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The following story is done as a letter to the advice column "It's Not Fair!" in the monthly magazine Boy Stuff published for boys six to twenty.  The letters are usually from boys who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) girls are in charge.  Occasionally, there are other kinds such as Red Rover's It's Not Fair – Sandy's Letter from a girl which was originally posted on the Forced Nudity Story Archive site.  Sometimes readers chose to write and they get published as here.

This story contains scenes of spanking young teens.  If this subject is offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The fictitious drug Puericil™ is described at

This work is copyright by the authors and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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It's Not Fair
Kristi Responds to Sandy's Letter


Dear It's Not Fair:

Until I was fourteen-years-old I lived an exciting life as a Tomboy.  I ran around with the boys in my neighborhood exactly like they did and had great adventures.  No dolls for me unless they were in camouflage combat fatigues and carried guns.  Well, there were two differences but they were minor.  After I turned twelve I had to wear a bra and except when we were skinny dipping I had to squat to pee.  After I gave Petey a black eye for making fun of me for doing that when we were eight, it was never mentioned again.

Running around with the boys I got into mischief just like they did and my brothers had and still do both with and without help from their friends.  The consequences were always the same for the three of us.  When we were little it was over the parental lap and a good hard hand spanking leaving us in tears and feeling very sorry for ourselves.  And it was followed by corner time and none of us got our pants back until the next morning.

When we got older, we were promoted to THE STRAP which was an old piece of harness for which we had to bend over.  The number of cuts and the intensity increased with both age and the severity of the transgression.

I know that our parents considered Puericil™ for my brothers but now that Jake, my older brother, is sixteen he behaves a lot better and even twelve-year-old Randy, my younger brother, understands that he better keep to the straight and narrow (most of the time) or else.  I thought that I was safe since Puericil™ was for boys.© YLeeCoyote

I WAS WRONG! to my great sorrow.

Actually it took three years for the guillotine blade to fall.  My wild Tomboy behavior was tolerated until I was ten.  After that I was frequently (constantly!) told (nagged!) to be more lady like.  This went on for a couple of years and then Mom actually dragged me to the shops to get me dresses and stuff which she made me wear.  It was when I became a teenager that the disaster happened.  It came as one of my birthday presents.  A simple little box only ​2 × 2 × 4 inches​ (​5 × 5 × 10 cm​) wrapped in fancy paper with a ribbon and a bow.  It was a bottle of pills.  I freaked out when I saw the box even though I had never heard of it.

New!  For Girls


I yelled and protested but to no avail.  For a week they forced a pill down my throat each morning and then the effects were sufficient that I would take the pill each morning that they gave me without a fight.

The effects were disastrous – from my point of view.  I stopped being a Tomboy and got interested in other girls as friends and boys as, well, boy friends but not to be wild with any longer.  I paid a lot more attention to school work and even stopped sassing the teachers.  I hardly needed even a training bra and my pubes became just a memory.  My life was turned upside down within three months.

One thing has not changed and then is being spanked.  If I don't toe the mark, I get spanked just like I used to be.  After I'm stripped, it's over the mommy's lap for a dose of the hairbrush which leaves me bawling like toddler followed by a stint in the corner with everything shamefully on display.  Before Puericil-G™ I got strapped and hardly cried even though it hurt a lot more.

This terrible drug also affected my brain.  Beside being a sissy girl I'm less mature and confident than before.  It used to be that when the folks went out if Jake was also out, then I would be in charge of Randy.  Now he is charge of me!  He also has the right to spank me and even his hand makes me cry.  Things are so bad that I must be given baths and sometimes Randy has that chore. A year ago I wouldn't have cared when he saw my pussy but now it bothers me.

So Sandy you better mend your ways or you will join me in Puercile-G™ HELL.

It's not fair!


The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 25, 2015

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