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The following story is done as a letter to the advice column "It's Not Fair!" in the monthly magazine Boy Stuff published for boys six to twenty.  The letters are from boys who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) girls are in charge.  They are given a brief, good-natured response.  This is a series posted on the Forced Nudity Story Archive site.

This  story contains scenes of spanking and domination of boys by girls.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The fictitious drug Puericil™ is described at

This work is copyright by the authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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It's Not Fair
Joey's Letter

Letter by


Response by

Cassie <>

Dear It's Not Fair!,

Hi, I'm Joey and have been reading Boy Stuff since I was in the third grade – that makes it almost eight years now since I'm a junior in high school.  At the beginning I did not read the It's Not Fair! column because I was too young and, of course, immature to understand it all.

Lately I have gone back through my collection of Boy Stuff and have read through them all.  Not that I could have written all those letters but my life is very much like many of them.  What is different is that I'm happy with the way things are and I'm not whining like those cry babies.  Like most of those boys, I have a younger sister.  Ms. Karla (as I must call her when she is disciplining me) is two years younger.  Mother bathed us together until I was ten when Karla objected to me seeing her naked.  It was a good thing because by the time she got to be ten, she was maturing and showing signs of womanhood as her breasts and adult hair were emerging (not that I ever improperly saw them).  Certainly I was not even close in that sort of approach to adulthood then for even now I still just have a bald little thingy.© YLeeCoyote

Mother continued to bathe me and Karla usually watched and sometimes helped.  I never felt that it was wrong that she should see me naked because I could never remember a time when she didn't every day.  Mother never taught me that I needed to cover up and I liked being naked.  Mother said it was best that I sleep naked so I never had pajamas and frequently I was naked for hours before bed and well past breakfast even when we had company including Karla's friends.  When we were little during the summer I was even naked outside especially when we could play in the sprinkler.  We had friends over at times and some of the other boys would also be naked but the girls always wore bathing suits.

I often played with my sister and her friends.  They liked several games a lot and for all of them I was naked.  One of the simple games was of 'house' where they were the 'mommy' and 'aunties' while I was the little boy who got a pretend bath, a diaper and put to bed.  Sometime they said that I was naughty and put me over their laps for just a, fortunately, pretend spanking.  Another was 'doctor' where I was the patient who got undressed and examined everywhere very carefully.  Not only did every girl in the neighborhood get to see me they also examined me if they wished to (which they all did).  I loved being the center of attention.

One wonderful day Mother wasn't feeling well (sorry, that part was not wonderful) so Karla generously offered to bathe me.  Now that part was wonderful because she was ever so gentle yet very through perhaps because her hands were smaller than Mother's.  It was a little unusual but nothing radically new.  She was very caring and went to the trouble of taking my temperature with the thermometer in my bottom in case I was sick like Mother.

It hardly seem mentioning, but like many of the other little boys, my sister got to watch the doctor examining me.  A couple of times the doctor and nurse were not busy so she let Karla 'assist' by listening with the stethoscope, feeling for things, checking my weight and height and collecting a pee sample.  It wasn't very different from the playing doctor games.  I always played in the waiting room while Karla was examined by the doctor.

A big change came when I was fourteen.  Our folks decided that Karla was a mature young lady at twelve and did not required a babysitter any longer.  Even though I was two years older, they felt that I still required one.  Over the course of three months Karla gradually became my full time babysitter.  At first it was only for a couple of hours in the early evening when the folks would return before our bedtimes.  But when they saw how good things were, Karla became my regular babysitter.  Only one thing changed and that was she was officially in charge of me. I have to admit that she was always nice and fair about stuff so it wasn't a big change at first.

It was my own fault about precipitating the big changes.  I don't know why I was so naughty that evening and kept giving Karla a hard time.  Later she joked that I had too much sugar and was high.  I don't know.  The point is that she got very upset with me and said:  "I'm going to tell the folks and you are going to get spanked and grounded, Joey."

That scared me a lot because not only would the spanking hurt, the folks would be very disappointed in me and there were some things the next week I wanted to do.  I begged Karla not to tell and promised to be very, very good.  Karla talked to me for a while and I soon agreed to her terms.  Since I had been very naughty I had to be punished so she would spank me.  I would have to tell our parents and Ms. Karla (her name in this mode) would tell them that I had been punished and prevent any grounding.

We had practiced this for a long time in play and now it was for real.  Ms. Karla got the old hairbrush (that Mother used) and sat on the couch.  I got over her lap and she spanked me a bit with just her hand while lecturing me.  It made me feel real bad.  It was when she switched to the hairbrush that I howled from the pain of each WHACK!.  In a few minutes I was bawling just like when Mom or Dad spanked me.  I never would have believed that she could spank so hard.  After I stood in the corner for a while, she bathed me and put me to bed.  Once again, I was a well chastened, obedient little boy.

I don't understand how it all happened but by the next evening the change was in place – Karla was completely in charge of me.  I was required to obey her just like I had to obey our parents and she had the authority to discipline me; in simpler terms – to spank me.  Strangely, at the beginning, I found her to be intrusive.  Oh, not that she saw and handled my body especially in the bath which I was very used to but she was checking up on my school work all (or so it seemed) the time and the earlier curfew and bedtime she set.

Then she noticed that I had a couple of pubic hairs and said that I was not ready for them.  She fetched her tweezers and plucked the evil things right out.  I also got a spanking for being a willful and uncooperative little boy for the last few days.  It was the next evening that she came home with the bottle of Puericil and gave me one which I dutifully swallowed with our parents watching.  "You'll be a better behaved boy after a few days on these." she said.  Father was most pleased that she nipped my misbehavior – a turn to the dark side of the force as he put it – right in the bud.

She was absolutely right.  After I took them for a month I was completely back to my old self – obedient and well behaved – like before.  It's a couple of years later now and I'm still taking them so I remain a hairless, well behaved little boy with my younger sister in charge.  Life is good!

The only thing that might be unfair is that Karla has all that extra work being in charge of me but she never complains.


© Copyright A.I.L. April 10, 2014

* * * * * * * * * *

The magazine's response:

Dear Joey,

In this section it is a bit unusual to get a letter from a boy who is not complaining, but we are always very happy to hear from any of our readers.  In fact, we think that your letter might help other boys who are having similar experiences but taking them badly.

You are quite right not to be excessively modest around your sister or even other girls.  Having them see you naked is really no big deal.  It doesn't hurt you in any way, and it is no different from having a grown-up see you naked.  Sure, these girls are kids too, in this case even younger than you but, as we remind our readers regularly, girls mature much faster than boys.  This higher maturity is what counts, not the biological age.  That's why it's appropriate for Karla to see you naked when you are getting bathed or to take your clothes off when you are playing, while the opposite would be out of the question.  It's not inequality or unfairness; it's just that each kid should be treated according to his or her level of maturity.  The fact that Karla (or Ms. Karla, as you must call her as a sign of respect when she is disciplining you) is responsible enough to take care of you, while you still need a babysitter even though you are two years older, only goes to show how big this difference in maturity is.  There is nothing to be ashamed of, because it's just a fact of life.  It is how biology works.

Since you don't get to choose how fast you mature, it is silly to get upset about it.  You'll grow up at your own pace, and in the meantime you only need to enjoy your childhood without worries and respect and obey the people with authority over you, like your parents, your teachers and your little sister.  They love you and want the best for you, so you can feel safe and protected.  Even when they are strict it's only because they care.

That take us to how Ms. Karla has started to discipline you.  Something like that can feel strange at the beginning for some boys, but actually it is quite natural.  If she is mature enough to babysit you, it does make sense for her to be able to punish you when you do something wrong.  It's probably better than having to wait for your parents and then get spanked and maybe also grounded.  It doesn't sound like getting spanked by your sister is the easy way out for you, since she clearly knows how to use that hairbrush, but a spanking from your Mother or Father would not be better, would it? At least that way it's over fast and you don't have to be worrying about it.

Many boys do not like taking Puericil, but it does help you be better behaved, and that means avoiding a lot of spankings.  Getting your bare bottom spanked hurts a lot, doesn't it, and anything that helps you avoid that hairbrush can only be good.  Some boys do not like it because it keeps your little thingy bald and looking like a little boy's.  However, many parents –or little sisters, in your case– feel that if a boy is still immature then he is not ready to look like a big boy.  In that case Puericil is a more comfortable solution, because frankly, those tweezers sound a bit painful.

In any case, we should congratulate you for having a healthy attitude.  What you are telling us about are things that sometimes happens in a boy's life, and since you can't change them it makes sense to accept them without making it a big deal.

We wish you the best, and write whenever you want!

Additional (not published) comments
from the author of the magazine's response, a female psychologist who specializes in boys' emotional development:

Many boys find having a girl (and a younger girl at that!) see them naked and have complete authority over them to be horribly embarrassing and distressing.  Puericil suppresses boys' aggressiveness, but it doesn't stop them from being embarrassed.

However, there are some exceptions.  Some boys have gotten so used to female superiority and domination, and have been punished so often for any rebelliousness or disobedience that they have become "tamed" and meek.  Others are naturally submissive from the beginning, like Joey here, and accept those double standards as perfectly natural.

Those boys are lucky, because they have an easier time of it.

For my part, I enjoy seeing a boy's embarrassment and helplessness to prevent it, but I have to admit that it's cute when a boy is so submissive that he does not even dislike having a younger sister dominate him.

It is worth noting that Joey was so submissive even before taking Puericil.  With puberty, he timidly started to be a bit more difficult, but then he was started on Puericil and that took care of his incipient teenage rebelliousness.

Karla is a good example of the kind of dominant girls that the social changes are often producing.  One only needs to look at how she decided that her older brother was not ready to be allowed any pubic hair, and personally plucked them out.  Good for her!

© Copyright Cassie April 9, 2014

The End

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