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The following story is fiction about a youth gaining control of his older brother.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping and shaving .  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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JB Takes Charge – Part 1/2


I had had it.  It was impossible for me to control my little brother.  He was almost a teenager and thought that he was heaven's special, unique gift to Earth or at least to our family.  For years, every six weeks or so, my folks got so horny that they took off for a weekend to "recharge" as they coyly put it.  Actually, "discharge" would be a much better term.  Well, until I was thirteen and JB was eleven, they hired a babysitter.  Initially, when we were young, it was a woman and then a teen girl until last year when they got teen boys.  They were bigger, stronger and, like the others, had spanking privileges which they used.

They never spanked me, but three out of five times, JB got it.  JB was just as badly behaved after he was spanked until Kirk took him OTK and spanked him right proper.  For Ned, the guy before Kirk, JB just laughed rather than crying after his spanking.  JB is a tornado of energy when he does not like what happening and is out to change it.  Ned tried a couple of times.  First, he had to catch him, which took him a half hour.  It would have helped if he had a straight jacket, but he just tried to hold him.  The only way he could do it was to get JB between his legs and then hold him down over one thigh.  It took so much effort to hold him in place that his spanks did not have much force behind them.  That was the very last time Ned sat for us.

Kirk was very different.  He was on the high school wrestling team and had big, powerful muscles and some trophies to prove that he could dominate other guys physically.  The very first time JB gave him back talk, he grabbed him by the wrist and in a second JB was immobilized with his right hand trying to grab his left ear from behind and his face hard up against Kirk's chest.  JB is too stubborn to learn things the first time.  The next morning, he again refused to do as Kirk said and so he got spanked.  Kirk had warned JB that it would be worse if he tried to get away but JB was his usual head strong self and tried.  Kirk caught him and dragged him back into the house.  The same way that Ned had held him between his legs so did Kirk which enabled him to strip JB.  He first pulled off his T-shirt and then opened his jeans and pulled them partly down.  Kirk then opened his legs, held JB on the bed and finished stripping him.  JB was yelling: "You can't do this."

Kirk laughed.  "I certainly can, boy."  When JB was naked, Kirk asked if he would take his spanking quietly?"

Defiantly, JB yelled. "NEVER!"© YLeeCoyote

Kirk, still holding him down on the bed gave him a few hard SPANKS causing JB to howl in pain.  He gave him at least another twenty hard spanks and then asked if he was ready to be spanked.  This time JB said yes.  Kirk lifted him up and placed him over his lap and JB, to my amazement, stayed in position.  Kirk got a good grip on his waist and then began the spanking.  JB howled at the beginning as the hard spanks rained down on his increasingly red and swelling bottom.  I'm sure he would have howled for every spank but he couldn't because he was crying like a little boy.  As you might have expected, after that JB did everything that Kirk told him to – promptly – until our folks returned. Although Dad had spanked JB many times, he never made him bawl and cry like Kirk did.  JB was starting to insist that he was too old to be spanked by this time and Dad simply could (would?) not physically control him like Kirk could and did!

* * * * * * * * * *

The folks were now being squeezed in a three-jaw vice.  I had refused to watch him since he refused to cooperate with me about anything.  JB had a major reputation now so that no one wanted to sit him.  JB insisted that he was old enough not to need (have) a sitter.  A couple of times, JB went on sleepovers for the weekend and I was by myself in blissful peace while the folks were away.

One weekend, finally, our 'rents gave in and left us by ourselves.  One thing JB and I agreed on – I was not in charge of him.  The folks left late afternoon and we had the dinner Mom left for us.  Then we each had our own party to go to.  With a normal little brother I would have reminded him about his curfew and not to be late but I did not say a word to JB for he would have just yelled at me.

I was not expecting the shit to hit the fan when I got home late since the folks were away.  Actually, I was surprised that JB was even home.  "Do you know what time it is, young man?" he roared at me. "IT IS AFTER 2 AM!  MORE THAN TWO HOURS PAST YOUR CURFEW!  It has taken months not to have a babysitter and YOU IRRESPONSIBLE FUCKUP are late!  Didn't you realize that they might call?"

"You're NOT in charge.  Leave me alone." I said scornfully.

"LISTEN Kristopher Adrian Tarbutton and listen really good.  I AM in charge because you refused to do your job and I'm next inline.  Kristopher Adrian Tarbutton you are more than two hours late and I'm going to spank you for that just as you deserve."

I was speechless at this.

"Get over here, immediately!  Or it will be worse for you."

"Leave me alone, JB." I snapped at him indignantly.  «What insolence», I thought for he is my kid brother.

In retrospect, I did not handle the situation very well as it immediately got physical.  Now, Kirk had trouble manhandling JB and he was far stronger and bigger than I.  JB had even grown since then and when he grabbed me I could not break free although I struggled as hard as I could.  He totally ignored my yelling protests as he kept me under his control.  It certainly did not help that I had lost my cool while he was very focused.  He forced me down on the bed and got my arms tied together behind my back.  Since he had my legs tightly gripped between his, I was his prisoner!  This, alas, was just the beginning of my humiliating downfall.

I was yelling to beat the band so he stuck a sock – a stinky, used, balled-up sock – into my mouth to silence me.  My situation was terrible and deteriorating rapidly.  He got my belt and jeans open and yanked them down to my ankles hobbling me.  He now had some time and he tied my knees together thus assuring that I was totally helpless like an animal all neatly trussed up for the slaughterer.  He left me that way for a few minutes during which time I struggled enough to understand that I was not going get free until JB decided that I would.  I now knew for certain that JB was far stronger than I was, just as I knew he was a bit taller, even though I was fourteen and a half while he was not quite thirteen.

He positioned me so that I was half on my bed while kneeling on the floor leaving my butt in position for his heavy belt.  I saw stars when the first cut seared my butt for it was like a red-hot iron rod.  You would have heard me screaming if not for that dirty sock crammed in my mouth.  "You are getting one cut for every ten minutes you were late, my irresponsible, naughty brother." he said after the first one.  I did not have time to compute that meant twelve before the second cut landed on my ass as he finished his statement.  After five cuts I did not think that I would ever be able to sit again and by then I also started to cry.  Not a dignified quiet sobbing but the full-fledged bawling of a naughty little boy getting a thorough spanking.  JB left me bawling for a while.  I was terribly confused for we had been left alone and goody-goody me had fucked up while my always-getting-into-trouble brother had been more than good.

Suddenly, JB lifted me up and laid me on my back on the bed.  That was uncomfortable as my arms were still tied behind me and it put pressure on my extremely sore butt.  I really could not think very well and did not realize what he was doing although there was some pain in my groin.  That pain, however, was minor compared to that from the supernovas still infesting  my ass.  What, I learnt a little later, he was doing was using Mom's epilator to pluck out my pubes.  He had all the time he needed to do a very through job leaving me as bald as a baby.  When he was done, he showed me and explained that since I had acted like an irresponsible little boy that I was going to look like one.  He then untied me and told me to get ready for bed.

I was so exhausted both physically and emotionally from all this so I just meekly did as he ordered.  When I returned from the bathroom, he reiterated that since I had abdicated the position of being the big-brother-in-charge he was now the brother-in-charge.  I was to listen to him and keep out of trouble or else.  The 'else' was to be spanking.  There was certainly not any question that he could enforce his rules.  I kept quiet figuring that this would stop when our parents returned.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was not until the next day that I learnt how much trouble I truly was in.  It turned out that our folks had called the night before, starting at JB's curfew time.  He was there exactly as he should have been.  Then they called again, at my curfew and every half hour afterwards.  When I had came in, JB was on the phone with Dad and had reported that I had returned and suggested that they get to sleep now that they knew that I was home.  JB ordered me to write an apology to our parents for my disgraceful behavior and reporting that I had been – most properly – very well-spanked by my most responsible brother.  After I had done that, JB made me do all the chores – both his and mine.

I did not go out that night because my butt hurt too much.  JB was home on-time to field our parents' phone call.

It was a disaster of epic proportions – for me – when our folks returned.  For the entire weekend, there was only one known "bad" – and that was, most regrettably, my big fuck up.  The house was fine, all the chores had been done and the naughty boy had even been very well-spanked.  Our folks were pleased.  Well, more precisely, they were pleased by JB's conduct while I was clearly a great big disappointment.

What they did not see, was that JB was making sure that I did not for even a second forget that he was the brother-in-charge with pubes while I was the naughty little boy whom he had thoroughly spanked.  When it was time for another weekend trip, JB offered to be in charge and the folks thought that was a good idea because of his good conduct and my past indiscretion.  "It seems that you need a watcher more than your brother." Dad said although not able to hide his disappointment in his eldest son.

Soon after our parents left, JB was on my case.  "Little brother, you are going to be good this weekend or you won't sit for a month.  And you are going to do what I tell you to.  Understand me?"

He wasn't satisfied until I answered: "Big brother, Yes, Sir.  I'll be a good little boy."  Once that was settled,  he ordered me to strip and get the epilator.  I begged him not to do that to me, but he said that little wimps like me don't have man-fur.  He also said that he would spank me, if I wasn't in position in a minute.  He carefully checked me and then used the nasty device making me absolutely smooth again.  He even did my armpits for good measure.  When he was done, he looked me over while we were standing in front of the mirror.  "You look just like a little boy.  You don't have any muscles nor pubes and your dick is no more than a little boy's pee-pee."  His words hurt terribly because they were true especially since he had what I didn't.  It was not necessary that he was naked for this as I had often seen his body and knew that he already had muscles, a big bush and a man-sized cock.  Even though he was twenty months younger than I, he was far advanced in physical development.

JB checked my plans for the evening, set an early curfew and said that if he had to come looking for me, I would get double what I got the first time.  "I'll spank you – bare assed – right in front of your friends when I find you and then again when I get you back home."  I promised to be back on time for I was certain that he meant what he said.  Then he said: "Time for your maintenance spanking, little brother."

I did not understand but I got over his lap as he ordered me to as he explained.  "A maintenance spanking is one just to remind you of what will happen should you misbehave.  Unfortunately, little boys – like you – sometimes forget what will happen when they misbehave."  It was just like when I was ten and over father's lap studying the floor.  JB got a tight grip on my waist and then gave me a hand spanking.  Although he did not spank me very hard, twenty-five spanks on each cheek builds up.  I did not cry, but I knew, absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I had been spanked and that it could have been a lot worse.  I then got dressed and went out.

All evening I was very conscious of having been spanked as warning.  I paid very close attention to the time making sure that I started for home with plenty of time to spare.  I knew what a real spanking would be like and I most certainly did not want another one of those.  JB's maintenance spanking was quite sufficient for me.  I was glad that I was home with time to spare even though JB was out when I got there.  He did call to check up on me just two minutes after my curfew time.  I was very glad that I was there to answer on the first ring.

Other than making me do all the chores – his as well as mine – JB was pretty reasonable and fair.  Of course, I knew he was being very strict and watchful so I was very careful.  By the end of the weekend, I realized that something had changed inside of me.  When I looked or thought of JB the concept that came to mind was 'My BIG BROTHER who is in-charge'.  This was a huge change from the past where it was always 'My kid brother who is trouble, again'.

End of Part 1. Go to Part 2

© Copyright A.I.L. May 20, 2010

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