I would, yelling "UNCLE" in just seconds.  I was about as energetic as a rag doll at that point and he just picked me up like one.  He sat on my bed, opened my jeans and yanked them down to my knees.  My briefs followed quickly.  By the time I realized what was happening he had me across his lap, holding my arms behind my back and patting my butt.

He laughed as he said: "Your tail is softer than those of the girls I date."

"Let me up."  I yelled.  He just laughed so I repeated but this time adding the magic word:  "Taylor, please, let me up.  Please.  I'm sorry."  I had not been spanked since before I was a teenager but I well remember how unpleasant it was when Dad had me over his lap and turning my tail into a painful, red-hot cauldron of pain.© YLeeCoyote

"Be still and quiet, little brother." he said in a most authoritative voice.  I obeyed for I realized that he had me under his control and I was helpless to escape by being physical.  Neither of us had any doubt who was physically dominant.  "Little Brother," he said, "you are badly in need of an attitude adjustment."  It was seconds later that he gave me the first spank.  It was a real spank but later I would learn it was not his maximum strength.

"Hey!  You can't do that!"  I protested, horrified at both the spank and the words like our father used.

He laughed and proceeded to give me another ten hard spanks in rapid sequence.  "Yes, I can it seems, Little Brother."  He rubbed my butt some more showing me that he knew he was in control.

I felt terrible.  My kid brother had overpowered me and was now spanking me just like our father had.  I felt like half my age and remembered how I cried when I was spanked and how Tay liked to see me cry.  "Please, Tay, you made the point.  I apologize.  Please let me up." I begged humbly.

"Roland, you are beginning to understand.  You are not a king or even Father."  He gave me another dozen hard spanks which definitely hurt.  "You are a big brat who is in great need of correction and a major attitude adjustment.  We are going to see that you get one this weekend."

I tried in vain to get free but it was hopeless.  He had a leg over mine and was pushing my arm painfully up my back.  The next barrage of spanks was a killer.  They were hard and covered my entire butt.  The pain was building up and it was hard not to feel like a little boy.  Guys my age are not treated like little boys.  Unfortunately, little boys do cry.  Tay delivered several more barrages to my exposed butt.  The pain was escalating and I could not resist indicating that with my babyish cries.  Tay surely was taking pleasure in my suffering.  I'm sorry to report that my butt gave up before his hand did.  The pain became unbearable and I was making more noise in response to each hard and painful spank.  It is most undignified to yell "OUCH!" etc. when your little, sorry, younger brother is spanking you.  And then he pushed me over my limit for I broke and started to cry.  My brother laughed and continued to spank me.  Disgracefully, I went limp in total defeat and he stopped spanking me soon after.

We were both changed by this experience.  Like the fire of the furnace changes iron to steel, the fire in my bottom was also transforming.  Tay was transformed into a powerful sword of the finest steel to be reckoned with while I was reduced to a soft bauble of lead, a mere nothing. It was now perfectly clear that my younger brother was the dominant one in our little den even the whole house when our father was away – he was the alpha male.

When he brought an ice pack and put it on my burning ass, he told me the new rules.  "I am in charge when we are alone and you, my LITTLE brother, must show me due respect at all times.  I can and most certainly will punish you when I deem it necessary.  I will keep this private unless you force me to do otherwise."  What could I do but acknowledge the new reality?  Of course, I had to trust that he would keep his word.

I was surprised that Tay did not become a bossy monster.  He let me do what I wanted and only coordinated stuff like going to eat.  We did not even have to agree about TV since with the folks gone we each could watch a different set.  When they returned, he let me report that all went well.  I certainly was not going to tell our parents that my brother had spanked me to tears and seized control.  That we both knew it was sufficiently embarrassing without others knowing.

Our parents were pleased that we managed by ourselves without destroying either the house or each other and managed to take more weekends away after that.  There was not any need for Tay to remind me that he was in charge so we got along OK.  He let me do pretty much what I wanted within the usual rules so we coexisted.  It was I who caused the conflict by not doing what I was supposed to.  I went out for the afternoon and was due back at 5:30 so that I could take both of us to the mall for dinner.  I did not show up until 6:30.  He was pissed but it was not until after we ate that I found out how much.  He was late for the movie he wanted to see and he said I could not hang with my buds but had to take him home.  My hesitation disappeared instantly when he asked whether I preferred to be spanked in the food court or in the main gallery of the mall.

Back home, he was very calm as he lectured me and told me to get ready for bed.  I was smart enough not to complain that it was not even 9:00 but did as he said.  When I was ready for bed, he sat on the chair and patted his lap.  I obeyed for I knew full well that resistance was useless.  He got a good grip on my waist and I used my hands to balance.  "I'm very disappointed in you, Roland.  You were most inconsiderate this afternoon."  Then he spanked me.  I haven't any idea how many spanks I received for they came hard and fast.  There were more than enough hard painful spanks that I was a very thoroughly spanked boy with tears on my face by the time he was finished.  He then tucked me into bed and rubbed my back telling me how sorry he was that he had to spank me but reminding me that it was my own fault.

I was up early and found a note from him.  He explained that I was grounded for the day and was to do my homework all morning.  In the afternoon, I was to do his chores and mine and then take him to the mall so he could see the flick he had missed and I was to wait for him doing school reading.  After the flick we would eat and then return home.  It was hard to argue that he was unfair because he also did his homework in the morning when he returned from his early errand.

* * * * * * * * * *

Tay was surprisingly both strict and fair.  The only way I could change things was to tell our parents and they would not find fault with him.  I certainly could not redo my body to overpower him.  I was stuck with the status quo.  I secretly admired him for how well he handled all of this.  I was especially impressed that our best friends, Oliver and Rick – brothers our ages, did not know of our unusual relationship even though we saw a lot of each other.  I let the cat out of the bag when the four of us were planning a camping trip.  Oli said his brother had promised to do as he told him and that he expected that Tay would do the same for me.  It was a very awkward moment.  Tay was staring at me and I could not lie to my buddy.  "Guys, we have a secret.  Can we trust you not to tell?" I asked.  Tay smiled and I knew that he approved of my telling.  They promised to keep our secret.  "I'm not sure how to put this."  I paused a bit.  "Tay is in charge of me when the 'rents are away.  It's something we worked out last fall."  They were dumbfounded.

"That's right, Rol does what I tell him to or he has trouble sitting.  As he said, last fall we agreed that this was the right way for us and it has been a very successful arrangement.  We decided that it was better to keep the arrangement private to prevent complications."

They both wanted to know if Tay actually punished me and, if so, why did I allow it.  "Yes, he decides when to punish, including spanking me, because he is in charge.  Tay is stricter but fairer than Father.  The first time we stayed alone, I abused my authority and Tay adjusted my attitude with a long hard spanking.  I learnt my lesson but he is now in full charge."  Oli accepted that Tay would be his co-leader rather than me.  Rick was grinning like the cat that ate the canary.

It was two days into the trip that the fireworks went off.  Both Rick and I had been very good and enjoying the trip.  It was during the third morning that the problem occurred.  Oli decided that he wanted to explore something and dragged me along.  It was when we returned that the shit hit the fan.  Tay was furious for we had gone off without a word.  He reminded me that he had forbidden me from doing stuff without permission.  He did not buy that I was with Oli as acceptable.  I had already learnt that it was counter-productive to argue about such stuff.  If my excuse was rejected, then that was it.  Tay led me over to a fallen log and then proceeded to strip me.  It was his standard way of doing things and made me think about my errant juvenile behavior.  Both Oli and Rick watched in silent fascination.  Tay sat down and pulled me across his lap.  "I'm sorry, Tay." I said.  He answered with a hard spank.  I did my best to be quiet but eventually I succumbed and whined a lot.  He did not make me cry in front of our friends, for which I was grateful.  When he let me up, I thanked him for caring about me and promised to be a good boy.

It was then that he went after Oli.  Tay scolded him just like he scolded me.  Oli was too surprised to tell him that had no right to do that.  Tay was very good at scolding and I imagined that Oli was feeling bad from that scolding just like I did.  It was when Tay said: "OK, Oliver, it is time for your spanking."  It was then that Oli objected.

"You have no right to spank me." he protested.  That was the same error that I had made.  Although Oli was stronger than I, he wasn't any match for footballer/wrestler Tay.  I watched with somewhat of a perverse delight as my younger brother overpowered my best friend just as he had overpowered me.  In just a few minutes, Oli cried, "Uncle, uncle." admitting defeat.  Tay lifted him up and led him to the log.  Oli begged him not to spank him but Tay was seemingly deaf as he stripped Oli.  Then Oli was in position over Tay's lap and the spanking began.  I think that Oli was surprised at how hard Tay spanked and he soon was protesting and promising to be good just like every naughty boy in such a position does.  Tay explained that as a leader he should have been more responsible and thus was going to get punished harder.  I'm sure Oli did not want to cry, especially before his kid brother, but Tay was in control and knew how to get want he wanted.  Every time that Oli protested he got another hard spank which changed his protest into a cry.  Suddenly, without warning, Tay lifted Oli up and draped him across the log with his red butt upwards.  He pulled his leather belt out of his pants, doubled it over and began to strap Oli's tail.  He gave him at least twenty hard cuts.  Oil's bottom was on fire when he stopped.  He did not get up but just lay there trying to recover his strength and his dignity.  I was parked with my nose to a tree for corner time.

Later, I confirmed that he was going through the same painful realization that I had to accept – Tay was the alpha male in our little pack and that it was quite clear that he would not tolerate any disrespect or infraction of the rules.  What made it so hard to accept was that Tay was four years his junior and he was embarrassed especially with his kid brother witnessing his humiliating downfall.

After that, it was clear that Tay was in charge of the three of us.  I was now positive that neither Oli nor Rick would talk about how Tay took charge and thus would not talk about how Tay was in charge of me.  The rest of the week was lots of fun even for Oli once he really accepted that Tay was the alpha male leader.  After we got back home, we had more fun than ever before because we accepted that Tay was our leader and had the right to discipline us and there was not anything to hide.

When school let out for the summer, I started to run about more with my more reckless friends.  Tay politely suggested that I was over-doing it and that I should ease up.  Our 'rents really hadn't noticed, certainly not enough to comment, however, Tay had.  I relied on what my parents hadn't said rather than on what Tay said.  Tay gave me a warning that I had better stop acting like a wild college man and to remember that I was just a boy (well, young man) in high school.  Of course, since he was still in middle school, I did not heed his wise counsel.  I'm most fortunate that one evening he made sure that I did not go out because he felt that I needed to learn a lesson.

Tay's lessons always started the same way.  He stripped me and took me over his lap for a hard spanking.  The folks were out for the evening so he did not have to worry about the noise of the spanking and my yells.  It was not the first time but it was the hardest as he used the hairbrush.  That motherf**ker, made of heavy oak, packs such a wallop.  I was bawling like a baby in just a few minutes.  He then took me into the bathroom and after standing me in the tub proceeded to use Dad's electric shaver on my crotch.  I was horrified for I was proud of my bush and in a few minutes it was just litter waiting to be flushed down the drain.  I looked (and felt) like a little boy with a smooth, hairless crotch and hot, red, freshly spanked bottom.

I was very angry and felt that Tay had overstepped his bounds but I soon changed my mind.  He put on the TV and was waiting for the weather report when we caught a local news bulletin.  The guys that I would have been with had been busted for drugs and were in deep trouble.  Since I had been over Tay's lap, I had been safe.  In the weeks that my pubes took to grow back I was constantly reminded of that close call and behaved more responsibly.

There was one thing that bothered us and that was our parents did not know about our arrangement.  There was something that seemed sort of dishonest about that.  We talked about it several times and decided to tell them.  We were a bit gradual so as not to shock them too much and be sure that they were satisfied with our conduct.  We first thanked them for trusting us alone, i.e., without a babysitter, and made sure that they felt that we had not abused or violated their trust.  We were very pleased that they were satisfied.  Actually, they even praised us for being more mature than they had expected.  They were particularly surprised that Tay was so well behaved because he was only thirteen and that we had gotten along so well.  They even felt that we were better behaved when they were around.

Naturally, we were ever so pleased with that.  Tay then told them the one detail they had wrong.  "Mom and Dad, the very first weekend you left us alone we worked out a somewhat different arrangement.  Roland and I agreed that it would be better if I was in charge.  He told you the truth that I was well behaved for he never had to discipline me.  It would not be right to fail to mention that I did discipline him a few times."

"That's all true and I will add that Taylor is very fair, although very strict.  We find that this arrangement works very well.  We are gratified that you found the results better than you expected." I said.  Our parents were so surprised that they were silent for a few minutes.  "We told you because we wanted you to know and we want to continue this way.  I'm most grateful that my brother has helped me so much and kept me out of trouble."

Dad spoke first.  "We are surprised but the results are good so you can continue.  I do want to discuss this with your mother before a final decision though."

"Thank you." said Tay, which I echoed.  Back in our room we agreed that it had gone very well and Tay predicted that he would be in charge of me full time in a couple of days.  He was correct.  When school restarted that year, I was to be a senior in high school and Tay was in the eighth grade.  He was, however, officially in charge of me.  He decided the parameters of my life.  As I expected he was strict but fair, and that I would do well.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad got home early on what was to be a most fateful Friday evening and came up to our bedroom.  "Tay, I got some bad news.  I have to work tomorrow on a report that absolutely, positively without fail must be on the boss' desk first thing on Monday.  I'm terribly sorry but I won't be able to go with you to the game tomorrow.  I've been looking forward to it as much as you have."

That was really a bummer because there was not any way to get to the stadium except by car.  I could see the great disappointment on Tay face.  I'm sure he was very angry.  "Tay", I said, "I would go with you but I'm committed to the all-day rehearsal with the drama club.  I could drop you at the stadium but it would be very early.  You could do some reading or something.  Dad's office building gets locked up at four on Saturdays so he can pick you up after the game."

"Thanks Rol, not the best and maybe Rick can get out of that family thing and join me."

Dad made some silly remark that he thought it was all fine but then Tay asked a series of questions all of which had the same affirmative answer.

"Dad, last Monday at dinner you said that you had to do a report that would take a day.  Is this that report?"

"Yet, you came home early on Tuesday and Thursday and watched TV?"

"And you knew on Tuesday that you had a training session on Wednesday and an all day meeting today?"

Once he got confirmation about his suspicions, Tay switched gears and began to lecture Father about how irresponsible he had been.  "You did not even try to get the report done during the week and left the office two hours early twice and an hour early even today.  You even left it for the last day.  This is a disgrace and a terrible example.  If either of us had done that even once with our homework we would have been spanked and grounded."  That is just a rough quote. Tay is terribly effective doing searing lectures and even I felt bad and I was not, thankfully, the naughty one being lectured this time.  I could see that Father was hanging his head in shame.  He was so ashamed and, of course, so guilty that he could not even say a word.  He was like a deer caught in the bright headlights on a forest road.

Tay was quite worked up about this.  He loved going to these games with Father and thought Father had also but now was not sure from his behavior.  "You have earned yourself a spanking, Father, and that is what you are going to get – right now."  I was shocked at that.  After all, it is one thing to dominate your older brother for brothers are essentially equals but a father is different, somehow superior.  But with Father frozen, Tay acted.  He stepped over to Dad, stood him up, opened his belt and pants and yanked them down.  Before I could gasp, Dad's boxers were about his ankles.  Tay sat on the bed and pulled Father over his lap.  Although Father was bigger and stronger than I, he was still not a match for Tay, who was in top physical shape, while Dad was somewhat of a couch potato.  It was when the first hard spank reverberated in the room that Father reacted.  But it was too late as Tay had full control.  When you are bare-assed, getting spanked over someone's lap it is most difficult to be assertive.  Each effort is immediately answered with another spank re-enforcing the spanker's dominance over the spankee.

I watched in fascination for ten minutes.  Tay kept at it good and proper (and I speak from personal experience) turning Father's tail red.  I'm sure Dad was feeling pain.  Tay told me to get the wide hairbrush.  I hesitated a couple of seconds and he snapped: "NOW!"  I obeyed for I knew he would roast my butt if I did not.  Father would have to deal with this without me.  The hairbrush was a most effective spanking tool.  (Again, I speak from painful personal experience.)  Tay's spanks were much more effective now.  I could see and hear how Father reacted to them.  He made much more noise, begged and promised like he was a little boy and his butt was getting much darker.

The spanking continued until the point that Father could not resist anymore and he started to cry.  Tay did not stop and after a few minutes more, Father even started to bawl.  He also went limp in total submission.  I knew what that meant for it had happened to both Oli and me.  Things would never be the same.  Father would never be able to forget that his youngest son, still in middle school had disciplined him as if he was just a naughty little boy and he had responded just like one.  I could not imagine what the future would bring after Dad ran from the room still crying.

It was very quiet at dinner and there was a pillow on Dad's seat.  "I'll pick you up in front of Bennie's Place after 4:30, Tay.  I'll wait if the game runs late."  Tay acknowledged politely.

After that, our parents never set rules for us and certainly never even hinted at discipline.  I was amazed at how Tay kept control of himself after that.  Not only did he regularly check about my keeping current with my school work, he also kept tabs on Father.  Occasionally he found good cause to spank him again.

* * * * * * * * * *

I remained under Tay's control – through the rest of high school, through college and even after I moved out and got married.  My son, Scott, thinks that it is normal for Uncle Tay to spank me.  He laughs about it and jokes about doing it when he gets older.  I hope that he never finds out that Uncle Tay spanks his Grandpa for he is very much like him.  I can see it how he is the leader with his friends and his cousins, even Ken who is a year and half older.  Apparently, he got that dominant gene that his Uncle has and I don't.

When Scotty was twelve, he visited his Uncle Tay for a couple of weeks.  He returned a changed young man.  Father, his Grandpa, now a widower, lived with Tay.  Scotty had asked him about why he was not sitting at the head of the table and my father spilled the beans when he explained that it was Tay's house and he was in charge.  He soon learnt that Tay not only spanked him and his cousins but also Grandpa.  Scott quickly correlated the Mowgli stuff about Akela, the nature programs about wolf packs and his own family and concluded that he should be in charge at home.  His uncle admired that and encouraged the idea so much that he appointed him his deputy to watch over me.  Need I say, I was not consulted at all?

It was only a month after that, disaster struck.  I was driving Scotty and myself home after a movie and was careless.  I ran a red light and when we got home Scott asked to talk to me, man-to-man, in my den in a few minutes.  He even closed the door to assure our privacy.  "Father, I need to talk to you about your driving." he started and went on to lecture and scold me about it, especially running the red light.  "That endangers all of us." he finished, "You need to be spanked because it was such a naughty thing to do."  I was flabbergasted as he picked up the phone and called Tay.

"You are absolutely right, Scott." said my brother, now on the speaker phone after hearing Scott's succinct report.

"Father," he said authoritatively as he pulled the belt from his jeans, "please, drop your trousers and bend over your desk so I can spank you."  I could not move and he repeated the order.  Then I heard Tay cough and I knew that I must obey.  I got up, walked around my desk, lowered my trousers and bent over.  "Your briefs also, please, Father."  I complied.  Scott found the correct position and began to strap me as hard as he could.  He was not as strong as Tay was at that age but with the advantage of the belt he made me yell in response to each and every cut.  Then he directed me to stand in the corner, like I had made him do many times, with my hands on my head and my hot red butt exposed.  I heard him sit in my chair and talk with his uncle (off the speaker) telling him "Dad's naughty boy bottom is red and hot."  I knew that this would not be the last time even though Scott was not yet as strong physically as I was.  He was more dominant and I had been well conditioned by Tay to submit to the dominant male.

It seemed like it was an eternity before he called me from the corner and had me sit where he had been before.  My dominant young son was now occupying the position of authority behind my desk and sitting in my chair.  Additionally, I felt particularly small because my trousers were still about my ankles and my crotch was exposed to his view.  He told me that he hoped that I would be more careful driving in the future so that we would not have to have a rerun of this evening.  I, naturally, agreed with him wholeheartedly.  He then moved onto what he found on my computer.  He had looked at the history and saw that I had been to many inappropriate sites frequently.  He hoped that I would moderate such visits and find more productive things to use the computer for.  "I'll check occasionally to be sure, Father. I hope that firmer measures will not be necessary."  Then he came over to me, gave me a great big hug, said he loved me very much and went to bed.

I sat there for a while and realized that I was very proud of him.  My butt was sore because he had given me the spanking I truly deserved but he had behaved magnificently.  I pulled up my pants and went to the computer planning to change my password.  He had beaten me to it.  My new password was taped to the screen: "scottsdaddy".  I found that he had also added an administrator password and I did not know it.  I went to bed conflicted.

In the morning, a couple of hours after breakfast he told me he had finished his homework and asked permission to go out with his friends which I gave him.  He did not seemed changed at first glance but there was a swagger when he walked that was new.  I wondered how long it would be before he stopped asking permission like he had this morning.  In my heart of hearts I was certain of one thing – I would accept his discipline without resistance just like I accepted Tay's.  I hoped that it would not destroy me like it had Father.  I did, of course, understand a lot more and was used to being disciplined by someone younger than I.

I called Tay and told him what he did not already know.  "My nephew is quite a young man." replied my brother.

"Yes", I replied, "I don't know what going to happen but I'm terribly proud of him."

Actually, I did know what was going to happen.  Scott was going to take more and more control and I would be even more proud of him.  I dug in my desk for that nanny program I bought more than a year before but did not know how to install on his computer and left it on my desk.  When Scott got home, I told him that I had gotten a program and I need help to install it.  An hour later, he said he had finished installing it.  I knew that was the only way I would not surf where I would soon earn another strapping.

Later Scott had a talk with me. He said I did the right thing by getting the program and it would help prevent inappropriate use of the web.  He explained that he was leaving the nanny log feature off for a month so I could learn the limits without risk and to let him know if there were any sites that should not be blocked so he could make the necessary adjustments.

After dinner my wife Mandi and I were sitting on the couch in the family room.  Scott joined us and sat in the big Morris chair that was "mine".  Mandi started to object and I stopped her.  "Scott can sit in any chair, dear."  Then I got to the point.  "I want you to be as proud of our son as I am."  I explain how I had shamefully broken the traffic laws and Scott most properly called me to task for it even roasting my naughty bottom.  Naturally, she was shocked so I elaborated that I was in sore need of such correction.  Also, that the nanny program we got has been installed.

She interrupted (again).  "That's very good.  I've been after you do that for more than a year now.  Now he won't be wasting time surfing improper sites."

"No, mother, you don't understand." explained Scott.  "It is installed on the den computer.  Just like father had, I saw that you were going to inappropriate sites which will now stop."

A few days later, I found a new bookmark folder which listed several role reversal sites where dominant sons and their submissive and obedient parents were the norm.  It made for good reading.  Mandi also finds that it is very helpful in adjusting to the new arrangement.

I found it comforting to know that soon I would be living with a proper alpha male.  I'm sure that my son will be strict and fair like my younger brother had been with me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., November 2, 2008

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