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The following story is fiction about Santa and spanking.  The story contains a scene of spanking.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  I was inspired to write this brief tale after seeing a T-shirt with the words Naughty and Nice with the naughty struck through with a red line.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Instant Santa


Stevie was late getting to the mall to meet his friends Timmy and Sammy.  The three eight-year-olds were in the charge of Timmy's older brother Jake for the afternoon to explore the shops (need I mention they were not checking out underwear much less shirts) and to see a movie.  They were to have gone all together but Stevie had to have a long discussion about his chores and then to tend to some of them before his mom dropped him off two hours later.  This was practical with cell phones so that they could easily meet without difficultly.

Both Timmy and Sammy were super excited.  There was something totally new with Santa.  Now it wasn't just waiting in line to tell the jolly guy what you wanted but it was a super modern operation.  No more middle of the night reindeer sleigh deliveries.  No more waiting until Christmas morning for the goodies for it was now INSTANT SANTA PRESENTS.  This was even outdoing even the best online sites which promised same-day-delivery in select areas.

Stevie was skeptical because he been hearing terrible things about Santa not being real from his older brother and friends.  But Timmy and Sammy quickly swept all his doubts away for they each had a shopping bag – with Santa, sleigh and reindeer pictures on the outside.  However, far more important, inside were their instant presents.  Timmy had a great new Wilson® baseball glove of genuine leather and Sammy had the super size Lego® model that he been drooling over for months.  They each also were wearing new T-shirts emblazoned with two words: "Naughty" and "Nice" in bold type and a heavy red line through the word "Naughty".  What could be better than instant Santa?  Stevie wanted to see him just his friends suggested that he must.

The trio got on line.  As the line crept forward they watched kid after kid jump up onto Santa lap, telling him their primary wish and saw the magic happen.  A bright red line suddenly struck through the word "Naughty" and an elf appeared with the gift bag.  It certainly was fun to watch.

After a few minutes it was their turn.  The line elf told Timmy and Sammy that only one visit was allowed and that they surely did not want to be labeled "Naughty" rather than "Nice".  Stevie got his T-shirt and a few minutes later was on Santa's lap.  He had a grandiose request complete with a backup.  He didn't just ask but demanded: "I want an X-box or if they were out, then a Playstation…"  He even remembered to add "…with a few games." as it was, of course, useless without them.© YLeeCoyote

Santa looked at Stevie carefully and asked the usual question: "Have you been a good boy this year, Steven?"

It's a rare kid who doesn't answer in the affirmative but although the boy said "Yes." the red line appeared, however, it went through the word "Nice".

"I see that you have not been, Stevie.  You don't get a wonderful present but a good hard spanking, boy." said Santa.  "You will get the SPANKING you so richly deserve."

Before Stevie knew what was happening, he was lifted up by Santa.  Then an elf opened his jeans and yanked them down to his ankles.  He also pulled down his Underoos® so that he was bare in the middle.  "Naughty little boys, like you Stevie, don't get wonderful toys but they get spanked."  Then after being laid over Santa's lap Stevie felt the large hand connect forcefully with his soft bare bottom with a loud smack.

Stevie gave a howl.  He howled as Santa spanked him until he was crying.  When the spanking stopped he was one very well spanked little boy.  His friends helped him dress although they carefully inspected how his bottom was glowing.  Stevie was not happy in the least.  He complained that this was some sort of mean trick but Jake forced him to look in a mirror.  His new T-shirt had a red line like those of his friends but on his it was through the word "Nice" leaving him labeled as "Naughty" for all the world to see.

Of course, he was humiliated that his friends not only saw that he was spanked but that he howled and cried and they made sure that he knew that they had.  Before they left the area an elf handed him a gift bag similar to those of his friends but very small which contained the most traditional lump of coal.

Jake saw no reason that Stevie shouldn't get to the new action film they had come for so they went as planned.  Waiting for the show they were approached by a gaggle of girls from their class who were going to see some girly picture about a princess in the same multiplex.  "We saw you being SPANKED and CRYING.  We saw your red bottom and your little pee-pee too, naughty Stevie." they taunted before running off, laughing, to go to their movie.

Stevie was quite miserable.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. December 18, 2015

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