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The following story is done as a letter to the advice column "It's Not Fair!" in the monthly magazine Boy Stuff published for boys six to twenty.  The letters are usually from boys who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) girls are in charge.  Occasionally, there are other kinds such as Red Rover's It's Not Fair – Sandy's Letter from a girl which was originally posted on the Forced Nudity Story Archive site.  Sometimes readers chose to write and they get published as here.

This story contains scenes of spanking and domination of young teens.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The fictitious drug Puericil™ is described at">.

This work is copyright by the authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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It's Not Fair
Kenny Responds to Sandy's Letter


Dear It's Not Fair:

I'm Kenny, a fourteen-year-old Puericil™ boy whose sister, Jenni, is in charge of me like most of the boys whose letters you print in this column.  Need I mention that she is almost two years younger than I but far more mature and responsible?  She has been in charge of me for almost two years and is extremely strict with me.  According to Mom Jenni is a great help in that she watches over me a great deal.  She helps set my rules and even enforces them.  It seems redundant to say that she also spanks and bathes me as well as checks that I do both my homework and chores.

But I'm not writing about me.  It is Sandy's letter that you published last month that got me to write.  I've been reading this column for four years and she is the first girl to indicate that girls can also be immature enough to require a boy to look after them.  I see lots of stuff from feminists yelling that they should have equal treatment and here is an excellent example of it happening.  I know what would happen to me if I acted like the spoiled brat as she did.  My sister would have grabbed me by my ear and got me right over her lap as soon as she could after yanking my pants and tightie-whities down and roasted my naughty bottom until I was bawling.  I would have been one very sorry boy as well as I should be.

If there is a version of Puericil™ made to treat girls then she would be well advised to change her attitude and behavior immediately if she does not want to be put on it.  Although I'm sure it would do her a world of good just like it has her brother Robbie and myself.  Her letter makes it clear that she is NOT learning to be modest and obedient so I think that her mother should take it a step further and strip her of her treasured pubes.  I have imagined that her brother would be drafted for this chore as that will make the greatest impression on her.

I imagine that Robbie would probably enlist the assistance of his best friend Donnie and twin sister Donna who have already watched her being spanked and assisted with her first bath.  Robbie would first use the clippers to make the hair the right length and then apply the hot wax and cloth strips.  Each time he yanks off a strip with her pubic hair she will remember that naughtiness has its price.  Once she is bald as a baby she will understand that she is just a little girl and must be respectful of her elders.© YLeeCoyote

To be completely honest, I must explain that my kid brother, Logan, has encouraged me to write this.  Although he is not quite eleven-years-old he does not have any trouble getting me to do whatever he wants me to.  Obviously he is not on Puericil™!  Logan is, however, both very smart and very athletic and has convinced our parents not to destroy his masculinity so that he can compete in sports at the highest levels.  He insists that he be given a fair chance to compete and has promised to follow fair rules and accept appropriate spankings and groundings without fuss should he fail.  I greatly admire his spunk and maturity.  Even though he is so much younger I look up to him as he has earned my respect.

One of the things that I fear is that my in-charge-of-me sister will get like Sandy.  The solution for that would be for her to be put on Puericil™ for girls and for our brother to be in charge of her.  I guess that Logan would probably take charge of me also if that happened since he would surely be the alpha-male.  If nothing else, I would then get to shower myself rather than being bathed since he already told me that I should be doing that myself.  He also said that I could expect to be spanked whenever I deserved it.

The switch to showering is just one of the changes Logan said he would implement as it is time for me to grow up and not waste his time by requiring that he treat me like a baby.  He also will give me strappings with his belt while I'm bent over rather than hand spankings while over his lap.  When he told me that I was very pleased but he warned me that it would hurt more.  He even demonstrated.  He directed me to drop my pants and briefs and bend over and then he gave me three hard whacks with his heavy leather belt.  He was absolutely right about it hurting more and it will be a very good incentive for me to be a good boy.

That seems fair to me.


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