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The following story is fiction about boy who learns he is not as grown up as he thinks at his birthday party.  The story contains scenes of a paddling.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

I was inspired to do this story by Nocti Raven's drawing Birthday Bash posted on AnimeOTK.  At the appropriate place in the text is a thumbnail image which is a link to the full size drawing to open the image off-site (NSFW).  These characters are also in my story Poolside Spanking.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

Errol and Stevie
It's Not a Birthday Party Without a Piñata


Stevie was coming up on his thirteen birthday.  He convinced his parents to allow him to plan it himself. "I'm not a baby anymore.  It is long past the time when I wanted a clown or magician or silly hats and just ice cream and cake." he explained.  His parents agreed with that and figuring that even a mistake would not matter a day latter.  They did set a budget for food and decorations and he agreed to let them check it over.  Stevie thought about his options for refreshments and even party favors and made a list.  His 'rents made a few suggestions and to their surprise Stevie took some of them.  Although he did not tell any of his friends, he also wanted to impress them with his maturity.

The day of the party, Stevie and a couple of his buddies decorated the semi-finished basement which was his regular recreation space.  It had room for a dozen people and lots of old furniture that his parents did not worry about.  Only few friends including his best friend Errol and his girl Kristi, of course, were present so Stevie knew just what kind of toppings should be ordered as well as other things to keep everyone happy.  It might not be his first grown up party but Stevie definitely did not want another kiddy party for – after all – he was becoming a teenager and would even be in high school next term.  He also invited his almost twelve-year-old cousin, Kaci, since several of the guys insisted on bringing their girlfriends and he would seem more grown up having his own girl.

Everything was going great.  Stevie had discussed things with his friends and they all opted to keep one kiddy tradition – that of ice cream, a cake with candles to wish over and a birthday spanking.  They had just finished stuffing themselves with those not so babyish sweets.  It was then that things got out of hand (Stevie's that is).

"Time for your birthday spanking, Stevie," announced Errol with a big grin.  "Change into your BIRTHDAY SUIT."  The birthday boy took exception to this and pointed out that was for little kids.

"You don't have to be shy, Stevie, we all know what boys have." noted Kaci with a big grin.  That was a sentiment that was echoed by the others.© YLeeCoyote

"Let's strip him."  It wasn't clear who said it, but within seconds Stevie was being stripped by the others and was soon properly "dressed" in his birthday suit and blushing.  Before the spanking could commence another question was asked:  "Where is the piñata?  It's not a proper kid's party without one."

"Ain't got one; that's for babies." said the host.

That got Errol incensed.  "You, my little friend, are not so grown up.  You still get spanked and you ain't got pubes.  Stevie blushed at the terrible truths spoken by his bossy best friend.

There were several whispered conversations and then Stevie was jumped a second time.  "We're going to have a piñata." was said by several.

"Don't have one." insisted Stevie.

"YOU are the piñata." a couple of them replied laughing.

There are lots of things laying about in a basement and among them was some rope.  It did not take very long for Stevie to be trussed up with his wrists and ankles all bound together just like they had all seen cowboys do to the calves both in cowboy pictures and the rodeo.

Stevie was held up and the rope was threaded through a hole in a beam and tied securely leaving Stevie hanging like piñatas had in previous years in the very same spot.  Someone gave him a push and he spun around.  When he stopped Stevie's old scout bandana was used as a blindfold in preparation for the next event.

Stevie did not know what to expect next.  His guests sang happy birthday and then chorused: "Piñata time!"

The realization then hit Stevie as what was about to happen.  He tried to shout "NO!  Don't!" but it was too late.  Errol had gotten into position and swung the large two-handed paddle at Stevie's fully exposed butt.  The words of objections got turned into yowls microseconds after the loud WHACK.  All the guests admired the large red blotch that immediately formed on Stevie's tail.

The group counted out loud thus assuring that the birthday boy knew what was happening.  Several others insisted on using the paddle and Errol had to share it.  The paddle was passed and the second swat was delivered causing another howl.  After swat six, Stevie was surprised that his howl was smothered by a hot mouth pressed against his lips.  The swats continued until the requisite number had been firmly delivered.  Stevie thought he had also gotten four kisses matching the number of girls present but he was not sure because counting had been difficult as he was, er, somewhat distracted.

Then he got the 'one to grow on' which made him howl the most.  This was followed by being surrounded by all his guests who each gave him a hand spank.  It seemed a very long time before he was let down and untied.  Reflexively, he grabbed his hot butt and rubbed it to reduce the stinging pain.  Of course, this gave everyone a good look at his little cock, which was hard, and his just starting bush.

Still in just his birthday suit, Stevie was taken to the table with his presents and allowed to open them.  After he opened each one, the giver gave him a hug and patted his hot tail.  Some of the girls even patted his little cock which was fully up.

Another hour later the party was over and Stevie was allowed to dress as his guests departed.

Kaci who was visiting a few days told Stevie that it was the greatest birthday party she ever attended.  "It was great that you were in your birthday suit," she explained, "and that we all could see your hot red butt and your little thingie."

Even Stevie thought it was a great party and tried to remember the girls' kisses more than the paddling.  However, even after a couple of months Stevie was still undecided about whether or not to get a piñata for next year's party.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. August 15, 2013

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