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The following story is fiction about CP and role reversal.  The story contains a scene of a caning.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

Please note that since this is set in the UK, "pants" refers to underwear (panties) rather than trousers while "fanny" is the anterior rather than the posterior bottom.  I was inspired by the video at taken from "Dogface", a British sketch comedy television show.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Incompetent Prevaricator Gets It


Mistress Mcfaul was giving her year eight class the lesson in photosynthesis.  The twelve-year-olds were being very attentive for they were actually interested and wanted to learn.  She glided right over the essence of the matter with silly comments such as "The energy is trapped in the chloroplasts." rather than a real explanation.  Then in response to serious questions she gave snappy, disrespectful answers such as "You should take an A-level course in biology." in a obvious attempt to hide her ignorance.

The class was not happy with such flippant answers and, after a couple of fruitless tries, pressed the issue with a direct challenge about her knowledge, or more precisely, the lack of knowledge of the subject.  Confronted so forcefully and directly, she tried to escape the unpleasant situation most inappropriately by asking: "You want to see my pants?"

The class was diverted from its serious intent and chorused loudly in the affirmative.  She then delivered as promised by lifting her skirt exposing her snug, white pants with green trim.  The thrill lasted just seconds.  After she dropped her skirt back down they quickly came to the realization that they had not seen anything that wasn't on display all the time at the beach and pool.

"That was most inappropriate, Mistress Mcfaul." said Barkman.  He was one of the brightest in the class and popular as well as he had been elected as class president.  He had an alpha personality and immediately acted decisively.  "I'm certain that Headmaster Spence will agree." making the threat that he would report the incident.  She turned pale at that for she was just starting out and a bad reference or worse would derail her nascent career.

Barkman quickly went to the front of the classroom and grabbed the cane from the wall.  The very same cane that all in the class had seen in action in Master Wellman's classes and most had felt its wicked bite.© YLeeCoyote

Mistress Mcfaul was quite flummoxed seeing the super confident youth still with a puberty mustache approaching her baring a cane.  She knew she had lost control of the class.  She also knew that she had made a spectacle of herself without any gain.  If only the bell would ring and she could say: "Class dismissed." so that the boys would run out giving her time to recover.  That, to her dismay, did not happen.  Barkman tapped the cane several times on her desk.

The class was totally silent, enthralled by whatever was unfolding that surely would be fascinating.  Mistress Mcfaul also knew what that unique sound meant from when she was a student years before.  "Get over the desk, Mistress Mcfaul and we'll deal with your misconduct immediately."  In the eerie silence of the room, the young man's voice seemed all powerful.  She stood there frozen.  "Let's not delay any, please." he quickly added.  She was in a daze when she turned and approached her desk.  It had been cleared just like when she was a student and someone was about to be caned in class.  She leaned over the desk and grabbed the far side.

Barkman quickly reached down, grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it over her back.  For the second time her pants were exposed to the class with the only difference being that it was her bummy rather than her fanny that was revealed.  She gripped the desk more tightly and closed her eyes in anticipation of what was to come.

But the first thing was a surprise for it was not the bite or even the gentle tap of warning of the cane.  Her pants were yanked down to her ankles.  The horrors increased as she realized that the caning was to be on her bare arse and with the boys watching,  "LIFT your foot." was the sharp order and she did.  Her pants were now about only one ankle and she was ordered to spread her legs.  That, too, was like when she was a student.  There was a most significant difference though.  Back then the class was all girls and everyone had seen everyone else in the showers.  Now she was the mistress and the class of boys got a view of her bare bummy and pussy.  They found that was infinitely more interesting than her pants now draped loosely about an ankle.

She felt the gentle warning of the cane resting across her bare bum.  There was nothing and then the SWOSH and the CRACK as the cane descended and connected like a red hot poker.  She yelled and jumped.

"Stay in position or there will be extras." the powerful, commanding voice snapped.  The class watched intently as the tram marks developed.

Mistress Mcfaul had but one thought filling her mind.  The horrid pain being inflicted on her arse as she received the full quota of six-of-the-best (not counting the one that made her jump).  It would be later that she would realize that the class of boys had been watching and saw EVERYTHING.

She had lost count so that the "You may get up now, Mistress Mcfaul." from the voice of command came as a surprise.

She stood up and her skirt fell back into position covering her nakedness.  She turned and saw the grinning boys.  The bell rang.  They got up and left.  She was left alone, grateful that she had a free period.

The image of Mistress Mcfaul’s arse with vivid tram tracks would remain with the boys forever.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. May 9, 2018

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