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This story is fiction.  Not my usual story for my narrator is a young lady who suddenly gets to spank her younger brother and then....  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  This story is an expansion of my SSC-2004 story Substitute Spanker

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Increased Responsibilities


Things suddenly changed for me one noteworthy day last July.  Jimmy was acting up, dad was away for a few days and mom wanted to go to her meeting.  She was absolutely frazzled and it was probably in desperation that she said: "Kate, spank your brother." to me and then "Jimmy, if you don't have a hot red butt when I return, you won't be able to sit for a month."  Then she left.

Well, I was going to be junior in high school in the fall and Jimmy's some four years younger.  At twelve, he can be quite a problem and he does seem to respond to spanking a lot better than to other punishments such as grounding, loss of privileges and fines (cuts in his allowance).  I've seen him get spanked hundreds of times by both mom and dad.  I love watching our parents turn his ass crimson.

Jimmy changes instantly once he knows that it going to happen.  It is almost like he is only five again.  He becomes very meek and docile for somehow it finally sunk in that he has gone too far and that it is time to pay the piper.  He forced to stand as one or the other parent begins to lecture him as he is deliberately stripped.  He is not allowed to undress himself but must submit to his clothes being removed as if he was just a baby.  Shirt, shoes and pants go first and then undershirt, underpants and socks follow until he is left in just his birthday suit.  Long ago he learnt that it is painful to try to cover his genitals.  It is only in the last couple of months that have they started to be bigger than a baby's.

Until he was ten, he got spanked only with a hand but then it was more than sufficient to turn him into a blubbering crybaby.  With Jimmy held across the parental lap, I happily watched how his little checks would change.  First they would turn a bit pink and hand prints would show.  As the spanking progressed, everything would blur into red and then cherry.  By that time he would be crying unable to make the usual promises.

When he was let up, he forgot about modesty completely for his mind was concentrated on his painful bottom.  I always smiled at the way his little pee-pee bounced when he did his spanker's dance.  The worst spankings (from his point of view) were in the morning for he was not allowed to get dressed until the next morning after any spanking.  That meant there was lots and lots of time for me and my friends to see him starkers.  He hated that but there was nothing he could do about it.  He was forbidden to close his door or even the bathroom door.  That was the one thing that got harder for him to accept rather than easier as he got older.© YLeeCoyote

I say this with obvious glee because I'm treated very differently.  I rarely got spanked after I was twelve and once I turned ten it was done in the privacy of my room for mother insisted that young ladies are modest.  Dad did not even take down my panties although mother did.  Jimmy never got to watch.  I'm not sure he even knew when I was spanked.

After he turned ten, as I said, they started to use things to spank him.  Mom favored her hairbrush.  It was the old-fashioned type; heavy oak back about three inches wide.  It was like a little paddle.  It would reduce him to tears very quickly.  When dad did it, which was a lot less frequently than mom did, he tended to use his belt wrapped around his hand so that only a few inches stuck out to form a short strap.  He quickly howled from that.  I guess when he gets bigger, dad will have him bend over and use the belt like a strap.  I'm looking forward to seeing that.

After mom left Jimmy and I looked at each other.  We both had some doubts about this.  I spoke first.  "Jimmy, I'm not going to run after you.  When you are ready to be spanked come to me.  If mom comes home and you have not been spanked she really is going to give it to you -- again and again."

He looked at me as if I was crazy.  But he was in a tight bind and he knew it just as I did.  I really wanted to spank him.  I had for a long time because...well, at times he was that little brother brat.  He did not always get punished for being a pest.  It took him a couple of hours before he worked it out -- he was in a no-win situation -- and came to me.  I sent him for the hairbrush which he fetched without a word although he grumbled.

I was really high on the power I suddenly had as he stood meekly with his eyes downcast before me.  He knew what I was going to do as well as I did.  He was not happy about it.  I took the hairbrush and put it aside.  Slowly I unbuttoned his shirt and removed it.  I quickly took his shoes.  He reached for his belt but I quickly stopped him.  "I'll do that, boy." I snapped and slapped his hand.  It was then that I learnt that boys could whimper just like puppies.  When he was just in his underpants he was totally miserable.  I pulled him close in a hug.  "We got to do this, Jimmy."  I did not want him to know that I was just ecstatic doing all this.

I held him tight and he was whimpering.  Then, for the first time, I lowered his briefs and got a close up of his little package.  He probably felt my hot breath on it as I bent over while removing his briefs.  I laid him across my lap and gripped him tightly with my left hand while caressing his bottom with my right.  I was surprised to feel his penis stiffening against my leg.  Then -- certainly one of the best moments of my life -- his first spank from me.  I watched my hand print form and then gave him a dozen more until I realized why mom used the hairbrush -- my hand was hurting.

I picked up the hairbrush and started to use it.  He yelled in pain but I knew how mom did this and kept at it until he was blubbering.  He would never be the same although I did not know it at the time.  When I let him up he did a spanker's dance rubbing his hot cheeks and jumping up and down.  His cock was hard and bounced a lot.  "You may go to your room, Jimmy."  He ran there and lay on the bed crying.  When mom came home she was pleased at the results.

With school out for the summer, it was easy for him to get into trouble again in just a few days.  I got home just in time.  Mom was blowing her top and he was cowering.  I managed to calm her down enough to accept my offer to deal with the impossible lad.  Jimmy looked on me as his personal savior and docilely followed me to his room.  There I stripped him and spanked him hard.  Just so I would know the difference, I used his own belt like dad used it.  It also turned him into one sorry boy but it was a little easier on my arm.

The intervals between his spankings grew to over two weeks and our parents were pleased with that.  It was near the end of the summer and Jimmy came home very unhappy.  He had gotten into trouble and knew that he was going to get punished.  That in and of itself was not a surprise but it was when he asked me to spank him before mom and dad got home.  Well, being the loving big sister I am, how could I refuse my little brother's request?  I told him that it would have to be severe because of the seriousness of the offence.  He did not like the idea but wanted to get it over with before our parents got home.

After stripping him I used the hairbrush until he was crying uncontrollably.  But I kept him in place until he was just sobbing.  Then I gave him part two with the belt.  It was very soon that he was blubbering again.  I left him lying on his bed and waited for our parents to return so I could report what had happened.  We talked about it and decided that I would be in charge of Jimmy from then on.  When he was eating his dinner (naked and standing at the sideboard) he was told.  He was not happy about it at all.

"Well son, if you don't want your sister to spank you, then don't do things that you shouldn't.  It's that simple." said dad.

Jimmy was now stuck with me as his disciplinarian.  I was delighted.  I was careful not to abuse my power (as seen by our parents) but I made sure that Jimmy knew I would be keeping track of the little things like his pestering me to increase the severity of his spankings for other things.  I did not think that things could get better; was I ever wrong about that.

I was almost November when mom, Jimmy and I went over to Aunt Terri.  Jimmy and I were just going to visit with our cousin Matt who is almost a year older than I am.  Mom and her sister were going to go shopping.  When we got into their family room we got a surprise -- Matt was bare assed naked with his nose in the corner.  "We cannot go for a while, sis," said Aunt Terri, "I got to spank Matt."

Matt blushed all over.  Even Jimmy had to suppress a giggle although he himself hated being spanked.  But I guess that just like I like watching Jimmy get spanked, he probably would like to see his older cousin get it.

Mom had been rushing to get going and now she was not in the mood to wait for a boy to be spanked.  "Oh, just have Kate do it.  I find it most effective when she does Jimmy.  I want to get to the sale before it starts." said Mom most cheerfully.

Matt blushed more deeply at hearing this.  Then his mom spoke.  "Matthew, you are to stay in the corner until you ask Cousin Catharine to spank you.  If you don't, then I'll spank you when I return."  I was sure that Matt would decide to wait rather than submit to a spanking from me.  Aunt Terri must have also realized this for she continued: "And then tomorrow, you can go over to her house and stand in the corner with your pants down until you ask her to spank you.  If you come home unspanked, I'll spank you and we'll do the same the next day."

Matt probably could hear Jimmy giggling.

"And she's in charge also." finished up Aunt Terri.

Matt groaned and then he heard his aunt and mom leave.

"Anytime you're ready, Matt." I sang overjoyed at the prospect.

Matt remained silent for a long time and then I reminded him that it was going to happen sooner or later.  "Of course, if you like to stand with your butt hanging out that's fine by me and I'll bet my girl friends will all admire it tomorrow."

About a half hour later, Matt gave in to the inevitable and called me.  "Kate, please spank me."

"I'll be happy to, Matt.  Just get over my lap like a naughty little boy should."  Slowly Matt turned and placed his hand in front of his crotch.  "No, hands at your sides, Matt."  He complied as he walked over to me.  I must report that he was a lot more of a man than Jimmy.  He had a nice thick bush and a respectable package.  (Yes, I had seen others.)

This presented a situation that I did not have to really deal (yet) with Jimmy.  I spread my legs so that when he got over my lap, his stuff would hang down between my thighs.  At first I did not realize what else I could do.  As I did with Jimmy, I put my arm across his back and patted his butt.  That got a reaction that was a lot more noticeable than with Jimmy -- his cock stiffened.  I gave him a few strokes with my hand so that I could admire my hand prints.

Aunt Terri had already gotten the hairbrush so I picked it up and whacked his ass with it.

Matt howled as much in shock as in pain.  I really did not plan too but Matt's weight was tending to push my legs together so I moved them closer.  This got his stuff squeezed between my thighs.  I think it must have hurt him because his howls became higher in pitch.  I liked the extra power that this gave me.

I keep at his butt until it was crimson and Matt was on the verge of tears.  I had him do a few minutes more of corner time before sending him to his room.  Aunt Terri was quite pleased with how red he was when she returned.  Matt was very withdrawn that whole afternoon.  I was, as you can imagine, on cloud nine.  It took me a while to realize what those stains on my jeans were.

Nothing was said about this for a almost a month.  I was with Aunt Terri and Mom working on Thanksgiving dinner when Aunt Terri commented.  "I'm amazed at how well Matt is behaving these last couple of weeks."

"Oh, I find that Jimmy responds better to Kate's spankings than to mine or his dad's." replied Mom.  "Maybe you would like to have Kate do it all the time?"  It was all I could do not to jump and shout for joy.

When Aunt Terri asked me, I said I would if they though it was best.  Another boy to discipline and this one was older and practically a man, well physically at least.  He would even be graduating from high school in a few months.  I was absolutely elated.

At dinner Matt turned green when his mother told him that I would be spanking him from now on.  He protested to both his father and uncle.  Neither of them gave him any succor whatsoever.  I was surprised but I kept my mouth shut.  What could I say that improve things for me?

The next day I asked mom to explain things.  She showed the usual reluctance that parents do when their kids ask them about life but told me that like my grandmother, both Aunt Terri and she were the dominant ones in the marriages.  Grandpa, Dad and Uncle Joe did what they were told or they got spanked.  Someday, when I was older, I would be in charge like they were.  It was good experience to deal with Matt and Jimmy.

I did a bit of research after that.  Mom had talked about matriarchy but I also discovered femdom.  I learnt that many men were really just little boys in bigger bodies and respond well to strict mommies.  I though about how Jimmy was a much better boy now that I was in charge of him and keeping him under careful supervision.  Thinking back, I realized how I had intruded on his privacy so that he did have any.  But, more important, he no longer had an expectation of any more that a baby does.  By promising Jimmy a lesser punishment if he came to me and confessed I even obtained his willing submission.

Matt was not like that; well not yet.  It seems that a boy outgrows his mommy who needs to be replaced by his wife.  But there a need for someone else to fill in the gap when he is a youth and not yet married.  Perhaps there could be a girlfriend that would do but they come and go.  I realized that it would have to be me for my brother and cousin at least for now.  Ideally Matt should surrender willingly the same way that a fly is caught in a pitcher plant.  By the time he knows what is happening it is too late to get back up the slippery slope.  Matt took a major step within the week.

It was almost time for the family holiday get together when I got a call from Matt.  He was very upset for Aunt Terri had told him that he had earned a spanking and he would get one as soon as we got there the next day.  Beside a painful red tail for dinner and everything else he would be starkers in front of the entire family.  He begged me to spank him right away.  When he confessed what his crime was, I told him that he would get an extra punishment to make up for not having to be naked in front of everyone.  He did not even ask what for he was so desperate.

It was not long after that he was standing naked as a jay bird in front of me in a most tractable state.  He must have gotten somewhat use to being naked before me because he did not try to hide his manhood.  I really surprised him when I grabbed his cock and said: "This is what got you into trouble.  It does not have a brain but just an empty head and you let it lead you about.  You're acting just like little boy.  You should look like a little boy."  I had taken dad's moustache clippers but I did not let him see them.  I turned them on and made a couple of quick passes through his bush decimating it.  By the time he reacted it was too late.  I had a good grip and was able to finish mowing down the entire top section of his bush.  He was already whining when I pulled him over my lap.

I made sure I got a good grip with my thighs on his cock and balls when I took up the hairbrush.  He must have been devastated for he was quickly reduced to a crybaby.  He was in no state to resist when I stood him up and finished the clipping all about his sex.  This was one punishment he would remember for a very long time.  Hopefully, he would give his dates the proper respect from now on.  He stood there, staring at his naked pubis as best he could through his tears.  "Since you acted like a little boy, you will look like one; a well spanked one with an apple red butt."

Both Aunt Terri and Mom have commended me on what a good job that I doing with the boys.  They say I really have flair for this sort of stuff.  And it is so much fun.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., July 18, 2004

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