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The following story is fiction about a young seventh grader taking control of a ninth grader in their junior high school.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and gay sex.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission.  Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice.

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In the US junior high or middle school is usually the seventh to ninth grades and followed by [senior] high school through the twelfth grade where the students finish at age eighteen or so before going on to college or university.  The traditional end of summer is Labor Day, the first Monday of September, a national holiday and it is often the day before school starts.

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JHS Disaster Seals My Fate


I was close to finishing Junior High School when one morning my home room teacher handed me a summons to see Mr. Gillen, the guidance councillor, in the fourth period.  There weren't any hints of why.  The fourth period came and the Mr. Gillen explained that I was at risk for not graduating and thus not going on to high school.  He explained that it was because I was out sick for several weeks at the beginning of the term.  I had already caught up in all my academic classes but it was PE was the problem.  Fortunately, the coach had noticed that by the end of the year I would be short the state mandated number of gym classes however a solution had been found.  All I had to do was give up my study halls and go to PE for an extra class each Monday for the rest of the term.  One of my other classes was shifted to my Thursday study hall slot to get the required double period.  It was a painless solution – or so I thought.

On Monday, I reported for the first extra PE class and found out that it was with seventh graders – two years behind me.  In the first class, I managed to get into a hassle with Richie Larkin but basically it was because he just did not like me and constantly ridiculed me.  I did my best to ignore him but since he was showing off to his buddies it didn't help.  If there was anything real, I never learnt about it.  I did hear him promise (threaten?) to get even.

The second session turned into a disaster because both of us got assigned to a one-on-one activity.  Larkin knew enough to know how to pounce and immediately challenged me.  There was not any escape.  I could not run from class without immediately getting into school trouble nor refuse without being tagged as a sissy wimp since Larkin was two and half years younger than I and smaller in stature.  What he was, however, was stronger and driven.  It didn't take him very long before he showed he could embarrassingly man-handle me as we wrestled.

A couple of the guys kept telling me not to be a pussy and to fight back while others were telling Larkin to mop the floor with me with comments like: "Show the pussy ninth grader who the boss is Richie."  The coach had moved on as you might have guessed from the comments being made.  I actually managed not to get pinned a couple of times although, to be totally honest, Larkin may have backed off so that he could torment me more – like a well-fed cat does with a mouse.  I wished that I had let him pin me rather than what happened.

Then he got me so that I could not get free.  I was prone with him sitting on my back and pressing my hands down with his knees so I could not move them.  I was pinned and as I was truly helpless my struggling was for naught.  I could hear snickers from the watchers as he methodically proceeded to destroy me.  At first it was only a couple of light spanks right over my gym shorts.  But the admiring wolf pack smelt blood and encouraged him.  The spanks then got a lot harder and more frequent.© YLeeCoyote

I did not dare to yell but I struggled a bit harder still hoping to escape.  That was mistake!  Larkin raised up and I though it was because of what I was doing but he was being evil.  He got his thumbs in my waistband so as I moved about raising my pelvis he shoved my shorts down exposing my now pink ass to all and immediately plopped back down on my back trapping me anew.  The wolves roared with laughter.  That was all the encouragement Larkin needed.  He immediately started to spank my butt like it was a pair of bongo drums.  He was not gentle and went at it for a seeming eternity.  Fortunately, the whistle was blown to indicate to move on to the next activity so he had to stop.

He got up but before I could get up he grabbed my wrist and pulled me up making him look like a good guy.  That prevented me from pulling up my shorts which fell to my ankles leaving me exposed in just my jack strap.  Now, in a few minutes we would be all naked in the showers but now I was the only one with my ass on display.  I don't believe that it was like a pair of railroad crossing lights but it surely attracted attention like it was.  I got wolf whistles from across the floor since the girls' cheer leader team was practicing.  I was told that my face was as red as my ass.

It was a while before the exercise time was up and we had to head for the showers.  I wish I could have skipped that but they were required.  Of course, just like in all the school stories, the other guys felt obligated to inspect my butt to see how red I was.  The nicest comment was "Larkin put some color into your cheeks."  It was accompanied by lots of laughter although I failed to find it funny in the least bit.

Word spread through the entire school like a wildfire that Larkin had pantsed me and spanked my bare ass in gym class.  Within two periods I was being asked to show off my blushing tail.  Even worse, I became a target for everyone and every time I got surrounded there was a torrent of spanks on my ass especially from seventh graders.  Fortunately, my jeans gave my ass some protection something my jock strap totally failed to do.

It seemed that Larkin was always around and when I saw him he would smirk and grin.  A couple of times when we passed each other really close, he would whisper: "I'm gonna to get you again, Redbutt."  There really wasn't anything that I could respond so I just kept going as he laughed.

I found notes in my locker.  They didn't have to be signed for me to know that they were from him.  "Next time it will be pants down and OTK.  Hope you're looking forward to it like am."  "Better bring a pillow on the next PE day."  There wasn't anything I could do.  A ninth grader is definitely NOT allowed to be scared of a mere seventh grader especially if he is smaller.  But this seventh grader was stronger and even if he failed he would gain from just the attempt while I would gain nothing and suffer great shame if he prevailed.  If I cut PE class, I would risk not going on to high school and they don't give PE in summer school.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Friday, I found a different note.  "Naughty boys may report at 7pm Sunday for their thrashing in private rather than getting it publicly in gym class." complete with the address.  Obviously, it was a horrid choice.  Both options were terrible and it was hard to even tell which was worse.

I spent most of the weekend trying to decide.  It was gosh awful.  He would surely make good on his threat in PE like last Monday or in the showers or locker room and it would be horrendous.  I got this terrible image of him grabbing me on the way to the showers while I was starkers, pulling me over his lap and spanking me.  Spanking me good and hard even to tears with his hard cock poking me in the gut while my penis shriveled in shame.  And then, to the sound of laughter, encouragement that he use that hard rod on me.  It was too unspeakable to contemplate.

Obeying his orders and reporting for a spanking was also unspeakable.  He would know that I was his to command and he surely would.  What if others were there?  It would be as bad as in gym.  But he said private.  Could he be trusted?

I did not sleep well that night nor the next.

Just before seven I approached his door.  There was a note with my name on it which suggested how and what I should say.  I rang the bell and waited.  It seemed like forever but it was actually only two minutes by my cell phone before he opened the door.  "What can I do for you, boy?" he asked with a huge smirk. I hesitated and then spoke.  "Sir, this naughty boy is presenting himself for his well-deserved spanking, Sir."  I had surrendered.

Larkin's grin put the Cheshire Cat to shame.  "I'll be delighted, boy." he said.

"Are we alone, Richie?" I asked timidly.

"What part of private don't you understand, boy?  Of course – that was the deal." and he ushered me to his basement.  He asked me several questions and eventually I admitted that I was a naughty boy deserving of a spanking and didn't want to wait until gym.  "Excellent decision boy." he said, "Now strip."  In a few minutes I was starkers and he ordered me to get over his lap.  He got a firm grip on my waist and gave me a dozen hard spanks with his hand.  Just like I imagined that it would happen in the locker room, my cock shriveled and I felt his hard rod through his jeans.  "That was just to warm you up, boy." he chortled as switched to a small, paddle-like, leather strap.

I yelled for that first cut and quickly lost track of how many spanks he gave me.  He had set my tail on fire and gotten me to bawl like a little kid.  I was completely helpless when he lifted me off his lap and laid me on the floor where I continued to cry uncontrollably.  He proved that he was mean because in my helpless state he took a hair clipper to my little bush and mowed it off.  I was not even aware that he was doing that until it was far too late not that I could have effectively resisted him in the first place.  I did not even notice as I got dressed and he threw me out.  It was later in the evening when I showered that I noticed that I had exchanged my bush for a painful, bright red butt.

* * * * * * * * * *

I saw him on Monday morning in school and asked him why he had shaved me.  "Because a bawling baby doesn't have pubes."  He did not care about what others would say or think but advised: "Tell them that you lost a bet, Baldy."

Gym class came and strangely Larkin seemed to ignore me.  I over heard some of his buddies asking why he was ignoring me and he replied: "I don't bother with hairless babies."  That did not bode well for me.  Other than my dread, the period was normal and then it was time for the fearsome shower.  There was no way I could hide or avoid it.  It was horrid as you would have expected.  Everyone saw my still red ass and how I jumped when it was slapped.  Everyone knew I had had a serious spanking very recently.  I doubt that anyone believed my story that I had lost a bet with my cousin to account for my missing pubes.

My regular gym class on Thursday was better but the loss of my hair was noticed.  There were some minor comments but since everyone had their own problems they did make to much of it.

On Friday, there was another note slipped into my locker to remind me of my seven o'clock Sunday appointment for a spanking.  This time there was also a URL given.  When I checked it out at home, I knew that Larkin had me totally trapped.  He had recorded the first Sunday session even getting some audio of my pitiful begging: "Please, Sir, give me a spanking for being a very naughty little boy." as well as the spanking and clipping.  Perversely, I found it absolutely fascinating although extremely horrible and scary.  I locked my door and dropped my pants to watch it over and over.  It was mesmerizing and I jerked off several times.  Once I was spent, the terrible reality depressed me.

On the same page as the video, there was a 'poll' about distribution and that votes had to be cast in person, you guessed it, on Sunday at seven.  I was in a deeper hole than before with still another four weeks left in term.  I had one comforting thought – Larkin was keeping it private and ignoring me at school.  I figured it would be over when school was out for the summer.

"So, the naughty boy is back for his spanking." was how he greeted me when he came to the door.

"Yes, Sir.  And to vote." I replied not being able to avoid slipping into the submissive relationship quickly when Larkin stared at me even though I tried not to.  Down in the basement he made it clear that the video would remain private as long as I was obedient and came for my weekly spanking and shave.

"Now, shut the fuck up and do as you are told if you want that video to stay private."  Then he ordered me to strip while he also stripped to his boxers.  The next thing he did was to check how much my pubes had grown and he declared that I was in need of a shave.  I was about to ask (beg!) him not to but he reminded me to be silent.  I had to stand with my hands behind my head as he slapped some shaving stuff on me and then used a razor to remove the week's growth.  As horrible as it was, it was also exciting.  It was like he owned me and he made all the decisions.  "You are too much of a crybaby to have any man fur, boy." he explained as he held me with tight grip on my balls.

Larkin sat down and had me lay across his lap like a little kid with his daddy.  I was fascinated and excited because I had to obey him just as if I was his pet puppy.  It was, naturally, horrible also.  Although I was two years older, he had taken the role of the in-charge-adult and made me the docile and obedient child.  Then came the first of a torrent of spanks.  I thought I might hold back the tears but as they rained down fast and hard, I started to sob.  I also was promising to be a good little boy and never be naughty again.  Of course, that did not stop the spanking for, like the first week, I got to bawling before he stopped.

I cried a bit as I knelt between his legs with my head in his crotch.  By the time I was aware of this he had lost his boxers and so my face was up close and personal with his hard rod, rampant from his luxuriant bush and his hands were on my head.  It was quite exciting even though my ass was on fire.  As I returned to the world, I found that he required still another submission as he twisted my head about so that his cock entered my mouth.  He controlled me with my ears cum grips so that I was forced to suck his hard cock.  Up and down he moved my head and ordered me to suck.  I did not have any choice but to obey and so I sucked Larkin's cock until it exploded in my mouth.  I was even required to swallow his spunk.  I returned home quite confused.

* * * * * * * * * *

The week was pretty quiet with everyone worrying about finals so that they did not pay much attention to me.  Of course, I was constantly aware of how Larkin had control of me.  There was not any way to avoid that reality for when I reached into my pants to get my dick out to pee, I was reminded that I was hairless as a baby because Larkin had shaved me.  All I could hope for was when the term ended, he would find other things to do beside bullying and abusing me.

That week, much to my chagrin, I had a couple of wet dreams in which Larkin shaved, spanked and then fucked me.  They definitely fit together for I felt that I came in bed when I came in the dream from his fucking me.

I did not get the usual reminder to report for my Sunday spanking on Friday.  Instead the note said that he would be away and I was ordered to stand in a corner for twenty minutes thinking about the previous sessions, to shave my crotch and resolve to be a good and obedient boy.  I laughed at it and I had nightmares as punishment.  For two nights, I dreamt that Larkin had checked up on me and I was found wanting.  That lead to me being punished in some way which must have been terrible since I blocked it out.  Sunday, I resolved to be a good and obedient boy and follow his instructions.  When I showered, I carefully shaved my pubis and sac so that they were baby smooth.  As much as I wanted to have a bush and that I really missed having one, the need to obey was stronger.  Corner time was easy, and I was relived when I was finished.  I had a more pleasant dream that night.

* * * * * * * * * *

The last day of school I got the usual reminder to report for my Sunday spanking.  By now I had stopped worrying that Larkin would release the video and wondered about my dreams.  I must confess that I wondered what it would be like if Larkin made the dreams come true.  That also got me excited and was one of the things that I jerked off to.

Larkin questioned me about my following his instructions and I confessed that I had hesitated but then fully obeyed like a good little boy should.  He was pleased but insisted that I had to be spanked.

I stripped as ordered and hoped that he would go easy this time but he most certainly did not.  The spanking was a hard as the others.  Larkin draped me over the end of the couch as I bawled.  I half expected that he would use a strap or belt on my butt but again he surprised me.  Instead he took my cherry without a word – neither asking nor warning.  It was both different and the same as the dream.  I felt him doing stuff to my butt and especially to my butt hole for a while.  Then he drove his hard rod in.  By now I knew I could never stop him for he owned me.  The actual fuck lived up to my dreams for I even came as his hard fuck tool pounded my love nut proving that I liked it.

Naively, I thought now that school was out for the summer that this was over but Larkin quickly corrected me about that.  "Things are not over.  You are still a little boy who needs regular spankings, to be kept smooth and fucked regularly." he said.

"But I've graduated." I insisted but that was not important to Larkin.

"You will continue to obey me, boy."  he said.  I felt a cold chill rundown my spine.

"Yes, Sir." was all I could say for in my heart I knew that he was right.

* * * * * * * * * *

I felt great having reached another milestone in my formal education and about to start the next step – high school – at the end of summer.  I was pretty free because I had not started although the High School did provide a list of books as suggested reading.  I agreed with my folks to read one a week as it would make the school year easier and allow for more play time.  What I was not sure of was Larkin.

My relationship with Larkin radically changed.  He decided that we should be friends who did stuff together and that I should even use his first name when we were in public.  Not everything changed for I was still his respectful, obedient boy who was still subject to both regular and maintenance (so that I would not even think of straying) spankings.  Also, I was not allowed to have a bush so he would shave my pubis with his razor at least weekly.  He promised that I would even have the pleasure of his manhood sunk deep into both my holes as often as possible.

Just a few short months ago all of this would have sounded so outrageous that I would have laughed.  Now, however, after only a few weeks of being with Richie, it sounded OK.  I had learnt that Richie was a leader and I was destined to follow him.  He was the dominant who must be obeyed while I was the most obedient submissive.  Although I was not sure about all of this, I did love the sex.  I asked about letting my pubes grow again but just said: "Absolutely not!  I don't want my boy to have them.  End of discussion."  I just shut up and never dared to ask again.

For the entire summer we got together two or three times a week to do stuff.  Because I was older, his parents allowed him more freedom so we even went to the city a few times although most of things we did were local.  There was always one thing for certain and that was sex.  No matter what we did, he always made a deposit in me which was delightful.  At least once a week he spanked me first.  This was less fun but I knew that it was his right to do it when ever he decided to.

One time we went hiking and even did stuff in the forest.  We got off the trail into a little clearing where I stripped.  I bent over a fallen tree and, with my briefs stuff in my mouth to keep me quiet so as not to scare the bears, he strapped me with his belt.  Without a warm up spanking, it really hurt as he laid into me.  Then he opened his pants and fucked me until I came.  Once the intense pain faded to a warm afterglow, I felt wonderful.

As the end of summer loomed, I began to worry that I would miss Richie for he said that on Labor Day things would change because he would return to JHS while I would move on to HS.  He said that maybe we could get together sometimes.  "Let's see how things work out, boy." he said although it was with a smile.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I spoke with my cousin, Gabe Larkin, who is a senior and he agreed to meet you so you know someone other than your own classmates from junior high."  I was pleasantly surprised and thanked him.  The meeting was arranged for Labor Day just a day after Gabe's birthday party.  His cousin looked a lot like Richie did except he was four years older and appropriately larger with more muscles.

"Cousin, here is your birthday present which I've been training for months." said Richie as he presented me to Gabe.  I was confused.  How could I be a present?  Richie went on, however, to explain to me.  "In your new school, boy, I won't be able to watch over you properly so my cousin will do it.  You are to obey and respect him just like you have me.  Understand, boy?"  I was speechless and stood there like a dummy.  "New kids need a protector and mentor in high school and you are very lucky that Gabe will be yours."  I thanked him for his concern.

"Thanks, Cuz." said Gabe, with a great big grin.  "OK, boy strip so I can see you."  I stood frozen with shock.

"DO IT,  boy !" snapped Richie.  "Gabe knows all about you and has even seen the videos."

Slowly, I undressed and then stood before Gabe.  He grabbed me by the balls gripping tightly and explained that he expected complete and immediate obedience both in school and out.  In school the top seniors have boys, like you, to serve them and you had best not forget it.  Then he pulled me over his lap and began to spank me.  His spanks truly hurt for he was definitely stronger and more powerful than Richie.

It seemed like mere seconds before my ass was ablaze and I was bawling incoherently.  I was still crying when Gabe got me on all fours and mounted me.  His cock was bigger than Richie's but he forced it in quickly.  Simultaneous, Richie got me from the front.  Soon both of them were filling my guts with their spunk.  I was also excited for I also shot.

After a while, Gabe explained my duties and warned of dire consequences if I embarrassed or disobeyed him.  He assured me that he would get to spank me etc. at least weekly, just as Richie had done.  One thing was different.  He did not want to waste his time shaving me or even to encounter stubble so I was to get and regularly use a depilatory on my crotch.

I was then dismissed.  As I walked home, I knew that high school was going to be different for certain.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. March 1, 2013

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