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The Job with Anti-Perks


I've been searching for a job for months.  Two months ago I had to give up my nice apartment and move to a really crummy room in a no-star hotel because my savings were getting depleted and I feared it would be a long search.  Then lady luck kissed me and I got a job.  Not a great job but better than unemployment insurance which was almost exhausted.

It only took a couple of days before I realized that it was just report at eight, work until noon, lunch break and then another four boring hours before quitting time.  All I could look forward to was that pay check at the end of the week – and that was small; very small.

Perhaps the first thing I noticed is that it was not a happy place and that my coworkers were not friendly.  The second which probably explained some of that was that the boss chewed people out right while they were working.  He did that publicly and including threats of discharge for those who were recalcitrant.  Tardiness also meant ones' pay got docked.  I decided that it would be good to continue my job seeking.

The boss' exercise of his wrath was always in the afternoon, however, something else seemed to occur in the morning.  A sinister-looking man would prowl about in the morning.  He seemed like he was taken directly from an old black and white horror film.  I never heard his name although there were whispers such as "Careful – the Enforcer is skulking about."

I saw the Enforcer approach people almost daily and they went off with him for a while.  When they returned, they looked embarrassed and very subdued as they resumed work.  Once I heard a guy say to him: "No.  I can't two days in a row.  Can we do it tomorrow, please?"© YLeeCoyote

The Enforcer just grunted a "No."  That afternoon the Boss gave the guy a tongue lashing for being late and reminded him his pay would be docked.

No one would tell me anything when I asked whom he was.  Then one day the Enforcer spoke to me.  "Tugman you were late today.  Do you want to talk about it … or wait for the Boss?"  When I said to talk, he led me away to a small room that had probably been a closet before.

I was surprised that it was practically empty.  Certainly one would have expected a desk and chairs but there weren't any and the light was just naked bulb dangling from the ceiling.  There was a strange padded, boxy thing in the middle of the space.

"We expect everyone to be on time and to work hard, Tugman." he said.  I started to speak but he stopped me.  "Just drop your pants and undies and bend over the bench.  For the first offense it's six pops."  When I hesitated, he snapped at me: "Now, Tugman!  Don't waste anymore time or the Boss will talk to you."

I obeyed.  I turned to the bench, dropped my pants and got into the position.  He did not keep me waiting but started to swing the paddle that was suddenly in his hand.

I howled for each of the six hard WHACKS.

"Be back at work in five minutes, Tugman." he barked and left.

I rubbed my smoking ass and pulled up my pants.  I stopped in the Men's Room to wash my face and rushed back to work trying to avoid everyone's knowing looks.

I'm definitely going to step up my effort to find another job.

The End

© Copyright A.I.L. January 9, 2017

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