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When I was hiking recently I met a man who confessed to have gotten lost during the previous weekend because he did not have a trail map – a sin of omission that he had since wisely corrected.  That put an idea into my head and this story grew from it.  Now if only the reality had been different. <sigh>

The first part of this story was previously posted.  Since it is so short, I decided just extend it rather than make it into parts.

This story is fiction and deals with corporal discipline and gay sex.  If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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Irresponsible Hiker


It was a glorious day to spend in the forest.  Seventeen-year-old Eric and his fifteen-year-old brother, Marc, were having a splendid time hiking in the state park and were now watching the raptors circling the valley from the overlook at the end of the branch trail.  It was extra special because they were alone – at long last – as their father had permitted them to go by themselves rather than with him or the troop.  With this common goal, they had been able to put aside the usual sibling squabbling and to discover how much they liked each other.

They had another half hour before it would be time to return to the trail head to catch the train back home when a man came along the trail.  Hector was not interested in the view for he was lost and desperately needed directions.  From the redness of his face, arms and legs it was evident that he had been over exposed to the sun and would be suffering the next few days.  It was also clear that he had not taken basic precautions to have a hat or to use sunblock.  Their immediate opinion that he should not have been allowed out by himself was quickly affirmed when they learned that he lacked the three basic necessities – map, compass and flashlight.  It was most apparent that he was totally ill-equipped for hiking.  Both youths were shocked at his unpreparedness.

"I dread to think what dad would do if we were as unprepared as he." said Marc.  "I remember what he did last year when you just walked around the lake from the campground in the state park without taking the map."

"I certainly remember very well.  I can still hear his roaring from when I got back." responded Eric rubbing his butt.  "He just pointed at the brush and bellowed: 'CUT A SWITCH, BOY.'  and then he corrected himself and yelled: 'MAKE THAT TWO SWITCHES.'"

Hector had turned ashen hearing this for his father had been similarly strict and it brought back memories of his past.  When Eric continued to imitate his father and then pointed and yelled.  "THERE IS A GOOD TREE; CUT THOSE SWITCHES – PRONTO, BOY!" Hector turned and looked where Eric was pointing.  There was a small tree there and just perfect for providing a switch to chastise a lad or youth or, shudder, even a man.© YLeeCoyote

The guilt overflowed Hector as he realized how careless he had been and how he had endangered his life.  Suddenly, he felt like he was just a boy being yelled at by his father rather than a man halfway through his life.  He let his day pack slip from his shoulders to the ground and stepped over to the tree.  He cut a switch as the two youths watched.  Seconds later he handed it to Eric.

Eric knew what his father would do; Eric had learnt to accept harsh discipline from his father without hesitation to avoid even more punishment.  He also remembered that his father had taught him that a man must seize the moment and act decisively when a decision needed to be made.  "DROP YOUR PANTS AND GET OVER THAT LOG, BOY!" he commanded.

"Yes, sir." said Hector meekly and he rushed to obey.  In just seconds, he was bent over the fallen log with his pants about his ankles and his bare butt upturned and exposed like he had been many times in his youth.

The two youths smiled at each other.  This was unreal; so very different from the usual arrangement where their butts were the targets.  The target was pale for it had been protected from the sun's burning rays but soon it would match other parts of Hector.  Eric moved into position and started swinging the switch.  It made a swoosh as it cut through the air and then connected with the target.  There it left a thin red line.  Hector yelped for the first time.  Eric felt himself harden in his pants as the power-high raged through his veins.  He lectured the man-boy about being careful and about being prepared while he used the switch on the complaint man over and over until the target ass and thighs were bright red and he was practically crying.  Then he let the switch fall to the ground.

His heart was beating hard from the excitement when suddenly he remembered the little packet he had been optimistically carrying in his wallet for a couple of years.  He dug it out and dropped his own jeans.  His hard potent shaft jutted proudly from his crotch like a great thorn as he rolled the lubricated rubber over it and stepped to the red hot ass exposed before him.  He was far too excited to be gentle so he grabbed Hector's hips and just rammed into his hole.  He was halfway in, before Hector knew what was happening.  Perhaps it was better that way since he could not tense up and once it was in, it was too late to object.  Eric quickly achieved a power orgasm and knew he was a conqueror.

It was then that Marc spoke.  "That was not all that Dad did, boy.  He used the strap also."  Marc pulled his belt from his pants and doubled it over.  He then started to beat Hector and lecture him about being prepared.  Hector was hurting but, deep in his heart, he knew that the two youths were right.  He had been extremely stupid and careless.  Soon he would learn that he was very far from his destination and had he not encountered the two he would have been lost in the woods – cold and hungry – for the night and beyond.  Marc's strapping made Hector's ass a uniform red background to the high lighting stripes from Eric's switching.

Like his older brother, Marc also was high on power and his jeans were also bulging.  He also needed release.  He considered fucking Hector but wanted to do something different; he did not just want to imitate his brother.  He walked around the log and stood in front of the bent-over man.  He dropped his jeans and, just like Eric, let his ramrod stand tall and straight like a great tree.  He grabbed Hector's head, lifted it up and commanded: "OPEN!"  Hector obeyed and Marc shoved his cock into the hot cavern.  It wasn't his first blow job nor was it given with the best technique but Marc would remember it for a very long time.

Eric and Marc led Hector out of the forest.  Hector would have a long wait for a bus to get back to his car some ten miles up the highway at another trail head.  Eric and Marc only had a short wait for their train as planned.  They had much to talk about on the ride home.  There were the usual thoughts about the forest and the things they had seen but most of the talk was about Hector.  How foolish he was; how he accepted his well earned punishment; how he thanked them for it and never even complained much less mentioned about the sex part.  Also about how they felt about themselves and how they would thank their father, now that they truly understood why, for teaching them to be prepared.  They agreed that it would be better that certain details were not told to their father.

Marc wondered if they would ever see Hector again.  "I'm sure of it for I got his address and number from his pack." replied his brother with an evil grin.  "I bet he needs a lot of guidance and discipline."

As you can imagine both Eric and Marc were thrilled with the high they got from dominating and disciplining Hector.  It not every day that teens are able to command such respect as they got from the man they chanced to meet in the forest.  Hector was as old as their father yet he exhibited a childlike demeanor when the awful reality of his situation had been seen by others.  Even though Eric had only been dramatically quoting his own father, Hector responded as if he was an errant boy being scolded by his own father.  Not only did the two youths punish the errant man corporally but they were also able to even dominate him sexually.

It was a few days later after school that they paid an unannounced visit to Hector.  They went over to his apartment and rang the bell.  When the surprised Hector opened the door, he did not know what to say, so the two just walked in.  "We came to see how you were doing, boy." said Marc setting the mood as he discussed with his brother earlier.

They were already in the messy and cluttered living room before Hector spoke and then it was merely a weak hello.  He then proceeded to quickly rearrange some of the trash that was scattered about to make room for the youths to sit which they did.

"We wanted to check that you got the stuff as you promised, boy." declared Eric with all the authority he could muster.

"Oh, I did, Sir.  I got a whole set of maps and a flashlight and a compass and even extra batteries.  I certainly don't want to get lost again.  You made me realize great the dangers in the forest.  I won't go into the woods again so ill equipped.  I really appreciate all that you did for me last Saturday."  Then, just like a little boy, Hector gave his butt a little rub remembering how he was thrashed.  "You saved my life."

"I got to pee; where's the john?" asked Marc.  Hector pointed and the fifteen-year-old went to tend to the matter.  He was back in just a couple of minutes.  "This place is like a pig sty!  There are messes everywhere!  All this garbage about!  Your dirty laundry all over the floor!  Dust and dirt everywhere!"  He could not believe his own ears.  His parents were constantly after him and his brother to clean up his room and now he realized what would happen if he did not do it.  "Don't you ever clean this place up?"

Hector buried his face in his hand as he sat opposite the two youths.  He was silent for a while and then started to explain that he use to keep it neat when his father was alive and visited occasionally but since his death three years ago….  He could not even finish the explanation.

Eric caught on quickly.  "So, you are a little boy that must to be told to clean your room and watched to see that you do it."

"Just like in the woods you need to be punished." added Marc.

"I guess." mumbled Hector not lifting his face from his hands.  "I miss him terribly.  He was always guiding me and spanking me when I did wrong."  Hector paused.  "It was only a week before his passing that he last spanked me."  Both youths already though that they were too old for spanking but Hector had gotten them even in his forties.  They thought it incomprehensible for that to happen to them.

"You've been a very bad boy, Hector." said Eric winking at his brother.

"Yes, an extremely bad boy and have earned a spanking.  COME OVER HERE." added Marc.  Eric had promised his younger brother that he would have first licks should the opportunity (and other things) arise.  Hector was soon standing in front of Marc with his head bowed.  Eric contrasted this image with the one just a few weeks ago when Marc was standing the same way in front of their father.

None of them said even a word as Marc began to undress the man-boy some three times his age.  Marc could have rushed but he was enjoying it immensely and wanted to savor the experience.  Button by button he opened Hector's shirt and then slipped it off his shoulders so that it hung from his waist held up only because it was tucked into the waistband of his trousers.  Marc opened the belt covering the pants' button and after undoing that slid the zipper down.  When he let go, pants and shirt fell to the floor.  "Step out of them, boy."  was the order and Hector complied so that he was just in his socks and boxers since he was not wearing shoes.  Continuing, Marc bent over and slipped the socks off and then put his thumbs into the waistband of the shorts.  Marc's heart raced as he lowered the last garment to render Hector naked as a jaybird and ready for punishment.  He could not help but wonder if his father had these sorts of feeling when he himself was being stripped.  Hector was as docile as a little boy knowing that he had best not resist the punishment about to be inflicted by his father.  Except for adult hair, Hector seemed like a little boy.

Marc sat down and pulled the compliant Hector over his lap.  As he positioned him, he patted the target which still showed marks from the switching just four days earlier.  Marc started to lecture Hector about keeping things clean and neat as he spanked him repeatedly as hard as he could.  This was even better than it was in the woods for he was in full control rather than following his brother's lead.  He also felt grown up – like he was an adult – for he was in charge and Hector did not have any say in the matter.  With each and every resounding spank Hector's boy-bottom got redder and redder.  The increased blood flow was matched in Marc's cock which was harder than it ever had been before.  Marc did not notice that his hand was also feeling the result of the spanking; that would happen later.

Hector was feeling the spanking just as he had since he was a little boy over his father's lap.  It triggered an ancient reaction – pleading and promising.  When Marc decided that it was enough, he pushed Hector off his lap so that he was on his hands and knees on the floor.  Hector was totally docile now.  If his father had been spanking him, he would have just gone to the corner but Marc had other ideas.  It only took him a couple of seconds to drop his jeans and boxers to allow his cock to soar free.  He quickly ripped open the foil packet holding a rubber and rolled it on.  He knelt between Hector's legs and looked at the hot red rump (like those of the baboons in heat at the zoo) inviting his cock.  A quick trust and he was in.  The yell from Hector was not of interest as he humped hard and fast to relieve the pent up pressure in his sex.

Eric was also excited.  As he was watching, he had freed his own hard tool and was playing with it.  He got down in front of Hector and slipped his shaft into the hot and willing mouth.  He was not in the mood to wait either.  The brothers fucked their boy-toy hard at both ends.  Even after they came, they continued until they came a second time.  Only then did they stop and park Hector in a corner so that they could recover.

When they were washing up, they started to discuss the events.  Hector had surprised them by acting like a little boy.  "He even looks like a boy except for his pubes." noted Marc.

"He shouldn't have them then." Eric immediately stated still remembering how important pubes are to adolescent boys.  Marc agreed that it was then that they noticed the hair trimmer, razor and shaving cream on the sink.  "This will be a good start." said Eric handing the trimmer to Marc and finding a fresh razor.  They summoned Hector to the bathroom and had him stand in the tub.

"You are a disgrace.  You are just a boy who needs to grow up.  You are not a man."  Hector was totally cowed and could only nod his compliance.  "Boys don't have hair."  With that Marc grabbed Hector's cock and started to mow down his pubes with his own mustache trimmer.  "Boys just have bald little pee-pees."  In just a few minutes only a little stubble remained about Hector's crotch.  Marc then lifted the arm of the unresisting Hector and clipped his pits.

After wetting down Hector's crotch, Eric covered it with shaving cream in preparation for the razor.  Hector, with his head bowed, stood motionless and watched as the two youths removed his manly hair.  He had mixed emotions.  The hair meant he was a man but so often he felt like just a boy; boy who is well spanked for being naughty; a boy like himself.  Eric finished with the razor and rinsed him off.  They returned to the other room while Hector dried off.

Eric and Marc gave their orders and left.  Hector was to change his errant ways.  He was to clean up the apartment and keep it neat – just like his father wished.  He was to discard his boxer shorts and wear tightie-whites that were appropriate for a boy; a hairless boy.  And they would be back to check up.

Hector was stimulated and set to work to clean up his apartment immediately.  He filled two trash bags, did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen before going to bed.  His hand caressed his smooth pubis and it brought back two sets of memories.  First was the one that all men have – that of being a boy and anxiously checking to see if any hair had grown proving that one was no long just a little boy but becoming a man.  Of course, now Hector again felt like a boy.  The second was of what Achilles, his older brother, did since he was a little boy.  The words and deeds kept echoing through his head: "Hector you're just a little sissy; a mama's boy." proclaimed Achilles frequently.  And then once he reached puberty (much later than his brother had) until he graduated high school how he had keep him shaved so that his classmates would also know he was still just a little boy.

He also thought of how his father just smiled when he complained and said: "Achilles is right – you are a sissy boy and don't deserve manly hair."  After that Achilles was authorized to spank him although their father did it most of the time.  Now it was that Hector first realized that he had been spanked at least once a month until his father passed on.  Many times he did not really know what he had done wrong but he had been spanked anyway and things were better.

There was something else that he thought about – how much Marc reminded him of Achilles when he was that age.  How he just took command and did what needed to be done or what he wanted to do.  Hector slept well that night.

The next day, after work Hector went to the department store and purchased a dozen pairs of tightie-whities.  The designer brands didn't feel like they were the right thing for a lazy boy so he got the store brand.  Hector did more cleaning up that night.  In the morning when he put on the new freshly laundered tighty-whities he realized how good they felt.

Hector continued to clean up his apartment and hoped that Eric and Marc would come again soon.  He was not disappointed for it happened the very next Monday.  When he discovered them at his door he enthusiastically invited them in.  The two were quite surprised by the changes in the apartment.  It was not perfect but much improved and reasonable.  Hector told them of his growing up and how they, but especially Marc, resembled his brother and that their expectations were like those of his father.

Although Eric did not have a long term interest in Hector, Marc did.  He visited Hector at least once a week and always unannounced just like Hector's father had.  He always found a reason to spank Hector and to have other sorts of fun.  Both their lives changed.  Hector's only moderately as he keep his apartment better and was more attentive to work which the two of them referred to as school.  Hector became Marc's well disciplined boy in every way.  The changes in Marc were much more significant for the relationship matured him as he felt he had real power (albeit in a small sphere) and with the improved self-image he managed to forgo silly adolescent pranks and rebellion behavior.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., September 7, 2004 & October 12, 2004

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