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The following story is done as a letter to the advice column "It's Not Fair!" in the monthly magazine Boy Stuff published for boys six to twenty.  The letters are usually from boys who protest and complain about things they don't like generally about lack of privacy and that (frequently younger) girls are in charge.  Occasionally, there are other kinds such as this one from a girl.  The editors decided that it was more appropriate for the sister magazine Teen Miss which is concerned with girls' issues and so it was published there.  It was originally posted on the Forced Nudity Story Archive site.  Thanks to Red Rover for permission to repost his story here.

This story contains scenes of spanking and domination of young teens.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.  The fictitious drug Puericil™ is described at

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It's Not Fair
Sandy's Letter


Red Rover

Letter published in the It's Not Fair section of Boy Stuff and also in the Unfair To Girls section of Teen Miss:

Dear It's Not Fair:

I am Sandra, I will be sixteen-years-old in March and I have a brother, Robbie, who just turned fourteen.  I am in the tenth grade and he is in the eight, so we go to different schools this year, but next year we will be in the same school, which worries me.  Robbie lets me read "Boy Stuff" every month so I know that most of your comments are directed at boys, but I have a problem that I want your opinion on.  You have always said that girls are more mature than boys and don't need to be spanked, but I need you to convince my mother of that.

Robbie has been on Puericil™ since he was eleven and seems to be doing OK with it.  He is small for his age, his boy parts are like a ten-year-old's and he has no hair below his chin.  When he misbehaves there is a regular routine my mother follows.  After dinner, he goes up to his room and strips down to his underwear.  He comes down to the living room and stands in the corner until Mama is ready to deal with him.  It's always the same, whether other people are there or not.  My friends, his friends, relatives, neighbors, whatever – it doesn't matter, they all get to watch.

There is a wooden paddle on the living room wall labeled "Robbie" so anybody visiting the house knows what it is for.  When she is ready, Mama sits down in a kitchen chair in the middle of the room and tells Robbie to get ready.  He leaves the corner, gets the paddle and brings it over to her.  She pulls down his briefs and puts him over her knee and spanks him with the paddle until he is howling, blubbering and all that stuff.  His bottom is really bright red at that point and when she lets him off her lap he dances around the room holding his bottom while his boy parts bounce up and down, which makes us all laugh to watch his antics.© YLeeCoyote

Then he has to stand in the corner again for about half an hour.  When the time is up, Mama says, "Put your little brother to bed now, Sandy."

So I lead him by the ear upstairs to the bathroom, pull off his undershirt and put him in the tub.  If there are any girls in the group, they usually follow us along to watch.  I wash him all over with the washcloth, including his boy parts and his bottom.  Then I put a pacifier in his mouth, take him to his bedroom and dress him up in his little-boy pajamas with cartoon characters all over them.  After that he has to go back down to the living room, give everybody a hug and let them pat his bottom through the thin PJ's.  After that, I lead him up to his bedroom and put him to bed.  He has to keep the pacifier in his mouth until I have put him into bed and tucked him in.

This system has worked very well and he doesn't put up much resistance any more, but he is much better behaved now.  Since school started in September, he has only gotten five spankings, where he used to get one to two every week, sometimes more.

But the problem now is ME, (or so Mama says).  A few weeks after school started, she was talking to my Aunt Laura (her older sister) and she said, "I don't know what I am going to do with Sandy.  She's been disobedient, disrespectful and Lazy all summer and now she's getting in trouble at school.  She won't do her homework, she sasses her teachers, disrupts classes and gets into fights with other girls.  At home, she is either defiant or sulky most of the time, she neglects her chores and picks on her brother all the time."  (Of course, this is all grossly exaggerated.  I'm not perfect, but I'm not THAT bad.)

Then Aunt Laura shocked me beyond belief.  "It sounds like you need to start spanking her again.  It worked with Robbie, it should work with her."

Mama protested, "But I haven't spanked Sandy since she was ten-years-old.  People say that girls are much more mature than boys and shouldn't be spanked after age twelve."

Aunt Laura snorted.  "That may be true with MOST girls, but not with ALL girls.  Sandy is turning into a right little brat and she will get worse if you let her get away with this."

I must have turned red as a beet when she said that.  "But Mama, this is the Twenty-first Century, not the Nineteenth.  Girls don't get spanked any more.  It's positively Victorian."

Mama looked at Aunt Laura and then at me.  "You're right, Laura." she said.  "She is a right little brat and needs to learn to be an obedient child."

She turned to me.  "Young lady, from this minute on, you are going to be under the same rules as your brother.  In fact, your first spanking will be right after dinner tonight.  The procedure will be the same as for Robbie's.  Laura will be here and I think the Baxter twins will be eating with us as well.  That should be an adequate audience for your first behavior modification session."

Now I was REALLY scared.  Donnie and Donna Baxter were thirteen and classmates of my brother.  Donnie was Robbie's best friend and Donna often tagged along with them.  I think Donna had a crush on Robbie and I was sure the feeling was mutual.

"But, Mama," I wailed, "you can't do this in front of little kids.  They aren't even family.  I won't be able to go to school again if anybody finds out. PLEASE, Mama, I'll be good, I promise.  I'll be the goodest little girl in the whole world."

You can imagine how pathetic I sounded at that point.  In one minute I had gone from being a sophisticated teen to a bawling five-year-old.  But once Mama makes up her mind about something, you might as well be talking to the Sphynx.  She'll just sit there and glare at you until you have totally humiliated yourself.

So the nightmare unfolded.  After dinner, I stripped down to bra and panties and stood sniveling in the corner while Robbie and the twins played video games and snickered at me.  Mama and Aunt Laura did the dishes and came into the living room, carrying a heavy kitchen chair.  Mama set the chair down and said, "Well, Missy Moo, it's time for your motivation exercise.  We'll have to use Robbie's paddle tonight, but I'll pick up one for your very own next week."

Robbie jumped up, grabbed the paddle and handed it to Mama with a big shit-eating grin on his face.  I could have strangled him cheerfully at that point.  The twins were trying to keep from laughing out loud.  And Aunt Laura had a smug expression on her face like she had won the frigging Nobel Prize.

In a few seconds, my panties were down to my ankles and I was over Mama's lap with my bare bottom on full display.  The first smack hurt so much that I yelled out like I had been branded with a hot iron.  Mama had been a college athlete and still plays tennis every weekend, so her arm is VERY strong.  I yelped, blubbered, howled and generally carried on pretty much like a four-year-old for what seemed like hours, but was really only a few minutes.  When she dumped me off her lap onto the rug, I was so weak, I just lay there bawling until Robbie helped me up and led me to the corner.

After an eternity, Robbie took me by the ear and led me up to the bathroom with the twins following closely behind, giggling all the way.  They watched closely as Robbie gave me a VERY thorough bath, paying special attention to my boobs, pussy and bottom crack.  Then he let Donnie dry me off with a towel, so that he got to rub my private parts as well.

After I was very thoroughly dried, Robbie rummaged around in the drawer and found an unused pacifier which he plonked into my mouth.  "I don't want you using mine." he smirked.  "You'd get girl cooties all over it."

Donna protested, "Teenage girls don't have cooties."

Donnie grinned and smacked her bottom.  "ALL girls have cooties," he said.

Donna thought about smacking him, but decided that might be dangerous, so she smacked MY bottom instead.  I yelped in pain and the kids all laughed.  Then Robbie led me to my bedroom and looked in my dresser drawers.  "Nothing suitable for a little girl here," he announced and went into his bedroom and brought back a pair of his cartoon pajamas.  Now he and I are about the same height but my butt is much bigger and these were boys' pajamas so they were very tight on me and the top of my butt crack showed.  Plus the button on the fly in front was missing, so I was flashing my pubes every time I moved.

Feeling like a toddler, I went back downstairs where I had to hug everybody and let them pat my sore bottom.  Donnie actually pulled down my PJ's in back and gave me a little smack on my bare bottom and everybody laughed at my expression.  Then it was back upstairs where the three kids watched as I used the toilet and the inspected me to be sure I had wiped adequately.  And finally to bed where I cried myself to sleep.

That was almost two months ago and I have gotten a dozen spankings since then with the same basic scenario and different people as witnesses.  One time Robbie and I got spanked the same night and there must have been a dozen people watching.  And there is now another paddle on the wall next to Robbie's paddle and it says "SANDY" in big letters so everybody who visits us knows that we both still get spanked.

You have always said that girls are more mature than boys and that boys should be spanked throughout their teens but teen girls shouldn't be spanked.  Can you tell my mother that it's not right to spank me like a boy?  And now Mama says she is going to check with the pediatrician to see if she can get a version of Puericil™ for girls.  I hope there isn't, because I don't want my boobs to shrink and my pubes to fall out.  I have to change clothes with the other girls in gym class and everybody will be calling me a baby.



The magazine's response in Teen Miss:

Dear Sandy,

I am Dr Paul Baker.  Like my colleague, Dr. Cassandra Miller, who writes for "Boy Stuff" I am a psychologist specializing in adolescent behavior problems.  I write a column for "Teen Miss" magazine, which is published by the same company as "Boy Stuff."  But we specialize in problems encountered by girls from twelve to seventeen.  Dr. Miller brought me your letter and asked if I would want to respond to it.  I see you don't subscribe to "Teen Miss" so I am giving you a free six-month trial subscription.  Your can share it with your brother if you want, since he shares "Boy Stuff" with you. I am afraid I have what you will probably consider bad news.  Yes, there is a counterpart of Puericil™ that is designed for girls.  It is called Puericil-G™ and it does basically the same thing for girls as regular Puericil™ does for boys.  If you get put in it, your breasts will shrink somewhat, your growth will be slowed and your body hair will disappear.  You will also be unable to get pregnant, which is a plus for a girl your age.  Some parents use it on older girls for birth control purposes, albeit I do not approve of that.

The reason you have not heard about it is mostly because most teen girls are, in fact, more mature than boys of the same age.  Puericil™ was primarily developed to reduce the level of physical violence of teen boys and it does that quite well.  Girls your age seldom resort to physical violence, but a few do.  Most often, bad behavior consists of the Three-D's: Disrespect, Dishonesty and Disobedience.  This seems to be the situation you are in right now and Puericil-G™ is usually quite effective in dealing with that behavior.  As with regular Puericil™, most psychologists in the field endorse spanking and shaming as effective tactics to deal with adolescent problems such as yours.

To get you onto a Puericil-G™ treatment program, you will have to be examined by your own adolescent psychologist or psychiatrist.  If your psychologist recommends Puericil-G™, you will need to get it prescribed by a regular MD who can check that you do not have any other medical problems that might interfere with the drug or cause side-effects.  Your pediatrician should also monitor you closely in the first few months.

If you have any problems with Puericil-G™ or with any of the disciplinary actions your parents are taking, feel free to write to me at "Teen Miss" and I will try to help you as much as possible.  And if any of your friends are having problems, you could encourage them to subscribe to "Teen Miss" as well.  As you will see, we don't just address behavior and discipline problems, but many other problems girls encounter in early adolescence.

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