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The following story is fiction about a change in a downward headed marriage.  The story contains scenes of spanking, paddling, shaving, enforced chastity and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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It Happened One Night


The evening started pretty normally.  Some neighbors, my wife Lucille, and I had been relaxing in our garden like we have done several times.  I guess I must have had a bit too much to drink because I haven't any recollection of how I got into the position I now find myself.  I'm naked and securely tied eagle-spread on the floor of my basement.  The lights are low but sufficient for me to tell.  Right now I'm glad we spent the money to get a lush carpet and thick padding down in the family room.

I can barely move for the ropes tied to my ankles and wrists stretch me out taut in an X-shape.  With a bit of an effort I can see that there is leather cuff about a wrist so this must have been planned.  I wonder if there is anyone about and if Lucille is a captive also.  I call out her name, er, more precisely, I try to call out her name and discover that I'm unable to because my mouth is taped closed.  I wait (like there is something else I can do?).

I'm scared but nevertheless it is very exciting and my cock is definitely hard.  A good hard erection, in fact.  After a while, Lucille comes in and she kneels and caresses me.  "I see that you like this, dear." she adds as she strokes my cock.  "You're rock hard like you got when we first got married."  I get even stiffer.  "I'm glad that you are enjoying this."  I am, however, definitely NOT enjoying this and shake my head 'no' but she ignores that.

She turns on something in her hand and I see that it the epilator that I got her for her last birthday.  It was so nice that she used it to be baby smooth and soft for me.  Now I learnt exactly what it feels like for she running it over my chest and abs.  "You'll look so much nicer without that silly fur, darling." she purrs.  I'm sure that I do and the pain was minimal.  My thoughts are premature for she moves to my armpits.  The hair there is much denser and it hurts more as it yanked out but there is nothing I can do but to bear it.  It is worse when she moves to my pubes.  I might be yelling if my mouth was not taped.  It's particularly painful when she does my sac.  I don't lose my erection but then again I trust her.

She blinds me.  No, not for real, fortunately, but with a blindfold.  The tension on my legs changes and my ankles are raised up and back so that my butt is exposed as my feet are held up by my head.  She uses that hair plucker on my crack.  There is a pause and then I hear her angrily say:  "You haven't been doing your share of chores.  That is very naughty, boy."  Before I can understand why she called me 'boy' there is a hard, loud WHACK!© YLeeCoyote

I feel the hard paddle on my defenseless exposed butt.  It really hurts.  I would have screamed if my month was not taped.  The paddle strikes me again and again.  I fear that my balls will be smashed.  The vicious paddle keeps striking.  My ass is on fire and I am crying from the pain.  Then come some gentle caresses which are all on my crack (which doesn't hurt like my checks do).  I hope it means that the paddle has gone away.  The caressing hand is soon concentrating on my fully exposed hole.  I feel a finger enter and then a second and even a third.  I can't stop the invasion.  Soon my hole is wide open as the fingers continue to play with me.  I hope that is all that is going in but, somehow, I brace myself for further invasions.

Regrettably, the bracing was necessary.  The fingers are withdrawn but I feel something hard and larger pressing on my hole.  I think about resisting and fighting it, but my wife speaks: "Just relax, dear.  This is going to happen and you can not stop it."  Of course, she is in control and resistance is futile.  I relax as best as I can.  There is no point in useless resistance.  Whatever it is makes it way into my hole.  This is the biggest thing that has ever gone in there.  I'm not sure what it is though.

I feel two hands grasping my thighs and then the invasion moves into high gear.  I am being fucked!  I guess it is my wife with a strap on dildo.  I learn that I enjoy how it feels as it moves in and out for it bumps my prostate and that feels terrific to say the least.  Briefly, I wonder how she learnt to do this but quickly switch back to just enjoying being fucked.  It is most enjoyable and I soon find an unexpected release.  I would never have thought I would have come this way.

The pounding continues and I realize that it is not my wife with a strap on but a man as he repeatedly rams into my ass until he has an orgasm.  His yell of pleasure and the pulsations of his cock leave me no alternative to describe what has happened.  He withdraws and my legs are lowered.  I am again stretched out in an X.

My junk is being handled and I start to get hard.  "We'll have none of that boy." he snarls and strikes my penis hard.  The shock and pain causes me to go soft instantly.  "That was just a love tap, boy.  Next time it will really hurt."  He pats my balls hard to assure that I understand.  That is very scary.  My dick totally deflates as fear kicks in as I come to fully understand the threat.  He fusses more with my junk.  By the time I realize what he is doing, he is done for I hear the snap of the lock that now is keeping the cage on me.

"That will keep you safe and pure, dear." my wife says sweetly.  "Not that you used it very much or all that well."  Yipe, after decades of marriage she telling me I'm….  It is most painful to hear and to painful to repeat.

I doubt that it can get any worse but, unfortunately, it does gets worse.  The man speaks.  "I'm ready for you, darling.  Come here."  There a pause and then I hear them kiss.  It is a long French kiss.

"You're so big and so hard." my wife coos at this interloper who has just raped me.  I shouldn't think that because he made me cum.  It is almost quiet but I'm sure of what they are doing.  Then they are fucking and obviously enjoying it.  Sounds that my wife should only be making for me only when I know her with fill my ears but it is torture because they are for another man.  They both climax.  My wife sounds like I have not heard her in ages.  I am a cuckold!  A horrid word that cuts me to the quick but there isn't any other word.

They untie me.  I don't want to do anything but die.  I get dragged a bit then I'm pulled over the man's lap like a little boy.  He starts to spank me.  There is a pause as he rips the tape from my mouth.  I start to speak but I am ordered to shut up.  Spank after spank rains down on my just paddled butt.  He spanks very hard for he is strong as well as virile.  "Boy, from now on you will be a good boy.  You will do your chores.  You will obey your wife."  I can not believe it, but I am crying just like I did when my dad spanked me when I was a kid.  "Understand, boy?" he demands.

"Yes.  Yes, Sir." I say through my sobs.  The spanking is over and I'm crying on the couch.  He dresses and kisses my wife or should I say his woman and says goodbye for the nonce for he promises to return soon.

She comes to me and cuddles me as I cry.  She takes the blindfold off and kisses me gently.  "You're going to be my good boy, dear.  Marc will spank you again if are a naughty boy."  A while after I stop crying and she says that we should get to bed.

"Please take this thing off, Lucille." I ask when we get upstairs.

"Sorry, dear," she says sweetly, "I can't.  Marc has the key."

"But, I won't be able…" I start.

"Not a problem, dear.  Marc is MAN enough to take care of us and you can pee-pee with it on.  Now let's get to bed."

I can not sleep knowing that I am no longer a man with a wife but merely a used and spanked man's boy-toy.  Marc has taken her and destroyed me.  Eventually exhaustion over takes me.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 29, 2014

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