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Jim Learns That He's Really Jimmy


Jim was a big man.  There are many ways a man can be big.  Some men are big because they head large organizations and thus wield power over other men.  Similarly, other men are big because they hold high office in the government and, in some ways, are kings with great power.  Other men are big because they are great stars in the their fields and are sort after with offers of great rewards.  Some men are big because they have large penises.  Jim was not big for any of these reasons (most especially for the last) but simply because he was ​6′6″​ (​198 cm​) and ​297 pounds​ (​125 kg​).

As a big man because of his size he usually got a lot of respect and deference.  Simply put, with his large mass and towering height, people gave him space in the same way that drivers in small cars are careful to steer clear of tractor-trailers on the highway.  It does not matter who has the right of way in an accident for the little one – car or person – is the one that gets clobbered.

At times, Jim pushed others about because he could and felt that they wanted to be pushed about.  Because he was so intimidating, he was sometimes wrong in his reading of people and thus was effectively a bully.  Jim never thought about that.  Not until one fateful evening in the locker room of the city pool changed him forever.

It was almost closing time for the pool and it was, if you'll excuse the cliché, a dark and stormy night so the place was almost empty.  There were only a couple of users and it was short staffed since many were worried about getting home in the snow.  Jim had already showered and was sitting on a bench at the far end of the locker room.  He preferred that end because it was away from most other users.  This was one place that his bigness was over shadowed and offset by his smallness because he had to be naked.  Jim hated how the young adolescent lads made cruel comments about his smallness and they had even given him a hated nickname – Buttondick.  It was an allusion to button eyes sown onto rag dolls and teddy bears.  The adults were kinder and kept quiet but Jim could see their smirks when they saw him in the shower.  To continue, Jim had his left sneaker between his thighs and was working to untangle the knot when Gary came up to him.

The other man about was barely half Jim's age.  Gary, unlike Jim, was in his physical prime.  Although he was smaller, only ​six foot​ (​183 cm​), his ​196 pounds​ (​89 kg​) consisted of hard, strong muscle over dense bones where as Jim was overweight (to say it politely).  Let it suffice to say that several times Jim had found ads for brassieres slipped into his locker.  Gary was also a big man but big exactly where Jim was so very teensy-weensy.  Gary had noticed Jim at both the pool and around town. Similarly, Jim had noticed Gary about the pool.  Secretly, he envied him for his well-toned, handsome body and how others – both men and women – wanted to be with him.  Pool side the large bulge in his swimming trunks hardly concealed what was within.  Some wished that he wore brief type trunks but Gary knew they would not contain him and wore trunks that were like tight short-shorts.  In the locker room and shower it was obvious that was hinted at pool side was very real and large.  Jim, especially when he was young, had often wished that his privates had grown more even at the expense of ​a foot​ (​thirty cm​) of height.© YLeeCoyote

Gary did not approve of how Jim pushed others about.  This night he was psyched up and decided to deal with the the little big man.  Gary came up on Jim from the far wall quietly.  It was only when Gary stopped in front of him that he saw him and looked up.  Jim initially lifted up his head planning to look at the intruder's face but he was distracted.  Gary's great manly endowment was just a hand's breath in front of his face.  It was mesmerizing.  It was captivating.  Buttondick stared at it, his eyes growing like those of a small boy's in a candy shop.  Jim studied the large, yet still not erect, cock hanging down over a pair of large testicles right below a thick, heavy forest of pubic hair.

Gary waited a while before speaking.  He was pleased that Jim was rudely staring for he knew that it proved how Jim was envious and thus was feeling inferior.  "I see that you have something large and hard between your legs for a change."  Jim was startled and his sneaker fell to the floor with a thump.  He started to tilt back his head to look at Gary's face but Gary stopped him with a hand on his head.  "Keep looking, little boy, at what a real big man has between his legs."  Jim could not see the smirk on Gary's face but he could hear the cruel laughter in his menacing tone.  "You wish you had even half of what you're staring at, Little Buttondick."  Gary moved a little closer so he could feel Jim's hot breath on his man-cock.

Jim wanted to jump up and show the young whippersnapper who was the man but he was frozen in place.  It was like he was paralyzed.  He was very excited but his tiny excuse for a penis; one sized more like for eight year old boy than for a man, was afraid and had withdrawn as much as possible.  "Stand up, boy." commanded the man as he put a strong hand under Jim's chin and raised him up.  Well, not exactly lifted him but caused him to stand.  Gary then grabbed Jim's crotch.  "You got less than an eight year boy." he scorned.  "You shouldn't have any hair to hide nothing.  Come!"  Jim, intimidated, obeyed like a like boy obeys his father or even his big brother.  He knew that he did not want to obey but, yet, he had to.

In the shower, Gary wet Jim's crotch and smeared some shaving gel on it.  Then he easily and quickly shaved Jim's pubes off using a prep razor which can handle long hairs.  Not that there was much to shave.  Then he also removed the sparse hairs in Jim's pits.  The whole operation took less than five minutes.  Jim could not believe what liberties Gary was taking with him and even that he did not even utter a single syllable of protest.  Gary led the most docile Jim back to his locker.

"You have been an extremely naughty, boy.  I've seen you bully folks here in the pool, Buttondick.  Naughty little bulling boys like you with teeny-weeny button pee-pees get spanked on their bare bottoms until they cry in repentance." declared Gary most definitively.  Gary sat down on the bench and tugged Jim over his lap.  Jim was heavy but Gary was strong and could handle the oversized boy.  A spare tire that makes for good love handles also makes getting good grip for a spanking.  Jim put his hands on the floor to balance making it impossible to resist what was about to happen.

Gary began with his bare hand.  He did not even think about a warm up but quickly brought his hand down hard on target.  Gary repeated this a dozen times and then he bent over and picked up the sneaker and began to spank with that.  Gary was pleased with the results.  Jim's bottom got a richer color more rapidly and it was easier on his hand.  There was a lot of naughty little boy bottom to spank.  Jim, on the other side of the sneaker, was not happy at all with the change.  The sneaker provided for a far more painful spanking than Gary's hand.  Jim began to make noises although they were not words of protest but cries of pain.  Gary spanked for a long time until Jim's large butt was bright red and well roasted.  Jim was bawling like a little boy should when properly spanked.

Gary stopped the spanking and pushed Jim to his knees so that he was between his legs.  Jim continued to bawl as Gary held his head to his six-pack.  When Jim stopped crying, Gary pushed him back a little bit.  Jim then could see that Gary had also been changed by the spanking for his manhood was erect.  Jim could not help but to look it eye-to-eye.  It was several times as big as his own pee-pee was when it was erect.  Gary saw how Jim licked his lips and could not move his eyes from the large shaft.

"Open up, boy.  You want to taste it.  Give it a lick, boy." said Gary several times.  Jim yielded to the psychological pressure and began to lick the great hard organ standing proud in front of his face.  One lick became two and soon Jim was struggling to take it into his mouth. Then, that accomplished, he began to suck it.  He sucked like he had the first time another student had given him the opportunity in high school.

His efforts were soon rewarded with a generous delivery of hot, man-cream which he greedily gulped down.  Then as he held the softening cock in his mouth, Jim felt Gary stroking and petting his head.  "Jimmy a good boy." he heard many times.  Gary left him, showered and dressed.  Jim remained kneeling on the floor and draped over the bench.  He was bewildered.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Boy, it's time to leave." said the teen attendant, "It's closing time."  Jim knew that the teen had seen his hot red bottom as he had walked past him and could now see that he was a hairless, Buttondick boy.  He saw the high school senior grab at his own hard man-size cock in his sweat pants.  A cock that was surely thrice the size of his from the size of the tent in the youth's sweats.  What he did not know, was that the teen had watched Gary spank, shave and face-fuck him and had even gotten a few remembrances on his cell phone.

When Jim did not move, the youth got bolder.  "Maybe you need some spanking to learn to obey, boy." he said menacingly.  He removed the lanyard with his keys from his neck and grasped the keys.  Without another word, he swung the improvised whip and struck the already tender boy bottom.  Jim gave a howl and earning another three cuts in rapid secession.

"Please, please don't hit me any more, Sir." whined Jimmy like the little boy which he had regressed into.  "Please, Sir." he begged.

"Time for another bottle of man-cream, boy." snapped the youth, slipping the front of his sweat pants below his balls and exposing his hard cock.  It was not as large as Gary's but Jim thought that it must have been some some ​eight inches​ (​twenty cm​).  Actually it was a bit less but still thrice the size of Jimmy's.  Even though it was smaller, Jimmy found that it was just as mesmerizing as Gary's.  His little boy's eyes were transfixed on it.  His jaw dropped, and the youth took this as a sign of want and slid his teat into the baby's mouth.  The youth then grabbed Jimmy's ears and began to face-fuck.  In less than a couple of minutes, he blasted his load directly down the boy's throat.  He would have liked to continue but he had to close up the place and get home.  He withdrew and pulled up his sweats.

"Boy, it's time to leave." said the teen attendant, "It's closing time.  Get dressed pronto unless you want another spanking."  Jimmy promptly obeyed and pulled on his clothes.

* * * * * * * * * *

Jim was soon out in the storm trudging home.  Fortunately, it was only a couple of blocks but it took him an hour since he stopped in the local bar and had several drinks before staggering home.  In the morning, his hangover only left him more befuddled about the previous night's activities.  There were three things that he could not possibly avoid accepting as fact.  He had lost his man-fur.  His butt was still red and painful from a spanking.  There were welts across his sore butt from a thin rope or cord.

He had vague memories of the previous evening at the pool that were most extraordinary.  They were both exciting and scary.  As he tried to figure out what had occurred, he fingered his little rock hard pee-pee.  Just thinking about how Gary and the youth had both taken charge, spanked and came in his mouth had an extraordinary result.  Jimmy's heart raced off scale and he come almost immediately with hardly any hand stimulation at all.  He immediately noticed that his load was far smaller than the two studs who had used him.

Dare he return to the pool?  Jimmy  wondered.  Would they have told everyone?  Dare he not return and they tell everyone why he stopped coming.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L., February 1, 2009

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