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In Charge at Night


Hi, I'm Ulysses.  Yes, I'm named for the main hero in Homer's epic poem, "The Odyssey" and I'm proud of my name.  It fits me – a hero's name – a leader of men's name.  I got this great name because my parents were in Greece when I was in my mother's womb and some Cassandra prophesied that I would be a great man and deserved a proper hero's name.  She was right about my sex months before the ultra sound confirmed it so I know that she was right about the rest.

I started to write this story of my life more than a year ago when I was eleven.  Although this is the first publication I have not changed the early parts to reflect my current age of twelve and half leaving it in sort of a diary style.  I'll cue you as I and my friends get older.

* * * * * * * * * *

Currently I'm at the top of my sixth grade class even though I'm the youngest at only eleven.  I've even been elected the class president.  No real power but surely a harbinger of the future, although I do represent my class on the school council where I don't have any trouble putting down the eighth grade reps and even several of the teachers.

I live with my parents in a two-family house which is not memorable in any way.  The other family in the house is the Turners.  They are of interest because Jimmy Turner has been my best friend since I was three even though he is fifteen months older.  His kid sister, Laura is only nine plus.  She's just the pest that kid sisters are usually but she is cute and I'm going to pop her cherry when she is ready.  Our 'rents have been trading babysitting services for a long time so I've had more than my share of sleepovers with Jimmy.© YLeeCoyote

You're probably thinking what the fuck is an eleven-year-old kid doing talking about sex?  Well, that's my chronological age not my developmental nor mental age.  I'm far ahead on both these measures.  Hell, I've had a real bush since I was turning ten and, of course, all the corresponding changes.  If you saw me in the raw, you would guess that I was fourteen since I'm also tall.

So that's it.  I'm just your normal, precocious genius who's going to rule the world, er, in a nice way, of course.

Please note that angel is one of the things I did not tell you I was because I'm not.  I still get into trouble like every other red-blooded boy and get punished.  My folks are pretty strict (hey, that's cool as long as they are fair and not hypocritical) so I'm been exposed to all the punishments kids get – time-outs, no desserts, early bedtime, go-to-your-room, allowance cuts, grounding and even spankings.  More than a year ago, I had a very serious talk with Dad about my punishments.  We came to an understanding that he would spank me when I was naughty.  All the other options I had either outgrown or were unfair (and bred resentment).  It's not that I like being spanked (hey, it is a punishment after all) but its precision.  Precision in the military sense of doing the job without collateral damage.

The last time I was spanked was a couple of months ago.  Dad was absolutely right in tanning my stupid butt.  Since before I was five I knew that playing ball in the house was a great big (as we said then) no-no but it was a rainy day and the folks were away so Jimmy and I were playing in the hall.  Of course, it was safe to do as there was nothing to break.  Well, almost nothing as I found out when the ball hit the light fixture.  It really wasn't much damage – just the old incandescent lamp.  Dad had purchased one of those energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps to put in so it was in the house supplies cabinet.  Well, we cleaned up the mess, got the ladder and installed the new lamp.  I probably would have gotten away with this but Dad wanted to know why I had been so helpful.

He sent me to my room to wait for my spanking.  This was to give me time to contemplate my misdeed and think about how naughty I had been.  I also had the duty to decide how severe my punishment should be.  Dad had said that a man must control himself and that also means punishing himself when he does wrong.  When Dad came in, I was ready.  The discussion of my misdeed was brief – I knew what it was and confessed to simple stupidity (and breaking the rules).  Dad concurred that the hairbrush to start and then his hand was the right thing.

In the privacy of my bedroom, I stripped completely.  Even though Dad has seen me naked since the day I was born, it always made me feel little and more vulnerable.  Dad said that this increased the punishment value and he's absolutely right.  I handed Dad the brush.  It is an old one we found at a flea market – just like in the spanking stories – three inches wide oval back and made of heavy oak.  It's really a mini-paddle (but with a full size impact).  I got into position over Dad's lap with most of my weight on the bed and said: "Ready for my spanking, Father."  I try my very best not to yell for I think it is babyish even though it sears my butt exactly as it's supposed to.  I've promised myself that I won't step up to the strap until I can refrain from yelling.  I did manage to keep quiet for three quarters of the hairbrush's strokes.  Then I got a good eight minutes of hard hand-spanking so that my butt was a bright cherry red and looking like there was a bonfire inside.  I was crying too.  Dad explained that I'm suppose to do that when I'm spanked and that I should not fight it (like I do when he uses the hairbrush).  We forgave each other with hugs and words and he left me to cry and to regain my composure.

I do want to emphasize the reason for going to my bedroom. It was a very important part of the agreement with Dad that my spankings be private.  Not that I got punished nor even exactly how but always done in private.  To put it simply, it is our private business.  The arrangement is until I graduate from college and leave home.  I certainly would not want anyone else to see me get it when I'm in college or even high school.

* * * * * * * * * *

I've already told you about Jimmy being my best friend.  He is intelligent (I don't think he would be my best friend otherwise) but immature emotionally and physically.  Dad explained that some boys develop early (like me) and others develop late (like Jimmy).  I'm OK with that.  Sometimes our parents leave us alone and I'm in charge.  You might call me the babysitter although neither Jimmy nor Laura would like that.  The Turners believe in spanking and I'm empowered to spank their kids when I'm in charge of them.  They are subject to very different rules about privacy in general; spanking included.  Also, neither of them is allowed to close the bedroom or bathroom door no matter what.  This rule will apply until they have gotten far enough into puberty to have pubic hair.  The same rule applies to their spankings so they watch each other getting them.  Gross – if you ask me but they haven't.

I spanked Jimmy just last week.  It really was not his fault but Laura's, although he paid the price and she was grinning from ear to ear.  She liked to tease him, often about his lack of hair, especially as I'm allowed to close the bathroom door and he wasn't.  The problem was that he loses his temper and goes for her.  Fortunately, I grabbed him before he could hit her but I was still required by the rules to spank him.  I actually like to spank him but not when he has been taunted for then it does not seem fair.  We were in the family room and I told him that I had to spank him.  He pleaded with his eyes but I reminded him that we did not have a choice as Laura would tattle.  The little vixen was laughing as we got started.  I opened Jimmy's jeans and along with his briefs lowered them.  She sees him all the time so this did not matter.  When she started to taunt him again in a sing-song, I ordered her to go to her room.  She said she was allowed to watch and I told her that if she did not obey I would spank her – hard.  She beat a quick retreat to her room.  One of these days I will spank her but she won't be a little child then.  I'm not a pedophile like they warn us about.

Now, in private and with Jimmy comfortably over my lap, I got started.  I always began with a hard spank so that I could watch my hand print form which was really neat.  I lectured Jimmy and told him he had to learn to control his temper and resist his sister's teasing.  "Yes, Sir." he replied, "I try but it's so hard."  I gave him the lightest spanking I could get away with but it still left him with a hot red butt and he was crying.  An hour later he was OK.

Jimmy has another issue that I deal with at times.  He wets the bed at least five times a week.  We both were potty trained at the same time; when he was approaching five years and I three.  He's OK by day but wets at night.  He wears diapers to keep the bed dry.  He cannot manage to get them right by himself so every night he has to strip and be diapered.  Until a year ago, it was always his mom or dad that did the job but then his sister generously offered to help.  His parents have the decency to let him put the oil and powder on his own tackle before taping the diaper on.  Laura insists on giving him a thorough feel each time.  He may not have hair yet, but he sure does get hard when she does.  She even jerks him until he comes, albeit it's a dry come.  He likes that it happens but not by her especially because she is so bossy about it.  It is quite impossible to be in control when you're on your back and getting diapered.  Because of all this, I learnt how to do the job.  Since then when he sleeps over at my place or I'm at his, I do the task.  Since I got pubes, I'm permitted to shut the door and keep Laura out.  Little does she know what else I do and it is better that way.

It was at a sleepover at my place that I took his cherry.  Jimmy was in position and I had gotten him hard and close to coming.  Then I raised his legs and put some oil on his hole. It was so slippery that it was easy to slip a finger in.  He liked it immediately so with great restraint I just played with his hole with my one finger; then two and three while my hard rod was practically dripping.  I gently entered him and after a few thrusts he came.  I took a little longer.  I withdrew and finished diapering him.  Then in the morning, I got him to give me a blow job.  Since he always obeys my instructions, he did.  He took a few times to learn how to do it well, but he does it well now.  In fact, he loves my cock in him at both ends.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now there is one very unusual thing in my life.  My father is an AB/DL – an adult baby and diaper lover.  He has never tried to hide it from me so I was used to seeing him in baby clothes in the evening and footed pajamas at night with Mom being his 'mommy'.  When I was younger I never thought about it but last year I realized that in my friends' houses there were not oversize baby things about.  Dad's thing certainly seemed a lot less of a problem than I saw other kids having with their parents such as excessive drinking.

Things changed when Mom had to go to help her parents for a few weeks.  Dad assured her that we would manage with just the cleaning lady doing the chores because there were so many restaurants not to mention takeout around.  I reminded Mom that I was not a baby any more.  "We'll both miss you a lot, but we'll manage until you get back." I told her several times.  I hope I did not sound like I was nagging.

The day she left I joked to Dad that I should have said to Mom: "I'm not a baby any more – Dad is the baby."  We both laughed which was fun.  It was a few days later that I noticed that Dad was not wearing his footed pj's and I asked him about it.  "Well, son, Mom isn't here to play with me." he said a bit sadly.

"I can diaper you, Dad, like I diaper Jimmy.  And give you a bottle; that's not very tricky."  Dad looked at me a bit funny for a while.  "I can't be your mommy like Mom but maybe a babysitter?"

Very slowly dad accepted my offer.  I asked how things should be done and he explained.  I got his bottle ready.  (No pediatrician would have approved of the milk that went into it.)  We went to the baby's room (our spare bedroom) which was setup for this play.  I undressed the baby telling him that it was time for bed.  It really felt strange doing this but I wanted to please my father.  When he was naked, he laid on the bed, just like Jimmy did, for his diaper.  I put his pacifier into his mouth and then lifted up his legs (with his help of course) so I could slide the diaper under his butt.  I spread some oil around his crotch but had him do his own cock and balls.  It did not seem right to do that myself.  I'm not into incest and I figured that Dad was straight.  (Wikipedia says most AB's are.)  I taped the diaper into place.  He got up and I pulled back the blanket and tucked him in.  I replaced the pacifier with the bottle and gave him Clarence, his teddy bear.  Then I snapped off the light and sat by him humming until he dropped off to sleep.

I felt so very strange doing my homework with my baby-father sleeping.

The next morning Dad was dressed for work when we had breakfast.  He thanked me for helping him play the night before.  At dinner I brought up the subject of his pubes.  Although they were short, it did not seem right for a diaper wearer to have any.  He told me that Mom took care of the problem but I told him that he should do it when he showered later.

When I went to get him ready for bed, I saw that he hadn't done as I had told him to.  I chided him strongly and then sat down next to him.  I pulled him over my lap and spanked him with my hand.  I was not worried about hurting him, so I hit hard and made his ass a nice deep pink.  He was definitely into being spanked as he yelled much more than he should have but did not struggle or try to stop me which he certainly could have.  I left him crying on the bed and got his fancy shaver from his bathroom.  I used the clipper edge to rough cut his hair short so that the other side would work properly.  For whatever reason, he did not get hard which was good and I handled his penis as little as possible.  Only then did I diaper him and do the other stuff like I had the night before.  Of course, I lectured him that he must be a good baby for the babysitter or he gets a spanking.

The weekend had started that evening so he did not have to go to work nor I to school in the morning so we spent some quality time at the natural history museum in the city.  It was really a special day and he was the absolutely perfect dad.  He was a good baby that night, also.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm now in my twelfth year for time, as the saying goes, marches on.  There have been other changes, in particular, hormones.  Laura's beat out Jimmy's by far.  Her pubes started sprouting when she turned ten; four calendar months before his did at thirteen and a quarter.  Because she is thirty-five months younger than he is, she really tormented him a lot about her advanced development (she calls it maturity) but most of all that she could close the door to the bathroom.  I tried to convince him that it really did not matter since she diapered him several times a week.  "Hell, she doesn't even watch you piss anymore." I added.

The problem was that it did matter for him as it made him feel like a baby without privacy.  He tried to convince his parents that the rule was unfair but they both had grown up with it and were uncompromising about making any changes.

He was checked regularly by his doctor and even by a specialist but all they would say is that he will grow out of his enuresis.  Unfortunately, he still could not learn how to diaper himself so that he did not leak so Laura made the great sacrifice and did it at every opportunity.  Worse was that she had her friends help.

Once he got his own hair, things got a little better, although he was not happy about all those females changing him.  Although, he did not object to their little hands making him feel very good.  But there was a complication; the oil, cream and powder used to protect his skin made a terrible, stinky mess of his pubes.  I talked to him about this and he promised to wash very carefully in the shower but it did not solve the problem.  I took action at his next sleepover.  Although I haven't talked much about it, we were both very happy about my fucking him at every opportunity.

We had been playing around and I got him into one of our favorite positions.  He was on his back with his butt cheeks on my thighs and I was plugging his hole.  I had dropped his legs and he was pretty well stuck in that position.  It was then, that I told him that I was going to solve the problem and squirted some goop on his messy pubes.  He thought it was some kind of soap but it was a depilatory.  After a few minutes, I wiped him clean and then we washed properly.  He was upset but I told him that it was necessary to be clean, rash-free and not be smelly.  Since he always followed my lead and liked being clean, he accepted the loss.

There was a downside that quickly showed up a few days later.  Laura noticed but did not say anything when she put on his diaper.  She then skipped a day so that their mother saw that he was hairless thus setting up the confrontation.  She just walked into the bathroom where Jimmy was even though the door was closed.  When he complained, she pounced saying that he did not have hair.  He argued with his parents that he had pubes but that they were just shaved off for hygienic reasons.  She argued the requirement was to have them show.  She won.

A few days later, she declared that he needed a shave for hygienic reasons.  He begged her not to but she prevailed and did the deed.  Of course, he got his usual hand job afterwards but she kept him shaved after that.  This was, as it turned out, a good thing, IMHO.

It is not really known why Jimmy stopped wetting at night but he did.  The doctors had said he would someday.  Perhaps some connection in his body happened.  Personally, I think that he decided (subconsciously) that being diapered and shaved by his kid sister and her friends was unacceptable and that there was only one way to stop it.

So after a totally dry month, he stopped wearing diapers. Laura was disappointed that she couldn't diaper, shave, jerk him off and expose him to her friends.  Jimmy was definitely a happier youth than before now that he had control of his privacy.  He would frequently close his bedroom door so that he could work and play without being disturbed.  On the other hand, he did not bother to close the bathroom door unless there was adult company in the house.  His friends all saw each other naked in gym showers so nobody cared.  He said that he did not care about those brat girls – referring to his sister and her friends – since they all had diapered him within the last few months so what was there to hide now.  Frankly, I think he was showing off his bush and liked how they stared at him.  Some of them had sticky hands, he said.  It was not clear if they were sticky before or only after they grabbed him.

* * * * * * * * * *

N.B.: This last section contains description of pre-teen, post-puberty straight sex.

I did spank Laura a few times but the latest is the most interesting.  I was babysitting them again and Laura not only came home late from school but with a bad grade report.  She tried to hide the report but it literally slipped out.  Now that she was not a little kid anymore, she was really going to get it.  I stripped her although she objected so I reminded her that was the standard procedure and how she wanted her brother stripped for his spankings.  I told her if she did not stop resisting, I would give her a second spanking which made her acquiesce.

Of course, I got a good look at her bush as she stood in front of me for a lecture which I drew out before hauling her over my lap.  She does have a very cute little ass and my hand print looks great on it.  I made sure that she cried.  I let her slip a bit so that I could grab her by her little pussy from behind; it was soaking.  She was definitely a different, more respectful and humble girl when I stood her up.  I let her cry on my shoulder for a while which afforded me the opportunity to caress her hot red, dripping tail.  I'm certain that she could feel my hard cock in my jeans as she stood between my legs.

As she stopped crying and was merely sobbing, she stuck one of her paws into my pants and took hold of my shaft.  "It's so big." she mewed.  Well, truthfully, it's not really but bigger than her brother's which she was excessively familiar with.  She opened my belt and jeans and pushed my boxers down so I was exposed.  She found it fascinating and stared at it.

"Taste it, Laura." I said very quietly.  She did, proving that I was right.  I stood so that I could push my pants down and sat again.  I got her sitting on my lap facing me.  Her legs were to my sides, her cunt was spread and my cock was pointed right at it as she hugged me tightly.  I pulled her forward and slipped my shaft into her slit.  A quick bear hug pulled her closer and her pubes met mine.

She squealed as her cherry broke.  I laid her on the floor and made the experience memorable for both of us.

Jimmy and I exchanged smiles.

The End

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