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The following story is fiction about a youth becoming a slave in a society where that is a judicial punishment as well as part of the economic system.  The story contains scenes of spanking, enslavement and sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This was inspired by the challenge set by PZA for their fifth anniversary.  «Write a story about two thirteen-year-old boys betrayed by a related older boy, set in a slave society.  The two find old slave collars which because they are tracking devices summon the slave police when they are used.»

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

The author would appreciate your comments – pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.  Please take a moment to email.

It's Not Funny to the IPA


Sixteen-year-old Erik was not happy with the turn of events.  He had waited months for this trip and now it was ruined.  It actually seemed like a good idea when his father suggested that his cousins, the thirteen-year-old twins, Richie and Mike, come along for the ten day vacation at the old cabin in the woods.  With the two brats to look after, his father would be busier than otherwise and he could sneak off alone and score with that nubile chick who was always at the cabin across the pond.  That was the plan until fate stirred up the pot and bollixed everything up.

The family business urgently needed his father to cope with emergency production problems.  Dad made a hasty departure after the routine father/uncle lecture to the three boys.  Erik was delighted that he was in charge and his little cousins had to promise to obey him.  Perhaps best of all was that he had spanking rights.  Unfortunately, he was strictly forbidden to leave his young cousins unprotected and unsupervised.

In past trips, Erik had been able to get both his younger cousins to provide him with fun of various sorts.  Even though he had not been officially in charge of them, several times he had been able to get each of them over his lap and spank them.  He had to be careful, however, not to overdo it or a parent would notice and he would be in trouble himself.  He also managed to use each of them sexually.  Two years before, he had taught them how to suck him and last year to bend over so that he could fuck them.  Of course, he told himself that he wasn't gay but just being practical until he was able to get a real pussy to fuck.

This trip he discovered that neither of them was interested in his one sided (i.e., selfish) games but definitely preferred to play with each other.  He had observed the two playing slave games as well.  Of course, like all boys did, he also had played such games but he was almost exclusively the master.  He did not understand why the twins often played as two slaves complete with sex but tried to figure out how to join in as the master.  Since he failed at that, he fantasized how it would be good if they really were slaves.  That would sure teach them a lesson for they were just as bad as the cock teases back at school.

After dinner, he fabricated some reasons that he could claim that they had been disobedient.  Of course, that meant they earned spankings.  It was a simple matter to remove their T-shirts and shorts to get them totally naked since it was a hot day.  Eric noticed that the twins had developed more over the past year as their cocks were bigger (as big as his own!) and their bushes thick.  He tried to get them to yield sexually instead getting spanked but they refused.  He sat on the couch and first took Richie over his lap.  Then holding him at the waist he proceed to hand spank him.  Eric had failed to realize that the well-toned boys, had hard butts and found that it hurt his hand as least as much as Richie's ass.  He was, however, too stubborn and proud to change to a strap as he felt that would show weakness.  Then it was Mike's turn.  He had noticed how ineffectual Eric was as a spanker and kept his muscles very tight.  The twins laughed about Eric once they went to bed and were sure that his hand was much sorer than their rosy tails.© YLeeCoyote

It was a day after his dad had left that he saw the twins leave the old barn.  «They must have been exploring the loft like I did years ago.» he thought.  Then he noticed the flickering reflection of the sun about both of their necks as they headed into the forest.  «They found the old slave collars just as I did.  They are really getting into this slave stuff now.  They will be gone for hours playing.  Time to visit Rita and get into her pants.» he thought, very overconfident of his attractiveness to young ladies.

* * * * * * * * * *

Once the twins were in the woods they stripped down so that all they were wearing were the slave collars since slaves normally went naked except in posh locations where they wore simple and featureless uniforms to make them invisible like a Kabuki stagehand.  They also ignored the inconsistency that they had pubic and hints of body hair.  Playing slave was one thing but really looking like one was quite another when they were in the school showers after gym.

What the pair did not know was that the real slave collars they were playing with had never been deactivated and that when they put them on, signals were received by the county Indentured Property Authority (IPA) setting the agency's enforcement wheels into motion.  When such a juggernaut is set in motion, it is difficult to stop before it crushes whatever is in its path.  Investigating agents were sent.  The duty officer also noticed that the collars were not locked and corrected that with a touch of a button.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eric had returned home most disappointed at being rejected by the girl he lusted after.  Worse was she now had a huge boyfriend who had taken an immediate dislike to him.  He had counted on getting a home run but instead had completely struck out and was sent to the showers.  He was a hot, horny, frustrated, disappointed and angry youth.  As he made his way back to his cabin, Eric beat the innocent bushes with a stick to relieve some of his frustration.  The twins were now his replacement objective.  Their butts each had a hot, tight hole and he had exactly the right tool to ram into them.  The twins wanted to play being slaves, then today they would have a great time.  He grabbed at his crotch and was pleased at the great hardness he felt there.  He sped up, now anxious to violate his alternative objective.

Eric was greatly disappointed that the twins had not returned for lunch.  He thought about going looking for them but so far had only been yelling their names hoping they were nearby and would respond.  It was then that the IPA agents appeared.

"Have you seen any runaways?" they inquired.  "Did you lose any slaves?  We heard you calling."

Eric had no doubt that he had lost something.  "Yea, Richie and Mike are missing." he said although it really was that Rita was missing from his life.  "They are new boys and perhaps they are just exploring the area."

"Did you give them permission, Sir?" asked an officer.  Of course, he had not.  The squad moved into the woods.  "We'll find them." they said confidently.

Eric immediately savored the anticipation of rescuing them and then having two grateful teens to ravish since Rita had made the wrong choice by rejecting him.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was only three hours later that the very scared twins were locked in a holding cell at the local office of the IPA.  They had insisted that they were not slaves despite the slave collars which they no longer could remove.  "We just found them in the barn, Sir." they said.  "We are not slaves.  We were just playing."  The officers were not impressed.  "Call our cousin, please.  He will vouch for us."

"He has reported two slaves missing." they were told.  The twins were devastated.  Their parents were unreachable for the time being because of some communication network outages.

The IPA sergeant ordered the twins cleaned up.  They were given preliminary slave processing.  They got close crew cuts, body rubdowns with basic depilatory and disinfectant agents, clean out purges at both ends. The twins just moped in the holding cell quite petrified at what might happen and weakened by the processing.  They even had to share the water bowl and the food bowl, which contained only grade-B slave chow.  There was only a floor hole rather than a toilet.  Thin pallets rather than comfortable mattresses were on the concrete shelves that pretended to be bunks.

Fortunately, the officer in charge was careful and a stickler for both details and procedures. The boys were scanned for id chip implants but they did not have any nor even any signs of body modifications. The registrations of the collars were checked and found to be for slaves who would now be at least sixty years old while the detainees were obviously just boys.  Things did not add up and he ordered further investigation before taking any additional action for injuring a free citizen, especially a minor, was an extremely serious offence.

Eric was brought in and identified the two detainees as his missing slaves expecting to leave with them although he did not have any registration documents nor even registration numbers.  Instead, he was interrogated further and other investigations were made.  Both sets of parents were contacted and they supported the detainees' story.  Records did not show any slave ownership nor even recent purchases for either family.

The IPA was angry at being duped and having its time and budget wasted.  An angry bureaucracy takes fast action.  Eric was charged and brought before an IPA judge.  The charges, some of which were serious felonies, included:

  Perjury (multiple counts).
  Falsely accusing free minors of being escaped (runaway) slaves.
  Interfering with government operations.
  Obstructing justice by lying to Officers of the State.

There were not any possible alternative interpretations.  He was found guilty on all charges just two days after he had been rejected by Rita.

Since the twins were under fourteen they could not be charged with any criminal offence, if indeed there had been any, for playing with the old but still registered slave collars.  However, sixteen-year-old Eric was fully accountable under criminal law for his actions.  The twins were moved by his pleas far more than the judge and asked for mercy for their cousin from the Court.  At first the judge said that minors did not have the right to make such a petition but the twins explained that they turned fourteen the previous day so that under the law they were now entitled to make the petition.  The judge could have sentenced the felon to ten years of slavery and to be auctioned but instead granted the twins custody of the new slave with minimal modifications and only a five-year sentence.

The unhappy parents were extremely thankful that the twins had saved their son from more extreme consequences of his poor judgement and stupidity since there were not any grounds for an appeal.

The next day the slave, formally called Eric, was delivered to the cabin by IPA agents after being processed.  Its body was now hairless except for its eyebrows and lashes.  A chastity lock now kept its penis attached to the ring in its perineum to prevent sexual activity which was required since it had not been neutered.  The stainless steel slave control collar, which one of the twins had been wearing, now shimmered in the bright sunlight about its neck.  Neither the parents of the slave nor those of the twins showed any joy whatsoever for this was a family tragedy.  The IPA agents adjusted the hand-held slave controllers to be responsive only to commands from the twins in accordance with the sentence of the Court.

"You may visit with your parents, slave." said Richie giving his very first order.  The most sober and sad newly enslaved teen ran to his parents, crying on his mother's shoulder as they embraced him.  The twins were smiling.  Never again would their older cousin mistreat them.

"That's enough." said Mike. "It is time for your court ordered paddling."  Reluctantly, its parents released him and the twins led it off to the barn.

They had prepared a spanking bench for this first corporal punishment.  "Position, slave." was the command.  It hesitated and started to plead for skipping this.  Mike's answer was swift, decisive and very painful.  Just seconds after he had pressed the punishment button, it was writhing on the ground and yelling from the pain.  They had been advised that to prevent long term control difficulties, that they must be strict and forceful from the very beginning.  "A slave must learn to obey instantly and without question." was the maxim.

"Position, slave." was again ordered and it dragged himself over to the spanking bench and up over it as quickly as it could.  As they had worked out in advance, Richie raised the regulation paddle and brought it down hard on its well positioned rump three times.  Each time it howled loud enough that the parents, back in the house, felt shivers run up their spines.  Then Richie had his turn with similar results.  The two traded off until the two dozen licks had been administered leaving the well-punished slave a blubbering mess on the floor.

The twins went to eat.  They told both their parents and their slave's parents that they were in charge of their slave.  "The slave committed great crimes and is being punished according to law.  Don't forget, it is with us only because we appealed to the judge."  The parents were surprised at how forceful the twins were.  "The slave will do all the chores here.  When it recovers from the court ordered paddling, we shall instruct it.  After it serves dinner and cleans up, it will be given the proper ration of slave chow and water."  The twins' parents were pleasantly surprised at how maturely their sons were behaving.  "Perhaps, it is due to the responsibility of having a slave." suggested their father.

There was little conversation at the meal.  Eventually, its father appealed to the twins to allow Eric, er, the slave to continue in school.  After a discussion, they decided that it would be permitted to continue school, of course, just in a slave program and it would sleep in the Master's house on a slave's mat where it would be readily available for any duty required at all times.

That night the slave learnt how horny his young cousins were as they each exercised their rights as owners to use their slave sexually.  Perhaps, it would have enjoyed things more if it had not required a hard strapping with a belt which turned its rump fiery red before it obeyed lawful orders.

* * * * * * * * * *

There was much astonishment on the school bus when the twins returned to school after the break.  Their status soared as they were the co-owners of a slave.  Their slave, formally known as Eric, immediately became a non-entity, ignored by his former buddies, as he was consigned to the slave pen at the back of the bus.  Once at school, the twins took their slave to the Vice Principal in charge of slaves for its status to be adjusted and a new program assigned.

The slave found that its program was lightened and it was totally banned from extra curricular activities of all sorts so that it would have time to do its slave's duties.  Even its sentence was lengthened to adjust for time in school.  Its dreams of college were shattered even more than of those of having Rita sexually had been.

Although it had seen other young slaves with their penises locked back, he assumed that they were unlocked to allow periodic release to protect the plumbing.  This would not be the case for it for after several days it had learnt to orgasm strictly from prostate stimulation from its Masters' most potent cocks.  This freed the twins from needing to remove the lock to allow the slave to flush his plumbing.

The slave was most miserable for more than two years.  The constant and overriding thought in its mind was «UNFAIR!  It was only a joke and you two have ruined my life.»  Helped by the slave curriculum that it was generously allowed, it gradually got to understand that it had greatly endangered his dear cousins and lied to a powerful agency of the government.  Moreover, it owed a debt of gratitude to both of its victims for it was they who eased his sentence by saving him from the auction block.  On its birthday, they tried to be extra nice by having a birthday cake for it.  Unfortunately, it was so sweet that it could not eat more than a couple of bites.  They also removed the lock so that they could jerk it off.  Unfortunately, it no longer could get a full hard erection like before nor orgasm without prostatic stimulation.  It cried a lot on its seventeenth birthday.

* * * * * * * * * *

After the slave's sentence was completed, Eric returned to his parents' house permanently changed for he was not able to continue his education nor live without strict supervision.  They arranged for therapy but that did not help.  His personality had been irrevocably altered and he craved to return to the life he had been living for almost six years with his twin cousins.  The twins' uncle told them of his son's wish to return to their service.  This was permitted by law and had precedents dating back to biblical times.  They pondered carefully and accepted.  They had the proper legal contract drawn up but also insisted that Eric also follow the ritual in Deuteronomy 15:16.

A few days latter, Eric came and spoke freely: "I do not want to leave you."  Then in the presence of a IPA Court Officer the twins took Eric to the door and together drove an awl through his ear and into the doorpost.

"You are our slave for life." they said.  The Officer did the necessary paper work and gave the document with the raised seal to its co-owners.  Mike and Richie snapped a collar on it which it would wear for the rest of its life.

"Thank you, Masters." it said groveling happily.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. July 9, 2012

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